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Found 24 results

  1. So, I attempted and installed TDU on my PC. I used an appropriate crack to remove the DRM, and am faced with this issue. The screen immediately turns to black without the intro playing at all, and stays that way indefinitely. I have to somehow dig my way through task manager without looking at it to end this task since I can't alt-tab out of this. Of all the bugs that TDU has with Windows 10, I don't see anything about this! Anyone know what's going on? EDIT: I FIXED IT. IT WAS A PROBLEM WITH REALTEK. THIS WILL BE HELPFUL TO EVERYONE WHO IS USING A PC WITH REALTEK AUDIO DRIVERS. TELL EVERYONE THIS FIX IF THEY FACE THIS STRANGE ISSUE. So, if you use a motherboard that uses Realtek as its on-board audio, first of all, avoid getting one with Realtek ever again as many games including Hotline Miami and Katana Zero hate Realtek, and second of all, the problem lies in your audio output. When you change your volume, you will face the option of picking out several audio outputs. CHOOSE THE "Realtek HD Audio 2 Output" OPTION. That is usually the computer's default audio output. TDU only recognizes this and will refuse to budge if it doesn't detect it. If that doesn't work, try the other output options. I'm sure you're bound to find the correct option. Hope this fix helps you out. p.s. just ignore the music if you'd like
  2. hi, i'm trying to play test drive unlimited 2 with the universal launcher on linux with lutris but when i start it the game starts but then crashes, this is the video of what happens 2023-08-29 21-30-26.mkv
  3. Until I installed the multiplayer mod, everything worked fine. I activated the game with the key and it started. But the TDU World launcher does not open, it appears in the task manager for a second and disappears
  4. I had an issue with game crashing on startup after showing the black screen briefly. I removed d3d9.dll from game directory which seemed to fix the issue. But, now most cars in dealerships sometimes appear sometimes don't. When I try test driving them they sometimes load as they should, but most of the time game crashes.
  5. Hello i'm starting this topic because i played a lot of tdu when i was young and today i wanted to play so a re download it but the game won't start also i'm on win 10 sorry for me bad english i'm french Thank's you all
  6. View File 4GB Patcher for older games that require more than 2GB of RAM and crash to desktop Use this tool if you have Windows 64-bit (x64) and wish to patch your older 32-bit (x86) game executables (*.exe files). This is particularly useful for large and/or modified games that you feel are randomly crashing due to a lack of system memory (RAM). This has proven to be particularly useful for the Test Drive Unlimited games. Original credit: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371 Submitter Ryzza5 Submitted 02/21/2021 Category Other Games  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Use this tool if you have Windows 64-bit (x64) and wish to patch your older 32-bit (x86) game executables (*.exe files). This is particularly useful for large and/or modified games that you feel are randomly crashing due to a lack of system memory (RAM). This has proven to be particularly useful for the Test Drive Unlimited games. Original credit: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371
  8. Hi Everybody my problem is that when i try to start the game with TDU2 Knyazev's Universal Tools my game closes when its at the loading screen! :ill: can someone fix this please?:sulk:
  9. Hi all, I found a BMW M5 E34 mod and it has a performance pack with it. I am using Dredgy's TDUPE 2.5 to install the pack. I select the Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG as that is the car that is being replaced by the BMW I downloaded. I then click "Load Car" and then click "Performance Packs" and a drop down menu appears and I click "Import Performance Pack". I select the BMW's and import it and then click "Save Car" and then finally click "Save All Changes". When I go to start the game up it crashes. Any help would be great, thanks.
  10. Plz help me i downloaded supra from this forum and changed names of files to names files of zonda and replace it now if i launch game i have crash plz help me to fix it sorry for my bad english ;( Thanks
  11. Hi. I donwload this car: http://hf-garage.ru/load/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/bmw/miha2795_1992_bmw_m5_e34_oom_500/7-1-0-1054 Install it, but when i go in garage section to choose it game crash... Someone have same problem ? :confused:
  12. Hello! I finally bought TDU2 a few weeks ago, and now I decided to become most wanted or whatever it is. Its the last level of being chased by police and I guess you can only do it with other players but all I get is "the police are targeting you!" and I still see everyone as if it was just in free roam, then, TDU2 closes out. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  13. Hi! When i start the game in around 1 - 2 minutes the game crash and i receive that: Crash ID 006C42F7 I need help! Thanks
  14. Warning this video is a bit graphic so watch at your own risk. - - - Here is the new video. Thanks MrLolololXD.. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c99_1372613418 Hope all is well.
  15. Was playing all day yesterday and last night all fine. Today I log in and my game keeps crashing with crash ID: 006C42F7 Anybody experiencing this problem today or have had it and know of a fix? Thanks
  16. Hello everyone I have an problem with tdu on online mode, after I join to the server after few minutes I get game crash. On offline mode everything looks fine, i tried to reinstall the game already but didn't helped. Is anyone know how to fix this problem??
  17. Pmixer


    Hello, first of all: SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH :P I have a problem! Last 1.5 month I was on holiday, I just came back and wanted to play TDU. I started the game, went to my garage (Just after I started my savegame) and chose a car to drive.. Then this happened: [ATTACH]18048[/ATTACH] It crashes here! Could someone please help me? :$ Pmixer
  18. So on the 27th june (wednesday) after a full day out with my mates I had a massive tankslapper on my SV.... Broke both wrists, 5 fingers, kneecap and ankle I know you lot love some good pics so: What she used to look like: http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t508/Elliott_J_W/downloadt_080412_4230_anglesey.jpg http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t508/Elliott_J_W/downloadt_080412_4152_anglesey.jpg http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t508/Elliott_J_W/downloadt_080412_3535_anglesey.jpg And Now: http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t508/Elliott_J_W/IMG_1209.jpg http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t508/Elliott_J_W/IMG_1578.jpg http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t508/Elliott_J_W/IMG_1577.jpg http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t508/Elliott_J_W/IMG_1212.jpg So kids, motorbikes are not dangerous. Crashing however is!
  19. Hi there, i didn't find any thread about this problem, also not in google... Everytime when i drive trough a Challenge-Symbol in the "TDU 2 World" the game crashes an the crash-report starts. I've changed the view and wanted to see the chalanges at the map, an everytime wehen if switch my mouse to a challenge, the game crashes again.. Can somebody help me to clear this problem please, because it's not realy possible to play the game this way. Thanks before!
  20. Well i recently put up money for Railworks 3 on steam, and it launches with no problems. I get to the main menu, and everyone is still fine. But as soon as it starts loading any map in the game, it crashes. Ive tried to change graphics setups, and the launch settings, but nothing has helped. I wondered if anyone had any experience that could help. :) Thanks in advance.
  21. Anybody else have this issue? I am running an unpacked version of tdu 2 and with the universal launcher when I go to the airport and try to fly to hawaii it crashes and throws out a report with an error code
  22. Hi, people. A few days ago I installed a Shelby GT500 to replace the Mustang Gt coupe. When I started the game it started right, with the barely-seeable "Saving, please wait" sign with the TDU logo at the top. Then it quit instantly, without a warning. I tried launching again but it didn't work for as much times I tried.:( Then I went into some files and found, in the "mods" folder, where the Shelby GT500 is. I deleted the file, but when I tried launching it, it STILL didn't work.:sulk: The way I installed the Shelby was from the TDU Mod and Play! exe. PLEASE HELP!!! I HATE THIS PROBLEM!:kbsmash:
  23. FIXED..thanks to andai ^_^ Just another person having another crappy time with TDU PC. TDU crashed 5 times yesturday in 20 minutes. So I gave up. It always crashes the first time, when I leave my house. It says loading...forever. I have to start task manager and close "testdriveunlimited.exe" Which was running at 500,000 k :confused: It then crashes while driving. And each time a get a bit further, untill the 4th and 5th time :crying: HELP ME!! :cry: - Mr Softie
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