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Found 7 results

  1. So, I attempted and installed TDU on my PC. I used an appropriate crack to remove the DRM, and am faced with this issue. The screen immediately turns to black without the intro playing at all, and stays that way indefinitely. I have to somehow dig my way through task manager without looking at it to end this task since I can't alt-tab out of this. Of all the bugs that TDU has with Windows 10, I don't see anything about this! Anyone know what's going on? EDIT: I FIXED IT. IT WAS A PROBLEM WITH REALTEK. THIS WILL BE HELPFUL TO EVERYONE WHO IS USING A PC WITH REALTEK AUDIO DRIVERS. TELL EVERYONE THIS FIX IF THEY FACE THIS STRANGE ISSUE. So, if you use a motherboard that uses Realtek as its on-board audio, first of all, avoid getting one with Realtek ever again as many games including Hotline Miami and Katana Zero hate Realtek, and second of all, the problem lies in your audio output. When you change your volume, you will face the option of picking out several audio outputs. CHOOSE THE "Realtek HD Audio 2 Output" OPTION. That is usually the computer's default audio output. TDU only recognizes this and will refuse to budge if it doesn't detect it. If that doesn't work, try the other output options. I'm sure you're bound to find the correct option. Hope this fix helps you out. p.s. just ignore the music if you'd like
  2. Is there anyone else here that is struggling to get TDU to work on Windows 10? I get into the game once, exit and then when I want to play again it just crashes. Have it running in compatibility mode for Vista, with carpack, 1.66a patch installed with it patched further to 1.68b. Getting beyond frustrating now...:jealous:
  3. Hi! I have a problem with TDU, when i start the .exe the game crashes and is saying not responding, I had couple of car mods/sounds. They worked correctly, but then suddenly the game crashed and i haven't got it work since that... i have uninstalled and reinstalled it 2 times now and still no progress, same thing every time :D I would love to play this game but i just can't. And I have installed it properly. installed game-> installed a patch (tried 1.66 and 1.68 but it didnt solve the problem)--> then inserted the crack. Im really confused here what the problem is, every kind of helping is appreciated!! THANKS :)
  4. Hi, I'm having some trouble getting my game to a good moddable state. I played and modded this game a few years ago so I can't figure out why I'm having such a problem. I can remember that there is an order of what to do, I think its: Install Game, Install Megapack, Patch 1.68b and then the Magic Map, but this just results in my game crashing during cut scenes or when I try to buy cars and houses. Anyone able to save me a head-ache or am I just unable to mod my game for some unfathomable reason? Thanks in advance
  5. So, after reinstalling my PC's OS, I reinstalled my copy of TDu 2 so that I could try out the modding (big fan of TDU 1 and the modding we could do on that game!) Start up the game, let it download the DLC's to v0.86 and then get told I can't activate the game... Epic Fail anyone? So I email SecuROM and receive a reply saying I must contact the developers of the game. I do so and open a ticket to reset my activation limits and have not received a response from them for over a week now... :confused: In the interim, I downloaded a no dvd crack just to see if the game has updated correctly, and to see if my savegame was recovered correctly from my old HDD. Now, with the Universal Launcher v3.2 I can launch the game in Offline mode, and it turns out my savegame recovered properly... BUT... My Nissan GT-R now sounds like a supercharged V8?? And when I try and enter the bike dealership it just crashes to desktop...:headbang: What could be causing this? And how long should I be prepared to wait for Atari Support to respond to my ticket? Any help would be appreciated! :panic:
  6. So I just got a reset for my keys on TDU2 and went a head and installed it and ofcourse ran into ISSUES GALOREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Why? Because all of the proper links and instructions to where to get the right software to mod/unpack and update the game are gone. What Happened? But anyways here is what has happened. I installed the game. Ran the game for about 10 minutes to create a save file. Unpacked the game via unpack_full and not unpack_dlc2_v031 The game unpacked succesfully to the games main directory. I then ran the game and it worked. Exited out of the game. Installed the TDU 2 COMMUNITY Package. Ran the game and BOOOM!!!!! it broke. Currently I am re-updating the game to get the good files back. Should I install the community package? Will it make a difference? Help
  7. i have done every thing right i am sure i can play online with mod cars i only have 1 mod car the Mercedes 500 SL i cant understand why is crashing is it the car or a file in side the folders after unpack any help would be kind thanks
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