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Found 3 results

  1. Hey out there, old and new mebers of TDU-Central. Ive decided to organize a classic TDU cruise on Firday the 6th of April. When i say classic, i mean just cruising. No Car restrictions, no ultimate goal where we need to go. It will start at 7 PM GMT+1/6 PM GMT, and i will be there 20 minutes ahead, to organize and set up. We meet at the Caddilac dealer on the west side of the island. Unless theres huge want to be in this, there will only be 1 group, which limits to 7 other drivers. Group: 1. Danny 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. I hope to see you there, and i hope we will have fun :) Danny
  2. Got this idea after the (rather disastrous) Nurburgring Track Day of the FM4 Playtimes and decided I could combine it with the regular events and create something at least decent with it and on a different schedule for people who can't make it. General formatting stuff is stolen from Santtu (Playtime #1 thread), sorry if this is an issue but I'm crap at formatting posts and will happily re-make the post if that is an issue. So right, here goes... TDUCk FM4 Track Day(s) *Basically playtime but on Saturday nights for people who can't make the FM4 Playtime *Kicking things off is a cruise around some track that will be decided by host or suggested *After initial event we will do a cruise then will play whatever people want to apart from serious drifting (sorry flo :p) *Preliminary timing is 8PM GMT on Saturday, if this time is an issue please say so in the comments Rules Track Days: *Don't be an arse. *Theme/budget rules will be interpreted (around 20PP/$5000 over will be max) *The week's host is allowed to kick people at their own discretion, as long as a majority of the lobby agrees and it can be justified Cruise: *There's a speed limit of 80kph, which is about 50mph *The speed limit MUST be obeyed (Except on places where it's hard to resist, eg the Fujimi downhill stretch) *If the track has any areas to stop and do photos (Fujimi waterfall for instance), the line-up is reversed when leaving the area *Try to keep it clean *Overtaking is allowed, AS LONG AS YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE! Do NOT overtake if you're not 100% sure you'll make it through clean Soccer: *There's 2 teams, red and blue. You can change your team by pressing A on your name and choosing "change player team" *If the sides seem to be unbalanced, try to balance them out. They might not go even every time but as long as they're as balanced as possible, then it's fine *SUV/Pick-Up drivers must be goalie for their team General: *Remember that lag will occur *On nearly all weeks we will have a theme *If you have a mic, use it if possible *Play fair and have fun! This Week (week of 3/3): The theme is: Your Favorite Production Car Tuning is: Allowed Damage is: None Budget is: 999,999,999 Auctionhouse is: Allowed Restriction is: Production Cars PI Max is: 999 This week the track is: Benchmark Layout A Entrants: 1: Llama (Shaftweasel) (Add this one if you want to join) 2: Hassan995 (Hassan995) 3: CarbonCactus (Carbon Coffeeee) 4: Timmeh (T1M670) 5: Pressurized (PrimoLoz) 6: MrLolololXD (MrLolololXD) 7: Clarence (Skylark Gaming) 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16:
  3. Hey guys, it's Christmas time and you know what that means, fun stuff and lots of smiling. Well for most people it is, if you're a member of the Scrooge Fan Club then this may not be for you and you should really cheer up grumpy guts. :D Now we know this time is a difficult time of year and we're not grabbing you by the throat and shaking you down or anything but for anyone who has ever wanted to support TDUCk and become Speshul then this is a perfect chance to do so, as for the next 12 days whatever period of support you contribute will be doubled. Yes doubled, so that means if you wish to give 1 month then you will get 2 months, 3 months you will get 6 months, 6 months will get you a full year and of course a full year will get you till the 21st December 2012 .....which if we get to the 22nd then of course another year will be added. :susp: On top of this, being Christmas and all, we will enter all you Speshul's into a competition to win a game of your choice at the end of January 2012, but here is the best part, you will win an exclusive TDUCK!! Yes folks you will also win the main duck himself. The man with the bill, the poultry with the mostest the one the only TDUCk!! There are only 3 large TDUCk's and I have one, Eden has one and now you can win the other. So if you love TDUCk as much as we do (and to be honest he is quite hard to love) then here's your chance to win your own, or if you hate him, you can punch him for a long time should you win him also. I'd watch if this is your plan though as the Squirrel Mafia adore TDUCk and they will be after you quicker than a nan bread on a Dhansak! :duck: Thanks for checking this out, thanks for being with us and here's to 2012 and the fun that it will bring ...and if it doesn't we will bring it instead as that is what we do. :D :bparty: UPDATE: 31st January 2012 - WINNER ANNOUNCED!! Congratulations to Andreaz1 who was the winner of the "Quick and Stupid" competition draw run earlier today. Watch the video below to see the draw and be amazed by it's extreme professionalism and conduct. :D Ladies and Gentleman, here is TDUCk!! Benefits of Speshul * Shiny Badge of Speshulness * Bigger Avatar size * Gold name * No ads * Access to The Green Room * The satisfaction of helping keep TDUCk alive and swimming There are 2 ways you can become Speshul. Remember: You don't need a Paypal account to Support TDUCk; a Debit/Credit card is all that's required. (To transfer from your bank you would require a Paypal account.) 1) Follow the Support TDUCk!! link at the the top and enter the value you wish to contribute and then follow the instructions on the next page via PayPal. or 2) Click User CP at the very top right and then select Become Speshul and follow the instructions from their. Simpeels. :duck:
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