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  1. If you have been holding out of signing up for an EA Origin store account, perhaps you may be tempted by EA's Spring Sale, featuring discounts of up to 85%. Older Need for Speed titles are included, some of which are not included in the Origin Access subscription program. You will also find large discounts for FIFA 19, The SIMS, Star Wars Battlefront, Unravelled 2, and Burnout Paradise Remastered. Click here to view the discounts: https://www.origin.com/aus/en-us/store/deals/springsale?sort=title asc Did you buy anything? Let us know below!
  2. Need for Speed Payback Car List With less than two weeks to go until Need for Speed Payback drops Ghost Games have released the car list, and rather unexpectedly there is no sign of Ferrari on it. Stereotypical NFS fans will not be as bothered about this compared to the lack of Toyota, however it will still be a sore point for a number of the infamous marques’ many fans as the previous game contained two models. And despite not allowing players to go too extreme with the customisation, it was great to take the legendary F40 and turn it into its more radical LM counterpart. Moving aw
  3. The World of Need for Speed Payback EA has dropped a new trailer for Need for Speed Payback that exhibits the game’s world and those who inhabit it. At over two minutes long we are shown the areas, locations and hot spots that are to be discovered in Fortune Valley along with the crews to be challenged. Amongst the lowdown on locations and briefings on who players will face as they progress through the game, we are catered to scenes of cars just eating up the miles on the road, customised rides parked up in a car meet, drifters kicking up lots of smoke as they attack canyon turns, drag r
  4. No Toyota For NFS Payback Toyota is not going to be in Need for Speed Payback! In a trend that started with the confirmation that the maker’s production cars would not be in Forza Motorsport 7, we now know, thanks to a Ghost Games representative on reddit, that it will be the same for Payback too. We know the subject of Toyota is on a lot of minds over the last few weeks. As many of you here suspect, there will be no Toyota cars in Need for Speed Payback. While we’re as disappointed as you are, we do hope that we’ll once again see Toyota back in Need for Speed in the future. The
  5. Need for Speed Payback – Cops Trailer For a long time the police pursuits have been a much-loved part of the Need for Speed series of games and a big reason for this was because of the challenge they posed to the player. Unfortunately over its history, a number of the games seemed to forget this, even to the point of not having any at all, whereas in others they felt more like scenery than an actual obstacle you had to deal with. If we ignore the classic 90s-era games there was one of this century that did them really well and that was the original Most Wanted. These officers were hell-b
  6. Need for Speed Payback Information Blowout! Ghost Games have published multiple posts on the official Need for Speed blog giving players the lowdown on what can be found, built, tweaked and done in the game when it releases this coming November. With the two-year development time provided, Ghost have taken the functions and features of 2015’s Need for Speed game and added a whole lot more, along with catering to a few of the requests voiced by the community. Customisation is still a paramount inclusion but now there’s even more to throw on with the new ‘Vanity’ components, and the lack o
  7. Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Trailer A new gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Payback has been shown during the EA Play event. The video is of the same heist seen in the original reveal, where the stealing of a Koenigsegg Regera from the back of a moving truck is the objective. The action kicks off with ‘Tyler’ and ‘Jess’ taking off in the Mustang and it’s not before long that they are needing to take down a ‘House Enforcer’, who in true bad guy form are found driving around in aggressive looking blacked out cars. Once free of that, it is time to catch up to the truck it
  8. Need for Speed Payback The name of the next title in EA’s long-running Need for Speed arcade racing series has been revealed as Need for Speed Payback ("Payback") and will launch worldwide for PS4, PC and Xbox One on November 10th. A trailer for the new game, that has been in development for two years, was premiered today and already it is causing quite a bit of discussion between players and fans. Mostly because a broad set of them wanted nothing more than what is essentially a carbon copy of the 2015 edition -- just throw in more street racing, drifting and customisation and these folk
  9. First Look At NFS 2017 Need for Speed is back in 2017 and the first official look at the game has been released, along with small bits of info in relation to the direction it is heading. For starters let’s get one of the main points out of the way, there will be cars... sorry, couldn’t resist that one. No, the one major surprise is that always-online is NOT a requirement for the single player experience in NFS 2017. Nothing said about whether online multiplayer can be played offline too, but we'd reckon that will be a definite no, for obvious reasons. Modern-day NFS qualities
  10. Porsche License To Be Set Free Hallelujah and it’s about damn time! Porsche is no longer going to be stuck to EA!! Okay that isn’t entirely fair as the license has been seen on other titles via sub-licensing and other side agreements, but, it is a fact that for tooo bloody long if you’ve wanted to enjoy a Porsche in your racing game, then that game would more than likely need to be a Need for Speed. Thankfully we had RUF to take up the empty space that Porsche would have sat in within many a racing game like Gran Turismo, PGR and others. But, it always seemed insane to me how underu
  11. Need for Speed 2017 The reboot of the Need for Speed series was released starting back in November last year for the PS4 and Xbox One after being in development for two years. Now today we hear that this schedule will continue as the next one will be Need for Speed 2017. Not surprisingly, nothing is known about what this future NFS will be about, contain or be based upon except for maybe having cars of course. Will it follow on from the current and go down the more urban street-racing culture and deliver us more of those cringey live action scenes to make the story progress? Well as said
  12. Battlefield 5... 1? Reveal Tonight Today is the day that Battlefield fans have been waiting for since before Hardline was released. EA will be unveiling the next game in the Battlefield series and it looks like they will be taking us back to the Battlefield roots with a game set in World War 1. But possibly not the WWI as we know it... The premier of Battlefield 1, yes, it has been confirmed that EA really cannot count, will be streamed live on the Battlefield Twitch page. The live stream is currently running with a couple of people(anybody know who they are?) talking
  13. Return To Your Roots Hello and welcome to yet another instalment of Open Letters! In this "weekly" column I do one of two things, write an open letter to something relating to news, or I respond to a letter sent in from one of you, the readers! (If you want to send in a question/concern for me to write about, email me at: [email protected]) This week however this article/column/trash-heap is aimed at Game Developers of the Battlefield/Battlefront/Mirrors Edge franchise, DICE. For clarities sake, today we are focusing on the Battlefield aspect of the previous sentence - as many peo
  14. Need 4K Speed The PC version of Need for Speed 2015 is now dated for March 15th, 2016 and in typical EA fashion the developer Ghost Games haven't listened to a single want from the PC fan base, they've listened to almost ALL OF THEM!! Last year when the delay on PC became known, it was said that it would be well worth waiting for and that the extra time would allow them to truly focus on making the PC version a proper PC title. And from the trailer released announcing the March release date, you can hardly dispute this as the need of your typical PC player appears to be catered for: Supe
  15. NEED FOR MANUAL SPEED Earlier today the official Need for Speed twitter posted a video showing a malfunctioning tachometer seemingly having trouble changing from 1st and 2nd without bouncing off the limiter. Ooor it could be a tease of manual transmission coming to the game. As you may or may not know the latest NFS only has automatic transmission available for use (as did some of the more recent ones) which for many of us makes us cry, curl up into a ball and pray to the driving gods for us to be able to virtually hold a long-hard stick in our hands that we can tug back and forth.
  16. [headline]NEED FOR SPEED 19* FREE[/headline] Not content with having people taking in the generous savings on the Xbox One version of the latest Need for Speed reboot, the gits at EA via their Origin platform have the audacity to ask those on PC for absolutely nothing and in return they will give a copy of the last Criterion developed title in the franchise, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Read more on this...
  17. Need for Speed 19* FREE Not content with having people taking in the generous savings on the Xbox One version of the latest Need for Speed reboot, the gits at EA via their Origin platform have the audacity to ask those on PC for absolutely nothing and in return they will give a copy of the last Criterion developed title in the franchise, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Is this a dream? What's going on here! This is not the evil corporation we all love to berate, sure there will be people saying 'LOL origin' but step back from that and take stock of what is happening here; EA is giving away
  18. Need for Discounted Speed UPDATE: Feb 3rd 2016 - PlayStation Store has the game at 60% off too! There appears to be a bit of a an EA Sales Bonanza going on in the Xbox Marketplace right now, and as part of this, Xbox One players with Xbox Live Gold can get the most recent Need for Speed for what we work out to be a 67% discount. And unlike previous iterations, the reboot has been very well received and with the support and listening that Ghost Games is doing, that will only continue... though the volume of people shouting for new cars all over social media is fairly deafening. If yo
  19. The Team At Ghost Give Us A Glimpse On Wednesday February 3rd, Ghost Games is going to be releasing the newest update for Need For Speed - the reboot of the quickly failing franchise. This time around all the DLC is free, which is an odd move to Electronic Arts, but an extremely welcome one. Okay I'm done yapping, here's what's in the newest update! From needforspeed.com Snapshot Pro [aka Photo Mode] ...we’re introducing Snapshot Pro, a mode which will allow you to create some stunning photos of your favourite car. Hit start to get to phone screen, then select Snapshot Pro fr
  20. [headline]Access the Accessible Access now![/headline] If you're a console player you probably already know what EA Access is. You get access to a bunch of games for a few quid per month. A sort of Netflix for games. Well, now it's coming to PC as Origin Access. The other benefits of Origin Access are the ability to play upcoming games before release (though you have to purchase after) and a 10% discount on Origin purchases. Personally I think... Origin needs to crash and burn. Don't they know about Steam yet? It's much better in every way and everybody already uses it. B
  21. Coolio Runnings https://youtu.be/vLQGXHy5m6Y Need for Speed is back, and it is ready to party! After a year off from the usual release routine Ghost Games is giving the formula a swift kick up the diffuser and punching out the features further than a Rocket Bunny widebody kit. Returning heavily to its roots and taking large chunks of inspiration from what has made the NFS games great over their time, we have ended up with an urban car culture street racer that has thankfully not forgotten the oldskool charm that it started with. Those of you who remember the Underground games m
  22. Need for Hot Wheels Need for Speed and toy car maker Hot Wheels are to team up in bringing a select few cars from the game to stores worldwide. Announced on the @needforspeed twitter the vehicles that will make the digital to die-cast jump are the: Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and Dodge SRT Viper. The Fairlady Z will start to arrive in stores next month with the Skyline and Viper due early next year. Emblazoned on the Viper is the well known Hot Wheels logo, whereas the others appear to have decals of the logo adorning them amongst other real world manufacturers and b
  23. Hello Maranello After the understated reveal that the Ferrari F40 was coming to Need for Speed (NFS) it was wondered what else from the Maranello stable, if anything, would come with it? Well there is at least one more, as the next of the Prancing Horses to be shown is the more recent 458 Italia coupé. These two cars are separated by around 20 years but they are held in high regards to the fun they deliver to whoever's lucky enough to be driving. With the F40 this is mainly down to weight being the core idea, with paint so thin you could see the carbon fibre weave underneath and the weld
  24. TITLE +AWESOME A new trailer went live for the upcoming Need for Speed (NFS) reboot, showing us some cars and going nicely into detail about the deep authentic customisation that the game will offer. A level of personalisation beyond a level that's been seen in games except for perhaps on the PC with the modding gods. With body kits from popular brands of today such as Rocket Bunny, SEIBON Carbon, RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) and the ability to change sideskirts, bonnets/hoods, spoilers, fenders, wheels, wing mirrors and much more with after-market parts, almost every area of the car is up for you
  25. Can be only One:1 The brand new 1340bhp monster from those mad Swedes at Koenigsegg is available for NFS Rivals at the very surprisingly priced cost of ...nothing! Yeah totally free, I know something for nothing from EA, it's virtually unknown but hey here we are and what a gift it is. So yeah, thanks EA and Ghost Games! No honestly folks IT IS FREE. Go see for yourself on the platform of your choice!
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