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  1. If you have been holding out of signing up for an EA Origin store account, perhaps you may be tempted by EA's Spring Sale, featuring discounts of up to 85%. Older Need for Speed titles are included, some of which are not included in the Origin Access subscription program. You will also find large discounts for FIFA 19, The SIMS, Star Wars Battlefront, Unravelled 2, and Burnout Paradise Remastered. Click here to view the discounts: https://www.origin.com/aus/en-us/store/deals/springsale?sort=title asc Did you buy anything? Let us know below!
  2. Need for Speed Payback Car List With less than two weeks to go until Need for Speed Payback drops Ghost Games have released the car list, and rather unexpectedly there is no sign of Ferrari on it. Stereotypical NFS fans will not be as bothered about this compared to the lack of Toyota, however it will still be a sore point for a number of the infamous marques’ many fans as the previous game contained two models. And despite not allowing players to go too extreme with the customisation, it was great to take the legendary F40 and turn it into its more radical LM counterpart. Moving away from what isn’t there to what is, the list features most of what you would expect in a brand new modern-day NFS game, with a well-rounded blend of JDM icons, classic and more recent US muscle, and a real mixture of European front runners. From city driver to mind-blowing hypercars, there should be no problem for many a car enthusiast to find at least one vehicle that tickles their fancy. To add to the numbers, every one of the vehicles – except for the Ford F150 – has a minimum of two classes the vehicle can be purchased out of the five classes of: Drag, Drift, Off-Road, Race, and Runner. Take for example the BMW M3 Evolution II E30, this can be bought in all of the classes (really?!), meanwhile street racer favourite, the Honda Type-R 2000 only comes in Race and erm… Off-Road guises. Looking at the list, it is clear to see that the variety is spread out well across the history of the series. Modern and classic players will easily identify their favourites and choice picks from among what is on offer. And at least, that’s a good thing. Need for Speed Payback releases on November 10th, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin. [via NeedforSpeed]
  3. The World of Need for Speed Payback EA has dropped a new trailer for Need for Speed Payback that exhibits the game’s world and those who inhabit it. At over two minutes long we are shown the areas, locations and hot spots that are to be discovered in Fortune Valley along with the crews to be challenged. Amongst the lowdown on locations and briefings on who players will face as they progress through the game, we are catered to scenes of cars just eating up the miles on the road, customised rides parked up in a car meet, drifters kicking up lots of smoke as they attack canyon turns, drag racers popping wheelies, and the having of some fun with the local law enforcement, it’s all on show here and hints at a game that can be enjoyed by many a NFS player, no matter what their preference. Racing game fans will no doubt be taking notes of the nods made towards, and the mechanics that have been borrowed from, other games. And this is great, because we as fans are always asking for or wanting developers to take inspiration from their competitors for their own titles. Not just because it was fun to have but in the hope that they may make it even better. Take for instance how players have to discover the dealers and tuning shops as well as purchase garages to house their collection, this is very much like Test Drive Unlimited (TDU). The ‘Derelicts’ are essentially their own version of the wrecks and barn finds that are found in TDU 2 and the Forza Horizon series of games. And more recently it looks like the crate deliveries found in The Crew, has become a good way of getting some police attention. Considering the base they are starting with, these additions make for a mighty attractive prospect. All that's required now is to nail the handling and they'll have an even bigger winner than they already look to have. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="7370,7371,7372] There’s more information and details about what and who will be found as well as places of interest to look out for, on the official website for the game.
  4. No Toyota For NFS Payback Toyota is not going to be in Need for Speed Payback! In a trend that started with the confirmation that the maker’s production cars would not be in Forza Motorsport 7, we now know, thanks to a Ghost Games representative on reddit, that it will be the same for Payback too. We know the subject of Toyota is on a lot of minds over the last few weeks. As many of you here suspect, there will be no Toyota cars in Need for Speed Payback. While we’re as disappointed as you are, we do hope that we’ll once again see Toyota back in Need for Speed in the future. The Supra and AE86 have always been firm favourites among fans of the series (partial to the MR2 MK II myself) when they have featured, and so to lose them will be a big blow to many players, especially younger ones who have effectively grown up seeing and using these cars all over, perhaps even leading to aspirations of owning one for themselves in future. Worryingly there isn’t much said as to why and so thoughts turn to if they are exclusively licensed to another title? Namely, Gran Turismo Sport. Having already snatched Pikes Peak away for itself is it at all possible for Toyota to have cosied up to the Japanese developer? I bloody well hope not! And so, a long-standing JDM icon stays away from another race game series, and if it is simply that the manufacturer doesn’t want to be in games any longer then we are unfortunately going to be hearing more of this happening in the future. Main image: Khyzyl Saleem (Ghost Games Concept Artist)
  5. Need for Speed Payback – Cops Trailer For a long time the police pursuits have been a much-loved part of the Need for Speed series of games and a big reason for this was because of the challenge they posed to the player. Unfortunately over its history, a number of the games seemed to forget this, even to the point of not having any at all, whereas in others they felt more like scenery than an actual obstacle you had to deal with. If we ignore the classic 90s-era games there was one of this century that did them really well and that was the original Most Wanted. These officers were hell-bent on taking you down, and as you avoided their traps – pissing them off more and more – they increased in wanting to get a hard take down upon you. This usually came about by way of a lunatic in a heavy SUV called the ‘Rhino’, which would speed towards you head-on, looking to damage and stall you long enough in order for an arrest to be made. With Need for Speed Payback, the cops are back to their good (bad?) old ways. That will annoy some but honestly, running away easily is no fun, and if you’re honest with yourself, you will admit that it’s the thrill of the chase that really makes these games. (or maybe you’re just all about that customisation) The action-packed trailer starts in reverse, well the BMW M5 is in reverse, then it jumps to 90 seconds earlier to show the end of a street race that has just taken place. With the tire smoke just having cleared after a nicely executed handbrake over the finish line, a swarm of police cruisers race towards our protagonist and a couple of his tricked-out opponents, while a British voice ever so eloquently squawks, “Crap! Cops!”. Now the chase is on and within the cops’ arsenal are road blocks, spike strips, gentle(!) sideswipes, EMPs, and last but not least, the Rhino – this inducing fear into street racers monster has been working out, as it is now beefed up in size, resembling something more of a SWAT truck than the heavy SUV from before. If this thing connects with something, it is going to leave a mark! A posting on the official Need for Speed blog reveals some more information about the tactics they will employ and shares more information about the hero car of the new BMW M5 seen toying with the cops through some exquisite driving. Need for Speed Payback – Fairhaven Police Department Crown Victoria – The standard and most commonly seen cop car across Fortune Valley. Can execute a variety of different manoeuvres and will likely be the first on the scene of any pursuit. Dodge Charger SRT8 – Similar to the Crown Victoria but has a higher top speed and has much more muscle, proving it to be a worthy adversary. Corvette GS – The fastest cop car currently residing in Fortune Valley and provides the police department with something that can keep up with the most powerful of super cars. Rhino – What the Rhino lacks in speed it makes up for in brute strength and there’s nothing quite as frightening as an approaching Rhino, lining up a shunt. The weight that it carries will also make it considerably tougher to get away from during a pinned-in situation, making the Rhino a massive threat all round. Helicopter – The eye in the sky provides an extra level of drama in the highest intensity cop chases. This change of vehicle type does raise one obvious question: how in the hell is it going to keep up with the vehicles in the game without looking stupid? From what is said above about it, chances are it's going to be a real menace from the front, rather than a worry from behind.
  6. Need for Speed Payback Information Blowout! Ghost Games have published multiple posts on the official Need for Speed blog giving players the lowdown on what can be found, built, tweaked and done in the game when it releases this coming November. With the two-year development time provided, Ghost have taken the functions and features of 2015’s Need for Speed game and added a whole lot more, along with catering to a few of the requests voiced by the community. Customisation is still a paramount inclusion but now there’s even more to throw on with the new ‘Vanity’ components, and the lack of vehicle storage issue that regularly came up has been addressed with a virtual warehouse that can store an infinite amount of vehicles. Derelicts – Why Don’t You Build Me Up! Beginning with something new to NFS but not racing games of the last few years is what they call ‘Derelicts’. Think of this as a cross between the wrecks of TDU 2 and the Barn Finds of the Forza Horizon games. These are scrap shells of cars that can be built up to normal stock and beyond, even so far as to become a supercar competitor. Alongside the chassis you’ll also need to locate four other parts; wheels, drivetrain and two unique parts that are specific to your chosen Derelict build. Each of the five parts that make up a Derelict can be found hidden throughout Fortune Valley. Finding these is done by tracking a project and then following the clues and pointers that direct to the whereabouts of the missing part where the actual discovery, will be down to the player. [caption id=attachment_7133" align="aligncenter" width="800] Explore and get wrecked! :)[/caption] Once this is ready to be converted into a drivable state the option of turning it into one of five car classes becomes open. Unlike the regular cars, Derelicts can be any of the car classes available but once that choice is made there is no backing out. So choose wisely. Now what was once a wreck is ready to be spruced and goosed (huh? - it rhymed ok!) with all the visual horror and performance enhancing that all other cars suffer enjoy. But wait, there’s more! Hit Tier 3 and just like a CARS movie version of Popeye (look him up kids) your evolving mass of twisted metal can be metaphorically fed some vehicular spinach and become a Super Build!! Unlocking a realm where even more extreme customisation can be performed, turning your vehicle into all-out Maximum Overdrive (kudos if you get this reference). [caption id=attachment_7134" align="aligncenter" width="800] Herbie Gets Down and Dirty[/caption] Thankfully Ghost have had the foresight to realise that locking players into a one time thing with these is not going to be appreciated, and so once a Derelict project has been completed the stock version will become available to purchase from the specialised dealer, whereby this new purchase can be transformed into the other wanted class(es) of the player’s choosing. In total there are five Derelict projects to find and turn into insane monsters: Chevrolet Bel Air 1955, Ford Mustang 1965, NISSAN Fairlady ZG 1971, Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup 1965 and the Volkswagen Beetle 1963. Dealers, Part Shops, Garages... and Fuel Stations Throughout the game the desire for a new car will arise, whether that’s because an event needs a class that isn’t currently owned or just that the player has been saving up so that they can buy their dream car, the getting hold of something new is always fun. And in taking more inspiration from the TDU games (and others), Payback treats the buying of new cars in the same sort of realistic manner with dealerships. No official renditions though, it’s all fictional specialised examples in Fortune Valley only, independently catering between Exotics, Classic, Muscle, Rally, Sports and Sports Compact. Once the car is bought it is time to tune and modify it and where better to buy some parts than at the Part Shop. Progression through the game’s campaign will have players earning parts by winning events, but these shops are there for picking up specific items the player may want and doesn't want to wait for. The stock is constantly changing, so if the part isn’t there then some waiting for a brief time and heading back later will be required. A common complaint of the previous game was how limited storage was and Ghost have heeded this as even though there may be only five garages to purchase in the game for storage, the acquisition of all them will grant access to what is known as the unlimited virtual warehouse. Wonder if there is a mechanic to deliver from it? Usually forgotten about in racing games except as a piece of environment art, Fuel/Gas Stations have had their moments to shine in titles of the past and their use is one of such obviousness that it seems crazy how little they get used. So it is good to see that one of my favourite uses of them is going to be in Payback: enter one and the nitrous will be refilled along with any visual damage sustained. Perhaps one day a game will actually allow the incorporation of fuel via a user option and these stations can be used as they are meant to be. Vanity – Al Pacino’s Favourite Sin The car has been tweaked, performance is at maximum and the sleek lines, low profile tires and added body parts are making it look like a real menace. Now personally I would be prone to leaving it here but I know that there’s others who will not be thinking Less is more, but instead More is better. Take your visual customization further and build out your dream car with the addition of Vanity Items. There's multiple types of vanity item on offer in NFS Payback, each one allowing you to customize your car with that little extra personal flavour; Underglow, Tire Smoke, Nitrous Flames and Air Suspension. And so Payback allows you to style excess to your heart’s content by adding ‘Vanity’ items. As long as it’s not being forced on the rest of us I don’t see why allowing them to have these extras is a bad thing. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="7128,7127,7129] Performance – The Need for Speed Naturally speed is an important factor in this game and so performance tuning is available in abundance, coming in six categories: Block, Head, Turbo, Exhaust, ECU, and Transmission Accumulating parts is done by winning events, purchasing from the Part Shops, and a Targeted Roll system which allows for a bit more choice in the random part allocation that winning events gives, at the expense of a few unwanted parts needing to be recycled. Parts also have levels and these are important when it comes to upgrading performance. The higher the level, the more power it will deliver. They also help in determining the tier of your car. If you’ve got a car with a set of level 1 parts applied to it, it’ll be Tier 1.0. Equip another car with level 18 (maximum level) parts and the tier will increase to 3.99. Taking the performance further is achievable by equipping parts that have perks associated with them. Perks provide an additional bonus to many of your cars key performance areas; Top Speed, Acceleration, nitrous, Air and Braking. Get lucky and find parts with multiple perks to really push your performance to the next level. Believe it or not we’re not done with performance boosting as there is even more to be gained. Install multiple parts from the same brand and through this brand synergy another bonus will awarded. With all this power you had better be sure to shout like Clarkson when using it. Live Tuning – Handle with care Depending on what kind of racing game fan you are, chances are you either love or hate the modern NFS games, but for its fans, the handling is never seen as much of an issue. In the run up to release we will hear more about how the game controls from those whose opinions we trust and can relate to. Until that time however, and if you’re in the camp that cares more about what you can do to the cars rather than how they drive then know that during races, events etc the car’s tuning can be altered on the fly through ‘Live Tuning’. In a game that is generally as hectic and requires fast responses it will be fascinating to see how well this incorporates. Although it could come in quite nicely during freeroam sessions with impromptu drag races and the like. [via Need for Speed]
  7. Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Trailer A new gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Payback has been shown during the EA Play event. The video is of the same heist seen in the original reveal, where the stealing of a Koenigsegg Regera from the back of a moving truck is the objective. The action kicks off with ‘Tyler’ and ‘Jess’ taking off in the Mustang and it’s not before long that they are needing to take down a ‘House Enforcer’, who in true bad guy form are found driving around in aggressive looking blacked out cars. Once free of that, it is time to catch up to the truck itself. After a cut scene shows your characters being brake checked and the truck somehow managing to cause absolute carnage and chaos on the road ahead, it is once again time to put your foot to the floor. [caption id=attachment_7001" align="aligncenter" width="800] How did that truck do all of this?![/caption] Dodging all the debris that is strewn across a small stretch of tarmac, it is time for another small cut scene that shows the two speeding along as the chase continues, however ‘The House’ cartel has ramped up their attempts to stop you as more enforcers start to hound you, and these are tougher, requiring multiple hits, or having to be persuaded to hit a stationary object, hard, before they will go down. Side note: With all of the action going on it is easy to miss how gorgeous the game is and how expansive it seems too. As the path becomes clear and you ride up to the marker beside the target, the character switching dynamic comes into play and now via a cut scene we see Jess climbing out the passenger side window and leaping onto the trailer, walking across it, and entering from above. Building up a bit of tension as the trailer snakes from side-to-side and looks like it is ready to topple, Tyler is calling out to Jess with an understandably worried tone, but wee Jess has this, as with the trailer tipping, the Regera bursts out of the back in super slick slow motion and heads out in the opposite direction to the Mustang. Control is given back to the player and as they squeeze the power out of the ultimate Koenigsegg, driving against the flow of traffic, it’s not long before yet another (!) cut scene makes an appearance, this time it's the Police and they are out in force, fronted by an extremely adventurous helicopter pilot. It alludes to many instances from the Fast and Furious franchise, pushing hard on the action and cinematic experience, which if done right, could be some mindless action packed fun!
  8. Need for Speed Payback The name of the next title in EA’s long-running Need for Speed arcade racing series has been revealed as Need for Speed Payback ("Payback") and will launch worldwide for PS4, PC and Xbox One on November 10th. A trailer for the new game, that has been in development for two years, was premiered today and already it is causing quite a bit of discussion between players and fans. Mostly because a broad set of them wanted nothing more than what is essentially a carbon copy of the 2015 edition -- just throw in more street racing, drifting and customisation and these folk are more than happy. Others however are excited at the prospect of starting with a piece of scrap and building it into something magnificent, more challenging police pursuits (hello Rhino!) and a story that seems to be more involved than its predecessor. From the first-look it does appear that “Payback” is actually including aspects that all NFS fans have enjoyed the series for over its time, whether it can all coexist or will make some feel excluded because of this spreading out, will remain to be seen. Watching the reveal trailer above it cannot be missed that it contains many sequences that echo those of the Fast and Furious movies, particularly the more recent outings. But consider that the much loved Underground and Underground 2 were games that emulated those films of the day and in a funny way "Payback" is doing exactly the same. (FAMILY!) As with all NFS games it is the cars and where you will be playing with them that matters most to people. And “Payback” is set in a region called Fortune Valley, a place that closely resembles the areas of Nevada, including of course, Las Vegas. The cars range from your everyday street cars to supercars and onwards towards the pinnacle of the hypercar. For those worried that the EA exclusive Porsche deal may have resulted in some bad blood between the two, fear not as Porsche is in. We won’t have to wait long to get a better look at “Payback” as the game will be at EA Play along with a comprehensive showing at E3, both of which take place in the coming weeks (of course you already knew that right?). Need for Speed Payback is due out on November 10th worldwide for PS4, PC and Xbox One. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="7001,7002,7003,7004,7005,7006]
  9. First Look At NFS 2017 Need for Speed is back in 2017 and the first official look at the game has been released, along with small bits of info in relation to the direction it is heading. For starters let’s get one of the main points out of the way, there will be cars... sorry, couldn’t resist that one. No, the one major surprise is that always-online is NOT a requirement for the single player experience in NFS 2017. Nothing said about whether online multiplayer can be played offline too, but we'd reckon that will be a definite no, for obvious reasons. Modern-day NFS qualities such as customisation, police pursuits and epic jumps, will again feature, with the team at Ghost seemingly more excited about just watching what players will do in the world that they deliver, rather than telling them, what to do. The main info drop will be coming in June as EA PLAY gets closer but even now we have been given some minor details, albeit lacking in any real concrete info, there are some tidbits about what we could expect with this one. Not least with the one and only image that has been shared. Where immediate impressions seem to hint that your character may be stuck behind a fence, or maybe starts off from a dive of a Motel. (in case you were wondering just like we were, the sign does indeed flash). A Nissan 350Z can be seen on the other side of this fence, whether it is yours or one of a choice for your character will remain to be seen, however that car has been a heavily requested (why?) one from the NFS (muppet)base so at they'll be happy. With 2015's Need for Speed being mainly set in the dark and gloomy night, it is telling that the first image of the game we see is lit up by a bright sun. Now whether this is a sunrise or sunset I don't know but players have been vocal about bringing back the day and perhaps this is another acknowledging nod to their wants, from Ghost. How the game environment may be is another thing that we get a small nudge in the ribs at, with this interesting mention within the blog post: We’re dialing (sic) up the action and allowing you to tear up the tarmac, and dirt, to your heart's content. Now, in my insane mind I take this to mean we get to pilot diggers and heavy machinery, but as was pointed out to me on our twitter by @RahulMendes, it is more likely pointing to the inclusion of more dirt/off-road-oriented or rally cars, which is extremely exciting if it turns out to be true. Mind you, the DUB-spec Hummer on 12 foot tall spinners tackling a rocky pass, maybe not so much. And if we think some more about this, is it possible that this game will have a large environment with varying surfaces... or maybe even be open-world? Either way, we will be watching this game like a caffeine-drinking eagle, and are eager to see what Ghost have been able to do with another two-year development cycle. If 2015's Need for Speed is anything to go by, then it's probably going to be a damn fine game. [via Need for Speed.com] Updates * May 10th 2017 - cleaned it up a bit as it was a bit stupid in places
  10. Porsche License To Be Set Free Hallelujah and it’s about damn time! Porsche is no longer going to be stuck to EA!! Okay that isn’t entirely fair as the license has been seen on other titles via sub-licensing and other side agreements, but, it is a fact that for tooo bloody long if you’ve wanted to enjoy a Porsche in your racing game, then that game would more than likely need to be a Need for Speed. Thankfully we had RUF to take up the empty space that Porsche would have sat in within many a racing game like Gran Turismo, PGR and others. But, it always seemed insane to me how underused and almost forgotten Porsche was in every EA title that used it. Sure in the earlier days you had gems like NFS Porsche Unleashed but after that it seemed to be more about only including a select few from the famous marque in their future releases and mobile games, even to the point where it essentially felt like they were lauding the fact they had it over others. Now though, Porsche has seen the light. (or the person making the decision decided after putting down their controller in disgust many moons ago, to make it their ambition to get the relevant qualifications, join Porsche, become the person in charge of branding and close the door on the exclusive deal once and for all!) As through an interview on german site Speedmaniacs where at a recent event they met up with people from both Assetto Corsa developers Kunos Simulazioni and Porsche, we learn that Porsche are ready to seek roads new as they will end the exclusive agreement with EA by letting it run out at the end of this year. >“According to Sebastian: The license with EA runs out this year, because one has come to the realization that the current situation is no longer desirable for both sides.” Has the partnership with Assetto Corsa made them see that their brand is worth something in the virtual space? After all, players today could be owners tomorrow and there is a huge amount of people out there who cannot afford the real thing but would still very much like to drive a Porsche in their games. You could also imagine that the whole ‘Holy Trinity’ of hypercars ideal, with the LaFerrari, P1 and Porsche’s own 918 Spyder might have shown that there is something to giving people the ability to recreate what they have seen on TV, YouTube and such. Many folk after all, will jump on their favourite game after a race or try to recreate that scene they just watched, and with the immediacy of social media and virals, it makes sense to take complete advantage of that. Nowadays it’s more about viewability than anything else, and so having your brand out there for many to see and experience is better than being enclosed into something that actually can lay detriment because of how it is used. Exclusivity is a horrible thing, I hate them all. Only console warriors or PC masters would appreciate having something the others don’t but what is the point in that really? I cannot wait to see Porsche in more titles along with more from the Porsche stable. Not just the usual sort but the lesser known and the still equally incredible; Assetto Corsa is already doing this and it is great to see. It is time to let the garage doors open and to flood the virtual track and streets with all that have sported a Porsche badge! [via Speedmaniacs] (German) :: [image credit: The Car Spy]
  11. Need for Speed 2017 The reboot of the Need for Speed series was released starting back in November last year for the PS4 and Xbox One after being in development for two years. Now today we hear that this schedule will continue as the next one will be Need for Speed 2017. Not surprisingly, nothing is known about what this future NFS will be about, contain or be based upon except for maybe having cars of course. Will it follow on from the current and go down the more urban street-racing culture and deliver us more of those cringey live action scenes to make the story progress? Well as said not long ago, we don't know and probably won't until around the same point in 2017 where we were provided with the first view of what became the current Need for Speed. Having only released for the PC in March and with the excitement over the announcement of all future DLC content being free for the game, it is naturally pushing the buttons of some people who are upset that the post-release support has dried up. That's not to say that EA and Ghost didn't deliver on their promise, they did, with a number of new cars, challenges and that rather splendid Photo mode that they strangely named 'Snapshot Pro' (think I may remember a photo place called that) but you can understand why people feel this way. Before the mention about the 'that's your lot for this one' a figure rich infographic was revealed showing just how much enjoyment players have had with winning, customising and sharing from their times with the game. Since Need for Speed made its return, you've spent a massive amount of time on the roads of Ventura Bay. You’ve collected over 9.8 billion REP points, taken over 35 million Snapshots, raced in over 10 million Drag Races, and beaten a total of 52 million Eddie’s Challenge Events. You’ve spent a stunning 950 million minutes customizing cars, no doubt helped with the $2.5 trillion in-game cash earned. You’ve shared more than 700,000 wraps, resulting in more than 13 million downloads by your fellow NFS fans. [caption id=attachment_5105" align="alignnone" width="800] One for the statistics and number fans this![/caption] Depending on what kind of NFS gamer you are, you will either wish for the past glory of the series to return with the classic racing around point-to-point locations given the choice of whether to have the police pursuing you as you do or simply going for being first across the line. For those who idolise the Supra then it's clear you will want them to expand on what this reboot brought with it and want an even bigger open-world environment, the latter of which I totally agree. No matter where your driving hat lies with the Need for Speed series, there is now a lengthy wait for the next one and you may not agree with this, but for us, this is the fun part, where the guessing, wishing and blowing tiny slivers of info out of proportion takes place, but in doing so, it brings all manner of fan together to share and discuss with one another. And if you have some sway with the 10+ year olds then you'll probably get a chance to see the game and help shape it during its development phase. (Yay?) We are now building upon the foundations that have been laid with Need for Speed and delivering our next game in 2017. That’s not to say that we’re going quiet between now and then... far from it. We'll be working with our community and there will be multiple opportunities to bring many of you into the studio in the coming months to get your feedback on where we're headed. Source: NFS blog [yop_poll id=7] Have something to say about this? Jump on over to our forum and tell us how you would like the future of NFS to go.
  12. Battlefield 5... 1? Reveal Tonight Today is the day that Battlefield fans have been waiting for since before Hardline was released. EA will be unveiling the next game in the Battlefield series and it looks like they will be taking us back to the Battlefield roots with a game set in World War 1. But possibly not the WWI as we know it... The premier of Battlefield 1, yes, it has been confirmed that EA really cannot count, will be streamed live on the Battlefield Twitch page. The live stream is currently running with a couple of people(anybody know who they are?) talking through the history of Battlefield. But the reveal won't be until 1PM EST/4PM EST/9PM BST and luckily for me that's only 80 minutes away considering I only found out about this 10 minutes ago. Bring it on Battlefield!
  13. Return To Your Roots Hello and welcome to yet another instalment of Open Letters! In this "weekly" column I do one of two things, write an open letter to something relating to news, or I respond to a letter sent in from one of you, the readers! (If you want to send in a question/concern for me to write about, email me at: [email protected]) This week however this article/column/trash-heap is aimed at Game Developers of the Battlefield/Battlefront/Mirrors Edge franchise, DICE. For clarities sake, today we are focusing on the Battlefield aspect of the previous sentence - as many people may be already aware Battlefield 5 was announced back at the end of 2015 and there is a rumour flying around that the franchise will be returning to its roots by taking place during World War I. I'm getting ahead of the curve here let's have a history lesson. (learning is fun!) DICE was founded in 1992 and has been a subsidiary of Electronic Arts since 2004 and have a hefty list of games they've developed including but not limited to: NASCAR Heat*, Battlefield 1942, Midtown Madness 3*, Battlefield 2/3/4, Mirrors Edge/ME: Catalyst, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit*, Medal of Honor (multiplayer), Star Wars: Battlefront *Indicates DICE co-developed this game with another developer Okay the list is huge and I've already made it too big but they've made some of the best games for the past two decades and I'm trying to make a point here that they created Battlefield, which is one of the (if not THE) direct competitor(s) of that other huge FPS series called Call of Duty, developed by Infinity Ward/Treyarch/Sledgehammer Games and financed by Blizzard/Activision. Don't let my ADD drive you off course, this conversation is about Battlefield - specifically about Battlefield 5 which is due out in what is estimated to be October of 2016. And finally, for the love of God finally an FPS game developer has listened to me. With no further ado, my open letter to DICE: Dear DICE, If you are reading this, then first allow me to say - yes I will happily beta test anything you need for the foreseeable future. But that's not what I'm writing to you about, I am writing to thank you for listening to not only me, but what I can only assume is a very large collection of gamers (both male and female) who are incredibly tired of shooters all feeling the same. Call of Duty has gone so far into the future I get the feeling that the next iteration will be World War III including sticks and stones; however you over at DICE have decided to return to the roots of what made these franchises so successful - you're returning to the most fascinating period of history and wartime that exists. World War I/II settings used to flood the marketplace over a decade ago - to be fair many of them still exist however none as popular as what Call of Duty or Battlefield can pull off. I have fond memories of playing the old games with bolt action rifles, running about as hulking tanks drove past to crush the opposition. Ah, nostalgia why do you feel so damn good? Hindsight is not 20/20 however so if you really do intend to bring Battlefield 1914 into 2016 it needs to be incredible, bring back that nostalgia that I had as a kid but revitalize how it feels because I have car payments now. For Battlefield to truly continue to succeed the franchise needs to evolve in the right way and I feel like going back to what you're good at is a great move. I'm sure we have things to look forward to at E3 this year. How do you feel about Battlefield 5 going back in time? Let us know down below - or hop over to the forums, sign on up and be sure to donate your teeth to the growing collection. Image credit: Yibada
  14. Need 4K Speed The PC version of Need for Speed 2015 is now dated for March 15th, 2016 and in typical EA fashion the developer Ghost Games haven't listened to a single want from the PC fan base, they've listened to almost ALL OF THEM!! Last year when the delay on PC became known, it was said that it would be well worth waiting for and that the extra time would allow them to truly focus on making the PC version a proper PC title. And from the trailer released announcing the March release date, you can hardly dispute this as the need of your typical PC player appears to be catered for: Super-high 4K Resolution, unlocked framerate (a BIG ONE!), Steering Wheel/clutch support and tons of settings to customise. Ghost Games really look to have taken a look at what the PC player base have been critical of with past examples and worked to bring these features and options back, and for that you have to applaud them. Need for Speed for PC is out March 15th, 2016. Manual Transmission for Console? Despite the trailer being for the PC the official Need for Speed twitter responded to a query about Manual Transmission and assured that it "will be coming to consoles in an upcoming update". Main image credit: nVidiaGeForce twitter
  15. NEED FOR MANUAL SPEED Earlier today the official Need for Speed twitter posted a video showing a malfunctioning tachometer seemingly having trouble changing from 1st and 2nd without bouncing off the limiter. Ooor it could be a tease of manual transmission coming to the game. As you may or may not know the latest NFS only has automatic transmission available for use (as did some of the more recent ones) which for many of us makes us cry, curl up into a ball and pray to the driving gods for us to be able to virtually hold a long-hard stick in our hands that we can tug back and forth. Yeah so, thankfully if this is what it is then we won't have a long wait as the tease mentions tomorrow, the 11th February as being the date when they will show us something. Come on Ghost Games, let us shift into gear! Note: the link in the tweet takes you to a subscribe-confirmation page for the official NFS channel.
  16. [headline]NEED FOR SPEED 19* FREE[/headline] Not content with having people taking in the generous savings on the Xbox One version of the latest Need for Speed reboot, the gits at EA via their Origin platform have the audacity to ask those on PC for absolutely nothing and in return they will give a copy of the last Criterion developed title in the franchise, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Read more on this...
  17. Need for Speed 19* FREE Not content with having people taking in the generous savings on the Xbox One version of the latest Need for Speed reboot, the gits at EA via their Origin platform have the audacity to ask those on PC for absolutely nothing and in return they will give a copy of the last Criterion developed title in the franchise, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Is this a dream? What's going on here! This is not the evil corporation we all love to berate, sure there will be people saying 'LOL origin' but step back from that and take stock of what is happening here; EA is giving away a free game and one that is good at what it is -- a crazy arcade racer with lots of jumps and crashes in spectacular over the top style. And if anything else it can help paper over the wait for the PC version of Need for Speed 2015. On the House - origin * according to Wikipedia NFS MW is the nineteenth NFS.
  18. Need for Discounted Speed UPDATE: Feb 3rd 2016 - PlayStation Store has the game at 60% off too! There appears to be a bit of a an EA Sales Bonanza going on in the Xbox Marketplace right now, and as part of this, Xbox One players with Xbox Live Gold can get the most recent Need for Speed for what we work out to be a 67% discount. And unlike previous iterations, the reboot has been very well received and with the support and listening that Ghost Games is doing, that will only continue... though the volume of people shouting for new cars all over social media is fairly deafening. If you have held off getting this then now is a good time to do so, as with the latest update bringing a photo mode along with many more new parts for more vehicles and the chance to share your wrap designs with others, there is just so much to do and at these reduced prices there is a whole lot of game for the money. Not to mention that the support will continue and more good things should be coming if the teasing of those who are in the know are anything to go on. Both the Standard and Deluxe versions are available with the discount and the prices for both are very reasonable for what is a fairly recently released big name title. Big Need for Speed fan? Join us on the forums and share your experiences and media with us!
  19. The Team At Ghost Give Us A Glimpse On Wednesday February 3rd, Ghost Games is going to be releasing the newest update for Need For Speed - the reboot of the quickly failing franchise. This time around all the DLC is free, which is an odd move to Electronic Arts, but an extremely welcome one. Okay I'm done yapping, here's what's in the newest update! From needforspeed.com Snapshot Pro [aka Photo Mode] ...we’re introducing Snapshot Pro, a mode which will allow you to create some stunning photos of your favourite car. Hit start to get to phone screen, then select Snapshot Pro from the phone menu. You’ll then be able to manoeuvre the camera around the car, apply a number of custom settings such as depth of field, brightness, contrast, vignette, saturation and more. You’ll also be able to apply a number of pre-set filters, allowing you to achieve great results in a very short amount of time. ...we can’t wait to see what you do with it! Wrap Sharing ...we’ve constantly been blown away by the talent and creativity being shown by the Need for Speed community when it comes to wrap creation. We’ve seen wraps inspired by past NFS games, comic books, films, and much more. Wrap Sharing has been one of the most requested features to date and because of this we’re adding a new option within the Paint and Wrap section that will allow you to browse and download wraps shared by other players. If you’re a wrap creator then simply mark your creation as shareable and it’ll show up for everyone else. Downloading and applying a community made wrap is as easy as heading into the community wrap section in the 'Paint and Wrap' section, finding one that you like and hitting the download button. Once downloaded you'll then be able to apply it to your ride and even edit and tweak it should you wish. Customization Items Customization continues to be something we see you talking about and requesting more of, which is why we’ll be following in the footsteps of the Legends update and adding another 100+ new customization items in this update. In total, eleven new cars will be getting new parts: Ford Focus RS Chevrolet Camaro Z28 BMW M3 E92 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Ford Mustang Foxbody Ford Mustang GT Mazda MX5 (2015) NISSAN 180sx Type X NISSAN Silvia Spec-R SUBARU BRZ Premium SUBARU Impreza WRX Multiplayer Want to test your skills against other people? We've added a “Competitive” option at the front menu which will see you placed in a game with other players who are also looking to race competitively. Or, select “Alldrive” and you can experience Need for Speed as it is now. License Plates You’ll now have the option to customize the license plate on your car, giving you even more options to personalize your ride. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of backgrounds from past NFS games including; Redview, Fairhaven, Palmont City, Rockport, Olympic City, Bayview and Tri City Bay. Alongside the backgrounds you’ll also be able to apply a number of frames to complete the look. Gas Stations Players of previous NFS games will be familiar with the gas stations and their ability to repair your car. Something we heard directly from you, the NFS community, is that you wanted this functionality brought back. You missed the option of having your car look new again, instead of having to wear the scars of racing until you ventured back to the garage. As such, all gas stations in Ventura Bay will now repair your car, free of charge. Simply drive your car through the station and it’ll be looking as good as new. And to help you out further, we’ll be adding all gas stations as points of interest on the map. New Trophies and Achievements Three new trophies and achievements will be added to the game, go out and earn them all: Filter Addict - Take a Snapshot with a Filter in Snapshot Pro Mode Wrap Artist - Share a Wrap with the Need for Speed Community Climbing the Ranks - Reach Monthly Rank 10 by completing Daily Challenges We'll be seeing you on the streets, kids! Tell us what you think of the update! We are BIIIG fans of photo modes in games and want every game to have one, yes even that one. And we hope that you will come on by the forum and share your outstanding pics you have captured with this new mode. [yop_poll id=5] All images courtesy: needforspeed.com
  20. [headline]Access the Accessible Access now![/headline] If you're a console player you probably already know what EA Access is. You get access to a bunch of games for a few quid per month. A sort of Netflix for games. Well, now it's coming to PC as Origin Access. The other benefits of Origin Access are the ability to play upcoming games before release (though you have to purchase after) and a 10% discount on Origin purchases. Personally I think... Origin needs to crash and burn. Don't they know about Steam yet? It's much better in every way and everybody already uses it. But, apart from that, for £4 it's not a bad service but it doesn't have current games. It has the last Sims, the last Need For Speed, the last FIFA, etc. So if you're not concerned about playing the latest of the franchise maybe this is for you?
  21. Coolio Runnings https://youtu.be/vLQGXHy5m6Y Need for Speed is back, and it is ready to party! After a year off from the usual release routine Ghost Games is giving the formula a swift kick up the diffuser and punching out the features further than a Rocket Bunny widebody kit. Returning heavily to its roots and taking large chunks of inspiration from what has made the NFS games great over their time, we have ended up with an urban car culture street racer that has thankfully not forgotten the oldskool charm that it started with. Those of you who remember the Underground games may shriek in delight at the sheer amount of customisation and mess you can do to your car in this new one, whereas others such as me, myself and I remember the horror of no supercars, being forced to destroy the looks of your vehicle in order to progress and the complete lack of Chief Wiggum's associates. The original Most Wanted fixed that and is in fact one of my all time favourites of the series. This new one, it includes supercars, street cars, cops and customisation. In essence there is something in it for every fan young and ancient wise, the only ones who may find issue is those who like daylight as the game is set in a permanent twilight which in our opinion means your crew could quite possibly be a bunch of vampires. After you've checked out the official trailer above be sure to check out our DUB Out on November 3rd on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this is a game that should, if it does what it looks to be doing, go down well in Need for Speed history.
  22. Need for Hot Wheels Need for Speed and toy car maker Hot Wheels are to team up in bringing a select few cars from the game to stores worldwide. Announced on the @needforspeed twitter the vehicles that will make the digital to die-cast jump are the: Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and Dodge SRT Viper. The Fairlady Z will start to arrive in stores next month with the Skyline and Viper due early next year. Emblazoned on the Viper is the well known Hot Wheels logo, whereas the others appear to have decals of the logo adorning them amongst other real world manufacturers and brands. It has to be said that the cars are really well done and not too ott or a mess as could have been the case. (if you like mess then booo!) Partnerships like this are fun to see as they make sense. And a little bit of collectorship (that even a word?) doesn't hurt providing there is no overly large advantage to be gained in the game for players. Need for Speed is classed as a reboot of the series and the brand, however it looks like they have done some serious homework and are rebooting a lot of the behind the game workings too, in a good way.
  23. Hello Maranello After the understated reveal that the Ferrari F40 was coming to Need for Speed (NFS) it was wondered what else from the Maranello stable, if anything, would come with it? Well there is at least one more, as the next of the Prancing Horses to be shown is the more recent 458 Italia coupé. These two cars are separated by around 20 years but they are held in high regards to the fun they deliver to whoever's lucky enough to be driving. With the F40 this is mainly down to weight being the core idea, with paint so thin you could see the carbon fibre weave underneath and the welds from the welding inside as coverings were seen as unnecessary additional weight. At the opposite end of that time frame, the 458 - which has since been superseded by the 488 GTB - used large swathes of technology and clever computing to make the driver look like a lot more adept than what they really were, keeping them from heading towards the nearest ditch when in the throws of some spirited driving. Seeing Ferrari in car games may not seem that out of the ordinary but you have to remember that NFS will have extensive customisation and Police -- two things that Ferrari have never really cared to have their cars seen with. Need for Speed is out in November for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with PC coming in Spring 2016.
  24. TITLE +AWESOME A new trailer went live for the upcoming Need for Speed (NFS) reboot, showing us some cars and going nicely into detail about the deep authentic customisation that the game will offer. A level of personalisation beyond a level that's been seen in games except for perhaps on the PC with the modding gods. With body kits from popular brands of today such as Rocket Bunny, SEIBON Carbon, RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) and the ability to change sideskirts, bonnets/hoods, spoilers, fenders, wheels, wing mirrors and much more with after-market parts, almost every area of the car is up for you to craft to your own liking, making your car truly yours. After you have got your car looking the business, it's now time to take it to be painted and wrapped. Go from Stock to... Just like with the parts there is a multitude of ways for you to go about painting and wrapping you car to be as hideously beautiful or as beautifully hideous as you want it to be. Start with a simple respray of colour by using the colour selector and going with a metallic, matte or something else entirely finish. If that's not enough then the newly built from the ground up Wrap Editor will give you the brand graphics, patterns, shapes, flags and more to enable attempting a recreation of that true world icon of your favourite motorsport, fictional cartoon characters, cats (?) or having a go at your own personal look, the choice is completely yours. No doubt we will see some truly incredible artwork, as there is indeed a number of skilled individuals out there, who can when provided with a toolset like this, create the absolutely amazing. We cannot wait to see what they and you muppets come up with. Making your car look like it can go without being able to has long been the subject of many a put down in urban car culture, however worry not as NFS has you covered with performance upgrades. Increase your engine horsepower, acceleration and top speed. Bin the old clutch, suspension, air filter, fuel system, ECU etc and replace it with shiny top brand after-market products instead. While you're at it, throwing in a turbo is never an opportunity to be missed either. Stock +AWESOME! Unlike many games that either handle just ok or have you learn how to play with it, the handling of NFS can be tweaked to your preferred style of play. So whether you are more oldskool and like to brake for turns and feel the rear kick out under power or are a modern spoon who loves the brake-to-drift easiness of today, then you can have it how you want. It is still arcade in nature remember so a full-on simulation is not going to be found amongst the slider options. In saying that, moving a slider between 'Drift' and 'Grip' is the easy approach, thankfully you can tailor with individual settings such as: tire pressures, downforce, brake bias, steering response, the enabling/disabling of braking drift/drift stability assists plus more. Need for Speed has been away for a year, but it has to be said that the extra time and thinking with this game just may well make it the best Need for Speed in a long time and one all fans of the series can appreciate due to it catering to them in part. Street, Supercar, Drifting, Drag, US Muscle, JDM is all in and you can go as wild or a docile as you like. You really can play this game as you want. Need for Speed is out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 3rd, 2015 with PC to follow in Spring 2016.
  25. Can be only One:1 The brand new 1340bhp monster from those mad Swedes at Koenigsegg is available for NFS Rivals at the very surprisingly priced cost of ...nothing! Yeah totally free, I know something for nothing from EA, it's virtually unknown but hey here we are and what a gift it is. So yeah, thanks EA and Ghost Games! No honestly folks IT IS FREE. Go see for yourself on the platform of your choice!
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