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Found 6 results

  1. ENB Config v0.3 Final Here's my ENB Preset Config v0.3 Final. It has "only small" improvements as the Version before. - Reflection improvements on Buldings (Windows/Glases) - Reflection improvements on Cars - Color improvements Night/Day - Better Sky & Clouds (No more bloom intense Clouds) - small light improvement in Buildings (Houses, CRC, Cardealer) Here are some pictures Known Bugs: - Sometimes the game crash when you minimized it. You can fix it. Press the buttons Alt+Enter to run the game in a window and than you can minimized it without crashing (thx Voodoo) - in races are the Checkpoints very bloom intense You can switch off the bloom if you want to drive a race (press Shift+Enter in the Game to open the ENB-Config GUI and search for EnableBloom) - same thing with bloom intense on the map and on the gps in the car - same with Paint Shop if you choose a white sticker - Some Markers over house or Cardealer have less contrast - When you drive in Cockpit view you can't see the bloom effect (at the most Cars) - Shadow Bug in front of the car at Daylight Switch on the carlights to fix this bug (Is not very helpfull i know) Fixed Bugs: - No more Lags when delete a text in the Chat or if BACKSPACE was pressed Bug Pictures: Shadow Bug in the front of the Car This Config contains two folder: - First folder (ENB Config v0.3) contains only the ENB Config v0.3 - Second folder (Modified Grass Mod) contains only the Modified Grass Mod by tomsolo (This Mod is only for the unpacked Version of the game) Download ENB Config v0.3 Have Fun, ;) sry for my bad English :cry: Terms of use: ------------------------------------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners ------------------------------------------- - If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK - If you wish to put this modification on another website then please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK
  2. REVOLUTIONFX A graphics revolution for TDU2. REVOLUTIONFX is a graphics modification for Test Drive Unlimited 2. It makes TDU2 appear more modern and fresh. Features: Bloom EdgeAA (Antialiasing) LenzReflections (lens flare) reworked sky (sun, clouds etc.) reworked environment (colors, reflections etc.) reworked lighting (cars, house interior etc.) Pictures: Bugs: Please tell me if you find any bugs and I will try to fix them. Known bugs and fixed bugs will be listet here later. Installation: Extract the files from the archive into the game directory or where the game execution file is (.exe). Activation/Deactivation: After you installed the modification correctly, start the game. Press Shift + F12 to activate and deactivate the modification. Copyright: © 2007-2015 Vorontsov Boris ENB Preset by Wieditox DOWNLOAD ​WIEDITOXMODZ
  3. http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/33413-revolutionfx
  4. Hey guys. I´m BACK! I started modding again. And yes, an ENB for TDU2 is in the works! And yes, it will be great, just as my previous ones. More informations in some days/weeks. Check out my new website for screenshots, informations and other stuff. :nods: Website: http://wieditoxmodz.wix.com/wieditoxmodz Have a great day, Wieditox
  5. I never noticed this until recently, but an ENB for rFactor that I downloaded never worked. The problem is d3d9.dll. I believe the security system built in disables it. Here's someone else with the same problem. ENB under Windows 8.1 - Solution? ENBSeries View topic - rFactor - ENB under Windows 8.1 - Solution? Help please? :confused: BTW Already tried RadeonPro's SweetFX, didn't work either.
  6. Hello beautiful people :D Well ... After learning a little about ENB FXAA and I decided last week to try to create or change an existing ENB for TDU2 only after several tests, most with no result... Today just a mixing of ENB Skyrim with a part of the file enb.cfg GTA IV, rays do not even know why I did it, but apparently there was an effect Nothing too big but a bit of difference (or am I going crazy already) and would like to help you open a topic for the forum TDU2 and in less than 10 minutes disappeared mysteriously.... Well here comes the question .... Well, anyone have any tips for any type of engine that I can rely on to try to make this ENB?
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