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Found 15 results

  1. DRIVECLUB Urban Tracks When PlayStation VR released, one of the first titles to properly take advantage of and show what was so good about Virtual Reality was DRIVECLUB VR. Releasing as a full title it was only right that it received brand new content that wasn’t in the normal release and so a selection of new tracks set in urban environments was included. It could have been left like that but no, as continuing on with the fantastic post-release support that Evolution Studios oozed upon DRIVECLUB, it was revealed that these new tracks would also hit the original game in a free future update. Announced via the PlayStation Europe twitter, ‘The Urban Tracks’ update adds 15 new tracks that can also be run in reverse and sees the new layouts of: Gujo in Japan; Ashii in India, Iquique in Chile; Port of Vancouver in Canada and Bryggen in Norway added to the standard game. Weighing in at close to 6GB this update is no small thing and continues to show the decision by Sony to close down Evolution Studios to be a real head scratcher as to why they did so. This team is not only talented, they are passionate, take immense pride in their work and have a scary attention to detail. What more could you ask for?! Our good friends at MotoGamesTV have captured some vids of the new tracks. A small message from what is more than likely the squad at Evolution is included at the end of the changelog for the Version 1.28 update: "Thanks for your support. Thanks for your commitment. Farewell and enjoy the game!" it reads. :( Yes ‘Farewell’ to Evo, but HELLO!! to Rushy and the team that are working on a racing game for Codemasters and a big best of luck! to the rest of Evo wherever you clever sausages have ended up! [via twitter]
  2. Code Masters Join Codemasters Sony shuttering Evolution Studios (Evo) was seen as a move that didn't make much sense to many as the team produced one of the best looking racing games of this generation and brought it back from what looked like a near certain disaster. The Evo team however plodded on, having belief in their baby and in the end made it one of the most polished and supported racing titles available that went on to sell over 2 million copies! A large number of the team appeared to have rejected Sony's offer to distribute them around their internal holdings and despite being out of jobs the core members of the team seemed upbeat and positive of what was going on, raising ours and plenty of other's eyebrows as to what was going on. Well now we know! As Codemasters, those lovely crazy people behind so many of the racing games that many of us have grown up with (bring back ToCA!!) or play even today, knows a good thing when it is staring them right in the face, has snapped them up. That talented Evo lot are staying together and are now a part of the Codies family. They will be put to work on a new project that will be multi-platform and will see both studios sharing their craft with one another; that in itself is a totally tantalising prospect. We have very exciting news today. We’re delighted to announce that on the 25th April, Codemasters will be expanding its portfolio of studios to include the highly-respected and very talented team from Evolution Studios. - Codemasters Blog Codies are riding high right now with DiRT Rally and it will be so much fun to see how these two interact and evolve each other, as they are one of the more vocal and sharing developers with their communities. DRIVECLUB saw what is seen as one of the best post-content support and value for money programs ever. With so many devs always looking to milk their playerbase, it was quite something to see one that actually made players consider what they were providing as worth it. And as many of us know, that really doesn't happen often. We wish the utmost best for the future of Evo and raise a glass to Codies for taking Evo under their giant chin. (dunno why we said that...) Source: GI.biz
  3. DRIVECLUB March DLC Evolution Studios show no sign of slowing down in bringing more desirable content to DRIVECLUB with the upcoming release of two new Expansion Packs and a free for everyone Aprilia superbike, later this month on March 22nd. In fact, if anything they just keep upping the bar in what they manage to source and get out for their players. Case in point of the Koenigsegg Regera that is coming, along with a Jaguar XJ220 in what is being labelled the "Finish Line" Expansion Pack. The pairing of these two is quite appropriate in my opinion as of their time they were some of the fastest and slipperiest looking cars out. The XJ220 held the record of the world's fastest car for a short while when it recorded 212 mph at the Nardo test track before the McLaren F1 came along and blew everything away. Whereas the Regera hasn't as far as we know actually had a speed officially recorded, it is predicted to top 270 mph and if there is one Koenigsegg have in spades, it is proof that their cars are capable of reaching their claimed numbers. As is the case with these Expansion Packs it is not just the cars alone that you will get for your money; you also get 6 new events and 5 trophies to achieve. For the speed freaks of the two-wheeled variety, there's more machinery from MV Agusta making its way into DRIVECLUB BIKES. If Ducati are the Ferrari of bikes then they are the Lamborghini and you can see why with the forthcoming "MV Agusta" Expansion Pack . Stunning looks, crazy sounds and prices that make them pure luxuries and near enough pieces of art. (I may be slightly bias though, as I absolutely adored the MV Agusta F4 Tamburini in the old Test Drive Unlimited game) Whatever you feel, it is just great to see more new manufacturers coming into the game and one as iconic as this is a real triumph. The free stuff hasn't dried up either, as a free superbike in way of the Aprilia RSV4 RF ABS will be available to everyone on the same date as those above. And I personally cannot wait to see the photo mode pics that people capture of the new cars and bikes. If you have some yourself then jump on our forums and share them with us!
  4. DRIVECLUB Drift March The March update for DRIVECLUB is out and Evolution Studios continue to better the racer by bringing the changes and requests of their playerbase to the game. Beginning with the big change that 1.27 will bring, is that Drift scoring is much improved, points awarded will actually now make sense and will require the fundamental techniques of drifting in order to get that score shooting up. There will be no more bending the rules as if you were Neo in the Matrix, as driving slow, using your vehicle as some sort of lawnmower or using the walls will result in a penalty. Therefore, you will need to have the angle, speed and preferably stay on the black stuff in order to get a good mark from the virtual judges. Accompanying this radical change of the scoring system is a reset of all Drift Mode leaderboards to ensure a level playing field race course for all involved. Driver, Club and Elite Levels have been given another stretching too, taking the caps for Driver and Club to 120 and Elite to 60, with Elite and Club also having new livery rewards that can be unlocked as players progress. One of the smaller but very cool things Evo do is feature community taken photo mode pictures within the game's menus. This time they've went one step further and created a monster collage using thousands of #PS4share images for the loading screen of both DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB BIKES. DRIVECLUB UPDATE 1.27 changelog: New Drift Mode scoring: Fast and precise drifts now earn much bigger scores. Going off track, driving slowly or colliding with walls will result in a penalty to prevent exploits. All Drift Mode leaderboards will be reset in the days following the update to ensure they offer a level playing field. 25 new Elite Levels have been added (new cap is 60). 25 new Driver Levels have been added (new cap is 120) with new livery rewards to unlock along the way. 35 new Club Levels have been added (new cap is 120) with new livery rewards to unlock along the way. The game menus have been updated with new ‪#‎PS4share‬ imagery to showcase some of our most loved #PS4share photo mode snaps. Keep them coming! The loading screen for DRIVECLUB now shows off an awesome new #PS4share community photo collage made up of thousands of your pictures. The loading screen for DRIVECLUB BIKES also shows off an awesome new #PS4share community photo collage made up of thousands of your pictures. Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability. The update (0.3GB) is available now and will download automatically when launching the game while connected to PSN. Image credit: Soundwave
  5. HARDCORE STREET RACING If there is one thing DRIVECLUB has lacked that mostly all arcade racing titles have, it is city locations. From tomorrow however that will no longer be the case, as part of this year's February update (v1.26) will contain a brand new city track based in Scotland, called Old Town. The new location will come in six variants, is available across the main game and the BIKES expansion and is what is hopefully the first in a series of metropolis street racing environments to come. For those players who are into wanting their vehicles naked... in the assists department, there is a new Hardcore handling mode giving the sort of challenge, that as the name suggests, will require precision, speed and a demeanour that could border on a bit psychopathic. Virtual photographers who have cursed not being able to get those great shots online when with friends can cheer loudly as the new 'Photo Mode' setting in Private Lobbies will make doing that all that so much easier along with much more that you can find in the changelog detailed below. DRIVECLUB v1.26 Update The newest track “Scotland – Old Town” is here, offering 6 track variants to play across all DRIVECLUB & DRIVECLUB BIKES game modes. A new “Hardcore Handling” option is now available, turning off traction control, stability control & other assists. Enable this in Gameplay Settings for a more realistic driving experience. Multiplayer Private lobbies have a new ‘Photo mode’ setting to help you choreograph photos and videos with friends. This disables ghosting, wrong way timers and automated reset to track scenarios. Photo mode screen filters can now be enabled outside of photo mode, while you race. Photo mode now offers extended Zoom and Exposure settings, plus all settings persist between photo captures during an event. Replays have a new option to toggle player tags on and off at any time during the replay when you use the L1 Button. The Dynamic Precipitation option has been improved to reduce the likelihood of persistent rain. 10 new Elite Levels have been added (new cap is 35). 10 new Driver Levels have been added (new cap is 95) with new livery rewards to unlock along the way. 25 new Club Levels have been added (new cap is 85) with new livery rewards to unlock along the way. The loading screen for DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB BIKES now show off 2 awesome new #PS4share community photos. Fixed the ‘Weekend Warrior’ Trophy for DRIVECLUB BIKES. Ranking up the KTM 1290 Super Duke R to Bike Level 15 is now no longer a requirement. Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability. And all of that is FREE! That's not all for February though, as the update prepares for the forthcoming "No Limits" and "Suzuki" Expansions which will be dropping onto the PlayStation Store on February 23rd. "No Limits" features six events and five trophies along with two new cars: first and foremost of these is the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec II -- a car that is always asked for no matter what the game is about. Yes, even Bloodborne has probably at some point been asked to include a version of the Japanese legend that is known as 'GODZILLA'. The second is another little famous Japanese rocket of the Honda Civic Type-R. "Suzuki" will astonishingly include two Suzuki bikes: the Suzuki GSX-R1000 & Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS which are no doubt as fast as a flea jumping off a scalded cat! Just to be clear then. Everything is free except for the paid Expansion Pack DLC. Enjoying the game but have noone to talk to? Join our forums and have that no more!
  6. DRIVECLUB: December Update December is a good one if you are a DRIVECLUB player as it gives you some free toys to play with now and later this month. Starting today players can get acquainted with the Mercedes-AMG S65 Coupé which can be unlocked by completing Rank 6 of the Mercedes-Benz Owners Club Accolade, and for those with the DRIVECLUB Bikes expansion, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R bike for everyone with DRIVECLUB Bikes where completion of Rank 10 in the KTM Owners Club Accolade will reward you with the two-wheeled machine. The update also brings with it the chance to make the game easier for those of you having some struggles with the tours. And you can feel no longer a loser in missing out on the Gold due to the new addition of "Silver stars", allowing you to have a sense of accomplishment for once. We kid! Customisation gets a boost too, livery designs can be more freely created with the move from 4 to 16 slots and each car now has 15 Levels, meaning you can unlock 15 customisation slots including those of the new special paint types: Flake, Flip and BLING KING Chrome. All this means that no matter what type of player you are the game should now be good for you to play. From the casual not the quickest racer to the want to get as many Top 10 times hardcore muppets, the game now caters to you and everyone in-between. 1.25 Update Changelog Unlock the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé by completing Rank 6 of the Mercedes-Benz Owners Club Accolade. Unlock the KTM 1290 Super Duke R by completing Rank 10 of the KTM Owners Club Accolade. All Tours now have an easy difficulty setting, featuring easier AI opponents and easier objectives called Silver Stars. These are in addition to the existing Gold Star system. All cars now feature 15 individual levels. Level up your cars to unlock 15 customisation slots for new special paint types: Flake, Flip and Chrome. Vehicle customization slots have also increased from 4 to 16. This gives you more freedom to change the livery designs across all of your vehicles. Driver and Club Accolades have ALL increased from 5 to 10 levels. Levels 6-10 offer significantly more generous fame rewards for you and your club. Driver Levels & Elite Levels are now separate. Your Driver Level advances as you earn Fame. Your Elite Level advances as you complete the Elite objectives. 5 new Driver Levels have been added (new cap is 85). There’s a new livery reward to unlock at each level. 5 new Elite Levels have been added (new cap is 25). 5 new Club Levels have been added (new cap is 60). There’s a new livery reward to unlock at level 60. The main menu for DRIVECLUB BIKES has been updated to feature a selection of our favourite ‪#‎PS4share‬ community photos. Awesome new #PS4share community photos are featured as the loading screens for DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB BIKES. Privates Lobbies have new filters for inviting friends, so you can easily see which friends are online and which friends are online playing DRIVECLUB. Privates Lobbies have new options for Braking Assist, Laps (up to 25) and Grid Order (including order by result of the previous session). Driver and Rider customisation is now featured in the Settings menu for quick and easy access. Includes general improvements for game performance, stability, and usability. Coming in the December 15th Update: Free Mercedes-AMG Tour Pack featuring the Mercedes-AMG GT3 2016, 11 events, and 3 Trophies. Obtain the 'AMG Champion' Trophy to unlock the new car. Instant unlock options for the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé, KTM 1290 Super Duke R, and Mercedes-AMG GT3 2016. This game just continues to deliver and the photomode images people share are some of the best virtual automotive photography you can see on a console game, if you do have a PS4 and enjoy your racing even just that little bit then be sure to pick up this game. The turnaround from its release is nothing short of astonishing and the price it and its well worth it Season Pass goes for now means there is little excuse to do so. And if you do please drop by our forums and let us know how you're finding it, and if you want to show us your pics and videos too, then that's even better! Source: DRIVECLUB Facebook
  7. DRIVECLUB Future? It's been over a year since Evolution Studios released Driveclub and what a year it has been for them and indeed for us gamers. They did however make a complete hash of the release as the game was plagued by server issues for several months. But they kept their heads down and made a damn good game in the process. In the past year, over 50 new cars have been added to the game, more than doubling the car list, a handful of new tracks have been added and graphical updates that brought us the spectacular weather amongst other things in a mix of both free and paid for updates. Not to mention that the season pass offered exceptional value for money [caption id=attachment_3521" align="aligncenter" width="800] They even simulate double rainbows[/caption] But where can Evolutions Studios go next? Game director of Driveclub, Paul Rustchynsky has been dropping a few hints on Twitter about the future of Driveclub. Here's what he's had to say recently. I'm keeping my hopes up for a second season pass as I can't wait to sink my teeth back into this game!
  8. Private Members, Take It Easy A few days ago it was tweeted that a new update was coming to DRIVECLUB this week and with it would be Private Lobbies, Braking assist options and more. That update is now available and the full run down of what it includes is now known: Private Lobbies do actually have options that can be set by the host like grid positons, penalties, collisions, player viewpoints and control settings, a new Club Level cap has been raised from 50 to 55 and die-hard players can continue to show their majesty and domination of the game with new ELITE Driver Levels of 76 - 80. Private Lobbies have been introduced to Multiplayer, to play custom games with your friends online competitively or for fun. Private Lobbies include a wide range of customisable options and modifiers for things like; Grid Position, Penalties, Vehicle Collisions, Drafting, Gear Changes, Camera Perspective, and more. Introduces a new Multiplayer Accolade. Earn fame rewards for playing online via the event browser or with your friends in Private Lobbies. The Club Level cap has been raised from 50 to 55, with a new reward to unlock at level 55. ELITE Driver Levels 76-80 have been added, with a new reward to unlock at each level. ELITE Driver Level Challenges can now be played directly via a new option in your Driver Profile. A new in-game store has been added to make finding add-ons for DRIVECLUB much easier. Adds a steering wheel profile for DRIVECLUB Bikes, and reintroduces look left and right on the steering wheel d-pad for cars. 2 new Sprint tracks for Glenmorgan (India) and Chungara Lake (Chile). An adjustable ‘Braking Assist’ is now available to aid those less familiar with the tracks, generally helping make the game easier for novice drivers. Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability. DRIVECLUB BIKES DLC The update also sets the foundations for the EBR (Erik Buell Racing) Expansion to come later this month on November 17th and will be free to owners of the DRIVECLUB Bikes Pack that was released last month. Adds support for the EBR Expansion (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free expansion for DRIVECLUB BIKES on Nov 17) – which includes the Erik Buell Racing 1190RX, Erik Buell Racing 1190SX and EBR Tour Pack. The EBR Tour Pack includes 6 new Events and 3 new Trophies. Collect every star in the EBR Tour to earn a bonus Livery. Adds support for the free All Stars Tour Pack (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free add-on for DRIVECLUB on Nov 17). The All Stars Tour Pack includes 6 new Events and 3 new Trophies. Collect every star in the All Stars Tour to earn a bonus Livery. Adds support for the EBR livery pack (coming to PlayStation®Store on Nov 17). The pack contains 5 new livery patterns to customise your bikes or cars with. Adds support for this months free bonus livery (coming to PlayStation®Store on Nov 17). Thanks - DRIVECLUB Facebook
  9. PRIVATE LOBBIES (Quiet!) DRIVECLUB Private Lobbies are finally coming! One of the main features that many players have been begging the Evolution Studios gods for -- since the initial release -- is due next week along with a new 'Braking Assist' option for the slow 'this is too hard' players to get the help they need in order to progress. Coming directly from the twitter of DRIVECLUB's Game Director, Paul Rustchynsky this announcement continues to show how dedicated the team are and how they are still doing their best to deliver community and fan wishes, even if they may take an age to arrive. j/k!
  10. ON YOUR BIKE CLUB A number of hours ago PEGI published a record for a new game called 'DRIVECLUB Bikes' (some Sony muppet also posted images showing DRIVECLUB Bikes on the official PlayStation Blog Flickr). And would you believe it, it turns out that it was in fact true. Announced and shown during the Sony conference at Paris Games Week was DRIVECLUB Bikes. Now if you are an idiot you will need me to tell you that this means that bikes have come to DRIVECLUB. Offerings from the likes of Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, MV Agusta and Ducati are available for you to play out your own high-speed weaving through environments in all weathers fantasies, without the fear of ending up on your arse or being in a complete plaster body cast that is seen in cartoons. FEATURES 12 of the world’s best superbikes: Featuring bikes from top manufacturers including Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, and more. Full Bikes Tour campaign: We’ve designed a new game mode and loads of events to help you get to grips with bikes and ultimately challenge you to master every superbike in the game. Unlimited Challenges: Create and compete in new challenges to show off and test your speed, agility, and skills with bikes. Personalised events: Create your own events on any track, in any mode, at any time, and with near limitless weather conditions. Multiplayer racing: Take advantage of the extra space on every track with opportunities to overtake on every corner in heated wheel-to-wheel action. Customisation: Personalize your bikes and your rider, including paint jobs, rider leathers, and custom helmets. Clubs: Everything you do in Driveclub Bikes contributes to the success of your Club, unlocking new rewards, accolades, customization and challenges. Being from the meticulous mad sods at Evolution Studios (Evo) you know these bikes are going to look the business. Everything about the real thing is recreated in and on the digital version and should you feel the urge tomorrow to go to a moped store tomorrow and buy one, you can be safe in the knowledge that the dials and gauges you will see on the real thing will be exactly as they were in the game; meaning there should be no embarrassing moments of crying when you see something different to what the game has. Even more insane is that the video was a Sega Saturn moment from Sony and Evo, as the update, both available in standalone and a DLC, was available right after shortly not long within an hour of when they said it would be. ;) If you love DRIVECLUB get this, if you love bikes get this, if you... hell just get it ok! Check out some of the Evo lot talking about the Bikes update. DRIVECLUB Bikes - Gallery [gallery columns=5" link="file" ids="3242,3243,3247,3248,3249,3250,3251,3252,3253,3254,3255,3256,3257,3258,3260,3261,3262,3263,3264,3265,3266,3267,3268,3269] Thanks: PlayStation Blog
  11. Fancy a Group Ride? European rating provider PEGI recently published a new record for a game titled 'DRIVECLUB Bikes'. Although it has since been taken down, it did not go unnoticed. This is not entirely surprising, given Evolution Studios history in the MotorStorm series, not to mention their earlier this year which added a MotorStorm Buggy to the DRIVECLUB car list. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has also been promoting a PlayStation event at Paris Game Week on Twitter, which may play host to the rumoured announcement. So if you are lacking the required licence and equipment, you may still yet be able to experience the thrill of a group ride virtually. Just make sure the host selects sunny weather! Media If you are not a member of the PlayStation 4 community, you may be interested in The Crew: Wild Run, due out November 17, 2015. Thanks, Gematsu!
  12. The silence surrounding DRIVECLUB was never seen as a very bad sign as there was talk about it maybe being delayed due to being a showcase for Sony's Oculus Rift alike VR display system, which itself was rumoured to have been delayed too. At the end of last year we were treated to a few short clips of the game looking amazing and those of us in the UK got to see those clever little 4 idents which used them game and showed off some impressive visuals. Even as recent as a few days ago there was apparently a tweet made on the DRIVECLUB feed that showed a date of 9.4.14 which if you aren't from the USA know means the 9th April this year but was very quickly deleted. Now however IGN have spoken to Worldwide Studios executive Scott Rohde who has said that they will going "back to the drawing board and make sure the game is great before we ship it." Thanks - IGN
  13. Advertising Secrets Exposed! If you were expecting DRIVECLUB to finally arrive on PlayStation 4 on February 28 as previously suggested, now might be a good time to re-evaluate. That is unless of course Sony's marketing strategy is... not to market the title with only 2 weeks from launch. Official PlayStation Magazine Italy reckon that DRIVECLUB will not be available until as late as June 2014. That's quite a bump back from the original November 2013 launch date. That [nonexistent] marketing strategy is however unlikely following the distribution of an instructional branding guidelines video for contest-entrants that interestingly shows us what ploys are in effect to make their game trailers look visually realistic, such as the lack of colour saturation, or purposeful introduction of imperfections and amateurism. This makes one wonder if the marketing gameplay footage we've seen thus-far is truly representative of the final product or if some of these tricks are simply done in Final Cut Pro, for example. Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think below. At least we know (from the assets video below) that the game will sound good! DRIVECLUB Videos
  14. Meet the Creators It's been a while since we have heard anything about DRIVECLUB the team-based racer for PlayStation 4 that's coming from those clever folk at Evolution Studios. Sure there has been a couple of magazine interviews and the occasional posting on the official Facebook but nothing like we saw at the PlayStation event back in February, where there was plenty of video and glimpses at the level of detail they are aiming for. Today though this changes ....a bit, as just before E3 where we will hopefully see a lot more of this game Sony have released this new Developer Interview or "Conversations with Creators" video as they call it. In it we hear a lot of typical speak about how the game will handle, who it will cater to and how it's constantly connected to provide you and your friends with challenges and goals to one-up each other on, but also there is a good wee bit of gameplay shown with various cars and from the way they move it definitely gives off a PGR feeling than anything overly sim or arcade. DRIVECLUB is potentially coming out at the end of this year along with the launch of the PS4.
  15. Driving in a Club I doubt anyone would be surprised to see a racing game being revealed for a new console but typically you expect it to be of a known series, and with it being the PlayStation 4 announcement meeting many were no doubt waging their bets on seeing a glimpse of a next-gen Gran Turismo or maybe Motorstorm. This did not happen though, in fact evolution studios the people behind the Motorstorm series revealed a brand new IP, DriveClub, which will feature many real-world cars such as BMW, Pagani and Maserati to name a few. With a name like that you just know that many "first rule of DriveClub" jokes have already made their way out but this game is looking to take a somewhat new approach to the racing game genre with a big emphasis on team-based... or I should say club-based gameplay. You and your club can set-up races and events (on your mobiles!) against other clubs that encompass anywhere from a mere small group to 1000's of players all over the world. DriveClub has only just been announced and a small trailer is all we have right now, but we will be keeping our eyes on this one to see if it is one of the first next-gen racing games worth having. Join in the discussion of DriveClub for PS4 in our forum!
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