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Found 7 results

  1. Fanatec has released its new and free Fanalab software package for Windows 10 which allows you to conveniently fine-tune various Fanatec hardware settings. The Fanalab software allows for an unlimited number of setups to be saved and automatically loaded on game start. Select different telemetry data for the wheel display, as well as controlling the behavior of RevLEDs and FlagLEDs. Vibration functionality on supported steering wheels and pedals can also be adjusted using game telemetry. Fanalab Download Features Change Tuning Menu values in the software with a wider overview compared to the wheel displays. Allow the creation of unlimited Tuning Menu presets. Add and adjust dynamic FFB effects driven by car telemetry data: speed-sensitive damper and additional damper for driving in reverse (more features to come, for example front suspension effects, rear traction loss, and Dynamic Force Enhancement). Generate oversteer and understeer wheel rim vibration effects. Add and adjust vibration functionality by using game telemetry to control the rumble motors found in many ClubSport steering wheels and ClubSport Pedals V3 (throttle and brake). Add and adjust display functionality by using game telemetry to show different values on the steering wheel. Change the behavior of the RevLEDs. Use telemetry to control the FlagLEDs in different colors and layouts. Launch games directly from the software. Run in background to detect game launches. Save/Load profiles which contain all the above settings. Assign a profile which will be automatically loaded on game start. Import/export profiles for sharing with others. Compatibility: Wheel Bases: All Podium Wheel Bases ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 CSL Elite Wheel Base + Note: the ClubSport Wheel Base V1/V2 and CSL Elite Wheel Base V1/V1.1 are not fully supported by FanaLab. Steering Wheels: All Podium Steering Wheels All ClubSport Steering Wheels All CSL Steering Wheels Pedals: All ClubSport pedals All CSL pedals Platforms: FanaLab is designed for Windows 10 PCs only. Screens:
  2. Been thinking about this for a while so decided to make it. Post your gaming videos so people can watch them. Who knows what will happen? Rules: - Only Post Videos Created And Uploaded By You - Only Post 2 Video's Per Post - Keep Within All Other TDUC Rules - Must be game related ----------------------------------- Here are 2 of mine at the moment GT Legends - FIA TC-65 Ford Mustang - Cadwell Park @ Night Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Jet Truck Drag Race
  3. Fanatec Introduces The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2019 Fanatec proudly introduced the Strictly Limited Edition of the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2019 which is Officially licensed by Formula 1. The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2019 is currently on Pre-Order for 349.95€ Incl. VAT. Orders are expected to ship on the 4th of June 2019. About: Spectacular silver finish, genuine leather grips. Revitalize your rig with the F1® 2019 wheel, which features silver weave in the carbon fiber, silver-colored accents and rear shell, and a cutaway F1-style grip design. Genuine smooth leather grips provide outstanding comfort and durability. New button caps add a splash of color. Carbon fiber and metal construction. The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2019 continues the acclaimed ClubSport Formula wheel series, including all the new-generation improvements to the construction and materials, including the use of a 5mm thick, solid carbon fiber front plate. More than just eye-catching. The wheel’s spectacular light show is also highly functional. RevLEDs with nine multi-color LEDs represent motor RPM and optimal shifting point, and two flag LED bars (FlagLEDs) with three multi-color LEDs can indicate tyre slip, fuel level, or incoming radio. Multitasking at your fingertips. 11 buttons, 12-way multi-position switches, thumb encoders, rocker switches; the list goes on. Up to 67 functions of the game can be adjusted directly. Upgradeable to Podium-spec paddles. The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2019 is ready to accept the Podium Advanced Paddle Module, which adds a dual clutch paddle system and magnetic shifters. Exchangeable Quick Release System. The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2019 comes preinstalled with the ClubSport Quick Release Adapter, an automotive-grade quick release system that allows the driver to exchange the wheel within seconds, even during gameplay. Features F1-style steering wheel with a compact diameter of 27 cm for fast movements and reactions Officially licensed by Formula 1™ Durable construction made of metal and carbon fiber 5 mm solid carbon fiber front plate with silver weave Rear metal shell painted in silver Grips made of genuine smooth leather, providing outstanding comfort and durability Steering wheel weight: approx. 1245 g (subject to production changes) 11 Buttons plus two paddle shifter buttons with ultra-reliable switches Two rocker switches Two 12-way multi-position switches Analog joystick to look around in the cockpit or to map with any other axis 7-way FunkySwitch™ to change settings: Turn left; turn right; move left, right, up and down; push (active in Tuning Menu and compatible with any PC game) Two thumb encoders well-reachable while driving without releasing the grips Two vibration motors integrated with the grips, controllable through wheel Tuning Menu (SHO) or by game through Fanatec SDK Revolution LED bar (RevLEDs) with nine multi-color LEDs to show motor RPM and optimal shifting point as games program through the Fanatec SDK Two flag LED bars (FlagLEDs) with three multi-color LEDs each to indicate tyre slip, fuel level, incoming radio as games program through the Fanatec SDK White status LED 1″ 128×64 OLED display to show telemetry data like speed or gear as games program through the Fanatec SDK Tuning functions with OLED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay (see description of compatible wheelbase/racing wheel for details) Adjustable and detachable paddle shifters completely made of metal. Adjust angle, distance to rim and travel of the paddles Shifter paddles are easily upgradable to PODIUM Advanced Paddle Module (optional) Racing-style button caps included Colored button caps included Compatibility Wheel Bases: ClubSport Wheel Base V2 ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 CSL Elite Wheel Base CSL Elite Wheel Base + – officially licensed for PS4™ CSL Elite Racing Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™ PODIUM Wheel Base DD1 PODIUM Wheel Base DD2 PODIUM Racing Wheel F1® PS4™ This steering wheel is not compatible with the ClubSport Wheelbases V1 and V1.5 for electronic reasons. Platforms: Xbox One®: This steering wheel is not compatible with Xbox One. PC and other Platforms: The specifications of the compatible wheelbases will remain unchanged. What’s included ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2019 Set of racing-style button caps Set of colored button caps Quick Guide Safety pin for long storage Safety screw for permanent mount on a wheelbase
  4. Fanatec’s Sim Racing Girl introduces the complete line-up of Fanatec Direct Drive bases. The Podium DD1 and DD2 are standalone wheelbases featuring different levels of performance, while the Podium Racing Wheel F1 is the first ever direct drive system officially licensed for the PlayStation 4. In this latest video, Sim Racing Girl explains the common features among all three podium Direct Drive systems but also covers the differences between the products. Let’s have a quick look at the Fanatec PODIUM Direct Drive Series pricing. Podium Wheel Base DD1 – 999.95€ Incl. 19% VAT Podium Wheel Base DD2 – 1,499.95€ Incl. 19% VAT Podium Racing Wheel F1 for PC and PS4 – 1,499.95€ Incl. 19% VAT ( Comes bundled with the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1) The Fanatec Podium Direct Drive systems are currently on pre-order via the official Fanatec website
  5. SimRacingGirl takes us on a tour explaining the Fanatec product Ecosystem. Over the years, Fanatec has released an array of different sim racing products for a selection of platforms of which quite a few are compatible with each other. All Fanatec products are compatible with the Windows PC platform. However, some units are also officially licensed for use with eighter the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles. The Fanatec Ecosystems lets you combine various wheelbases, racing wheels, and pedals, and also lets you add accessories such as shifters and a handbrake. In the latest Fanatec video, SimRacingGirl discusses the interchangeability of the various Fanatec Eco system products.
  6. Forza PC Wheel Support Big news for the Forza PC contingent as Forza Motorsport 6: Apex on Windows 10 leaves Beta and enters full release and brings with it, WHEEL SUPPORT!! And this same support will also be forthcoming to the give me it directly into my veins Forza Horizon 3. Available now, the near 100MB update will enable support in Apex for the following wheels: Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Logitech G25 Racing Wheel Logitech G29 Racing Wheel Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel Thrustmaster T300RS Thrustmaster T500 RS Gaming Wheel Logitech G920 Xbox One Wheel Thrustmaster T150 Thrustmaster TX Xbox One Wheel Thrustmaster TMX Xbox One Wheel Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Racing Wheel How good is that?! The Logitech G25 and G27 have a long history of being exceptional wheels for PC racing enthusiasts and to see it being supported really will put a smile on a lot of faces. So go grab a duster and some polish and clean that bad boy down! The wheel... of course... not... anyway! The support doesn’t just end at the wheel and pedals either, no, Turn 10 have done the support right and also enabled H-pattern shifters for the Logitech models listed above, except for the G29 which will get to join the manual shift party at a later date. (no date has been mentioned as to when this will be) The absence of Fanatec is not for long either as products such as the ClubSport V2 Xbox One Hub and the CSR models will see their support coming to Apex beginning in late September. Note that there are additional wheels that we plan on bringing on board soon, notably Fanatec products such as the ClubSport V2 Xbox One Hub and the Fanatec CSR models. Support for these Fanatec wheels will be arriving in Apex beginning in late September. - Brian Ekberg It also appears that more support for other makes and models will come in the future: We will be adding additional support for H-pattern shifters from other manufacturers in the future. - Brian Ekberg Now how about getting rid of the stupid proprietary nonsense in regards to wheel support on console Microsoft and Sony, huh? Source: Forzamotorsport.net
  7. Is there a way to get TDU to recognize my Fanatec Clubsport pedals?? Perhaps an addon for the game?
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