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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone know why some cars don't have any turbo sound (i mean the spooling). i installed a new 2JZ sound for Lexus SC300 and it doesn't have any spooling from a turbo anyone knows how to fix it? ALSO! does anyone know how to open .XMB files? I have some good GT-R R34 sound samples and i think that .xmb files has to do with something anyone knows about the files? thank you Nick1999
  2. So apparently most of the soundtrack for the game has been leaked due to Sony allowing players to pre-load the game almost a month too early. Wouldn't have wanted to see the list myself but a friend of mine instantly sent me an SMS when he found out that my favourite song is actually in the game and I had to find out if it was true :lol: (It was, you can figure out the song yourself :p). Putting the spoiler tags there, just in case :nods: Source
  3. Hi all. I have just unpacked TDU2 and before unpack i dont have see the bnk files. After unpack, same problem. I dont know what to do. I want to install a car mod and it was downloaded from this site. The car is a mod for GTi6, the same car, but it was modified. Anyone know how to fix it? :crying:
  4. So yeah, i can think of some people who wont be sad.. lol Game over? Atari US files for bankruptcy - Business on NBCNews.com
  5. I really want to mod some car's in game but i heard i can't mod without unpack my files so i did it just like it said, copy files to my TDU2 folder run unpack_full etc. but still there aren't coming any folders in my BnK only a single is there called "Video" guys anyone can support me on this i been strugling with this long enough now, or PM me if you want to. Btw i got TDU2 Build v0083 Build 4.
  6. Hi guys, I Have a problem. I need the original car files from the nissan GTR. Can anyone help me to get them? Greetz Nordy p.s sorry for my English iam german
  7. Hi all I need to access the sound mods, however when I tried to do so I looked in the bnk folder in the directory and they aren't in there. There is only video files. I have the disc version which I purchased, so it is a non pirated disc. They were not on the disc either. They aren't in any of the folders in the tdu2 directory file under atari. Does anybody know where they are located?? Cheers, mclarenboy
  8. Hi everyone, I'm hoping some good mate out there can give me a hand here. I'm looking for the kawasaki ninja zx-10r files, because I forgot to do a back up of them when installing a mod and now I want my old kawa ninja back. Could somebody upload the 2 files to some hosting website? I would appreciate it alot =) , thanks in advance
  9. Hello TDU modders... I have a problem.... I have made a new installation of TDU1 for clean my mods and re-install it all.... But now i can't install anything, patch HD, patch 1.68b, magic map.... all the time gives me this "error" in the -ModAndPlayDebug-: ´** 21/01/2012 13:36:40 INFO Uninstall patch not found or invalid. Uninstall has been disabled ** 21/01/2012 13:36:44 INFO Unable to remove temporary folder - does not matter. What can I do? (I have 3 TDU games in other hard drive, not installed, only copied and pasted with a lot of mods, but this new installation is in Operating system hard drive and is installed by my TDU DVD). Thanks, Manu
  10. Does anybody have the original TDU database files. I accidently replaced my backup database ones :O. I have got my database great, custom names, ect. but it is incompatible with the latest modding tools (which are great). Somone sent my his modded database files but that would mean lots of camera fixes as he doesn't have the original. I think it would also be good incase something like this happens. I may reinstall it on another computer if nobody has it.
  11. Right, before you see the pics.. this isnt to do with what i was was downloading, i cancelled the downloads n the file paths stayed on ma desktop; But get this, they dont have a File Path!?!?!!? Any help? Pics down below.
  12. I've just downloaded the TDU Megapack Add on.. And it seems ive entered the wrong Keys at the start for the game.. Due to this i cant play online :crying: So... I deleted all my Add on's for the megapack.. And it still wont let me play online - Says there is a network problem - So.. The MAIN Question is : If I UNINSTALL TDU then RE - INSTALL It, Will i lose all the previous data for e.g. Cars, Money.. Etc? P.S. Ive backed up my save game files but im still having doubts.. So im just double checking on here.. Please Reply :) :cry:
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