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Found 9 results

  1. Scuderia Ferrari SF15-T Those crafty ones behind Assetto Corsa have been playing with our emotions again, titling their new upcoming content as the 'Red Pack' but with no Ferrari in sight. In fairness it was only a couple of days of no-show for the Prancing Horse and with a name like that for the pack you knew something from the stables of Modena had to be coming. What was not expected though was a Formula 1 car! The Scuderia Ferrari SF15-T from the 2015 F1 season was driven by cream of the crop drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen and had one of those fronts... or noses that only a mother or a diehard Tifosi could love. In the hands of Vettel it ('Eva' as he called it) won a few races, taking the chequered flag at Malaysia, Hungary and Singapore. Powered by a 1.6L V6 Turbo hybrid engine (WHYYYY?!?!?) that spat out 600 bhp with another 160 available via KERS and limited to a maximum of 15,000 rpm, the trailer that accompanies this announcement showing the car lapping around the also upcoming 'Red Pack' Red Bull Ring is more a treat for the eyes than the ears. In an interesting turn of events, this is not the F1 Ferrari that has been expected, as an F138 was shown quite predominantly in the original Console Announcement trailer back in January. Would Kunos be crazy enough to deliver two Scuderia Ferrari F1 racecars in the 'Red Pack'? Considering the season this car is from is the one where we had to look at those noses, let's hope so! Assetto Corsa: Ferrari SF15-T images [gallery link=file" columns="5" ids="4918,4919,4920,4921,4922,4923,4924,4925,4926,4927]
  2. Formula 1 2016 Coming Soon to a Console Near You With another summer, comes another Formula 1 2016 game. Not a great deal changes year on year with these F1 games but it's still day and night when compared to a certain fishy cash cow. But among the changes is a 10 season career mode that should keep you occupied for the next couple of years if you like to do full length race weekends. With F1 2016 you get all an all new track, Baku, a street circuit in the city of you guessed it, Baku in Azerbaijan. From the screenshots that have been shown, it looks like quite a nice track. The game graphics themselves don't look too shabby either. There is also a new and improved car upgrade and development element to the game that is supposed to mirror the real life development of these mystical machines. Are you up to the task of doing 100+ laps of Circuit de Catalunya? There's no word on when the game is going to release but it will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime later this year. I'd expect it to be released towards the end of the season as is now the norm with these games. But expect to see more of it at E3 in just less than 2 weeks.
  3. Nicolas Hamilton Makes a Slightly Mad Visit Development News Project CARS will soon be switching to Steam for authentication & build delivery alongside a number of other features; check out the full announcement for more details - Click Here A major discussion is taking place within the community regarding whether work on the Xbox 360 & PS3 versions of Project CARS should cease in favor of the next-gen versions - Click Here Members are also voting on which DRM method should be used for the PC version of Project CARS, cast your vote if you haven't done so yet - Click Here A brand new & highly-sophisiticated throttle system has been introduced with the latest build - Click Here Matt Griffiths has done some great progress on the WiiU renderer that is part of the WiiU version work for Project CARS - Click Here Our sound designer Greg Hill has posted a quite extensive audio update on various cars - Click here Paul Hudak has made lots of progress on the Race Weekend Design work as shown in his progress reports - Click Here Our Handling Consultants Nic Hamilton & Ben Collins have been as busy as ever, make sure to check out their latest feedback blogs - Click Here & Here Nicolas Hamilton visited the SMS offices recently for an extended testing & feedback session. A detailed rundown of all topics that were discussed is available for all members to catch up on - Click Here & Here Nicolas has also posted up some cool photos of his racing outfit that will be put into the game - Click Here petrolhd has posted up a detailed physics progress report on the Formula Gulf 1000 - Click Here Andy Tudor has given the in-game telemetry UI a complete overhaul - Click Here Lots of tire work has been done recently as outlined by Casey Ringley - Click Here The Race Weekend functionality is quickly expanding as more and more features are being added to the current builds - Click Here Content Previews Ralph Hummerich is making splendid progress on texturing the 1967 Ford Mk IV - Click Here Daniel Karlsson has been working his texturing magic on the cockpit of the 1980 Ford Capri Zakspeed Group 5 - Click Here Our Vehicle Artist Matt Clark has continued his great work on the 2009 Ford Focus RS - Click Here New details & fixes have been added to Azure Circuit (Monaco) - Click Here Ivo Franic has been plugging away on the 2012 Formula Gulf 1000 - Click Here The 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has received plenty of new details - Click Here Luis Barata has done lots of work on our newest circuit, Bannochbrae (formerly Fort Felix, also known as Misty Loch from Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends) - Click Here Matt Clark continues his work on the 2009 Ford Focus RS - Click Here Michal Beran is working on improving Northampton (Silverstone) Historic with plenty of new details & improvements - Click Here Fixes & Updates A critical update for the Project CARS API has been released - Click Here Improved tire models for the Lotus 49 & Ford GT40 have been checked in - Click Here & Here Furthermore, the Lotus 98T & Lotus 78 have received updated tires as well - Click Here Meanwhile, the Formula B has received a new tire version with a very early version of tire wear enabled, allowing flat spotting of the tires - Click Here Several changes for the Race Weekend UI have been checked in - Click Here Initial work on the Steam integration into Project CARS is being completed - Click Here Meanwhile, lots of WiiU work has been carried out as well - Click Here & Here Test & Report Feedback Help us collect all current graphic bugs that need fixing - Click Here Help test us test the physics of various cars and report your feedback in the testing forum - Click Here Other Our prototype design contest submission deadline has been reached and voting will commence shortly! - Click Here Looking for an event to race in? The check out the Weekly Events list and the Multiplayer Race Calendar Have you created an application for pCARS using the new API? Make sure to post it in our gallery - Click Here That's it for this time, have fun checking out all the material and make sure to join the discussions yourself! [gallery link=file" size="gallery-thumbnail" columns="5" itemtag="div" icontag="span" ids="1731,1732,1738,1734,1735,1730,1733,1736,1737,1743,1740,1739,1742,1729,1741]
  4. So quali is over, whats everyones predictions??
  5. The 09 season isn't even underway yet but in an interview Bernie has said that in the 2010 season it will be on wins and not points for the championship. (this is all being remembered from what i have read today). He said that this year as everyone had entered before the rule change they could appeal, where as for 2010 it will be in place before they enter so they cannot moan. Meaning if they don't like it they will have to shut up and put up or not enter. Apparently when he was questioned about someone winning championship before the end of the season meaning they could sit back and not do anything he brushed the question aside and was adamant it would work. Also he revealed that there would be 2 new teams fielded in 2010, he didn't say who but he wants more on the grid for the 2010 season.
  6. Dream Team: Coulthard, Jordan join BBC F1 coverage Posted Nov 28th 2008 7:00AM by Noah Joseph Filed under: Motorsports, Hirings/Firings/Layoffs, UK Remember how excited we got when rumors started flying about the short-list of candidates to host NBC's version of Top Gear? Well, the BBC's original version isn't about to change any time soon, but another motor-related program is coming to the Beeb, and racing fans over on the British Isles have been getting all hot and bothered as the BBC has won the contract to broadcast Formula One grands prix. And it's sure to be a star-studded cast. For starters, David Coulthard won't be staying in retirement long. After having ended his long racing career at the end of this past season, Coulthard will be joining the BBC coverage team. He'll be joined by former team owner Eddie Jordan, alongside sports anchor Jake Humphrey. BBC's radio coverage of the races will be handled by former driver and longtime commentator Martin Brundle along with Jonathan Legard, while Ted Kravitz and Lee McKenzie report from the pitlanes. Veteran commentator Murray Walker will stay on through the BBC Sport website, leaving the actual coverage to the new crop of talent. Hopefully we'll be able to understand half of what they're all saying. From Autoblog
  7. The F1 Olympics: Bernie wants to scrap points, use a medal system in 2009 Posted Nov 20th 2008 7:58AM by Jonathon Ramsey Filed under: Motorsports The points system used by Formula 1 has been the subject of debate for years. When the system was expanded after 2002 and began offering points up to eighth position, people thought that would create more suspense since Michael Schumacher was running off with the trophies every year. It didn't work, and now with Schumacher gone, all the points system tends to reward is consistency over winning. Lewis Hamilton won five races this year and Felipe Massa won six, but Lewis Hamilton is the world champion because he scored more points. F1 impresario Bernie Ecclestone wants to move to a medal system next year, awarding gold, bronze and silver to the top three finishers. The guy with the most gold at the end wins the championship. If that had been in place for this year, Felipe would have won the championship. If Lewis had won the last race in Brazil, he and Felipe would have been tied on gold medals and tied on silver medals, but Lewis has one more bronze medal (third place) than Felipe, so Hamilton would be champion. Will it happen? Bernie says the teams are behind it, so it only awaits a vote from the World Motorsport Council. From autoblog.
  8. Right so Bernie wants all teams to have the same spec engines by 2010. Ferrari and Toyota have threatened to pull out over it. Personally I think the good side is that it will be down to driver skill and not his technology and the FIA might start to do its job properly if Ferrari do pull out as it wont be protecting them. Downside is that F1 has always been about developing new technology and this will basically end it. Anyways what do you guys think. Discuss.......
  9. Hamilton won, Kimi let Massa into 2nd so Kimi came 3rd with Alonso 4th. Discuss
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