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Found 37 results

  1. Before you read any further: yes, that wasn't a typo and no, I'm not completely insane. Just slightly. I've always liked the look of FH2 and its European setting. Sadly, I'm relatively young and when FH2 came out I had a PS3 and no money to buy an Xbox. Now though, I'm slightly older, have an Xbox One, and I got a place where I could get some cheap game codes. So to complete my collection, and finally see what FH2 is about, I got the game! Got some early captures. I'll be sure to keep this page updated the coming days. If this means less activity in my FH3 page, apologies. Obvious disclaimers: graphics wise the game is a bit older than FH3 so don't expect miracles on that front. [ATTACH]29743[/ATTACH] A BMW Z4. This is the starter car, obviously. The other two choices (Supra '97 or Camaro '69) are ones I've used often in FH3, this not so much. [ATTACH]29744[/ATTACH] Naturally, convertibles attract rain. [ATTACH]29745[/ATTACH] It's pretty tailhappy though! [ATTACH]29746[/ATTACH] No really, it slides. [ATTACH]29747[/ATTACH] Hmmmm [ATTACH]29748[/ATTACH] Needed a new phone background. This will do for now. Location is nice, I just want a different car on it. [ATTACH]29749[/ATTACH] So they gave me a 360 Challenge Stradale to race some planes. Alright! [ATTACH]29750[/ATTACH] Les planes [ATTACH]29751[/ATTACH] It took me 6 tries to get this shot exactly right timed. So if you don't like it anyway, bad luck. [ATTACH]29752[/ATTACH] Hmmmeh the lighting and color were not fully great. Looks like GTA to be honest. [ATTACH]29753[/ATTACH] Some less plane-y action. [ATTACH]29754[/ATTACH] Confession time: I never really liked the 360 in any shape. Nor did I like the F430. I loved the 458 though. Guess that's because I didn't grow up with any but the 458. [ATTACH]29755[/ATTACH] Sunset time. They actually gave me the 360 to keep. Thanks! [ATTACH]29756[/ATTACH] This game has the standard Mustang so yay! [ATTACH]29757[/ATTACH] Although to be honest, Nice looks different in real life, they still depicted it....... nicely. (needed to get that one out of the way to prevent me making it later)
  2. Hey all, welcome to my Horizon 2 photothread hope you enjoy My Photo ;) http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af202/HayabusaO3/Forza%20Horizon%202_3_zpsbloel3tp.jpg http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af202/HayabusaO3/Forza%20Horizon%202_2_zpspdgru1cc.jpg http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af202/HayabusaO3/Forza%20Horizon%202_1_zps6agp9gdw.jpg http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af202/HayabusaO3/Forza%20Horizon%202_zpsihu5cviw.jpg http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af202/HayabusaO3/Forza%20Horizon%202_4_zpsnqvldcwp.jpg
  3. [ATTACH]22506[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22507[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22508[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22509[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22510[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22511[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22512[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22513[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22514[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22515[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22516[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22517[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22518[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22519[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22520[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22521[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22522[/ATTACH] Now some long lost FM5 files... Sorry since it's a FH2 thread: [ATTACH]22523[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22524[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22525[/ATTACH]
  4. Hey all, welcome to my Horizon 2 photothread! Can't think of anything clever to say, so straight into some photos! Probably not the first thing you'd imagine would be on my 'take photos of this' list, huh. On a side note- NEW WHEELS OMG I DIED! Theres a whole bunch of epic HRE wheels, something I've been feeling that the series needs- some high end wheels that aren't cheap and nasty looking, forged, 3 piece or not 3 piece, spokey... ughhh theres so many nice HRE designs, it makes me so happy. Oh theres a couple of nice new Momo wheels too. High resolution. THIS is more like me. Neither are my first car, which is actually a Supra- i'll get to it at some point soon, I also love it dearly. So the weather sometimes changes dramatically stupendously quickly. The beading of the raindrops pretty much blows my mind. Its a fairly stunning looking game. High resolution. Cheers for taking a look! As usual, any requests etc just let me know, and let me know what you think :) Thanks again, more coming soon.
  5. Yup, 6 FREE CARS...well for a limited time. You need to have the 'Forza Hub App' for the xBone to get access to the pack for free. (It's a free download the app). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdNDMTivuTQ Car's of note for me? S60 Polestar & The Mustang 2 King Cobra. :) Website linky here.
  6. Just testing with some shots so far, time to join the FH2 community:
  7. This video just popped up on youtube, the time for this release does seem right what with e3 and stuff. Google Results
  8. I got an XBone and FH2 so I figured I should make a thread for my photographic mishaps. Ew.
  9. Here is my FH2 thread! A bit late to the party :rolleyes: Anyway, here's the first thing I bought with all the money I got :D RWD & V8 swap And here's a sunset beetle (: Still learning, hope you enjoyed these though :)
  10. Mazda MX-5 Car Pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a41v5aj0EzE Forza Motorsport - Free Mazda MX-5 Car Pack
  11. It's as if they really don't care for this pack, the video for it? Only shows 1 car and the rest is about Tannor Foust. Shame, as there's a few cars of note...mainly the not-an-Impreza WRX STI & the 850Ci. People still play this game yeah? It's as if T10 themself's know interest for it dipped down some time ago and could't be bothered, then remembered and cobbled something together quickly.
  12. From what I've heard there is a expansion pack and a separate game that turn 10 and universal studios are making. This vid explains better
  13. Forza Horizon 2 Top Gear Car Pack - YouTube 2015 Lexus RC F 1993 Jaguar XJ220 2014 BMW M235i 1986 Lamborghini LM002 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale 1966 Ford Lotus Cortina (Free Car)
  14. Hey Guys! I know... This is yet another FH2 Photomode Thread, but I'm quite new to the scene, so ;) To kick this thread off, here are 2 of my current shots :) Toyota Supra 98' [ATTACH]22341[/ATTACH] Lamborghini Huracàn 610-4 15' [ATTACH]22342[/ATTACH] Many, many more to come! :) Ps. If anybody wants to do some racing, drags, cruising etc. please just add ,, tduchicken ,, in XBOX Live :) Greets
  15. As you know, I'm not a X-Bone owner so this is of no use for me, but 2 of the cars tickle my fancy. But here's the Video for the G-Shock DLC pack... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCrgp5cdeug It's the Brat & Bronco if you were wondering which cars that took my fancy....No one did? oh well.
  16. Forza Horizon 2 - Forza Horizon 2: Storm Islands Most Extreme Challenge - IGN Video 80 new events 6 new cars More extreme weather Whole new island to explore New Bucket list New car meet New barn find It's out tomorrow! For $19.99 (Which I guess they'll round up to £15....) :panic:
  17. Welp lets get this started big learning curve with this one [/url] ,
  18. As we all know, Forza Horizon 2 is a big hit and has already sold quite a lot of copies and even made people get a Xbox One just to play! (I would do the same, if I had resauces) So, today they have released the Falken Car Pack, it costs $5 on the Xbox Live store and it features 6 new vehicles, being: - 2014 BMW M4 - 2014 Chevrolet SS - 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C - 1990 Subaru Legacy RS - 1988 Lamborghini Jalpa - 1969 Toyota 2000GT The free car for everyone to download is the 1990 Subaru Legacy RS. Go get yours NAOW! :D Here is the release video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z22ZpbAKFFk sauce: news.xbox.com image sauce: Superhyper's gallery
  19. Again as per my post in the Forza 5 area, I return from a 2 year holiday. Going through the threads here in Horizon 2 I've some catching up to do. Some really fantastic shots to try and catch up with! Here are some of mine so far.... Whitey. Salamone3 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr Salamone4 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr OlssonHanger by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr Olsson5 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr xp2 galag by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr Galag Rally4 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr Galag Rally by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr
  20. The night before Forza Horizon 2 was released was the day I learnt of it's release date, went into panic mode, decided on the day of release I'd get it on X360. Got home from work that night and saw a message from one of my friends with a video comparing the X360 and XOne versions side by side, that was enough to make me go out right then and buy it on the XOne, aswell as the console itself... So it was all a bit of an unexpected purchase. Anyway, a few shots to start off with GetPhoto by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (4) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (6) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (8) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (1) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (11) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (16) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (22) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (21) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (20) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (19) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (17) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr GetPhoto (18) by MrLolololXD, on Flickr
  21. New ISR video - 5 July 2014 - - - - - edited post below - - - - - 3 new videos from IGN Forza Horizon 2: E3 Demo Developer Commentary - Lamborghini Huracan - IGN Plays - IGN Video Forza Horizon 2: E3 Demo Developer Commentary - Corvette Stingray - IGN Plays - IGN Video Forza Horizon 2: E3 Demo Developer Commentary - Nissan GT-R - IGN Plays - IGN Video - - - - - original post below - - - - - [headline]Forza Horizon 2 Announced![/headline] It’s time to crank up the stereo and hit the open road once again, as Microsoft has announced Forza Horizon 2, the next instalment in their flagship racing series. Forza Horizon 2 is in development for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and due for release this fall. The racer follows 2012’s critically acclaimed franchise spinoff Forza Horizon for Xbox 360 and 2013’s frontline Xbox One launch game Forza Motorsport 5. Development is being handled primarily by Horizon 1 studio Playground Games, though the team is collaborating closely with the Motorsport team at Turn 10 Studios; the two teams share a technology pipeline as well as select key personnel. “[Turn 10 and Playground] share this belief that we can create a true home for racing fans on Xbox One,” said Horizon 2 creative director Ralph Fulton. In making the leap to Xbox One, Forza Horizon 2 will include hundreds of cars, according to Playground Games, headlined by the 2015 Lamborghini Huracán. A long-awaited weather system will also make its Forza debut, while Forza 5’s Drivatar system is also being adapted for Horizon 2. As for the game’s setting? Contrary to recent rumors, it won’t take place in the bayous of Louisiana. Instead, the game will take place in gorgeous Southern Europe, leading to, in Fulton’s words, “incredible diversity” and “amazing vistas.” Music will again play a big part in the game, and a music festival will be the central event around which the game’s activities revolve. Extensive improvements and features are in store for Horizon 2, which IGN will showcase throughout June as part of our brand-new IGN First initiative. We traveled to Playground Games in the UK and brought back a (metric!) ton of content that we’re excited to share with you all month long, including tomorrow’s full preview of our hands-on time with the game. Thanks - IGN First: Forza Horizon 2 Announced - IGN
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