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  1. Version 1.0.2


    Hello again, this is Ztryka and I present to you my next mod for Test Drive Unlimited: The Immersive Radio Stations & Driving Games Soundtrack (DGST) Music Mod Pack introduces new radio stations based on real life O’ahu, Hawaii stations, including station IDs, call signs and station names, that plays along with songs based on other driving and racing games aside from TDU (excludes one station which more than half of the songs are based on real life top hit songs list of the decades). The idea of the mod is to bring the real life radio stations to Test Drive Unlimited gameplay and create an immersion of reality while driving around the island of O’ahu. Guide to Install the Music Mod for TDU: 1. Extract the files from the Zip file. 2. Open Test Drive Unlimited, then copy the folder "Euro". 3. Paste the folder to C : > (Your folder location of) Test Drive Unlimited (For example, in my case C : > Games > Test Drive Unlimited) 4. Press Yes if asked to replace the files. (BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE DOING THIS!!!) 5. Look into "For User Radio:" instructions below. For User Radio: 6. Go to Test Drive Unlimited > Euro > Radio. 7. Cut the folders "User Radio 1" to "User Radio 4". 8. Paste the folders to Documents > Test Drive Unlimited > savegame > "Your Profile Name" (in my case, ZtrykaTDU, for example) > Radio (create the folder of the same name if there is none) 9. Play TDU, Continue Game, Exit House and Enjoy! For more information regarding the music files, check the other files that included in the Zip File: * Description doc * Description pdf * New Stations List txt * In-Game Tracklist txt --- Ztryka --- Mediafire Mirror Download Link Available: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8l9bjt2yf3g1sae/TDU_Radio_Stations_%26_Music_Mod_Pack.rar/file Stock TDU Music Files: Vanilla: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6cvcie59cf97fyx/TDU_Vanilla_Music_Files.rar/file Platinum: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9w140fujphzfi6b/Platinum_Original_Music_Files.rar/file Topic:
  2. This is damn clever and brilliant irony. A game developer whose game is all about being a game developer has itself released a 'cracked' version of its game that when pirated hits players with piracy. The hilarious thing about this is that some people are obviously upset about this and have taken to forums and such to voice this, in the process of course showing themselves to be pirates. So yes you have pirates playing as a game dev complaining about the game they have made in this game being pirated in a game they have in fact pirated. Pure brilliance. :lol: Game Dev Tycoon forces those who pirate the game to unwittingly fail from piracy Eurogamer.net
  3. Version 1.0.0


    100% セーブデータ / save data
  4. -------------------- Koenigsegg Regera Vehicle replaced: Koenigsegg CCXR Edition Converted by: Irina Raevskaya ( vk.com/tdu2mods ) Credits: other game -------------------- -------------------- Features: - HQ model - highpoly interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - working GPS - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims -------------------- Download My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ]
  5. In wake of Notre-Dame de Paris traged, Ubisoft announced €500,000 donation and Assassins Creed Unity on PC Free and forever in library which you can redeem here https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-US From April 17th at 10:00 am to April 25th at 03:00 am (your local time)
  6. Version 1.0.0


    FULL CG save 皇国歴二一四二年、世界の大半を支配するオルブライト共和国(略称「共和国」)は豊葦原瑞籬内皇国(とよあしはらのみずがきうちのすめらみことのくに)(略称「皇国」)への侵攻を開始。皇国の防衛手段の「呪壁」は原因不明の理由により起動せず、武人も大半が空爆で死亡した。皇国宰相小此木時彦は皇帝「蘇芳帝」を殺害し、皇国は敗戦する。 敗戦三年後、先代皇帝「蘇芳帝」の唯一の娘、正統なる帝位継承者宮国朱璃は母を殺した小此木時彦への復讐のため、首都・天京へ帰還。戦争の中で記憶を失った武人鴇田宗仁、現在の皇帝「翡翠帝」鴇田奏海、若い「齋巫女」椎葉古杜音、共和国総督の娘であり天京帝立学院の生徒会長エルザ・ヴァレンタインと出会い、物語が始まる。
  7. Rumours are creating a lot of discussions around what was previously codenamed an upcoming Xbox One Maverick console. A new name and preorder date have surfaced. Meet the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: While we can't 100% confirm this name is final, players have been quick to abbreviate it this SAD console and jeer Microsoft's marketing department for this seeming oversight. Preorders for this console are anticipated to begin in April 2019. No information about specs is available at this time, but we assume it will be very similar to existing Xbox One S hardware, perhaps with revised cooling and obviously no optical drive. Perhaps the in-built storage specifications are increased significantly to allow more simultaneous game installations. But then again, perhaps a justification against this is that owners of this console will be more likely to stream their games rather than purchase and install them. This would allow for the SAD Box to be sold cheaper. But will you need a console at all? Microsoft has been talking about making it's Cloud Game Streaming service available on all sorts of devices, including the Nintendo Switch and even on PlayStation. (I really can't imagine Sony signing up for that). Consoles often have sold at slim profit margins - it's the games and online services that rake in the money. So if Microsoft can have players using (or just paying for) its services on any devices, there aren't too many reasons left to care about selling consoles. Performance? Servers handle the performance of rendering streamed games. What about PCs? It sure has been nice to be able to play Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3 + 4 on my PC, even without an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. But I fear this may not last. A new 'fast-ring' preview build of Windows 10 has been revealed to support playing Xbox Game disc images natively, with Microsoft providing one game to these beta users for free and encouraging them to try playing the game and reporting feedback. This seems to suggest that future versions of Windows 10 will be able to play any Xbox 1 game. But when that happens, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft requires these PC players to have Xbox Live Gold. While fast gaming PCs may cost more to build, part of this is significantly offset by having free multiplayer and cheaper games. This being true in the future seems uncertain. Forza titles are only sold on PC through the Microsoft store, and at a very high price compared to what Steam customers may be used to. If you own one of these games on disc, there is no way to claim a digital copy on PC. The only saving grace is that the game can be purchased once for both PC and Xbox hardware, and with free multiplayer to boot. What about you? If you already own an Xbox One S or X edition, the new SAD edition won't offer much for you. If you don't, would you consider this as an option this late in the product lifecycle? Would you instead wait and see if a newer faster Xbox is released in a year or two? Have you tried any game streaming services before? What were your impressions? I've had bad experiences streaming Steam games over my wired LAN, so as a fan of racing games where quick reflexes (and minimal frame delays) are key, the prospect of streaming over the Internet doesn't seem like it will ever be viable for me.
  8. I've just posted the first trailer of my upcoming driving game and would be happy to hear any kind of feedback from the TDU community. It can be viewed on my website Ondřej Švadlena , in the "Films" section (sorry for the quirky navigation). As to why I'm posting on this forum... Been playing TDU1 for about four years and had high expectations for the sequel - which, for me, was a major let-down, mostly due to the dreadful driving physics model. In fact, I was so disappointed that I began working on my own driving game. Thanks for watching, Soul Mod Edit: Download here: BEWARE demo file
  9. So I'm sure this one took a few people by surprise. What we thinking about how this one looks to play out? I think I remember hearing something about it being "first-person" so already my curiousity is well and truly piqued! DriveClub announced for PlayStation 4! | turboduck Announcement Demo thanks to IGN.
  10. It's out for few days now, Has anyone started playing it? share your thoughts http://eudemon.org/blogs/entry/105-/
  11. We've been playing with robik, and a mate of mine for a while. I think it'd be great fun to add more members to our squad. We should do some kind of tduck community play day for bf4 (pc) Discuss?
  12. To get a bit more gaming rivalry going on without having to worry about platform, it's time we find some cool flash games that have leaderboards and compete. The person with the highest score gets to pick next weeks flash game. General rules. 1. Pick games that don't take forever to play. 5-10 minutes is best (plus more time for however often you want to compete). 2. You must enter your name on the leaderboard the same way your username appears on these forums. 3. Post a screenshot here of your score, or what level you got up to. If you improve your score, edit your first pic. 4. Don't tease other members about how rubbish they are at a certain game unless it's Mellors. :D 5. If you win, wait for a PM, asking what game to use next week, make sure it's safe for work (lunch break). Week 1 - Drifting Championship - Winner: paradox8831 Week 2 - Crash Bandicoot 2 - Winner: ___________
  13. I got Razer Game Booster but I can't figure out how to get it to work, I bought TDU 2 off of Steam, and I unpacked the game and am using the unofficial patch with the Universal Launcher but the Game Booster automatically detects the Steam version of the game, what do I do?
  14. Hi guys. Since I was waiting for patch (Supra the most) I didn't played TDU2 often. Now I get back and I love to cruise and accelerate in Supra. But when I cruise and when I'm driving about 100km/h (it doesn't have to be Supra any car is same) I don't really have feeling I'm driving 100km/h (like in RL). It feels slow, like you're 60-70km/h. Is there any way to speed the game bit to look more realistic or to do some other thing? Thanks. :)
  15. Veni Vidi Vici - DriverClub's former Game Director explains why he departed Evolution Studios
  16. If you were around here back when TDU1 was still thriving you'd at least remember the title of this game... I just had the idea that since then a lot more of us are now mobile with our own transport so we could try doing this again with real life photos instead of TDU1 screenshots. Concept One person picks a theme/challenge. Everyone else then has to get out there in the real world and take a photo that matches the theme but also features their car/bike/self in the photo. Rules * Photo must show/include your bike/motorbike/car. If you don't have either of these (seriously) and want to play along then you can feature one of tduck's cousins in the photo, or perhaps a large model car if you have one. * Theme/challenge must be legal (not break road rules, etc) and not put anyone in danger. * The person who posts the theme must be able to take the photo themselves. * If a week passes with no entries, the theme chooser can pick a new theme if he has taken the photo, otherwise anyone can pick a new theme. * New themes must be posted in Size 3 Bold font in this thread. Choosing a Winner This all depends on how popular this game is (how may people participate in getting photos). The way I see it there are 3 options: 1. Fast: First person who posts a matching photo automatically wins and immediately picks the new theme. 2. Classic: Person who chose the theme chooses the winner after X days. 3. Vote: Photo with the most Likes wins. I'll start off with #2 and will re-evaluate after a couple of entries. First easy theme to start us off: Road bridge Your car can be on the bridge, or the bridge can be in the background. Old pics in your album are acceptable (new rule), but ideally the challenges here should inspire you to get out there in the real world and take new pics.
  17. Coming from PS3, I had nearly everything on TDU2... I sold my PS3 a while back and I'm honestly missing TDU2 so I bought it for PC... What a difference, it looks soooooo goood maxed out. So would anyone be willing to do me a favor and friend me/do a custom CRC race for me and hook me up with a little dough? Please :)
  18. +New Flash Game: Virus Defense It is a straightforward action shooting game where player will defend the cell from virues featuring 10 levels Control: - Right and Left arrows move the nanoship around the healthy cell - space key fires missles !Some logos have size readjusted !Some menu buttons rearranged !Minimum body width has been increased, due to some small resolution devices (tablet) have display issue of the menu bar still experiencing the width, if you find any issue please let me know !Some link display has been adjusted
  19. If you've got an older PC game that still works online, and you reckon a bunch of us will also have it (check this thread), then post a request here for us to join you. Give a few days notice so that we have time to reinstall it and configure controls, settings, etc if needed. I'll keep an active list here in the OP... Andreaz wants to play Flatout Ultimate Carnage Ryzza5 wants to play DiRT2
  20. Hi i have problem. I downloaded Toyota Supra from this forum and i want to add it to game but if i use unpacker i have no vehicules folder in euro/bnk ;/ plz help me i really want this Supra ;( Thanks EDIT: Ok i unpacked it its all ok but if i replace zonda to Supra and i launch game i have crash and go to pulpit plz help me ;(
  21. As usually im starting TDU2 game as many times ago. I see servers are online for PC. it also appears on the launcher screen. But it hangs on image (video) right before entering into the game. Nor offline or onlien profile enter game. when entered credentials no error message, but "No network connection. switching to offline profile!" firewall is off internet works NAT: Moderate:portRestrictedCone but i guess i was able to enter game even in full restricted etc. BUT NOT NOW... any temporary tdu issue?
  22. I understand there is no sharing of save games/dlc on site. However I have a very odd related question. So Im missing 1% Ibiza2 road discovery on the ps3. The hours I've spent scanning the map have made me angry at the game and devs who didnt include an ability to highlight missing bits (there is no reason not to have this). So i have a friend with the PC version and knowing how easy it is to mod the PC version (change road highlight colors etc) I was hoping to import my save gave onto the PC and find out what flippin bit I'm missing. So if anyone knows how I might do this .. the DATA/OPTIONS files seem like they are likely nearly identical. I spent some time trying to work out how the road discovery was encoded in the files (not the total but the actual roads) with no luck. So far no luck and my missing 1% haunts me eveytime I boot up the game ... taunting me. cheers.
  23. Long story short, the Steam Client is my gaming hub, i have added every single game - or gaming software such as emulators - to it and i'm surprise how the Steam Overlay works with anything... except with TDU2, of course. Is a bit annoying, i love to take screenshots and Steam is my favourite software to do so; sure, i use MSI afterburner but mostly for the sake of monitoring my GPU, i don't like to having to go to a folder and diving inside it only to upload a few pictures to tumblr, not to mention that is easier to access the screenshots directory of a game from the Steam Client And also there's the access to Steam Comunity in game of course, including online chat. Sooooooo... ideas? EDIT: Nevermind, found a solution and IT WORKS!!
  24. So i was taking my usual "bored search" on Steam and decided to search for Atari since i've been thinking on the company lately, and the game has no price nor option to purchase it, just like the Ghostbusters DLC. Could this be the reason for the Free DLC bug? It had an insane sale this christmas just like some Activision games that has been already delisted. The game is still there, in the Atari.com marketplace, but unavaiable in Steam. EDIT: Not avaiable in the Spanish Atari website either.
  25. Hi, I'm having some trouble getting my game to a good moddable state. I played and modded this game a few years ago so I can't figure out why I'm having such a problem. I can remember that there is an order of what to do, I think its: Install Game, Install Megapack, Patch 1.68b and then the Magic Map, but this just results in my game crashing during cut scenes or when I try to buy cars and houses. Anyone able to save me a head-ache or am I just unable to mod my game for some unfathomable reason? Thanks in advance
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