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Found 5 results

  1. Project CARS now FREE on Xbox One Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now pick up Project CARS for free for their Xbox One as part of the monthly ‘Games with Gold’ program. Starting Feb 16th through to March 15th. This giveaway was revealed before the sequel was officially announced earlier this month, and is the perfect way to get players to try out the brand for themselves with the intention of hooking their interest in the progress of the new game, currently due to be released in late 2017. Players of the game have had quite a turbulent experience since its initial release, resulting in the title having its haters as well as its fans. Nevertheless, after several updates and some support being provided throughout this bumpy period, it now provides a respectable alternative within the console sim-racing genre. A racing wheel is highly recommended, as controller handling has never been much of a strong point with the game, however if you can make it work for you – and there are plenty of suggestions of settings to use out there – then you might just find it becoming another of your go-to racers. With the sequel around the corner, we have every reason to expect they might have ironed out these handling bugs. If you have Xbox Live Gold then we definitely recommend you give Project CARS a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain as it will cost you nothing, and you might find it quickly becoming one of your favourite racing games. Just a warning that starting off with the go-karts may sour your initial impressions, so we recommend that you go for something else. That is unless you really want to start from the bottom and make your way up.
  2. Project CARS FREE Xbox One players will be able to grab a free copy of the Project CARS racing game through ‘Games with Gold’ from mid-February. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, it will be the second of the titles that is given away each month as a reward to subscribers of the Xbox Live Gold membership, and will be available to download from the 16th February for active members. With the title approaching the 2-year mark since its release and the sequel starting to show itself in unofficial leaks – official info and media is planned for the upcoming months – it is ‘Marketing 101’ to get the name out there and try to bring in new players to the series, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to give the game away and get people playing it. Project CARS if you don’t know, was created through the means of a crowd-funding platform with all those who contributed being able to, in some way, influence the development as it took place. Not only this, there were also advisers such as old Top Gear ‘Stig’ Ben Collins on board along with racing driver and brother of F1 stalwart Lewis Hamilton, Nicolas Hamilton. Their input and feedback made for a very authentic handling simulation that is well praised by those who do not only drive day-to-day on normal roads, but also are paid to run laps around the circuits of the world. And the game must be doing something right if you have a professional racing driver such as René Rast using it to practice often and learn the circuits of the world. Just check out the video below and his channel to view how much he not only enjoys the game but also uses it to help in his real world racing duties. It’s difficult not to take this sort of backing seriously when you know that they have experience of how the real cars and tracks feel. Oh and if that isn't persuasive enough for you then don't forget that you also get to drive and race against the ‘turboduck’ RUF too. We can never thank our former staff member Ryzza5 enough for allowing us to use his perks to make this happen and to Milli who did the actual livery design for the car itself. Cheers to you both!
  3. Microsoft kick of their 'Games with Gold' in 2014 with the decent offering of Sleeping Dogs, a game that's been well talked about and has a good following and one I have been looking forward to playing. So much so that 2 days ago had it been £5.99 not Hitman Absolution I would have picked it up. Glad it wasn't and didn't seeing as it's now FREE to Gold members. Have you played this game? What did you think? And if not, are you going to grab it and give it a go? Maybe you will also turn out to be one of those who likes what this game provides. :cool: Sleeping Dogs - Xbox Marketplace
  4. Microsoft have said that their somewhat generous "Games with Gold" (GWG) program where Xbox Live Gold subscribers get 2 free games a month will also be coming to the Xbox One next generation console in 2014. The program has been called out sometimes unfavourably compared to the PlayStation's PSPlus competitor which offers it's subscribers top rated games and not titles as old as the console itself like 'GWG' has done. But hey! Free games people, that's a good thing right? More promisingly I guess, is that with the Xbox One getting this a little into a year of it's introduction that the games have to at least be relatively new and not years old. :) via News: Free 'Games with Gold' coming to Xbox One - CVG UK
  5. The second of the free bonus 'Games with Gold' title has gone live and it's Assassins Creed II. As a Live Gold member you can download the game for FREE and save on the DLC and Season Pass if they take your fancy too. Valid: 16th - 31st July 2013 What's the verdict on this game, any good?
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