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  1. I need a VPN for games like Minecraft. I just got banned on one server because of one type and I would like to get back at him, but I can't log in. I tried free VPNs but their speed is very low. Only paid VPNs remain. So I ask, how will the VPN be better in games? I understand that the speed will drop, but I need at least a playable ping.
  2. Who else is looking for the best racing games for PC? It's not just one feature that matters: the genre's not only about graphic rich and heart throbbing sounds, yes the two are definitely important, but it's equally about dragging you into the action as if you’re actually there in the driver’s seat, eyes strained as the asphalt whips past at 240kph, we are talking about something as close to VR experience as possible. Right from a perfect gear shift timing to kicking out the back-end nitros for a sublime drift, a quality racing game just feels right. We love to share our thoughts to
  3. [headline]the banner contest #87[/headline] http://turboduck.net/img/tbc/tbc.jpg[/img] It was neck and neck (and neck) until the very end last week, but unfortunately @hassan1995 won again, somehow. :p This weeks theme was picked by the runner(s) up @Loekie5500 and @cis4care who also submitted some awesome entries. Blame them if you don't understand the theme, thanks. Theme: Estate Cars, Station Wagons, and Shooting-brakes Deadline: Sun 5th March, 2017 - Entries | Sun 19th March, 2017 - Votes PRIZE The winning entry or entries will be posted up on our community for
  4. Humble Ubisoft Bundle Encore Another week, another bundle. This time it's in partnership with the somewhat known Ubisoft known for bringing us games such as that one with the cars and that other one with the building climby people, or that other other one with the futurey gadget people. This time you have plenty of notice, more than 13 days in fact to scrape together those pennies for all of the games below, with more to be announced. This weeks charities are Extra Life / Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Stack-Up, and Girls Who Code so why not dig deep, or shallow you tight buggers
  5. http://kotaku.com/bioshock-studio-irrational-games-is-winding-down-all-1525186316 Discuss. I'm very sad.
  6. Click if the video doesn't show. PlayStation Access shows off 20 games for the PS4 in 2014. I'm getting rather excited.
  7. The games up for grabs are::boss: Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box (ORIGIN KEY) Crysis 2: Maximum Edition (ORIGIN KEY) CS GO (STEAM KEY) Max Payne 3 (STEAM KEY) Sleeping Dogs (STEAM KEY) Please read the terms & conditions below: 1. You must Like the BAk99official page. 2. Click onto the giveaway picture & click the share button. 3. Comment on the picture after you have shared it. 4. You must have a valid Steam/Origin account. Only 1 entry per person All information can be monitored by the page admin to ensure the requirements have been meet. Your St
  8. http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/forza_horizon/news/forza_horizon_dev_working_on_visually_stunning_racer.html http://www.playground-games.com/
  9. Veni Vidi Vici - Driving into 2013: a definitive guide to 2013's upcoming racing games Sim Assetto Corsa Project CARS RaceRoom Racing Experience rFactor 2 Formula Truck GTR3 Ayrton Senna game Forza Motorsport 5 Simcade Grid 2 MXM Project/Moto GP WRC 4 DiRT 4 F1 2013 Arcade Carmageddon: Reincarnation Real Racing 3 Urban Trial Freestyle WRC Powerslide Real World Racing LocoCycle Distance Nitrous Undefeated Need for Speed: Something or Other Well, that's quite a lot of racing games... so what are you looking forward to? Pe
  10. With E3 about 6 weeks ago away I was wondering what you guys are excited or wanting to see at the expo this year. Myself personally I really hope we see what Ivory Tower's game is all about and that it's what we are imagining it to be like. Some more WATCH_DOGS wouldn't go amiss, maybe the '5 twins' in Forza 5 and PGR5 may finally show themselves. More next-gen showings from both Sony and Microsoft and definitely more of the Oculus Rift as that thing looks awesome! :nuts:
  11. The next NFS has been confirmed as being Most Wanted and is being developed by Criterion which is something we all knew about 3 months ago but anyway first screen has been posted and no doubt more info at E3. "IT’S OFFICIAL: The next Need for Speed will be Most Wanted, developed by Criterion! Here’s the first screenshot! Make sure to watch our E3 press conference live on June 4th at 1PM (PST) for more info!"
  12. In what has stunned a number of the gaming press and the developers supporters, Criterion Studio Chief Alex Ward has appeared to say 'enough' to racing games and that it's time to try something new. The acclaimed team behind the Burnout and most recent Need for Speed reboots of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted went on twitter to express his views and answer some questions about a future Burnout or even a Road Rash game. Criterion Moving Away from Making Racing Games - IGN
  13. I was thinking about this while reading some musings come out of the 'EA Investor Conference' about games potentially costing $69.99 for the next-gen and it got me thinking two things. 1) Sony themselves have said games will cost between $0.99-$60 and 2) Is there any point in buying right away as most games these days are reduced within a month or so anyway? In the UK anyway price reductions are quite good, within 3 weeks Far Cry 3 for example was selling for less than 30 pounds and supermarkets do BIG games at lower prices as they count on making up the loss via fuel and grocery sales. P
  14. I've been playing a lot of Guitar Hero/Rock Band lately and started wondering if there's anyone else here who likes playing music games :hmmm: You can pick up instrument bundles for pretty cheap nowadays as the fad has gone down after they stopped making new games. Unnecessary story to make OP cooler: So yeah, does ANYONE else here play them? :mhmm:
  15. Congratulations to Andreaz for winning the Driving Game Screenshot of the Week last week. * Stick to the implied theme (don't look for technical loopholes) * Images must not exceed 800kB, and be at least 915px wide to fit the PoTW TV. * Each person who enters must cast a vote in the same week to remain eligible. You may not vote for yourself. * Winning image must not be of TDU2 as you risk your picture not being featured on the TV and account suspension. * Winner picks the next theme, unless winning consecutively, in which case the runner up decides. * Winner has 48h to PM a
  16. On the main index page, below where you have the list of latest threads, it would be great to also have a more static list of links to threads for each upcoming game that we're excited about. That way if someone finds a bit of news, they just quickly jump to the home page (wait, will Turbo Duck have a proper home page?) or index page, and find the game link there to the discussion/news thread. Would make good sense for TurboDuck since it's focussing on more titles. Maybe we even have a forum called 'Upcoming Titles' that plays host to these threads, which can then be moved on release da
  17. We all know there are big releases that have their own massive following and such but what about the games that just sneak up out of nowhere or a trailer you have seen that's caught your eye. Perhaps a game was announced 2 or more years ago and you are hoping 2012 will be the year it will finally show more. If any of this describes you or you just want to talk about or give a heads-up about a game you like the look of then feel free to do so. Who knows maybe you'll alert us to a cult classic or a diamond in the rough. As after all we're not all FPS muppets or diehard racing fish. :D
  18. Enjoy the article. It's the most wonderfully honest (and accurate) list of the best and worst driving games from 2011.
  19. As far as i can see all u modders do it's keep the information of modding for yourself ,why not share the details with us so we can help you.For example start posting a video that contains a tutorial that shows what you do when you replace a car in game from basics to harder stuffs .And then we can donwload the programs that you are using and create more cars or work at the same car for a faster result.If not stop complaining that it's hard and you don't have time .I'm 22 years young ;) so i can manage to do a little thinking ,just try me.I'm waiting for a response ,a good one if it could be
  20. Me personally love the old skool PS2 The Sims console games. Through out the past couple of years nintendo have released My Sims games hoping to make something good out of them. Maxis, being the respected games development team keep on making up new ideas for them. They are miniture Zelda games that rather than destroying it's designing. Not even good creative design that involves using property development and Clean cut graphics. You place stupid lego like blocks and crayon colours. Its an idea out of hand. There now onto My Sims AGENTS, Amean WTF!? Go back to the days where y
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