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Found 10 results

  1. Cloud-based gaming: An inevitable future? As of August 2016 we find ourselves at a time where the demographics of internet users are quickly being dominated by those that do not remember a time before the internet existed. This age of rapid technological advancement results in a large number of internet users not being old enough to remember a time before music streaming services such as Spotify (launched in 2008), and also peer-to-peer services such as Napster (2002) and Limewire (2000). This eradication of the need to leave your house and purchase a hard copy of music or software or a PC platform video game has quickly increased in pace and now we find ourselves being able to play the latest console games as soon as they are released, right from the comfort of our own sofa thanks to cloud-based gaming. However, the gaming industry appears to be a few years behind its counterparts, with it only now being the norm to gamers that having a large amount of storage space or a high speed internet connection is now more important than living near to a video game store. We find ourselves in a world where there is seemingly no alternative to streaming. The shift from peer-to-peer in the mid noughties to the dominance of streaming services in the music industry is only now being reflected in the gaming industry. What is cloud-based gaming all about? These are both new technologies that promise to make any gaming previous to 2010 feel positively ancient but what are the advantages they give to the gamer? No dependence on gaming consoles: Do you have a controller? Do you have a TV? Do you have an internet connection? Then it is becoming increasingly possible for you to play a video game that you would have otherwise had to play on an expensive gaming console. Instant playing: If you want to play a game, be it an old one you have not played for a few years or a brand new one, there should be no wait. Gone are the days of searching for a game case/disc in the back of a cupboard, gone are the days of waiting impatiently as your new game downloads slowly. Hardware update: For the moment is hard to see the cloud-based systems matching the console-based systems for the constant requirement to update hardware. The almost annual update of gaming hardware from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may be a thing of the past for gamers. Pirating-proof: As with all new technological advancements, everything is secure up until that moment where it suddenly is not. The secure servers on which cloud-based gaming hosts their games is up until now still secure. It is only a matter of time until pirated games are hosted on less-than-legal sources but for now this is a small victory to developers. My Experience As someone who has recently purchased an Nvidia shield and signed up to its GeForce Now cloud-based streaming service, the thought of having endless amounts of video games on that tiny rectangular box in my living room still comes across as alien. The quality of the Shield is comparable if not superior to that of a gaming console. It is quick, well thought out and good value for money. When you consider the first 3 months of the GeForce Now subscription are free and that there are a fair few big-name titles available to stream on the service the attractiveness of this new technology is evident. The convenience of being able to sit on your couch and play a new game without having to leave your house or wait while it downloads is something I simply cannot see gamers turning their back on. Cloud-based gaming eliminates the need for gamers to leave their couch - image credit Ian Burt So is it the future? Is cloud-based gaming the future, is it too good to be true or is it simply a fad? This comes down to a few variables such as how fast is your internet? Is it reliable? Cloud gaming can be faultless at times but if multiple people decide to stream live TV in your house, lagging can render a game unplayable. Another question needing to be asked is if services such as GeForce Now are worth paying for? The issue here is that cloud-based gaming still comes across as new and therefore slightly undeveloped. GeForce might have a good variety of genres and games but there is still not anything too appealing on the games list. Titles such as Dirt and Saints Row are a good start but there is nothing too eye-grabbing on the service as of July 2016. Will joining a large subscription based service such as Geforce ever be worthwhile to the popular game developers? I hope so, but with the messiness surrounding music streaming at the moment it is a difficult future to predict. At a time when the most popular artists in the world (Beyoncé, Adele and Taylor Swift) are trying to be independent or claim a loyalty to a certain service it highlights one of gaming’s biggest issues. Exclusivity. A word that might place cloud-based services such as GeForce now in the history books. The dominant companies will be either developing their own titles or ensuring brand exclusivity wherever possible to stop GeForce taking money from them. Over to you! What do you think? Will cloud-based video gaming inevitably take over and dominate how we game? Will downloading games to a local HDD be a thing of the past? Will gaming discs become a relic that our future children look at in wonder? Let me know in the comments section below or on the Forum!
  2. Hey, With most people having smartphones in their pockets nowadays, and with the capabilities of these phones increasing every year parallel to the profits of the mobile gaming sector its easy to see this is an increasingly important part of the sector, so: - What gaming apps do you have on your phone at the moment, did you pay for any? Are you interested in 'freemium' gaming? - Do you prefer the arcade genre of gaming app on your phone or do you enjoy playing the large titles that have been transferred over? (GTA, Sims, NFS etc) - Are you still in the 'i'm not paying 99p in an app store! Sod that extortionate amount' and then pay £2 for a can of coke you finish 30 seconds later? Thanks, if this ends up being an OS fanboywar you'll each receive an invoice for the alcohol i'll need as a result. :duck:
  3. Hey Guys :duck: The awful month of january is now over and most people will have been paid either last Friday or today, meaning you shouldn't be too skint right now! Time to plan how you might spend some of that hard earned $$$ So what games are you most looking forward to in 2015? If you do a list try and post them in chronological order :D Here's my list: - The Order 1886 (Feb Release): I don't know too much about it, but I've read the synopsis and it sounds right up my street. - Starfox (Wii U) (TBC): One of my fav N64 games should return this year, I look forward to trying it out. - Fable Legends (TBC): I've always been a fan of fable, though it's gone a bit crap as of recently I'm not going to give up with it just yet. - Star Wars Battlefront (TBC): This should be a 2015 release, I absolutely loved the previous star wars games. I wasted way too much time on Battlefront 2. I'm also keeping an eye on the new [email protected] release, they've had so long I doubt it'll be a flop.
  4. Looking at this from the more narrow perspective of A+++ game development. For example, if new games didn't work on XP (at all), would you be screwed? Or if new games only worked on Windows 64-bit (given that new consoles are similar to 64-bit PC architecture this could be a realistic possibility) would you have to upgrade? I've got Windows 8.1 Pro Media Centre x64 on my gaming PC, prior to that I had Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and before that I had Vista Ultimate x64, so I've been on the x64 train for quite a while now.
  5. So i decided to buy new mouse because right now I'm using some cheap a4 tech and its really bad for gaming. I want something in mid price range since my pc isn't a beast i think i wont need some high end mouse. I've been thinking about these two: MadCatz R.A.T 5 Or Thermaltake Black Element What do you guys think?? I'm willing to consider any suggestions Please Help! :cry:
  6. After being invited to a Gran Turismo 5 racing league last week I'm now is a bit of need of a wireless headset. I'd like something that's wireless and with good/decent (i.e. not cheap n nasty) audio quality & is comfy, but don't know whether to try and spend as little as possible or instead do what I usually do and just grab whatever is ranked highly online... which would have me either getting the new Sony Pulse or Astro A50. If you've got a headset that works with PS3 please let me know what you think of it. The only other requirement is that it doesn't mute the audio from other outputs since I'll be recording. Wired is no good when I'm using the steering wheel (hate the X360 headset because of that).
  7. Since these two games were fairly similar (all the NFS3 tracks are in NFS4, plus NFS4 should be easier to install on modern computers since NFS3 doesn't support 64-bit) I'll combine these two together. Play either one or both - but make sure you participate and post pics/videos and rate the game. NFS4 iirc also supported modding and with an extensive mod still supports online multiplayer. I think Andreaz is more up to date with all that jazz so I'll hand the mic over to him to post links and tutorials.
  8. Hello everyone! I wanted to announce you my Channel on YouTube, just opened it yesterday :D Automotive Gaming - YouTube I want to publish only Automotive Gaming videos for your pleasure ;) Cheers!
  9. That's Need for Speed 2 if you're not good at Roman numerals :lol: Once you've acquired the game :susp: you'll need a 32-bit PC to install it. Since the installer is a 16-bit application, you won't be able to install it on your hardcore 64-bit gaming PC. :( Released in 1997 and designed to be run on computers with 16-64MB of RAM running Windows 95, there are a few hoops you have to jump through to get this game working. The basic steps are as follows: 1. Insert the CD or mount the ISO file using PowerISO, Virtual CD, Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools, or whatever app you use. 2. Install the game. On Windows Vista & 7, it recommended that you DON'T install into the 'Program Files' folder, to avoid UAC/Administrative permission problems. Install to C:\Games\NFS2SE or something like that. Select the 'Maximum' install option. 3. Install the game patch (this adds the 3DFX exe as well). (Or just rename the exe file and copy the patch files into the game folder manually, renaming the .EX_ extension to .EXE 4. Install the Microsoft Application Compatibility toolkit and create the database. 5. Setup the 'glide wrapper' (having the SE version of NFS2 is needed for this, unless Andreaz knows another way). I've zipped up all these tools for you to download easily here (MS ACT, game patch & glide wrapper): NFSIISE compatibility tools.zip Now obviously you need more specific instructions, you can find them here. Here are some screenshots of the Glide Setup values (since the guide above isn't formatted too well). Your graphics card and resolution will probably be different to mine unless you have the same laptop as me. I've used that guide to play on a laptop running XP Pro SP2, Andreaz has got it working on Windows 7, and I'll attempt to do the same this week. Knockout mode is new to this game, and the tournament is nice and tricky. If you're on PC at least, it's nowhere near as hard as NFS1 though ;) Here's the result last time I played it: 1st place in a race gets 5 more points than 2nd place, so yeah, I only just won (and I won the last race by half a car length as well) :lol:
  10. Hey guys, the following sentence is a computer geeks worst nightmare. I have a Dell Dimension 3000. I'm planning to upgrade a few (well a lot probably) things so I can play games such as TDU and some others. I was hoping that someone could basically help me out, as I'm not sure what I can get.. I want to get the following: - Motherboard (current one is the standard dimension 3000 with PCI slots.. :rolleyes:) - Graphics card (nothing too amazing, a 8500GT or 9600GT maybe) - Ram (which will be for the new motherboard) - CPU (Mellors gave me a few links*) - PSU (If it's necessary, my current one is 450W) *Links: - http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/AMD-Athlon-II-X2-245-Regor-Core-S-AM3-290GHz-2MB-Cache-HT-3600MHz-65W-Retail - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/128510 Thanks loads for any help you can give me :)
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