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  1. Well, since there is no sub-sub-forum for GT6 pics and since I just so happen to have acquired the game (thanks Harley bby mwah), I'll be continuing to smooth the edges of my sub-par digital photo skills in this same thread. M4 caught me by surprise. Of course unwritten rule dictates I have to get it in the most grotesque shade of blue available. ---
  2. Yep... it's been a loooong time coming, but finally, the Course Maker is available for GT6 in the most recent update. There is also an app (tablets only) called 'Track Path Editor' where you can draw tracks (and use an image as a base) and then import them into the game. Oh, and the update features improved engine sounds, apparently. GT6 Update 1.21 Now Available: Course Maker, Updated Car Sounds If anyone cares anymore.. :lol:
  3. Make Tracks of Course When the course editor for Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) was talked about many moons ago as a feature that was coming to the game, the expectation by many was that it would be late, and it was, and is but lo and behold the time-prolonging experts of Polyphony Digital have actually gone and done it. Unlike in GT5 the Course Maker, known as the Track Path Editor is now an app, available on tablets for Android and iOS (Android 4.1+/ iOS 7.0+) that enables you to create your own courses where they can then be driven around in GT6 on PlayStation 3. You can choose from one of four basic location settings, the track’s shape, width and even the banking of corners along with trackside objects such as curbs, billboards, trees and buildings. There's a nice little touch when using the "Eifel Flat" location, in that images can be used as a base to help you in tracing the layout of any real life circuits or locations you may wish to recreate, or at least attempt to copy anyway. And what of that whole copy your own GPS data in that we heard about? It's there, no really it is - Raw GPX/KML data can be imported from compatible GPS devices. Lucas Ordoñez gets to grips with the Track Path Editor How to use the GT6 Track Path Editor The general steps to create a track and race on it in Gran Turismo 6. Install the Track Path Editor on your tablet device. ( Apple App Store / Google play ) Create track data using the Track Path Editor. Transfer the track you've created into Gran Turismo 6. Load the track data using the Track Path Importer. Test drive every section of the track using the Track Path Importer. Save the track as a user-created track. Use the track in Arcade Mode or in the Community area. The official Gran Turismo website has more info about the GT6 Track Path Editor in its manual. If you're wondering what this all looks like then our good friends at MotoGames have helpfully done a video showing exactly that. GT6 Track Path Editor - Images [gallery] The update also included the following: Penalties have been disabled in “Free Run” mode. With the addition of the “GT6 Track Path Editor”, the maximum length of best lap replays that can be loaded in the Data Logger has been set to 20 minutes. The engine sounds of certain cars have been improved. (wait really? no wait are you serious?!) GT Academy 2015 has been removed from the [sPECIAL EVENTS] section in accordance to the end of the Online Qualifier period. Thanks: GTPlanet / Gran Turismo
  4. I've found a solution for the vehicle sounds! Check it out. So, if you're tired of the vaccum cleaner sounds of your GT6, change your exhausts and fix it! :lol: ;)
  5. An update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released and it brings the LEXUS LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo, Alpine Vision Gran Turismo and Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Race Mode. After the update has been installed, the cars can be purchased, although it is also possible to obtain the cars by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Events, available only for a limited time. The Alpine Vision GT racing suits and helmets have been added and can be bought, but they can also be obtained through the corresponding Seasonal Events, available only for a limited time. Fixed Issue: The issue discovered within Update 1.16 regarding resuming a "Championship" race after suspending progress while playing in "B-Spec" mode has been addressed. Sauce: gran-turismo.com
  6. Yep, the classic GT track Midfield is returning to Gran Turismo (now in HD!). It will be free in the next update, 1.16, and features time and weather changes. Source Another feature returning to GT6 is B-Spec mode, coming in the same update. Source No word on course maker yet though, I have my doubts as to whether this will make it in this update...
  7. Decided to make a photothread for my GT6 instead of putting them on the Screenshot thread. http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b580/PTdumptruck/SilverstoneGrandPrixCircuit_zps30ae4a13.jpg Going against that Toyota in a Countach is bloody dificult in Silverstone and in the previous track and managed to get him in the last corners in always the last lap. http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b580/PTdumptruck/EigerNordwand-PercursoK_zpsa4555363.jpg Using a over 500HP Evoque in rally can prove a bit dificult this is how the car looked in just a few corners in the 1st lap, but was easier then the Countach vs Toyota http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b580/PTdumptruck/Gemasolar_zps4a6388a9.jpg
  8. The update 1.14 is released, and it finally brings us the "Community" feature that they announced times ago. With this community feature players can now create and join clubs, which can be private and public. It is also possible to host club races with the club members, and it's also possible to exchange messages with other players. It is also possible to access a web browser version of the Community feature via the official website. Which makes it available for smartphones. No, you can not race on the web browser version... :lol: But you can edit your club, or create an event and etc. This update 1.14 also will have included: - Subaru Viziv GT Vision Gran Turismo - 2014 updated Suzuka Circuit - 2014 BMW M4 M Performance Edition (Safety Car, i believe :lol:) - New Sierra Time Rally Events - "My Home" content changed - Compability with MoTec i2 Pro added - Compatibility with “NissanConnect Nismo Plus” added - Other improvememts. For more information: Sauce: gran-turismo.com More sauce: gtplanet.net Elise sauce: RaY29rus - Flickr
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufruRqSaVxk So, the Chaparral 2X was revealed today, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and as we can see, it's a very extreme vehicle, which is part of the Vision Gran Turismo project. So, it will be on the game this Holiday Season! Known for unconventional, boundary-pushing race cars that shook up the motorsports world, Chaparral Racing partnered with Chevrolet Research and Development more than 45 years ago, pioneering now-standard methods and materials used in contemporary racing and production vehicles, including the composite monocoque chassis, lightweight-alloy powertrain systems, automatic transmissions for racing and progressive, active aerodynamics. The Chevrolet Chaparral 2X VGT channels that spirit of innovation into a vision of what the future of racing could hold, with a radical form and an advanced, laser-based propulsion system. With a 671-kW laser, powered by a pack of lithium-ion batteries, and an air-powered generator to provide 900 horsepower worth of thrust, the Chaparral 2X VGT will be capable of a 240-mph top speed in the video game with 0-60 acceleration capability of 1.5 seconds. Bounce: gtplanet.net
  10. Subaru has finally made their Vision GT car, and honestly? I think it's really cool! Best part is it's inspiration, and this video made me shiver. Yes, i am that silly. :lol: Sauce: gran-turismo.com
  11. Yes, you heard it properlly, Polyphony Digital is working on an update for the Suzuka Circuit, to it's 2014 specifications. I know, i know, it's a track we already have, it is not new and etc, but this will bring the day-night cycle to Suzuka, and a couple of other things, take a look on the list of the main changes: - New replay angles - Newly resurfaced West course - Relocation of crashpads and guardrails to match the 2009 renovation - Addition of circuit objects “Racing Theater” “Traffic Education Center” - Revision of the final chicane Some images: Sauce: pitstop.granturismo.com Image sauce: gtplanet.net
  12. BMW & PD have teamed up again to bring you the M4 safety car this December, and it's free.7
  13. An OzCoMoBro buddy has setup a new league on GTPlanet which I somewhat reluctantly joined (I knew I would enjoy but had to force myself to not be too busy) I haven't prepared or practiced anywhere near enough but that won't stop me. Finally there's a car that suits my driving style rather than a boring slot car or slow FWD hatchback. ;) Details: CluB 543 - GTPlanet 543 BHP Limits to weight and PP Racing medium tyres Obligatory pit stop with fast fuel/tyre usage Round 1 was fraught with technical difficulties on my end - I've broken my optical-out audio port on the PS3. Workaround solution meant no recording. I literally purchased and upgraded the car (without testing any other options) 15 minutes before qualifying. I thought I was clever going for a mid-RPM Turbo for increased torque for improved corner exit speed at Bathurst but that meant I had to be super careful on the power or spin the wheels coming out of every turn, so couldn't use the power. Round 2 - Brands Hatch GP Again, no real prep besides a Project CARS race and 10 minutes of GT6 Time Trial before joining the lounge. Fixed my mistake by going to a High RPM turbo. Worked out where I could push and what line would suit the car best. Qualified 3rd last (expect this to be a pattern). I happen to know that this track is more about not stuffing up than being the fastest, so that was my game plan. Race 1 Race 2 - cleverly worked out that the mid-stint car dopeyness was likely from reduced weight from fast fuel use. Changed the car balance (ballast) from 50:50 to 49:51 and noticed a big improvement. Annoyingly I keep accepting the default refuelling suggestions when I enter pit lane because the accelerator pedal is also an X (confirm) button in game, which wastes time. Calculated that a certain pace should be enough to keep the lead and reduce my risk of crashing despite 2nd place rapidly catching up. Watch the video to see if my maths were accurate enough.
  14. Since the patch 1.12, players noticed a drastic change to the Force Feedback... Patch 1.13 fixed it, but partially. Now Polyphony Digital has released a small hotfix, firmly aimed at the Force Feedback. Source: www.gran-turismo.com Image by: Shaolinmasta - Flickr
  15. This new update is aimed at fixing glitches and bugs, the size is 9.5MB. Main fixes: Fixed an issue where engine and other sound effects were not being played back correctly during online races. Fixed an issue where the system would occasionally freeze when 2 or more cars with additional gauges were racing against each other during an online race. Fixed an issue regarding the ability to download and play back replays from the Online Rankings board after entering an event. Fixed an issue where the game could potentially freeze when attempting to view a replay of an online race from the Gallery menu. Fixed an issue where the “Client” display systems could possibly freeze when using the Multi-Monitor function during an online race. Keep your eye on, because there might be other things that they didn't tell us. Source: www.gran-turismo.com
  16. So after a couple of month not playing GT6, I started the game yesterday and took a couple of images.
  17. The update 1.12 has been released, and it brings even a new track! [headline]Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo[/headline] This car can be bought at the Vision Gran Turismo dealership after the update, but it also can be aquired by completing a full lap in the seasonal event. Your lap time doesn't matter to win the car. [headline]Sierra Time Rally[/headline] This is a new special event, and it is in the first long original course, the "Circuit de La Sierra", which is modeled after the Ronda, region of Spain. The seasonal event consists in a race, where you will have a countdown clock, time will be added when you pass beyond the checkpoints. Overtake cars can add a bonus time, and your score will be based on your total driving distance in the event. [headline]Quick Match Feature[/headline] This is a new feature added in the game, when the feature is selected, players will automatically be matched to other players around the world for a quick and easy online race. [headline]New vehicles added[/headline] - Toyota FT-1 Graphite - Nissan GT-R Nismo '14 (This car will be sold for free (in-game) for all GT Academy 2014 participants) [headline]Additional gauges[/headline] In Custom Parts, you can now add up to 3 extra gauges, the choices being, boost meter, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, tachometer, speedometer, oil pressure gauge and fuel pressure gauge. [headline]Steering wheel[/headline] Compability with the steering wheel Thrustmaster T300RS has officially been added, it is possible to reassign the keys in the Options Menu. [headline]Force Feedback[/headline] Force Feedback that could only be adjusted from Steering Characteristics Menu before can now also be adjusted from the Driving Options displayed in the Quick Menu before driving. Also, the force feedback that was only adjustable under Feedback Strenght can now be adjusted in Feedback Maximum Torque and Feedback Center Sensivity sliders. Now it is possible to set the steering sensitivity near the centered position, and the strength of the feedback during extreme cornering independently. Force feedback can now be adjusted on 200 degree lock-to-lock type controllers such as the GT FORCE RX. [headline]Others[/headline] The motor assist control for the Toyota TS030 Hybrid ’12 has been changed. Because the motor assist only works when the car is at full throttle (over 80%), the motor no longer comes into effect during partial throttle positions while cornering. For more info, check the Official Gran Turismo Website! source: gran-turismo.com
  18. As ever I'm here to propose what I always propose - some kind of league for GT6.. we all need to work together to make something happen, I'm sure it could be some good fun if we get enough people involved. I was thinking some kind of enduro racing, so we'd have to pit, etc. I know Ryan has his own league thingy in Straya or whatever, I was interested in hearing from everyone on their thoughts?
  19. Ben takes on a gamer (who has been able to practice beforehand)
  20. Hey. May as well get this rolling. (I have nothing to edit these with, that's why they suck right now) First photo I took... Definitely need editing. Will have to *cough* get *cough* Photoshop. Edit: Here we go: :D
  21. Aaand here we are 3 and a half years later i am starting my GT6 photobook. as i lately am starting to have more time on my hands i am going to be able to upload here as i usually did and like my GT5 version i wont post PS edited versions of my pics since they will likely be uglier when i am done with them. and as i started back then with an E60 M5 in my first update i will start here as well with a BMW M5 BMW M5 E60 http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/Siracusadag_2_zpsb01406b2.jpg http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/Ronda_1_zpsdfdf7601.jpg http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/Ronda_zps053fdc07.jpghttp://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/Siracusadag_4_zps32ea4ffb.jpg http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/Siracusadag_3_zpsdec7b80e.jpg Ferrari F40 http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/StadvanKunstenWetenschapavond_4_zps7bbb195a.jpg http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/StadvanKunstenWetenschapavond_3_zps5b342487.jpg http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/StadvanKunstenWetenschapavond_2_zps31b9136f.jpg Subaru Impreza WRX STI http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/Siracusadag_1_zps8ff5f1df.jpg http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/Siracusadag_zps8af87a1b.jpg http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/StadvanKunstenWetenschapavond_1_zps6e01a2ec.jpg http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp224/fashad/GT5%20photobook%20part%202/GT6%20Photobook/StadvanKunstenWetenschapavond_zps4adaf0da.jpg These were taken while testing GT6 stuff proper pics will get here i think tomorrow or tonight i hope you like them
  22. Woop, time for another one of my GT threads, hopefully this time I'll actually post something more often :lol:
  23. Recently, Sony released this documentary to honor Ayrton Senna's memories. After all, it's been 20 years since he only lives inside our memories, inspiring people to do good things and keep forward. Not only that, Gran Turismo released a section about Senna in their webpage and also annoucend a future DLC, that will be added for free in the game in a next update. So far, we only know about one car, the Lotus 97T, driven by Ayrton in 1985. Source: GTPlanet P.S. This actually makes me really happy, and not only about the Senna's DLC, but about the partnership with Ayrton Senna's Institute. By doing such thing, Gran Turismo will now help children in my country! A racing game never had so much respect from me. :lol:
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