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Found 4 results

  1. Recently a lot of people where asking me how far i am in progress of the TDU2 Hardcore Mod. So i decided to create a Thread where i will post my progress. Okay, Here we go! Description: Question: What is the H Mode? Answer: The Hardcore Mod i am working on is a physics/handling modification for expert Drivers and of course for those who wants to drift. Question: Why create one if there is already the driving aids "hardcore" option in the Game? Answer: Well the driving aids option "Hardcore" or "Ausgezeichnet" (how its called in German) is just the possibility to switch off the tractions control and is not challenging enough. Screenshots: Videos: Todo: -patch All Cars Physics (Progress) -patch a [H] in players names (Done) -switch off online races (Undetermined) -switch off offline races (Undetermined) -disable player vs player quick races (Undetermined) So there will be just the free roam driving left like it was in the first TDU. This project is total time consuming because every single cars physics behavior has to be edited. l am currently searching for people who wants to join the "H Mode creator Team" to help edit the physics for each individual car. Best would be those who know TDU1H mode and own a Racing wheel. (Racing Wheel is optional but at least Controller is a must have) And of course are real TDU series fans wich wants to spend spare time in fixing it. H Mode creator Team member will have acces to my H mode creator tool and Tutorials on how to do so. If u think u are the one i am searching for: -Apply here for the Team -Please introduce yourself -Did you played TDU1 ? -What is your Player Name? TDU1 and TDU2 -Do you have experience in building Drift setups? Current progress State is: Developting a H Mode creator Team tool (thank's to dOs) Current Team Member: -dOs -Jorgemodek -LordKalvaire -Trainfield -Veno -Xarlith Current HC Setups Tester: -Michi0412HH -Affentaeter -Cocojambo Car List: Dont wonder, there are some cars not available in the Game. but they are there, trust me. Here is the old Thread Link
  2. Hello everyone, I've recently returned to the TDU:c forums and I've noticed that a few brake and camera mods have been released. But I've started this thread primarily to ask if, are there any mods that somewhat 'restore' the handling and physics to that of TDU 1 (or better), and how. I was a huge fan of TDU 1, I spent countless hours cruising around in my modded cars and was very pleased when they announced the sequel. However, I heard so much criticism about TDU 2's handling and physics system when it released that I refrained from buying it, as all the cool new features would make no difference if the driving was not enjoyable, and I'm sure I was not alone in thinking this. I thought this thread may also serve as a way of publicising and reviewing existing physics mods that have been released and comparing their effects to TDU 1 (which in my mind had a near perfect handling and physics system for cruising) in order to inform others of the progress that is being made in solving the issues. Cheers P.S: Having not been on the forum's in a while I'm somewhat out of the loop, so if I've missed the release of a huge official handling-fixing patch then I'm sorry and feel free to give me abuse :P haha!
  3. Would you like TDU2 to be updated with a new handling mode, something akin to what HC mode was to TDU1? Then please post here in this thread, or even better, post here on TDU2.com with your opinions on it. The more people that reply to the thread over there, the more likely Atari/Eden are to take notice of the thread and possibly do something about it. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, As you may have spotted from the Community Patch thread, I am working on the patch with Speeder. Now, I need your help. I am currently modifying the Physics.cpr file and I need some testers. I need opinions, information and results. Things I have fixed/improved with the Physics.cpr file: Fixed the locking brakes Reduced the braking power (so it's not like you "hit a wall" when braking) Found the possibility to remove the ABS completely (if someone wants to experience the older cars properly etc.) Improved the handbrake Messed with the traction control parameters (it's possible to make the handling more realistic and reduce the amount of sudden spins etc.) Messed with the gravity values to decrease the "moon gravity" effect Removed/reduced some "Steering help" parameters It can also be possible to mess with the force feedback values in another file but I haven't looked at that yet. Preparing for the testing is easy, the version of your game doesn't matter, this works perfectly online & offline and there is no need to unpack your game. Custom launcher must be used, because otherwise it would replace the modified file with the original. The file you must replace (Physics.cpr) is located in the root of your TDU2 directory. If someone wants to test some of these changes and help me improve them and make some new ones, raise your hand! ;)
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