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Found 16 results

  1. Hey buddy, hope you have a smashing birthday and celebrate it well considering it's fallen on a Saturday. :nuts: :hdance: :birthday:
  2. Happy Birthday Loz! Wishing you a great day mate. *this is how I picture you answering the phone
  3. Just noticed that it is a very cool individual's birthday suit day today... so Happy Birthday Paladin! You've not been here as long as some but you are definitely one of those who are extremely well known to myself, the blue team and other members and I personally thank you for your contributions to the :duck:. Always ever helpful and willing to speak your mind, you're an asset to any community you are a part of, and I am so glad we are one of them. Wishing you a great day of celebration... and cake. Hope you have a good one! :bparty:
  4. Happy Birthday to the one, the only, Mike!!! *crowd cheers and one person jeers* You've been here a long time and I've known your name even longer from the Atari EU forum days. You've changed so much throughout this time and it's making me feel like 'Old Man Diablo' in seeing just how old you are now sonny. And despite being a pain in the early times, it has been an outright pleasure watching you somewhat mature and grow to be... well you. Have a fabulous birthday celebration and thanks for all you have done and continue to do on the :duck: ! :bparty:
  5. Hey there CLR, I see it is your birthday today and even though I thought about posting this only in the chatbox as that's where you tend to live :cheeky:, I thought it better to post you up a thread and allow others who don't chat so often to offer their best wishes to you too. :cheeese: I know you've had a tough time lately and I wish you and your family all the very best for the future mate. :bparty:
  6. Happy Birthday Soundy! Surprised it took this long for a thread to appear for you but hey better late than never eh? Hope you had a real good day and that you got some nice things even if it was just a load of cards. :D Cheers for all you do around here mate! :bparty:
  7. *Chesney Hawkes music* Haha getting old son! Guys, girls ...Mike, I want you all to join in with me in wishing Baldy a fantastic birthday today. He has been with tduck for a long long time and was even a part of it before it hatched (work that one out) and is indeed one of the main reasons why we have managed to stick around as we grew. Not only this but he's a stand-up guy too, as unlike what is the usual for online personas, we actually got to meet, and you know how some people are unlike what they think they show us when online? Well there was none of that as he's as nuts in actuality than he is in virtuality (a word?). So Happy Bertday mate, have a good juan! :bparty:
  8. Huge Birthday Greetings to Speeder, who is one of the most active and helpful members around not just this community but others in the past. A true asset to wherever he crashes into and one we are glad to have had with us for a good while. I hope you had a great day mate, sorry for the slight lateness of saying so. Do you forgive us? :cry: :bparty:
  9. Just saw at the bottom of the forum that it is none other than Soundy's birthday so let's all get together, open a pack of bacon and revel in this historic day!! Have a good one mate! :bparty:
  10. Surprised this thread hasn't been posted so I'll do it! Happy Birthday wee man, have a good one and keep the insanity flowing!! :nuts: :bparty:
  11. Happy Sweet 16th, mate. It's the last birthday before reaching the mature age, so you better enjoy it...:p:thumbsup: Also, it's double-party, as our great photographer -Lr-Speedracer is celebrating his 22nd birthday. Congrats, mate. Have a great day. :D :birthday:
  12. Have a great one, dude. :birthday::birthday::birthday:
  13. Well, mate, today is the day, when you must realise that the past 20 years were just the begining of something much much worse. Today is the day that you hit your first benchmark, heading to 80. But enough with the santimental crap. Happy Birthday, man. Have a great day and a great night. :p Drink one for me. :birthday::thumbsup::)
  14. Have great day, dude. Hope everything turns out good in your nearest future. And of course, don't get too sober. :lol: :birthday::thumbsup:
  15. :birthday::birthday::birthday: Have a great 18th one, mate. And don't forget to get really drunk. :cheeky:
  16. Well i thought i would be the first to wish mellors a happy birthday today. Don't drink too much and have a good day. :birthday: :bananasplit::excited::bananadance::birthday:
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