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Found 8 results

  1. Here are a few videos from a friend in the game back when TDU was, well.. still online. Thought I'd share with you all here on tdu-c. I recall he told me he used to have a few profiles and record with a different one each time so people wouldn't know anyones recording and no one won't feel intimidated to try to drive at their best while hes recording. Anyways I thought I'd share the channel, some pretty good content, mostly crashes.. but still good. :lol: TDUTimes - YouTube for the curious ones, I was Lordofmessiah in the game. So excuse me if I'm a little biased on previewing the videos that have me in it..:lol: I kid I kid; All of them are great of course, some people that I recall who are in some of the videos, space, ksk, jcl, UGG group, zsc, greywulf, djtinnio, jzjamm, cs, palmer, brsirius and their whole br clique lol, etc, really too many names to mention. Most of who I've cruised with for a very long time. Unfortunately since the demise of the tdu1 servers and how horrible tdu2 ended up to be, which I still play from time to time, everybody has sort of went their own ways. hopefully if speeder and maybe a few of his minions sorts it out (fingers crossed) we'll be able to enjoy tdu 1 at its finest again. :D A few of my favs; Skip to 4:23 for JCL's money shot, haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJjWpIqJOxw UGG crew in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXNCVhlpqBM pretty cool sound track, oddly from nfs carbon; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrDa1NcF_ZQ and well, the end; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR5cZM4IR1Q please bear with me, youtube embed doesnt wanna work with me here. enjoy the videos tho on behalf of cdub recordings and editing. :)
  2. Recently a lot of people where asking me how far i am in progress of the TDU2 Hardcore Mod. So i decided to create a Thread where i will post my progress. Okay, Here we go! Description: Question: What is the H Mode? Answer: The Hardcore Mod i am working on is a physics/handling modification for expert Drivers and of course for those who wants to drift. Question: Why create one if there is already the driving aids "hardcore" option in the Game? Answer: Well the driving aids option "Hardcore" or "Ausgezeichnet" (how its called in German) is just the possibility to switch off the tractions control and is not challenging enough. Screenshots: Videos: Todo: -patch All Cars Physics (Progress) -patch a [H] in players names (Done) -switch off online races (Undetermined) -switch off offline races (Undetermined) -disable player vs player quick races (Undetermined) So there will be just the free roam driving left like it was in the first TDU. This project is total time consuming because every single cars physics behavior has to be edited. l am currently searching for people who wants to join the "H Mode creator Team" to help edit the physics for each individual car. Best would be those who know TDU1H mode and own a Racing wheel. (Racing Wheel is optional but at least Controller is a must have) And of course are real TDU series fans wich wants to spend spare time in fixing it. H Mode creator Team member will have acces to my H mode creator tool and Tutorials on how to do so. If u think u are the one i am searching for: -Apply here for the Team -Please introduce yourself -Did you played TDU1 ? -What is your Player Name? TDU1 and TDU2 -Do you have experience in building Drift setups? Current progress State is: Developting a H Mode creator Team tool (thank's to dOs) Current Team Member: -dOs -Jorgemodek -LordKalvaire -Trainfield -Veno -Xarlith Current HC Setups Tester: -Michi0412HH -Affentaeter -Cocojambo Car List: Dont wonder, there are some cars not available in the Game. but they are there, trust me. Here is the old Thread Link
  3. Hello,Im new here,and the tittle says all. Theres a way (hacks,trainers,softwares,cheats,codes..) to make the simulation physics of hardcore mode, available in carrer mode? I mean,maybe replace the arcade physics for that one,or an trainer,or cheat that changes it,and play carrer normally with then. Or maybe make races and missions available in Hardcore mode,would be nice too.. After hours of searching about it on google,no usefull results,so I hoping some good results here :) My point,im a offline player,and I finished the game last week. When I experienced the Hardcore mode,I really liked it,so much,everything is better,and it makes me dont wanna play with arcade physics anymore..but its a bit boring to play the game without the old and good races and missions. I dont really undestand why the game disables then on hardcore mode,since the AI can run perfectly there. The proof is,when you challenge someone in the free mode,AI can handle the race very well. The last question: Is it really possible,so far? :confused: If yes,how? what we should do? If no,can someone explain why? anyway to make it possible? Theres a bunch and all kind of awesome modifications for tdu,cant believe that nice modders cant do this so far! Please,its a must for me,and for lot of players,for sure! Thanks in advance! :)
  4. *double-checks I have enough posts to request* If a bunch of us are going to start a new profile, we'd like to avoid using the normal handling mode and use Hardcore mode physics immediately (even if our names don't show a H when cruising). Are these physics contained in any files that can be swapped? Are there other variables that can be injected with new values to unlock this early. Hopefully some modding guru's out there take up this challenge.
  5. Would you like TDU2 to be updated with a new handling mode, something akin to what HC mode was to TDU1? Then please post here in this thread, or even better, post here on TDU2.com with your opinions on it. The more people that reply to the thread over there, the more likely Atari/Eden are to take notice of the thread and possibly do something about it. Thanks!
  6. Do as the title says and also comment on the videos if you like what you saw. :D Simpheels! 7mins 48secs of Noshahr Canals Rush
  7. PART TWO IS HERE!! **** BEST VIEW FULLSCREEN 1080p or 720p **** Live capture using Fraps, hardcore driving thru the mountains like crazy. G25 @ 200, assists off. (same as dexter) Please rate 5 stars if you liked this video !!! :thumbsup: **** BEST VIEW FULLSCREEN 1080p or 720p **** My first live capture using Fraps, hardcore driving thru the mountains like crazy. G25 @ 200, assists off. Please rate 5 stars if you liked this video !!! :thumbsup:
  8. He there, was about time I signed up for this, I'm sneaking arround here since 2007 :cheeky: My name is Coen like my username, 27 years old.. I'm from Holland, my hobby's are smoking weed, girls & gaming and I am a fan of Hardcore music since 1992, time goes hard when you're having fun :monkeydance: the reason I finally joined here is because of the ****ing great lambo diablo mod, and always the many great sounds you have here :cool:
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