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Found 5 results

  1. Here is a thread where I shall post random stuff such as model cars and kits I'm building. So here's that Fujimi S15 model I've been rambling on about: How it looked to begin with, minus the seats which I bought seperately IMG_20120306_220808 by lololol_XD, on Flickr Started a little front bumper mod, cutting out the side openings and making them just ever so slightly bigger IMG_20120406_171721 by lololol_XD, on Flickr IMG_20120406_171756 by lololol_XD, on Flickr And done :D IMG_20120407_003145 by lololol_XD, on Flickr IMG_20120407_003253 by lololol_XD, on Flickr Back on the model IMG_20120407_003537 by lololol_XD, on Flickr IMG_20120407_003652 by lololol_XD, on Flickr Cut the boot lid off, yes that is a slight gouge in the lid after the knife slipped D: IMG_20120407_003352 by lololol_XD, on Flickr Random boot hinge IMG_20120324_193101 by lololol_XD, on Flickr I'm making some boot compartment 'walls' out of 1mm think balsa wood, I'll paint them matte black when I'm done and coat them with dark grey flocking powder IMG_20120406_141918 by lololol_XD, on Flickr Hopefully it will look a lot better than just this :p IMG_20120407_003406 by lololol_XD, on Flickr And lastly, the Volk CE28N's I painted, black with a red ring like the Time Attack versions and an unpainted, modified brake assembly :D IMG_20120407_002948 by lololol_XD, on Flickr
  2. Here I think the first mods made ​​for motorcycle, enjoy ! Vidéo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lvxg8pmHsQ Download: fatboy_high.bnk
  3. Hey kids. I thought id share what im currently messing about with.. Im having a go at building a custom chopper to replace the harley fatboy. It's semi scratch built, i have a load of various models of cars and bikes ive collected over the years of doing 3d work. So i broke them all down to bare components and now im cherry picking the best ( or in some cases the ONLY ) usable parts from them, then modeling the rest by hand. Ive set the scale so the bike is almost the exact same size and position to the harley so once its done, it should be a lot easier to convert over to tdu. Now the one thing i can't do, is make tdu vehicles :confused:... So what i will be doing is once i have finished building, UV mapping and texturing the bike (essentially a finished model) i will be offering it up to one of you guys ( if you want it ) to convert it over to tdu2. Anyway heres a quick look at some of the bike so far.... Click to see bigger images [ATTACH]17586[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17587[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17588[/ATTACH] The wheels are just blank solid wheels at the moment, which means i can cut any shape i like into them :dance: The tank, fenders and frame will all be uv mapped meaning they should all be able to be painted / stickered in game. I have most of the parts already built, i just need to add uv maps and surfaces to the parts, make some textures. Then i can put all the parts together, ATM i have one file for the frame, one for the tank, one for the engine etc.. so i will have to get that taken care of.. Anyway.. thats what im messing with at the moment. Well that and my complete radio overhaul (which i am still working on ) Take it easy guys.. Nobby
  4. The first mod sound was ....0.The new sound : (please put your comments ) vidéo: download: fatboy_high.bnk
  5. A very interesting and exciting bit of info has popped up over at our mental french compatriots; TDU-France. (obviously in French) This info pertains to a Changelog that has been posted of the supposed actual contents and features of the next DLC which surprisingly (and hopefully not wrongly) is predicted to be FREE!! In this list is the mention of bikes, 2 in fact; the Harley Fat Boy Lo and a Triumph Speed Triple. To accompany the new bikes 10 new [multiplayer?] Challenges will be available and FRIM will be via doing wheelies (and maybe other actions?). Awesometastic enough there is also mention of your rider being able to perform certain emotions however whether this is akin to what you could do in PGR4 will need to remain to be seen. Along with this is the Auction House in which 2 forms of business can be done in the form of Buy it Now and the typical Auction type where the last bidder at the auctions end wins. Another new item of virtual concrete and glass is the Racing Hall where new events will be available for players to run every week. Whether this is part of the DLC with the previous mentioned items or a future addition is not known but sounds good and could be a good way to finally make money! There is a few more bits and pieces mentioned and you can see a (dodgy) translation via Google below. Anyone who wishes to provide a proper French to English translation would be showered with cookies and receive milk from an Alpaca. :cheeky: [+] UPDATE: Human translation: Dodgy Google Translation
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