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Found 17 results

  1. I've had this install for a while and copied it from my other PC. However now instead of the game working properly, There are errors such as no audio in game, crashes after spending a short moment in game, and weird black borders on the top and bottom of the screen. I have 0 idea what is causing this error and any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone, good evening, how are you? I am trying to config a modded car that I download from here, but I am having a problem. Apparently the vehicle's collision box is displaced backwards, in relation to the center of the car. Could someone please help me with this? I tried using the Vehicle Property Editor, changing the dimensions, but I didn't get any significant results. Thank you very much for your attention! Have a great week
  3. The RPM lights in the TVR T440R don't work. Is there a fix for this. I already reinstalled the game and tried with and without the 2.00A community patch. I'm flooring it in 1st gear and the lights are transparent.
  4. Until I installed the multiplayer mod, everything worked fine. I activated the game with the key and it started. But the TDU World launcher does not open, it appears in the task manager for a second and disappears
  5. Hi, I'm running into an issue with the original TDU. I have just installed it onto my pc, however after a few minutes of playing, my pc will randomly shut down completely, stating something to do with a power surge. The game is not currently modded. There doesn't appear to be a pattern at all, this happens at random. Currently running at 1440p 144hz, but I have tried other resolutions etc and the problem remains. Strangley, I'm also having this exact same issue when playing need for speed carbon, so far these are the only 2 games having this issue. All over games, even big AAA games are fine. Some Pc specs 550W PSU 1660ti i5 6500 16gb DDR4 Ram Any help would be appreciated, thank you
  6. Hello i'm starting this topic because i played a lot of tdu when i was young and today i wanted to play so a re download it but the game won't start also i'm on win 10 sorry for me bad english i'm french Thank's you all
  7. I am trying to launch my game from the TDU World Launcher and I always get this error, I did everything from turning my antivirus off, to checking the quarantine section if the shortcut is there, I named the launcher UpLauncher in the files, everything. It still doesn't work. Why?
  8. Hey guys I have been looking for a way to modify my car's values in the performance editor but I constantly get an error with microsoft. NET. However, I've heard that there is a way to modify the values in an editor that is already present in the project paradise folder. Can someone point me to the proper directory to edit the values?
  9. I'm trying to get a savegame with the completed game, but I want to change it's name, is it possible in any way? I want to change it to c4k3ss, like my username.
  10. I can't change a cars specs anymore because in TDU2VPE I just get this error. Help please
  11. I have t150 and i tried making it work with the game, it can work but its very weird. Can I do more than 200 degrees of rotation? I tried 520 but the deadzone is massive and the wheel feels so heavy whatever the FFB setting is. Does someone have experience with TDU2 and wheels, any help? I searched around forums but found nothing helpful. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello! I tried to re-color one of the Bugatti Veyron's rims to a Dark Grey Colour. And when i successfully export it to .DDS file and i wanna convert it to .2DB file the TDUMT gives me an Error. I dunno what am i doing wrong. Does anyone of you OG Modders know what am i doing wrong? Any help will help me out! I added a pic so you can see whats my issue. Have a good one!
  13. Hello. i've encountered a problem. My biker animation for Harley is same as for Sport Bikes. I've checked database via tdi2vpe and harley set for M2 class. I don't know how to change biker animation back to normal for Harley.
  14. Hello sirs. I got a problem with my TDU2. I use TDU2 + UP0.4 + CarPack 1.8. I decided to add few cars as addons by myself. I have added 8 new cars via VPE and they all work. BUT with 4 of them i have encountered bugs, that doesn't appear if ill use replace method. VAZ 2101 -Everything works BUT Steering wheel is not moving(no animation) + Driver and Driver seats are missing AE86 -all works BUT Tyres are missing Honda Accord TypeR - all works BUT Tyres are HUGE Volvo 850R - all works BUT Camera is placed behind Drivers Head I have rechecked all parametrs in VPE - they all meet with cars they should replace (cam-ids) i already double chked all file names and the folder names they are in i did double replaced it. I have no idea how to fix it. Please Help.
  15. Dear players, Hello guys , i got TDU 2 cracked , i unlockedd many car dealerships , but i wanna unlock Bike dealership , anyone can help me? idk how to unlock it . (offline) Thanks for reading
  16. Our old club folded and we formed a new club with a new website name. The company hosting the site changed the name for us but they left everything up to me to get it back up and going. So far I have managed to get a home page created and I am working on 4 more pages. What I need help with though is getting our forums page working again. I cannot figure out how to do this and I am hoping you will help me. All it seems I do is go around in circles. The old web page was http://www.smartstreasureclub.com I did not renew this domain name and instead registered this domain. ETRAC-H.com. Our old forums page was located at forums.smartstreasureclub.com. I want the new forums to be located at ETRAC-H.com/forums. Will you please help me make the changes I need to get this up and running. Please, you can email me at [email protected] I thank you in advance for your time, patience and help. Ralph
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