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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, sorry if I made a late introduction, I just got a small time to do this fortunately: I am Ztryka, 22 years old, my birthday is 1 week from this date's post, I am a passionate gamer, particularly in Open World Sandbox games, driving and racing games are absolutely my favorite! I am also an online gamer in few games, but not much love as I love games and videos about cars, I have been in Discord servers like NFS, GTA, etc.. If I ever had a dream car, it would be a '65 Lincoln Continental (I had a Hotwheel Diecast of this one, I love the suicide doors). In real life, I am a part-time businessman in my family business (we are only 2), my job is a payment collector and assistant of my sister. I love music, any kind that is uplifting and upbeating, I enjoyed 70s disco, 80s pop, 90s and 2000s pop, R&B and dance music. I am a passionate car lover too, that's why I love to play car games, usually drives JDMs in-game. Been practicing manual later on in my gaming life. My first contributions to Turboduck is sharing a save file for TDU as well as an ongoing mod (those who chat with me already know this hehe). Once again this is Ztryka, feel free to ask me and thank you for allowing me to become a part of an awesome community of TurboDuck.
  2. Hello everyone Im new and am looking to get into modding tdu2 on my newly built gaming PC after having played tdu2 on consoles I new the PC version would be leagues better seeing as it has mod support from the tdu2 community. I like cars and video games what more can i say? my favorite racing game of all time would have to be Need For Speed Most Wanted 05 Racing Games I Like To Play: Need For Speed (MW "05, Carbon, NFS 15', UG2, and occasionally Pro Street) Test Drive (of course) Gran Turismo (3, 4, 5, 6, and Sport) Midnight Club (3 and L.A.) Tokyo Xtreme Racer ( 3 ) Drive Club Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights
  3. Hello all. So why did I join? Well I have downloaded a few mods... ok a lot of mods for my TDU2 and I thought, Hey i could join, post something every now and then, have some discussions with some cool people on here and such. ----- Now i’ve loved car’s as far as I can remember myself and my favourite car is ‘’NISSAN GT-R’’ been playing games like ‘’Need For Speed’’ ‘’Dirt’’ ‘’Grid’’ ‘’TrackMania’’ and whole bunch more. ----- You can call me in my nick or in my real name which is Alex and I’am from Latvia. ----- Looking forward to seeing you guys on the road, puuling MAAAD drifts and other cool stuff, and remember ‘’Smoke tires not cigarettes.’’ ----- You can follow me on Twitter - twitter.com/XxouhcxX YouTube - youtube.com/user/XxouhcxX Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi guys!! I am from India! most of you must have heard obout the Taj Mahal! I am from that very city! :P! and I like to browse this forum! thank you for the experience!!!
  5. Hello all, TFSSPEED aka Rob here just found the site and seems like a great place to share and learn about some of the games I love playing. Not much else about me just and middle aged dude trying to continue my education at home, having fun with on line racing games. Cheers and all and thank for having me. Rob:D
  6. Hey all, I am From Russian origin but live in Ireland Since i was a kid. Ive been Playing TDU for a While now and recently found out About TDU-Central (While Searching for a TDU Club to join) And so have registered here and decided might aswell introduce myself.. Oh well.. Hope to see you on the roads soon. :D
  7. Hi im iJack94 i just thought i would sign up coz i wanted to get all the great mods. Thanks for makin the mods.
  8. Hi, I just wanted to give everyone some info about myself and my hobbies. I live in Indiana, USA. My life revolves around school and my car. I drive a 1996 Impala SS. It has a 350 ci corvette engine (LT1). It drives like a dream and i absolutely love it. I also like other cars (my favorite being the new 2009 Corvette ZR1). One day i hope to own a corvette of my own. Naturally, i'm drawn to anything to do with an engine:), so TDU is an obsession of mine. I'm learning to become a modder, and hopefully i will be able to add to this forum:thumbsup:. Thanks, Impalaman90 Video and Pics in showroom forum! http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=7810
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