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Found 6 results

  1. Just a little recap for those who know and something that has happened to me early in February of this year, I was rear ended in my 88' Pontiac Fiero Formula on the drive home from work. This is my car after it was hauled to a towing yard the day after the accident. My insurance considered the car a "total loss", but they did their research and gave me a nice chunk of change for my car, plus I bought the car back to be used as a parts car for my 87' V8 Fiero. To replace the "hand me down" Fiero, I decided to move on and get myself a nice base model luxury sports car. (import preferred) Hence the title of this thread. Some specs on my car: 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe - 3.5L VQ35DE DOHC 24-valve 280hp/270lb.ft torque - Obsidian Black - 5 speed automatic with sequential mode option - Black interior with heated leather seats - 18" performance wheel/tire option (225/45RW18 (Fr), 245/45R18 (Rr)) - Bose sound system - Electronic seats - Heated mirrors - Climate control - Just about everything is powered (windows, seats, trunk, etc.) - No navigation system - No digital clock (Has analog clock) - Traction control - Sunroof - dimming rear view mirror - tinted windows - Xenon headlights with Halogen fog lights
  2. I recently bought this car back on October 25th, 2014 for $500USD . Originally this car was a Gold, 4 cylinder basic Fiero. Couple owners back they decided to do a v8 swap on this. Now I believe I am the third owner of this car. Some specs: - 1987 base model Fiero - 4 cyl converted to V8 - WAS Gold, now faded Silver on top to bottom Gold. :lol: - 5-speed manual - L48 350 small block V8 out of a 1972 Chevy Nova (Not the greatest 350, but mid range) - Was dyno'd in 2007, pulls about 236hp / 278lb.ft of torque (might go with an LS or crate 350 in the future) - Vortec heads - Holley 4 bbl 650 carb - Team Loco 17" wheels - Saleen Foxbody Mustang spoiler Exterior: My kids. :lol: Interior: Before I cleaned it. After: :D Engine: I'll eventually organize all this. What I plan to make her look like: ;)
  3. A little info about the Fiero. Pontiac division of General Motors brought this car out from 1984 to 1988. There were two different engine options that were in this car from the factory, the "Iron Duke" 2.5L I4 and the 2.8L V6. The Fiero also had a badge of either a 2m4 or 2m6. Two seater Mid-engine I4 or V6. Transmission came in either a 3-speed automatic, 4-speed manual or two types of 5-speed manual (Isuzu or Getrag(better)). In 1988 the Fiero had an updated suspension which improved the handling dramatically using a real tri-link suspension at the rear which looked similar to what Lotus was using (was about to be acquired by GM) but wasn't in any way Lotus designed for the Fiero. GM originally designed the suspension from the racing program that they studied from. The Fiero (especially the 1984 version) had a bad reputation for catching fire due to two main issues. One was oil leaking out of the rocker cover gaskets and heads and dripping on the hot manifold. Pontiac recalled and added a splash shield over the manifold to stop this. Another is that the coolant pipes under the car run along the side of the car. With inexperienced mechanics attempting to lift the car, they would mount the lift pads on the pipes thinking it is safe when in fact crushing the pipes cutting the flow of coolant circulation Obviously The Fiero is rivaled with the Mk1 Toyota MR2. In the USA the Fiero outsold the MR2. Pontiac also made a version of the Fiero that looked similar to the Ferrari 308 called the Mera, only 247 were made from 1987 to 88. There was going to be a second gen Fiero that a 1990 prototype was going to show. But due to the lack of sales towards the final end of the Fiero, it wasn't going to happen. The prototype design later became the Firebird. The trim package that I own is the Formula (only on 1988 models). It's everything the GT trim had performance wise in 88, but implemented it into the notchback body version, plus different front and rear fascia and large rear wing. Little specs about MY car: 2.8L L44 V6 140 hp (104 kW) at 5200 RPM and 170 lb·ft (230 Nm) of torque at 3600 RPM 3 speed automatic :( Manual rack and pinion About 2,600lbs (1180 kg) (heavy due to body safety features) Um.. Red :lol: Pop-up headlamps :D I haven't yet gotten to take any clean interior and engine shots, but I can provide you with some of the repair work pictures I did take for now. The old and new engine cradle: You're looking through the trunk and passenger rear wheel well, the driver side was the same: I removed enough rust off this car to make 4 good bowls of metal corn flakes. And yes, all of the holes and frame work is all repaired and coated with bedliner and rubberized undercoating. The engine was repaired too replacing gaskets, distributor, spark plug wires and plugs, thermostat and exhaust manifold bolts.
  4. As a continue from pictures I took in GT5, here are pictures I took from GT6. I'm a little rusty at the moment having to not play Gran Turismo for quite some time.
  5. How the tyres don't burst amazes me
  6. Well, seems I might be on both ends of the spectrum here with GT5 and now some Forza pics. I hope you enjoy them.
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