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Found 15 results

  1. This is just for some fun, and my sums could be wrong, but I've made up this Excel profit calculator for you to play with. Just enter in how many million copies of the game you think will be sold, then enter the QTY for each tool pack you've purchased, then enter your exchange rate with the Euro and see what happens. Again if this moves you spend more money I won't be held responsible for the outcomes :) Feel free to share your estimations if you want Download here I sure hope it sells as good as NFS Shift did :lol:
  2. If you've ever heard of Adhoc Party for the PSP then you may have not thought about this but with it we can play the PSP version of TDU online again! my PSP is broken at the moment and you're going to need to have a PS3 with a wired internet connection. Try it out!
  3. Hi, I bought me a new racing wheel, but it isnt compatible with the game. can someone help me getting it compatible? the wheel is a Speedlink Drift O.Z.
  4. Some games/platforms like to market their graphical quality, and some like to instead talk about frame rates. In a perfect world we'd have both. Hardcore PC owners can even buy 120Hz gaming monitors. But does it matter? Not always. But if you've ever played a driving game that requires quick reflexes (i.e. open world driving games with lots of traffic to avoid - Midnight Club 3 was a shocker for me personally), if you can quickly switch between 30 and 60FPS while driving, I really do notice a big difference, and driving with precision becomes a lot more easier and enjoyable. If you've got a PC capable of 60FPS a good way to test switching between 60 and 30 is to setup FRAPS to record at 30FPS. For those who've not given it much thought before, this German gaming website has published a short video that compares 20 FPS, 30FPS, and 60FPS. Watch it a couple of times and see what you think. http://www.pcgameshardware.de/LCD-Hardware-154105/Specials/Die-besten-Monitore-LCD-Tests-Bestenliste-1074792/
  5. Hi I hope you'll get what i mean, dirty dark stripe really annoying me Can i download clear windshield from somewhere ? without that dark stripes it will be way better
  6. Is it possible to make the suspension stiffer with TDUPE or anything else. Because i have installed the ford f150 raptor mod and i have made the car much higher. And now it is like an wobbly bobby car and i don't really like that. Whenever I accelerate the only thing I see is the sky. (not really but something like that) And braking sends me right into the ground so that's quite a problem to me. Is it solvable?
  7. hey people here, there is a "mod" is to explain how the turbo gets louder .. I have tried many things but did not manage it .. (:( can someone explain to me a little easier?:confused: P.S. the impreza is the turbo sound off :crying: Thanks in advance greetings keeeekS :cool:
  8. I was recently adding cars to my TDU collection when I noticed the Veyron didnt even have a W16 engine applied, but a V16. So I went to Modding Tools and changed the database by adding 2 engines (W16 and 5-cyl-inline). The game saids 'okay I can handle that lalalala' but the Performance Editor keeps crashing. Clearly he doesn't like real performance :cheeky:. Anyways, could someone please send me the DB file (which is in euro/bnk/database)? I don't know if it is allowed by the site rules, but hey I can try right? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey all, I'm new to modding (physics\camera swaps) and I've changed the Saturn Sky into a Mazda MX-5 Miata (I downloaded a performance pack from TDU Forums) in the TDU Performance Editor and I can't find it anywhere, does anyone have any idea where it could be, or is there something I've done wrong? Does this mean I can only set the car in a certain dealer and change it later after buying it? Any constructive help would be appreciated :)
  10. Try not to go too nuts :nuts: http://www.dubmodder.com/app/MK6/MK6.php Here's a decent representation of my car (didn't have my 16" wheels) And a reference photo (not a perfect match):
  11. How to make electric HUD? It consists of several textures, and he has a strange mapping ... What to do? :(
  12. Hey there, I'm trying to make a sound mod for the ferrari ff i got a good youtube video chosen but how do i cut it into pieces... :confused: Cheers, WTF?!
  13. Hey, a noobie here, How do you guys make a youtube video showing your sound mod? I get how to upload a video and post the link, but what programs do you use and how do you record in the game so it looks good? any help is appreciated
  14. If you know how write it down to here pls
  15. Guest


    can anyone make for me a license plate please? like these one plate Ч777РИ 95 ЧРИ[ATTACH]17080[/ATTACH] like these one [ATTACH]17078[/ATTACH]
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