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Found 34 results

  1. Hi there! I really got into TDU2 this summer and was wondering if any guides for modding the game exist? I am mainly looking into modding my own cars into the game. While most of the cars I would ever want have already been ported over, I wanted to learn about the process so that I could try it on my own. I tried to do some of my own research on modding the game but there doesn't seem to be much information regarding the same. I am not that new to game modding and I have created quite a few mods for Burnout Paradise (BP) and Need for Speed MW as well. As far as I know, TDU2 requires ZModeler in the modding process as well just like BP and MW. Still, I feel that TDU2 modding might be completely different, so I'm willing to start from scratch again!. I hope some of you experienced modders can guide me in the right direction, and I look forward to creating mods for this community! ~Sullym8
  2. GTPWoody

    PS3 Modding?

    So, the other day I started modding one of my other games for PS3 and I was wondering if there are any mods for PS3?
  3. Video tutorial playlist:
  4. Yes, it's a plan. Lol Contents Replacing Files Adding New Slots (Old long method) TDUF: Adding New Slots (New fast method) Adjusting the mod TDUUT TDU Performance Editor [TDUPE] TDU Modding Tools [TDUMT] TDUF Replacing Files /!\ MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE MODDING /!\ Before we could install new car slots in the game, the original way to install a mod was to copy the modded file and replace the original Atari files in these folders down bellow. Car mod: C:\Programes Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Vehicles Wheels: C:\Programes Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Vehicles\Rim\(MANUFACTURER OF THE REPLACED RIM FOR EXEMPLE "MERCEDES") Traffic Car: C:\Programes Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Vehicles\Traffic A Sound mod: C:\Programes Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicles A HUD gauge: C:\Programes Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\FrontEnd\HiRes\gauges & C:\Programes Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\FrontEnd\LowRes\gauges CommonWorld or CommonWorldDiv2: C:\Programes Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Level\Hawaii A Weather Mod: C:\Programes Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\FX Adding New Slots (Old long method) INTRODUCTION AND BASICS KNOWLEDGE: Thanks to the early versions of TDUF made by Djey and civicmanvtec's research in 2015, we no longer have to replace an Atari car by a mod ! So we can keep our beloved Ferrari F430 or Shelby GT500 in the game ! TDU Platinium, TDUCP 2.00, HF Garage and many other community addon car packs are the result of this community effort to get more variety in TDU. Here is a even better and more complete tutorial than the one I've made 4 years ago for adding new cars in TDU. Believe me, it's easy when you get the process in mind and when you understand how it work. Don't be afraid. Time, logic and patience are you best friends. You gonna be able to use different sets of rims and choose many as you like ingame ! Just like the Mercedes CLK 55 AMG. And you can customize your new slots to your own taste like the wheel size, the names of the rims and many more options. About Online: Just to understand how TDU database works. First of, the Database is located in DB.bnk you can find in Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Database. Inside that BNK file, you have smaller db files for many stuffs. Open one of the smaller .db file (converted with TDUUT, tutorial further bellow) with a Notepad and you get tonnes of numbers. So one line in the TDU_CarPhysicsData.db file = one car. Same story for wheels: one line in TDU_Rims.db = one rim. A line in TDU_CarRims.db = One car and one rim connected together. And not just cars but you get it... TDU reads each values of the line and translate it into something like colors, what 3D car BNK to use, what gauges to use, how much HP, how grippy is the car, etc... Here's bellow how DB.bnk looks like inside when it's open by TDU Modding Tools: A\ Add a line into the database Okay let's take a simple mod I like with 2 different set of wheels, pre-made physics and a sound mod included: The Audi Sport Quattro made by Norby931 a long time ago. The car would normally replace the Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 as indicated by Norby himself. This time we are not replacing the Alfa GT, we gonna copy it and transform it into a dedicated working Audi Sport Quattro. /!\ MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE MODDING /!\ The original way to add a car manually is to open TDU_CarPhysicsData.db located inside DB.bnk (Next steps are in the TDUUT guide bellow). Once you've got your TDU_CarPhysicsData.db.hex file and opened it, copy the line in the database from the Alfa GT, go to the bottom of all the code lines and paste your copied Alfa GT. To find the line of the Alfa GT in the database, look for the REF value you can find in TDUF, TDU Modding Tools and TDUPE. Once you've got the number Change the REF value and the Car ID to separate the original Alfa GT line to your newly added Audi Quattro. Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 REF = 63518960 /!\ When changing the REF value, make sure to start from a completely different number from the original Atari line copied. Same for ID, start from value "2040" if your game is stock vanilla. It is extremely important to avoid conflict with the original Atari car. /!\ My REF is 6000000034. Start from 6000000001 (Or any number sequence with 10 digits) to be safe and next time you add a car start, name the REF 6000000012. Make sure 2 numbers are completely different from another existing value in the database. Use the search tool to double check if your new value is unique. And my ID number is 2233. +1 the ID number each time you add a car. (I've already added a few cars since ID 2040) Scroll back up. +1 the items value to make it readable in-game. The items tells the game how many lines (cars, rims...) are in the .db file. SAVE YOUR .db.hex FILE ! Then Go back to TDUUT's guide bellow to insert your edited .db file into the DB.Bnk file. DONE FOR THIS EDITING PART. B\ Add values with the DB Ressources app C\ Edit the copied lines with the newly added ressources D\ Add BNK files into the game with TDUF E\ Add the car into TDU Modding Tools and TDUPE F\ Adjusting the added vehicule Go down bellow to [Adjusting the mod] CONCLUSION AND RESULT TDUUT This part of the tutorial contains: MAINLY Convert .db crypted files into an editable file with a Notepad, + Extras: Moving .db files out and in DB.bnk and rename them. /!\ MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE MODDING /!\ INTRODUCTION | WHAT IT DOES ? Convert your db file into an editable hex file. Very useful if you want for exemple to add a new car or wheels (remember: one car or rim = one line) at the end of the database. You can even edit the wheel size. Don't open the TDUUT.exe file, it only works by drag and drop db and .db.hex files. A\ EXTRACT A db FILE FROM THE DB.bnk FILE ? Open TDU Modding Tools 1.16.3 > Close the Vehicule Manager window. > Open File Browser > Click on Database folder (1) > Select DB.Bnk (2). Select your desired file "TDU_CarPhysicsData.db" for example. To select multiple files, Press Ctrl and click on the files you want. (3). Click on "Extract" (4). Create a dedicated folder or select one you like to export your db file (5) and click "OK" (6). It should open a window with all your extracted db files. B\ HOW TO CONVERT A db FILE ? Open the folder where you TDU UT is located. Drag your db file into the TDUUT and let the magic happen. A new file appear as for example "TDU_CarPhysicsData.db.hex". Delete all the original db file. You are not gonna use them anymore unless you corrupt your TDU DB.Bnk and use it as a backup file. You should be able to open your new db.hex file with a notepad and edit it. I strongly recommend you open the file with Notepad + + (Download: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/) C\ HOW TO EDIT THE DATABASE ? [GO UP INTO THE ADDING NEW SLOTS (Old long method) TO FOLLOW THE STEPS OF EDITING THE DATABASE] D\ HOW TO CONVERT AN EDITED db.hex FILE INTO db ? Same as above, just drag and drop your edited db.hex file into TDUUT. You should get a db file named for example TDU_CarPhysicsData.db.hex . To difference all the files, look on the right side the type file where you have "HEX File" (=db.hex) and "Data Base File" (=db file) E\ HOW TO PUT MY NEW EDITED db FILE INTO TDU MODDING TOOLS ? First of, rename your file and delete "db.hex" at the end of the file. No worry, it will not corrupt the file. It's just a few letters and numbers that needs to be deleted to match the original file name you are gonna replace. Drag and drop your new edited db file into the box db files. Or in TDU Modding Tools click on Replace > Keep name then navigate toward your new db file, select it then click on "open". Done TDUF: Adding New Slots (New fast method) INTRODUCTION lalalala /!\ MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE MODDING /!\ A\ Add a new slot lalalala B\ Add new wheels Add wheels is certainly easier and faster than adding a car. 1\ Add wheels on a brand new slot 2\ Add wheels on an existing slot Let's practice on a nice set of Saleen S7 wheels made by -=[(ELVIS)]=- . The Saleen S7 Twin Turbo already exist in the game. It's got one set of very simple silver rims in the stock TDU game. Let's add 2 new sets of some nice silver chrome and black wheels ! Open TDUF, Load Database. Click on Settings (2), Profile "Vehicule Slots" (3). [Also known as TDU_CarPhysicsData.db in the DB.Bnk file] Select a desired vehicle you want to add wheels. (4). Select "Wheels" (5). In the list, select one of the wheels that is recommended to replace by the modder (6). In this case, It's the S7T_F_01.bnk. So the REF of the wheel is 1209545995. To find the name of the BNK file and the link to it's REF, click on the arrow (7). Now You get on a different side of the database. [This is TDU_Rims.db in the DB.Bnk file] click on the little "C" (1). This will actually copy the original line and create a new one with it's specific own REF ! Now you need to make your copy unique and make it readable by TDU. You will have to edit the following values by clicking the arrow: Manufacturer (2). It's M if the wheel added is the same manufacturer from the original wheel. O if the wheel added is for a differenet manufacturer. In this case for the S7, I leave it untouch. Name (3) (M) Displayed name (4) (M). That's the name showed in the showroom before you buy the car. Price (5) (M) Spoke (6) (M) Directory (7) (M but can be O). Important this one. Modify it only if you have BBS wheels for exemple and you want to create a BBS foler in Bnk\Vehicules\Rim\. Modify this value tell the game where to search for the wheel Bnk files. So for our S7 wheels, let's leave it on Saleen. M = Mandatory O = Obligatory (8) is gonna be the same process for the front and the rear. Do the Front wheels then the Rear wheels. To finish... C\ Connect your added wheels to the car lalalala D\ Adjusting the added vehicule Go down bellow to [Adjusting the mod] CONCLUSION AND RESULT lalalala Adjusting the mod A\ Edit the Rim Size 1\ Editing Manually lalalala 2\ With TDUF: lalalala B\ Edit the Car height lalalala C\ Ajust the Camera lalalala D\ Set the IK lalalala E\ Add Colors lalalala F\ Add the vehicle into a Dealership lalalala TDU Performance Editor [TDUPE] INTRODUCTION lalalala TDU Modding Tools [TDUMT] INTRODUCTION lalalala TDUF INTRODUCTION Download: Djey's tutorial and thread where you can ask all your questions: lalalala
  5. In this series of threads, I'm listing and giving tutorials on how to improve your game-play. These are not instructions, or officially related to Atari in any way. They are tutorials created by me, for the sole purpose of giving you the chance to improve your gameplay. I take no responsibility in your game going corupt or damaged. I cannot be help responsible for damages to game files or profiles. However this is highly unlikely to happen ;) Make sure you back up everything, unless you want to have to reinstall TDU when you decide the car body modifications doesn't look as good. -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- [import Vehicle Mods Tutorial] [swapping Car Body Shell Tutorial] [swapping Car Rim Tutorial] [Colouring Car Rim Video Tutorial] [Painting Unpaintable Cars (Swapping In-Game Car Colours)] [Create YOUR OWN Textures Tutorial] [Create your own Number Plates] [Modify Ty/ire Sidewalls / Seatbelts / Neons] [Create and Import YOUR OWN car body mods to TDU]
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNi2jen8QF4 I published a video in June to show that map import with working physics was fully possible. But it was only import, not a new sector or anything edited. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP-XHs3ztkI So after a long break from TDU2 modding, I decided to get back to work again, this time showing something more interesting: the possibilites of map modding. Don't worry about the mess, this sector is my sandbox to mess around and test stuff. :D
  7. I've got some good R34 sound files for a sound mod, but i have no idea what program do modders use to open .xmb files. Anyone has ideas? It's kinda urgent Nick1999
  8. Nick1999

    PATCH 1.68B!

    Greetings once again! I have finally found Patch 1.68B for Test Drive Unlimited! Ive found it on some Russian site and ive decided that i should upload it here as many people need it for modding! TDU Community PATCH 1.68b.rar [ATTACH=full]32180[/ATTACH] Notes: - This patch is not compatible with TDU without Mega Car Pack - Everything to change the physics (made by various modifications, car manager, yourself or something else) must be installed again! Sorry for the inconvenience! - You can also repare your TDU installation of this patch, if you got a conflict in the database after installing mods that have the wrong settings for Making TDU crash. - Suzuki GSX-R K9 version 1.0 is not compatible with this hotfix. Features: - Unlock new traffic cars - Unlock the bike clothes for the car - Unlock the car clothes for bikes - Unlock custom coloring for the car that was locked - Open the store to customize the F40 (up to kit3 available) - Car names recorded (example: Enzo Ferrari became Ferrari Enzo, Edonis Edonis become B. Engineering Edonis ...) - Nismo 350Z Fixed drives - Special body cars (Nismo 3520Z, Saleen ST281, Alfa Romeo GT Technical Sport Kit, Benz SLK 55 performance pack) currently sold at the car dealer site - Nissan 350Z and Alfa Romeo GT (normal body) are now available for kit3 ( unchanged) - New logos for addon cars to nnym list of brands and model name are available for all languages - New traffic - Fixed brand error + logos - New car names - Exhaustive list of more than 130 logos from the real car manufacturer (You can see this logo 1.14 version of Tools for the TDule Module TDule) - Resource names update - New bots (rivals) offline mode / solo for all cars, you can now meet cars with Carmegapack (including new slots like the Atlantic Ocean Bugatti Type 57 SC or Facel Vega Facel II) - Garage / car sales distribution update - Added new traffic vehicles with Foodstuffs like trucks - Hood Nismo 350Z fixed (currently independent from Nissan 350Z) - Fixed cameras (Dodge Viper Convertible, Lamborghini Gallardo SE and coupe, and more) - Cameras update to the next step of the camera editing - New features automatic installation (safety and efficiency) - Ability to choose what you want to install (resources, 1.68, transport) on easy step control - Easy to remove. - The language remains unchanged. Installation instructions: Open the "Patch" folder, open the file "PATCH_1.68B.exe", select "browse", select the folder with the game and click "Next".
  9. My suggestion is to create models to TDU2 with two standarts of quality. First, new models with quality as original TDU2 cars (with small size of files), and second with ultimate quality as it's doing through most of modders. Idea is simply a choice for players.
  10. Hello. I am trying to modify some camera definitions files, because I need to zoom out the camera for my Ibiza Bus mod, but I don't know, where are these files located. I tried to unpack some vehicular .bnk files, but now I am even more confused. Can you please help me?
  11. 1: Hello all, i'd like to edit the original RS5 model from TDU2 to change the headlight design to the newer ones as the ones in game dont look so good, like these: [ATTACH]23716[/ATTACH] How would i go about doing this? I'd like to start modding but I'm such a noob and have no idea what to do :eek: (I HAVE TIME TO DO IT.) I have unpacked the original files from tdu2 unpacked with BNK manager and have them in the work folder, but i have absolutely no idea where to start... 2: Anyone know where id begin my long and tedious start to modding? thought if id get into the whole thing id start with something simple but now that im saying it ill probably never figure it out and give up - im pretty sure i have the necessary tools (Zmodeler? Anything else?) Oh dear lord help me LOL. Does anyone else just wish they could mod but cant get the hang of it? if someone showed me im pretty sure id get it. I have such a large wishlist of mods for this game and id love to be able to make them before all other modders for this game become extinct and ill never get any help making mods for myself. I know this has been a long message and im pretty sure ive posted something similar before and im sorry but i am DESPERATE to learn how to mod! Ive tried to access those videos StarGT made but they dont really help, I need alot of info regarding what the hell i have to do to get a bloody Jaguar CX75 or Audi RS7 (My two biggest wishes)into the game. PS: Sorry this kinda turned into a rant about me wanting to make mods for TDU2, and how i will probably never learn, maybe my struggles have entertained you slightly? :cry::cry: 2nd PS: yet again, i'm sorry - I'm english okay - im apologetic - Teaching me how to mod would come with benefits... "HINT HINT" "WINK WINK": Released mods? If it takes off and I got the hang of it id take a few requests... Sorry (Cant help it - Sue me :eek:) if that sounds like bribery, i just wanna mod. Small edit: i put this in the wrong place didnt I?
  12. I know: It's german. Just wanna show ya, that i make the first tutorial of that! :D I am really proud of it. And i hope it will get many many klicks:D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnPQ-LlpR6M The Same in HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0IgvagEDww
  13. Okay, is finally possible, in fact TDU2 is the perfect game to do this due to the fact that the Radio can be disconnected. First, you need to do this method for bringing the Steam Overlay ingame Second, you need to join the Steam Music group. By doing this you're applying for being in the Steam Music Beta, once you're in (you'll recieve a mail sooner or later and also you must be using the Beta client) the party can start. Now the tricky part. Once you have the Overlay script working (it may need a little tweaking) and you're in the Steam Music Beta you may have realised three things: 1.- Steam Music only works from Big Picture Mode 2.- The Script brings the normal Steam Overlay 3.- Classic Steam Overlay can not be switched to Big Picture on the fly To solve this, the Script must be added to the Steam Library, so we add a random .exe file (like, for example, the Universal Launcher), make a right click over the link, go to Properties -> Change and, by choosing a new archive, we change from exe files (*.exe) to All File and choose the script contained in the .bat file Now all that's left it's entering in Big Picture mode, launching the script, opening our music library from the overlay and playing our favourite discs. For me is Queen, MJ and Jon von Jobi aaaaall the way (Scissors Sisters too :3 )
  14. Hello everybody, first let me tell you that i love this forum, been lurking since i bought tdu2 like 4 months ago, but now i want to make a sound mod for the koenigsegg, so i have really good samples, and i use as a template/structure for the mod the 458 italia mod by Jorgemodek because i can't manage to edit XMB. So my problem is, i can change "off" sounds and they sound good, but whenever i put a "on" sound in the game it becomes very quiet (really not audible) and full of treble, really dirty, i've tried pcm adpcm 44 48khz etc doesn't seem to change something, tried to set the pitch to the sound replaced, nothing! So if someone could answer that precise question, or knows of a sound mod tutorial i would love the help! Kisses!:lol:
  15. For some reason, all of my sound mods glitch up like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASlvp7om4Ek I'm thinking it's the compression BNK Editor has to do to fit it in the game. :-x Does anyone know what's wrong?
  16. New HQ wood textures V2.0 This mod change the original wood textures to new hq wood textures. These are common textures, so if you change one, its will change in every car what use e.g. the wood.2db file. Preview: Bigger pic: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-RjGEIgBA8mA/UXaE6h7TpOI/AAAAAAAAAIk/0JgKL6KtItM/s1077/Wood+textures.jpg Please create a backup of the original files! If you have any problem or question just write me a pm here! To install the wood textures, check the pictures in the rar. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nli8jd14c42phwv
  17. Everytime I click on a car I get this error, UNABLE TO LOAD VEHICLE DATA, Please download bah bah bah.. So how do I fix this, I might be a noob, but I need help. Thanks guys.. --- Post Updated --- I got this from the MODDINGTOOLSDEBUG.LOG ** 7/06/2013 4:55:30 PM ERROR *** Exception > Unable to load requested vehicle data. -- parent exception -- *** DirectoryNotFoundException > Could not find a part of the path 'D:\Euro\Bnk\Database\DB.BNK'. at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy) at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access) at TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.banks.BNK._ReadData() at TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.banks.BNK..ctor(String bnkFileName) at TDUModdingLibrary.fileformats.TduFile.GetFile(String fileName) at TDUModdingTools.gui.wizards.vehiclemanager.VehicleManagerForm._LoadVehicleData(String slotRef)
  18. Hi there First of all, thank you to this forum for introducing me to the wonders of TDU modding, really enjoying the looks of some of the mods on this forum and I'm looking forward to getting them into my game. I do have one problem though. The recommended TDU modding tools programme I downloaded doesn't seem to want to load any car data. I've tried the suggestions I've found for the problem with no success. Is there another programme I can download that will allow me to convert a LHD car slot to the camera of a RHD car for the skin?
  19. hi, after I unpacked the game and started modding the indicators stopped working.:confused: I dont know how and why but evin when i want to activate them through the accesorry menu and i choose left or right it will make the sound like you have no openable roof, the deny sound.:confused: could someone please help me with this and has someone of you already have this before? greetings, Escape
  20. The headless monster!! also shifting with the wrong hand xD -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- post your fail pictures XD not sure if a similar thread exist. =]
  21. I would like to replace a horn clip on a vehicle with a siren clip but cannot find where the horn files are to replace, what folder and or what BNK file are the horns located??? Have searched everywhere and also online and cant figure it out, any ideas? Thamks, l1cf
  22. Hello!! I am an user from South Korea, and I have a problem on car modding on test drive unlimited 1. The real problem is.... That when I start up the vehicle manager, I get this message. 'Unable to load requested vehicle data' I've installed the megapack, and it's not illegal or crack game either. I need the solution to fix this right now. I've also tried to put this one adminstrator mode, but it didn't work. Sorry for the bad english.
  23. It is for TDU2 also a Modding Tools give you the car with the deeper can insert and the same? Thank you for the Answer! :)
  24. Could someone give a downloading link for tdu modding tools 1.14 ??? (sorry for my bad english)
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