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Found 3 results

  1. Road Rash Returns! Motorcycles, speed, police, crashes and violence. This is Road Rash and it is one of the best games I have ever had the joy to play. Race on your bike through the pack while avoiding all manners of hazards from other riders, traffic cars, pursuing police and other obstacles. Punch, kick and bash your way past your opponents and the motorcycle cops trying to stop you as you hurtle towards the finish line, preferably at the front of the pack, and in one piece, in the aim to become the outright champion! Watch as your rider flips and tumbles when you collide with the static and moving dangers that litter the sides and occupy the roads you travel. Laugh (and get annoyed?) as your bike gets knocked further away from your rider by another vehicle and they have to chase after it, eager to hop back on and return to the race. Oh yes, this game was (is?) so much fun to play and despite it looking sooooo old and blocky compared to the technical and gorgeous marvels of today, there is still something about its gameplay, even now. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing any of this for yourself or want to revisit old bash-your-face-in-ful, then thanks to this new thing they call the internet you can go and do so, in fact you can play Road Rash and its sequels and judge if I am merely looking through rose-tinted spectacles. No matter what platform you played this on, it was always the same simple formula: racing, fighting and crashing. And at a time when car games were flooding onto the scene it was good to be able to try something else. Throw into the mix the ability to cause some hurt, and it's no wonder these games became so popular! And if after giving it a go you too want more and are wondering why there is no modern-day equivalent, then worry not, as there is an indie title currently in development called Road Redemption that is available for PC on Steam 'Early Access', that aims to bring the motorcycle-racing-beating-up-opponents genre back! Gamespot recently took a look at it, and despite it being a bit rough around the edges, it's very much full of the qualities we would expect from one that wishes to emulate this icon. And until EA find the will to actually set it loose again, this is as close as we can get to a new version.
  2. I'm getting sick of taking the train to work and getting stuck every time it rains or is too hot, and driving to work is just too expensive to do often (~$35 per day in tolls, parking, and fuel - that would be $140 per week compared to $45 per week on the train), and sometimes it doesn't save me any time if traffic is bad. So I'm somewhat interested in the idea of getting a decent motorbike to reduce time and costs (although obviously the initial outlay could be anywhere up to 10k). I've watched a lot of YouTube videos recently and have convinced myself that it doesn't look that hard if you take it easy and following some helpful guidelines to avoid being hit by others. I've booked in a whole day of training and a learner permit test next month which will help confirm/deny that theory. :) So now comes the tricky part, finding a bike that I like. I'd welcome your input, but as a guide I'm looking for the following: ~400-600cc (~47 HP) - LAMS (learner) approved (parallel twin/V-twin (2 cyl)). More upright riding position to help see over traffic (and is more comfortable) Fairing would be preferred + also a windshield as they reduce buffeting Decent mileage per tank of fuel Liquid cooled (not air cooled) (Relatively) Quiet on start-up so as to not wake up the neighbors in the morning Easy to read dashboard (i.e. can easily glance at speedo with sun-glare or at night). A Gear indicator would be handy I reckon, although these are uncommon. Reliable, not expensive to service. Leaning towards Japanese brands for this reason. So far standouts include bikes such as the Honda CB500X or Kawasaki Versys 650L or maybe Yamaha FZ6R or possibly the Suzuki GSX650FL (has a great dashboard but seems over the top). Those 600+cc bikes appear to be detuned from high performance models, which means you're paying for more than you're getting (and they're probably less learner-friendly than the Honda), but the upshot is that once you get a full license you could pay another $800 or so to have the restriction removed via ECU tune. That's assuming I actually want to go any faster. From what I've seen the Honda CB500 is quite torquey at lower revs (it only revs just beyond 8000rpm anyway), and can do 0-100 in around 6 seconds which is a little faster than the Golf, which I think is probably the sweet spot in terms of power for a learner. I haven't spent much time researching older bikes that may be discontinued (I think the learner power limits have recently been increased which is why there aren't many options above 300cc going back a few years), but if you guys have time and find something I'd be interested in having a look. Especially if you can find it for sale around Melbourne (and it shows the price). List of bike sales websites: Smilies - turboduck Here's what I've looked at so far... Honda CB500X Kawasaki Versys 650L Yamaha FZ6R Suzuki GSX650FL
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