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Found 1 result

  1. Well, I just want to (re)introduce myself since I have big hopes on The Crew as TDU-successor. I reeeealy hope it just won't become a basically unsupported bugfest like TDU1 was. I skipped TDU2 due to poor car-physics and ForceFeedback. On the original TDU-Central Forums my account was named Anentropia, but I didn't post much. I strongly suspect that I'm mostly known from my time in TDU1, there - for 2 time periods - I became/was a Top10 of worldwide Leaderboard racer (obvious and not so obvious cheaters aside). This was about in end of 2007 until end of 2009. I still drove later then that, but due to real life circumstances I drove less and less, got slower, got annoyed from bugs preventing clean videos, and nowadays TDU1 don't work at all with my G27 (no ForceFeedback), so I can't even drive offline. I particularly remember the summer of 2008 were I drove almost daily for 5+hours until my hand-tendons got seriously injured. I particular liked the races with the CTDD-Club, although they were most challenging and often frustrating - due to their fastness, multiplayer-bugs and controller-failures (e.g. I literally broke off my original Logitech DFP in an attempt to brake the world record on the twisty Singleplayer-Track "Jackpot" in an McLaren F1 LM (just before I my steering wheel broke I made a video of one attempt)). Since I experienced in my TDU-Time a lot of multiplayer-bugs - of which some could be misinterpreted as cheating - and got called cheater because I was so fast in 2008 to 2009 I started in 4-2008 to write a Guide for just about everything performance related including a detailed explanation of most multiplayer-bugs in hope the whining would stop when they see what's actually possible with a specific car on a specific track. I even started to record proper videos of my evaluation runs on the track which I used as a testing ground for my guide (the circuit track "May the best man win"). But of course TDUs messy programming sabotaged even that: on all cars with paddle-shift/sequential gearboxes and even some normal shifted ones TDU didn't properly save the gearchanges, so cars behaved "strange" in the replay. I documented this bug in a separate video as well since otherwise it could have been misinterpreted as cheating. My guide aside, I also remember the MP-Races where a nutcase (imo part of his name) used to drive worst handling car of TDU - the Chrysler ME 4-12 - without any driving-aids on a small twisty and hilly track and somehow managed to drive clean. I still wonder how what was possible - I just can suspect the used kind of controller (wheel/gamepad/keyboard) also has some influence on the Driving-Aids or physics independent of the actual driving-aid settings (which are already hard enough to determine what exactly they do and which is the fasted or most realistic). Btw for racing I always drove in "hypersport" (least still active mode), for cruising completely off. TDU aside I also tried my luck on the legendary GPL (Grand Prix Legends; which amazingly still runs under Win7x64), Race07 AddOns and NFS Shift 1+2 (made some Videos as well) and long time ago the imo last true rally-sim "Richard Burns Rally". But Race07 is game-engine/programming-wise stuck in the past (bugs/instable in Win6.x; ancient graphics) or have mushy/floaty ForceFeedback or car-physics (NFS Shift) so they don't make fun anymore. Needless to say these aren't all racing games i used to play/race, but at least I also want to name my very first race game in general and my first "kinda" race-sim: 4D-Stunt driving aka Stunts (already Polygon-based engine, but you quite literally could count the number of polygons seen from cockpit with one hand :D - though the gameplay was so great i still sometimes play it today in dosbox) and GrandPrix Circuit (a simple 2D Formula1 "Sim"; "sim" 'cause its engine was quite limited due to lack of computing power in 1987) I started with both games in 1990/91; my first racing game which would count as a sim by nowadays standards was GrandPrix2 (Geoff Crammond greets). And finally I want to show my first post on the official TheCrew-Forum where I hope some Devs read this so Crew don't becomes like TDU concerning bugs+network-code+cheats. In this post are also all current links to my TDU1-Guide (English+German; MS Office+Libre/OpenOffice), in case anyone is still interested in that ;) Here it is: forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/797721-Questions-Suggestion-by-an-ITpro-%28Network-Admin-Engineer-MCITP-Enterprise-Admin%29 At last my Youtubes Channels Playlists; I got 3 concerning racing (TDU+Race07 AddOns): youtube.com/user/TheSeekerII/videos?flow=grid&view=1 All videos are made by the best of my abilities - properly recorded by Xfire in 720p, added some not to loud music, Intro etc with proper description - so no blurry shaky crap (edited this post at least 40times :D)
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