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Found 9 results

  1. Works perfect with all transmission, except if you use clutch on a button. Not all cars contains turbo sound! Install: Extract the car's audio file. (Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules\x.bnk) Open the CarVSTConfig.xmb file with a Hex editor. Search the "turbo" word in the file. (This is the Golf 6 xmb file) [ATTACH]17349[/ATTACH] You must change the value to increase the sound volume. "these values is floats. In examples: CD CC 40 3D == 0.04707031 CD CC 40 3E == 0.1882813 CD CC 40 3F == 0.753125 8F C2 F5 3D == 0.12 8F C2 F5 3E == 0.48 8F C2 F5 3F == 1.92" - By tomsolo Write a higher value. Save and repack the audio file. Enjoy it!:coolspot: Sorry for my english.
  2. Audi RS6 Avant + MTM RS6R Vehicle replaced: Audi RS6 Avant Edited by: thunderhawk17382 - Member of J/T Tuning Original model and textures by: Atari/Eden (TDU2) Thanks to: Djey, Oleg, Knyazev, RacerS, Minime891, Tool831, Speeder, Guys from Xentax Forum and the forgotten. Used Tools: TDU Modding Tools II - Mini BNK Manager by Djey TDU2 Texture Tools & TDU2 Universal Launcher by Knyazev TDU2 Camera Hack by RacerS Zmod2 by Oleg Make sure you are running TDU2 unpacked! - Follow the guide in TDU2-Wiki Backup your files and read the included readme-file! To enjoy this mod (specially the indicators), TDU2 Cam V1.3.1 by RacerS is mandatory! Attention: Additional informations about the installation of the rims (MTM V1.1) in readme-file (you have to replace Q7-rims)! Features: general TDU2-features (let me know, if something is incorrect or missing!) Indicators @ dashboard Bugs: None known Indicators MTM RS6R Mod-history: Audi RS6 Avant: v1.2 - 29/Jan./2012 - fixed bug on reflection under the car MTM RS6R: v1.1 - 21/Jan./2012 - fixed bug on reflection under the car - bigger brakediscs and new calipers on front axle. - first version of mtm-rims. MTM RS6R: v1.0 - 05/Dec./2011 - frontlight bugfix (activated part while braking) + working indicators @ dashboard - at the front: removed RS6 badge, spoiler lip in carbon - at the rear: moved RS6 badge, added mtm badge, diffusor in carbon, 4-pipe exhaust Audi RS6 Avant: v1.0 - 04/Dec./2011 - frontlight bugfix (activated part while braking) + working indicators @ dashboard Downloads: Audi RS6 Avant v1.2.zip - Google Drive TDU2 MTM RS6R v1.1.zip - Google Drive If these downloads are not working, please contact me via or private message. Terms of use: - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners - If you wish to edit this modification and publish the edited version, just follow the additional terms "Simple-Fair-Handle-Agreement". Simple-Fair-Handle-Agreement: - 3D-Files must be published "unlocked" under this agreement. - It is allowed to edit the modification. - In a new publication, changes must be registered in the included readme file. (with the name of the author) - The modification must pass under the same conditions. - It's not allowed to delete original parts of the readme-file, especially not the original authors. Have fun! Best regards Stefan
  3. I lost these Gallardo Rims 'cause i didn't rebooted them.. Can anyone help me ? In the picture there are the rims i'm searching for Error 403 (Forbidden)!!1
  4. Hi ! I need the original subaru Impreza sound file (bnk) please !! Sry for my bad english.
  5. Hi. Can anybody upload a original file of Ferrari 599 GTO. I need 599_gto.bnk. What you think if TDU 3 will be in Monaco? I think it will be great. Monaco is a capital of exotic cars:)
  6. Hello, I bought some years ago by the TDU atari.com site, now the cdkey but I have the installer, you know how I can recover the legal download? ciao, io ho comprato qualche anno fa TDU dal sito atari.com, adesso ho il cdkey ma non ho il programma di installazione, sapete come posso recuperare il download legale?
  7. Hello,i have a new laptop,and the Grid,Shift1,Nfs World ...Dirt3!!! work nice,i have 25 -30 fps.....and i installed the TDU1 and minimum graphic i have 15 fps,its terrible....de minimum system requirements is 512ram.....6600GT nvidia,thats nothing....need to go fine in 1024 medium without AA! My system : amd athlon II dual-core m320 2.10 GHz Radeon HD4200 2GB Ram PLS HELP,important,this is my favorite game!:(:(:(
  8. I would like to request my dream car to TDU :) It's K.I.T.T from 80's Knight Rider TV-show (Pontiac Trans Am), there is already great model made by Tobie to GTA San Andreas, and if I'm right, conversion to TDU is possible. This is some edition of he's KITT mod: http://www.moddb.com/games/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas/addons/knight-rider-platinum-edition Here is Tobie's profile in Moddb.com: http://www.moddb.com/members/tobie Please! :thumbsup:
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