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Found 14 results

  1. Here is some pics of my Jaguar cars Jaguar XF-R Jaguar XKRS Jaguar XKRS '09 Jaguar XKR Jaguar XJ200 Jaguar E - Type Jaguar XK Coupé Jaguar XK Convertible
  2. Hey all I've been practicing photography lately and this is the first time I've done this with a car (I've been doing more shots around my backyard and street and my dog :P), and I had limited space and not alot of sun (some are dark because of the shade and some focus angles are possibly wrong but I was just trying some different things. More photosets will be uploaded but at the moment all there is, is the '93 MX-5 :) Any constructive input would be very helpful! Cheers :) Here's a little preview at a small image size so everyone can load this thread properly, original size is 3008x2000 :P http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157635755661034/
  3. All but one have minor editing. Sorry for the huge post haha, I LOVE the photomode in this game Autumn Ring - Mini by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Autumn Ring - Mini by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Circuito de Madrid by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Matterhorn Riffelsee by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Matterhorn Riffelsee by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Apricot Hill Raceway by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Ascari Full Track by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Ascari Full Track by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr Goodwood Hillclimb by TDUFREAK500, on Flickr
  4. Hey folks! We recently launched our GT6 Photography page on Facebook ! We'll upload photos and our expirience in the game. A Give-Aways will follow soon. You can like and/or share our page if you're interested. Would be awesome ! GT6 Photography Facebook Here's an example: -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Hope to see you soon !
  5. The NAC Drift Nationals is a great event and is one of the most open competition drifting events in New Zealand, with no separation between the Pro and Pro-Am class cars. The new Formula Drift qualifying format was also being run in New Zealand for the first time ever. I managed to secure my first media pass for this event (a massive thanks to Jason from Turbo-Spec.com for that) so that meant a 5am start to be at the gates by 8:20 AM, but it was well worth it. The event was great apart from the really long delays. One car lost it's oil filter spewing oil all over the track and another ended up in the wall after the brakes locked up in the staging area while scrubbing the tires. The day started off with open practice, Mad Mike was managing to pull off some awesome backwards entries throughout the morning and was looking on form. Unfortunately he had computer problems and could not qualify. Jacob Hakaria was looking really comfortable in his new car, (Darren Benjamin's old 2JZ powered C35 Laurel) unfortunately he would go on to break his gearbox in the Top 32 in his battle against Russell Cole, ending his weekend. Carl Thompson made his competition debut in his 1300 HP turbo quad rotor Lexus GS300, he was looking good through practice and managed to qualify in 8th position. Sadly in Top 32 he threw a drive belt off in the staging area, so he wasn't able to battle. Drew Donovan was looking strong all day and managed to qualify in 12th place. He would go head to head with Nate Steel, Sky Zhao, and Robee Nelson before finally losing to Cole Armstrong. He went into a battle for third with Andrew Redward, who would come out on top with Drew taking 4th place. Cole Armstrong had a stellar weekend, he was looking really strong in practice considering he had only stepped off a plane from Australia an hour before the event. He qualified in 9th place and had a bye run in the Top 32. Cole would do battle with Carl Ruiterman, Drew Donovan, and Gaz Whiter, managing to beat them all to take home 1st place. Jodie Verhulst was looking good during the later practice sessions once she got used to the new found grip with the Achilles 123s tyres. Jodie qualified in 8th place and got a bye run in the Top 32. She went up against Russell Sifleet and beat him to go up against Gaz whiter in the top 8, unfortunately the clutch gave up on her after a line lock to warm the tires up and she struggled to keep up. Joe Kukutai debuted the new look for his Skyline which looks great, I love the injection of Japanese style into this car. The team burst inspired purple looks great and the livery looks sweet too, the japanese window name is a really nice touch too. Joe managed to qualify 10th but unfortunately he would be knocked out in his Top 32 battle against Aden Omnet. Ben Belcher was doing well in practice and his car was sounding great as always, Ben would qualify all the way back in 20th place though and be knocked out in the Top 32 against Vincent Hopkins. Eddie Hayman laid down some nice practice runs but didn't manage to qualify as his brakes locked up while he was scrubbing the tires and he ended up in the wall. Andrew Redward was laying down solid runs all day and was able to qualify in 2nd place behind Carl Ruiterman and he had a bye run in the top 32. In the Top 16 he would defeat Russell Cole and then in the Top 8 he would take down Aden Omnet before finally being beaten by Gaz Whiter in the final four. He would go up against Drew Donovan in the battle for third and fourth place which he would win to stand on the bottom step of the podium. I will finish this post up with this photo of all the cars lined up after the drivers had their first qualifying runs to announce the Top 16 qualifiers. -Josh
  6. SPEEEEEEEEEEED! CRC Speedshow is New Zealand's premier automotive event, drawing crowds of over 30,000 people to Auckland's ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane. There was something on display to satisfy everyone no matter what they are into, be it Cars, Bikes or Motorsports. There was at least 10 million dollars worth of cars on display at Speedshow this year with the most expensive car being insured at 4.9 million dollars! and was on loan from it's Australian owner. I decided to head up on the Saturday to check it all out and drool over all the expensive metal on display and get some photos of course. Another nice piece of machinery on display was this McLaren MP4-12C GT3 on the Highlands Motorsport park stand which is a new track that has recently opened up in cromwell down in the South Island. This Citroen GT Concept had been shipped all the way from Europe to New Zealand to be on display at Speedshow, the interior on this car is really interesting to look at and is crafted from some rather space-age looking materials, then there is the massive carbon fibre diffuser hanging off the back end of it, I mean just look at that thing, it's huge! Our Australian readers might recognize this car, it was on loan from Lindsay Fox for the show and was being displayed on the GT Logistics stand. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini, Indepedent prestige had 8 Lamborghinis on display including the classic Countach and the timeless Miura. This Ferrari 430 Scuderia GT from Forza Works in Auckland was on display to advertise the NZ Festival of Motorsport celebrating Ferrari at Hampton Downs this coming January. To celebrate Aston Martin's 100th anniversary there was 5 Aston Martins on display including the classic DB5 made famous by James Bond. Another big hit at this years show was the New Zealand Legends of Speed display which included cars and bike driven and ridden by famous New Zealanders, including Denny Hulme's E30 that he drove at Bathurst. Another iconic vehicle on the Legends of Speed display was Rod Millen's AWD Pikes Peak Toyota Celica which he broke the record with in 1994 which he held for 13 years until it was broken in 2007 by Nobuhiro Tajima after the course had been partially paved. Kat Benson also unveiled her new Burgerfuel sponsored Time Attack Mitsubishi Evo VII at the show which she will be running in the New Zealand Superlap series. The biggest display was the show within a show that is the Castrol EDGE/ Teng Tools Custom and Classic show which took up an entire hall. There was some awesome cars on display including this Rat Rod which was built in the USA for its New Zealand owner who took it on a road trip to the Famous Boneville Salt Flats when he picked it up before he shipped it back to New Zealand. It wasn't just classic American muscle on display though, Another nice car I came across was this incredibly well setup R32 GT-R which looked like it had a lot of time and money poured into it. It was rocking a massive snail and a nice set of Nismo wheels wrapped in sticky Nitto NT05 semi slicks, being a huge fan of the R32 I was green with envy at the owner of this immaculate GT-R. The best display in the Custom and Classic Show was this Mini in a lifesize replica of a Die Cast box, I imagine this display must have taken a lot of effort to create but it would have been all worth it as it turned out amazing and is one of the coolest displays I have ever seen at speedshow. Outside in the Ezybuy Car Auctions Live Action Arena there was several attractions including the D1NZ Drift Demos with 8 of New Zealand's top drifters including Ben Belcher and Nico Reid, there was also Fanga Dan, Gaz Whiter, Daynom Templeman, Drew Donovan, Andrew Redward and Bruce Tannock who where all putting on a show for the crowd. In the second session I took a break from taking photos because I was lucky enough to get to go for a ride with Drew Donovan from Team DMNZ in his LS2 powered S15. I thoroughly enjoyed it, you haven't experienced drifting until you have been in the passengers seat of a drift car, it's a real adrenaline rush and a hell of a lot of fun. A massive thanks to Drew for the opportunity. Out in the Lobby they had this Land Speed record holding Mini Cooper that absolutely smashed the record for "production car with an engine under 1000 cc's" setting the record at over 250 KM/H! This immaculately presented '69 Camaro was on display on the Meguiars stand and looks like it would be a real weapon on the drag strip. This McLaren M8A Can Am Car was also on display on the the Legends of Speed stand to honour Bruce McLaren. I will wrap up this post with this Lamborghini Diablo SE30 that was also on display to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini. [Ed - Droooooooll!] - Josh
  7. SliD1ng back in with more Following up on my previous post, I headed back out on Sunday morning to freeze my feet again. It was totally worth it though to watch the drivers tear it up again! Fanga Dan didn't have much luck at all, after finally getting his engine fixed and back in the car he managed about 10 laps before he blew his diff, He only just managed to get it fixed in time to get out for qualifying. The day kicked off with practice for Pro drivers and the top 4 Pro-Am drivers. We then moved into the Pro-Am top 4 battles, which consisted of Darren Kelly, Gareth Grove, Vincent Langhorn and Jodie Verhulst. Once the Pro-Am top 4 was finished, (we wouldn't get the results until the end of the day though) it moved back into Pro Practice. After several practice Sessions qualifying kicked off with Drivers get three runs each to post the best score they could and try to bag the top spot. Drivers like Mad Mike, Fanga Dan, Drew Donovan and several other were laying down good scores and driving the wheels off their cars, with Fanga Dan and Mad Mike grabbing spot 1 & 2 respectively with only half a point separating them. While drivers like Daynom Templeman and Cam Vernon were fighting their cars the whole time. Once every driver had layed down three qualifying passes the battles started with the top 32, since several drivers had failed to qualify and there wasn't a full field of 32 cars some of the top qualifiers got a bye through the top 32. One of the notable battles was between Mad Mike and Zak Pole in the Top 16, both drivers were pushing their cars very very hard, with the young gun forcing Mad Mike into a OMT (one more time) and managing to take the win which was a reverse of the outcome at Round 5 in Christchurch. Zak Pole would go on to take his first podium finish in 3rd place. Once the battles were finished they had the Awards ceremony for Pro-am with Darren Kelly finishing in first, Vince Langhorn in second and Jodie Verhulst in 3rd with Darren Kelly taking out the Pro-Am championship over all. then there was the awards for Pro with Fanga Dan finishing first, Curt Whittaker in 2nd and Zak Pole in 3rd with Fanga Dan taking out the championship, Mad Miek taking out 2nd and Curt Whittaker in 3rd. Once that was all over and done it was time everyones favourite time of the day, Victory Skids and what a show the drivers put on, the air was so thick with smoke you could only see several metres ahead of you. The sun was setting at the same time which created the perfect conditions for these couple of photos which I will finish this post up with. - Josh See more stunning photography at our Facebook.
  8. Let's Get D1wn to Business Lets start of by saying that the weekend was extremely cold, when I got back to the hotel each night I would spend a good hour or more sitting in front of the heater thawing my feet out, they were that cold! On the first day I met up with my mates from Driftpix NZ (a blog me and a couple of mates run) I was also shooting for my personal page Overdrive Photography and Turbo-Spec.com. I wasn't able to acquire a media pass for this event which is rather annoying because the spectators area is very restrictive to shoot from and I ended up getting very repetitive angles, so I do apologise for that. The day started with open practice for both the Pro and Pro-Am drivers where Fanga Dan managed to damage his engine on his first run leaving him with no practice that day, there was dirt drops, spins and off tracks aplenty from the other drivers as they got to grips with the track. The day then moved into Pro-Am qualifying with each driver getting 3 runs to post a qualifying score, quite a few of the drivers would push too hard and spin or go off track and automatically get a '0', which is the last thing a driver wants when they are trying to qualify for the top 16, one driver that was having a lot of trouble was Adam Davies who drives a 13BT 180SX with an S14 front end, he was still getting used to having more lock and was pushing the car too hard and spinning. Other drivers such as Vincent Langhorn, Jodie Verhulst, Rene Richmond and Gareth Grove were driving really well and posted some of the top qualifying scores of the day. We then moved into the Pro-Am top 16 where drivers would battle it out to get into the top 4 on the Sunday, they wouldnt have it easy though as the heavens opened up just before the top 16 got under way making the track very wet and slick which provided a huge challenge for drivers as they didn't have much grip at all, and were sliding all over the place and having to alter their lines. Darren Kelly, Vincent Langhorn, Gareth Grove and Jodie Verhulst managing to make it through to the top 4. Then to round out the day there was an expression session, with most drivers choosing to go out on track and take some fans for a ride, or in Mad Mike's case, do some more testing and try and finish off the tune since the dyno down at PPRE had been shut down while they were tuning the car because of the ungodly noise the MADBUL makes. Others deciding to call it a day and head off to the pubs for some "beersies", while I was running up and down pit lane snapping off photographs and dodging the rain, I also decided to challenge myself by shooting into the sun which is no easy task. I will finish of this post with one final image of MADBUL being tucked away to bed for the night and I will be back in the next couple of days with a post about day 2. - Josh If you want to see more of Driftpix NZ's stunning photography then be sure to also check out their Facebook.
  9. Welcome to my new Forza Horizon thread... See many many Forza shots and hopefully this won't die like my Forza 4 thread.....ENJOY :D :D
  10. Yep, thats right- I dusted off the PS2 (well... borrowed my girlfriend's, to be more precise) and fired up Gran Turismo 4 again recently, had a ball, its still such a great game. I will be playing it from time to time over the next... while, I dunno- the forseeable future will have bursts of GT4 in it is all I can really say lol. The photomode is definitly dated, but hell it still works, so I put my photography skills that i've acquired since the last time I played the game in about 2006 to the test, and heres what I came up with :) Please click the link, theres more there than I posted here :) Let me know what you think, and leave any suggestions/requests as a comment. Thanks for taking a look :)
  11. Since I've kinda sat FM4 photography on the back shelf for the last few months I figured I'd start taking photos in pCARS :D Here's a few to get started, still getting used to taking the shots. I was steering the wheel with my chin while I had both hands on the keyboard, juggling the controls to go around the car taking screenshots while moving LOL I'll get more used to it, hopefully then better photos will follow. pCARS 2012-08-26 18-23-15-60 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-25-22-85 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-27-20-94 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-38-25-19 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-40-33-30 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-42-25-73 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 19-10-14-97 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr
  12. Well, seems I might be on both ends of the spectrum here with GT5 and now some Forza pics. I hope you enjoy them.
  13. Thus us my Photothread! Some pictures may be bad quality and this is because i don't have a camera at the moment and i'm using my sisters' bad one. Some of the pictures from Northern Queensland are crap because she took them and wouldn't let me take too many pictures. 7.1Megapixel Olympus Fe-270. I'm looking for a new camera soon. Ok. I've recently been away in Cairns snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef and i wanted to post pictures i've taken. I also bought a disposable underwater camera but i haven't had the film devoloped yet. I shall post my underwater pictures of the reef when i get them back from the store. Here's some i took above ground.http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY121.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY002.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY010.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY016.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY036.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY044.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY049.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY083.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY088.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY091.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY092.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY093.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY094.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY095.jpg Ahh a scary snakehttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY097.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY104.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY105.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY110.jpg Ahh a scary crocodilehttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY111.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY117.jpghttp://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab160/TopGear1Stig/CAIRNSHOLIDAY119.jpg Pretty please leave good/bad feedback!!
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