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Found 81 results

  1. Aenigma

    Problem with TDU

    Good evening, as the title says, I have a serious problem with TDU (both TDU 1 and 2). I can play the game fine for around an hour or so, when suddenly - blackscreen, 2 seconds silence and the PC (well, laptop) shuts down completely. The weird thing is, I can play a lot of way more stressful games for hours (a pimped out Skyrim for example runs on 30+ FPS on my system and almost never crashes to the desktop), so I'm really confused, and kind of pissed that TDU forces my PC to shut down. My processor's an i7M with 2.4 GHZ, I got 2 GB of graphic card RAM, 8 GB of normal RAM and my power supply is stable as well. I just recently cleared every little opening in the chassis of dust and set the power supply so that my CPU isn't running on full juice all the time (90% is more than enough) which also drastically led to a decrease in temperature. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. [ATTACH]21873[/ATTACH][ATTACH]21874[/ATTACH] anyone know how solve this problem these rims haven't tires thanks :nuts:
  3. tduchicken

    Zmodeler problem

    Hey Guys! Today I'm not presenting any Sound Mod, I just want to ask some questions. Well this is my problem: I'd like to have the ,,new,, version of the Lamborghini Miura in TDU2, so I startet with UV mapping etc. This turned out: [ATTACH]20161[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20162[/ATTACH] So, everything seemed well, until I started the game: [ATTACH]20163[/ATTACH] I tested everything and don't know what to do... :crying: Please help! :lol:
  4. Guepardo2701

    TDUPE Back up problem

    Hi, i just had a big fat problem with TDUPE 2.5 The last weeks i've been modding every car in game, and today TDUPE gave me an error "Unhandled exception", a .NET problem. After re-downloading TDUPE 2.5, and finally making it run, i found out that all settings were default again...:ill: Wow, well, i must have overwritten the database, but i thought the database was saved and secured inside the game directory files, not inside TDUPE files... i really have no idea where are these files and i'm regretting that i didn't take care about it before... :( So.. two questions... Where are the database files?? so i can backup them in the future... and, can i somehow recover the lost database?? that would be awesome Thanks! ;)
  5. Arnaud Acking

    hum ??? problem

    are TDU2 Servers down ? or it is just maintenance ?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  6. ardafeto

    S65 AMG Problem

    hı guys ı moddes a s65 amg but when ı try to open the car game close iıtself please can anybody help me
  7. Hi there, I have a problem with TDU2 and steering wheel (next only SW) Sidewinder force feedback. This SW is a little bit old but with the game Dirt 3 is compataible. But with the TDU2 there is problem. When I am playing TDU2 without SW everything is okey. At the time I connect the SW to the PC run the game, the game start to hacks. When i try to set the game in the setting (like brake accelerate ..) the game stop and i cant do anything only Alt+F4. Does anybody know what to do with that?
  8. alluuu

    TDU crashing problem...

    Hi! I have a problem with TDU, when i start the .exe the game crashes and is saying not responding, I had couple of car mods/sounds. They worked correctly, but then suddenly the game crashed and i haven't got it work since that... i have uninstalled and reinstalled it 2 times now and still no progress, same thing every time :D I would love to play this game but i just can't. And I have installed it properly. installed game-> installed a patch (tried 1.66 and 1.68 but it didnt solve the problem)--> then inserted the crack. Im really confused here what the problem is, every kind of helping is appreciated!! THANKS :)
  9. ddfdriver

    Audacity Problem

    look in this picture : even though I set the sound at exactly 4 seconds, it still creates an extra little silent part of it ! ! ! =))) I wonder why . . .
  10. Hi I don't know if any1 can help me but I discovered 100% road on ibiza zone 1 and I'm stuck at 99% on zone 2 since a month ! could any1 tell me what we should miss easily on ibiza map or a tiny little program that can help me PS i did all others roads to 100% i just need ibiza zone 2 ...:cry::cry:
  11. I've got a serious issue with installing mods, using TDUMT and installing the 1.68b patch. Every time I try to install the patch my game launches in my standard resolution 1280x720 60 Hz, and then it immediatly turns to 1920x1080 60Hz. And then the game stops working and windows 7 gives an error message. Thing is I used to be able to use a higher resolution then 1280x720, (but that was way back), but now the game runs only standard resolutions. I want to use TDUMT to modify and to launch the game in windowed mode but it won't let me. What can I do?
  12. Hi. In the last week I have installed agein my call of juarez bound in blood,this time i find une bug the i never have it before, the problem is: my Monitor turns off while playing call of juarez bound in blood I really dont know what is the problem i try play it in Best Qualitty and I had that problem and also in Normal quallity,but I know the my pc run that game whitout problems i just dont know why i have that problem. I hope someone can help me :) P.S I dont know where I can post this so i post it here.
  13. Ziolus

    Unpacking game problem.

    Hi i have problem. I downloaded Toyota Supra from this forum and i want to add it to game but if i use unpacker i have no vehicules folder in euro/bnk ;/ plz help me i really want this Supra ;( Thanks EDIT: Ok i unpacked it its all ok but if i replace zonda to Supra and i launch game i have crash and go to pulpit plz help me ;(
  14. Lanker2209

    [PC] Online servers problem!

    Hi there. I installed TDU2 just few hours ago. Of course i choosed online profile. And, when i see the "Click ENTER to continue", below displaying text, that i must configure my network. In UpLauncher displaying ''Game servers available''. In game too. But i doesn't see players. What should i do? Sorry if my english is bad.
  15. Ivan-Ano Sokac

    TDU1 Rims problem/error?

    It was always like that. I bought the game and I only modded few of the cars and rims. I just noticed this today. Can someone tell me what this could be? Sorry if I did something wrong with the thread description or something, I'm new here and I have read the rules :) PS: It's like that on almost every car/rim except some. Picture:
  16. Hi ! Here's my configuration for wheel and here's video with problem. At some point when I turn the wheel just go hard to left/right. I played ETS2 before but when I re-installed I got this problem. Does anybody has idea how to fix it? :confused: -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
  17. Hi guys. I use the TDUPE in newest version and have not had any problem with it. I just wanted to install a new car and physics, but I could not load TDUPE. Error message was "Invalid File. For security of your game, TDUPE will now close". Then after a few tries I could enter the TDUPE but there were no files visible, error message was "TDU database not found". I DID NOT DO ANYTHING WITH ANY RELATED FILES and I am totally shocked, so what happened and what can I do?????? cheers
  18. Hipoah

    TDU 2 Starting Problem

    Hello Guys, I have Problem When starting TDU2. The Error Message says 'You System does not meet the minimum Requirements, Not Enough System Memory' My System Specs ; Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2 GHz 2 GB ram 1 GB Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT Graphic Card Please Help...:sulk:
  19. Bryan1998

    Sound Mod Problem

    Hello! There's been something about trying to make sound mods for certain cars that is really starting to tick me off. The current one i'm working on is the AC Cobra 427. It sounds nothing like the loops i used. The sound sounds like it uses one loop, pitched up. It doesn't use the aggressive onhigh sound, instead it seems very dull and synthetic, like using the onidle or onlow sound to create the whole sound while pitching it up. The idle sounds normal, but everything else is screwed up. I can record what happens to an audio file if needed. Will someone please help me? Thanks in advance. EDIT: FIXED! Solution: Make ST_fordgt_onhigh.wav & ST_stratos _onhigh.wav (yes, there is a space) silent. Now it sounds much better.
  20. Hello, i just bought TDU 2. My wheel (Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Clutch Racing Wheel) works in every game and also in TDU 2. But when I start the game my wheel calibrates wrong, it turns left for circa 45°. It isn't funny to play the game with this problem. Does anybody has an idea or a solution? Thanks. iRexotiCx
  21. Hello guys :) I've got a really annoying problem with the names of the cars I create in TDUPE. I explain you first what I did wrong: I've got a BIG folder who regroups every mods and tools of TDU, even TDUMT and TDUPE. And I change the name of this folder... :-x After I changed it, the game went wrong when I started. I saw every mod's name had "Ressource not found" in TDUPE and TDUMT. I tried to re-install the game fully stock with first the Patch 1.66, then the Megapack, after the MagicMap and finally the Patch 1.68b. I checked if in TDUPE and TDUMT the file directory were right. Then the time to install a mod, when it's an installer it's fine. I have no trouble to see Lambo.. Aventador LP700-4 or BMW M5 F10. But When It's my own physics with a new name, like "SRT Viper" in model name on TDUPE, it does save and i can see the name in TDUPE. Then I start the game, it crash. After I go to TDUMT and I see this: Really strange problem, like TDUMT doesn't recognize names in TDUPE. Before my problem, it use to work really fine. That's years and years I modded TDU and I never had this problem. Any idea ? Thanks if you can help me :)
  22. HI! I have problem with steering in TDU 2. When I turning the steering wheel to the left or right, game senses the turn after 90 degrees. I uninstalled the game, I changed the sensitivity settings, but nothing helps. Please help.
  23. Hi all ! I have problem with weather on Ibiza... Whenever I start the game in 2 hours (game time) in Ibiza the rain starts. And my offline weather (Game.cpr) is forced on 0 - Sunny. [ATTACH]18917[/ATTACH] What can I do to fix this and to have sunny all the time? Also on Hawaii it's always sunny... Only on Ibiza I have this problem.
  24. stevens129

    Logitech G27 problem - Combined pedals

    Hi, I have problem with TDU2. I bought TDU2 and when I want to setting my G27, I cant setup pedals. In Logitech Profiler I have combined pedals unchecked, but ingame still I have combined pedals. I played TDU2 year ago and I doesnt have problem. Other games are good (sorry for my english)..Thanks
  25. Hi everyone, I've played the game almost 100% complete without any major problems, except one. Since day one I've had the same problem with other players' cars warping/lagging all over the place. When I try to drive with my friends, it's impossible. I can see other players' cars, but they don't drive smoothly but instead my friends' cars: - Sometimes I see two same car at the same time - Car jumps from one place to another - Car flies 2m above the road - Car goes through my own car I haven't been able to figure out what the problem is.. I've tried to different cablemodems, both have the same problem. Im running Windows 7 64bit with Steam-version of the game. Any ideas? :eek: