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    1. Currently, Crew Chief supports the following titles: F1 2018 Project Cars 1 and 2 Automobilista rFactor 1 and 2 Stock Car Extreme Copa Petrobras de Marcas Formula Truck Race Room Assetto Corsa iRacing Download Crew Chief
    2. ^Fan-made image Over at GT Planet Ian (humble as always) :) has confirmed that something is in the works, but it will take a long time to come to light. Project Cars 3 Suggestions SMS also recently announced a Pro version of pCARS2 for other businesses to use: https://www.slightlymadstudios.com/pcarspro-porsche/ I'm guessing it includes much the same code as the original but with physics 'tick-rates' turned up so that the PC system requirements are extremely high.
    3. Project CARS 2 Demo Out Now! There is now a Project CARS 2 demo available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With all the fantastic racing titles available at the moment, there is a real chance this one was missed and so, Slightly Mad Studios want you to try it out, hoping that you will add it your racing catalogue. Not able to command as big a draw as the Sony and Microsoft mainstays of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, the sequel to the community-funded original went bigger than most expected. Rallycross, IndyCar and Oval motorsport classes made their way in, along with improved weather, with snow and icy conditions providing even more of a hazard for players to deal with. A reworked physics engine and better handling for controller and pad users has made its way into the game although general feeling is that the best is gotten out of it with a nice wheel setup, as let’s be honest, should be the case. The Official Project CARS 2 Demo was designed and created to allow players to get a taste of the variety of racing action on offer in the full game, and to experience for themselves why Project CARS 2 is one of the highest rated multi-platform racing games of the year. Jump into a Ferrari 488 GT3, Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4, and Formula Renault 3.5, all in action at the laser-scanned Red Bull Ring in two configurations. The demo allows players to take control of three very different vehicles in which they can sample how the game portrays the difference in characteristics between a road-going Lamborghini supercar, Ferrari GT circuit racer, and an open-wheel Formula Renault. To make this even clearer to see, all the racing action takes place at the laser-scanned Red Bull Ring. The three scenarios in the demo will test players with escalating challenges, allowing them to experience class-leading physics in various cars and varying conditions, and give them a taste of what there is to be experienced in the full game. Lucky enough to have snapped up the Xbox One X and/or are in the possession of a PS4 Pro? Well the improvements that are heading to those two will be showcased in the demo when running on those machines. The Project CARS 2 demo download is out now! (search for 'project cars 2' on console and click here for Steam PC) [via Projectcarsgame.com] [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="7452,7454,7453,7456,7455]
    4. Project CARS 2 – VR ‘Driver Eye’ Videos The media is pouring out from those who are lucky enough to be involved in the development of Project CARS 2 and YouTube user beetesjuice is one of the best I have found doing so through these ‘Driver Eye’ videos. Sharing with us the footage of the runs they have engaged in with their sim-racer enthusiast setup, complete with racing wheel and VR, we first see them fight hard to try and control a wild Lamborghini Diablo GTR against a hard-fighting AI opponent at Oulton Park. Being a massive Diablo fan it is only natural that this one would grab me and I might be showing bias because of that, however turn up your volume and just watch and you will see why I picked this one out first. Because as I am a big fan of touring cars and DTM – especially those in the 90s – it was a delight to find this next one, as it contains so many icons of the times and legends of the series that it just felt like watching some of those old races again. I could honestly fill this page up with these videos but I am going to restrain myself and only post a few. Last of which is this race with a Toyota GT-One at Daytona Road, where the main fight is amongst a Ferrari F50 GT trio. The AI appear more confident on this track than the driver we are watching but over the time of the race you can see the confidence rising, as the daylight fades. There’s even more of these on the beetesjuice channel which if you like what you see here, I highly recommend you go and check out. Project CARS 2 is out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 22nd, 2017.
    5. [headline]Project CARS 2 goes early[/headline] Well what do you think about this? Project CARS was only released in May remember and now we have an official announcement of the next one. Now of course this isn't a shut up shop on pCARS and let's get busy on pCARS 2 only but the timing of the news is very unlike the norm, even if we all know that a lot of sequels start their planning and pre-production shortly before a games release or a small time afterwards. What do you think of this and what do you want to see them bring to pCARS 2 that they didn't or won't with pCARS? No year for release for the next one, but with all the groundwork essentially done it could more than likely do a Forza Motorsport (maybe a Gran Turismo one? :lol:) sort of development turnaround. Sauce: Announcing Project CARS 2! - Project CARS
    6. This man's a mad man, and his videos are mad too! That nurburgring video :eek: [spoiler=Click for more videos]
    7. Project CARS² After being teased by the numerous leaks and unofficial mutterings over the past few months, we are finally getting our first official look at Project CARS 2! ‘Difficult Second Album’ syndrome doesn’t seem to apply to pCARS2, with the trailer showing that it is improving on the high benchmark set by its predecessor. Other studios should be concerned with just how much Slightly Mad Studios are planning to include in this game, they are without a doubt living up to their name. The game will arrive sometime in late 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Trailer: In the video we are shown features such as day to night, fully dynamic weather including snow and icy conditions, and so many vehicles that it is clear pCARS2 will have much more than what the original offered. The accompanying info below the video states that there will be “over 170 licensed cars” and that it will have the “largest track roster ever on console” which is a huge increase over the pCARS1 inventory of vehicles and a strong statement to make in regards to the amount of circuits. Being a technical showcase, support for 12K and VR is also a given and no doubt will be shown in all its glory on some snazzy new Panasonic gear. (that deal is still in place right?) Because of fan feedback, eSports and player championships have also been given a boost and will see some excellent features ensuring that pCARS2 is the go-to game for those who want to run these events. A multitude of new locations can be seen, such as an ice circuit set within a snowy wilderness however the traditional tracks such as the Nurburgring and Brands Hatch are still present. Rest assured that the new Ice Circuit will push the traction of whatever you choose to drive to the limit! New vehicles are also a given, with the Aston Martin Vulcan, new Honda NSX and a green wheeled Ford F150 being a few examples highlighted in the trailer’s footage. And if rumours are true, Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari could make an appearance. Previously, it was easy to excuse Porsche due to the EA exclusivity agreement, but Lamborghini and Ferrari were sorely missed from the first game and so fingers crossed that pCARS2 remedies this. It is looking more promising for Porsche though as that stupid exclusivity deal is finally dead as of the end of last year. All in all this game is shaping up very nicely and appears even at this early stage to be deserving of its ‘Ultimate Driver Journey’ tagline. If they can nail all that they have already shown and keep the game running smoothly and stable with less of the bugs and problems that the first one occasionally suffered from, then they could very well smash the opposition. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="6610,6611,6612,6613]
    8. In what might be the second biggest news story to hit these forums today, Slightly Mad Studios have dropped the mic and held the phone and silently released a miniature demo version of Project CARS. A free demo/separate game available on PC only, for those who do not own Project CARS (or for those who do but have not purchased the Pagani DLC vehicles), the following content and features are available: Vehicles Huayra Huayra BC Zonda Cinque Zonda R Zonda Revolucion Tracks Nurburgring+Nords combo Monza GP Azure Coast Game modes Quick Race Weekend Time Trial Virtual Reality Oculus Rift HTC Vive This demo likely comes as a result of a vehicle licensing deal in the full game. Project CARS - Pagani Edition on Steam
    9. With some lucky console players already in-game and the global digital release just hours away, here's a thread to use for your thoughts, questions, tips, etc. Quick preview from Darin Gangi; TL:DW = so far so impressed. In case you didn't know, the UK Kart Nationals artwork was created by yours truly.
    10. Project Pagani CARS In light of the news that Project CARS had sold over 2 million copies comes the surprise announcement that a free edition is available now on Steam: Project CARS - Pagani Edition. This heavily streamlined version of the Slightly Mad Studios developed sim-racer features all five of the Pagani models that can be found in the main game and provides players with three tracks to race them on: the full Nürburgring layout of the 24Hour event (yay!), the Monza Grand Prix circuit and the in-house created paradisical Azure Coast. Out of the five Paganis available in this edition, 3 of them are variations of the Zonda, including the undeniably outrageous track-only Zonda R, with the other 2 being of the current Huayra model, one of which is the more hardcore Huayra BC. With full VR ability on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive plus – as Panasonic liked to show us often – glorious 4K display support, the PC version has always been a showcase product for many a brand and it is obvious why when a glimpse is made of the game running on quality settings. For those who have held out on buying, this is the perfect opportunity to see what they may have missed and perhaps might even sway them into becoming customers of the full game. And should they decide to do so then they can use the turboduck liveried RUF, designed by Milli, that tduck – and former staff – member Ryzza5 generously allowed us to use as part of the perks he received for the level he funded the project at. Probably would have made sense to offer a nice discount on the game to coincide with the release of this though SMS… no? Source: Slightly Mad Studios
    11. Project CARS 2Million! Crowd-funded sim-racer Project CARS has now sold over 2 million copies Slightly Mad Studios have announced. A long time in the making and the first game that really ventured into getting ordinary people to dip into their own pockets in order to not only fund, but also to help shape the title into the vision both the developer and community had in mind, was an interesting one to watch. There was a few of us here at turboduck who participated in contributing to this project and despite a number initially jumping in for the originally touted Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, the change to the newer consoles was a tough one to swallow, but ultimately was the right one. And yes it has had its fair share of bumps along the road and certainly has its haters too. The Xbox One version in particular has suffered with performance issues and bugs, however for the most part, on PC and PS4 it is still one of the best games out there for racing fans. The multi-million sales of Project CARS validates not only our revolutionary racing simulation, but also our unique World of Mass Development platform. From the onset, we believed that our groundbreaking way of funding games, alongside our commitment to working with our customers and listening to what they wanted from a racing simulation, would push us in the right direction.” - Ian Bell, CEO at Slightly Mad Studios Hearing that the game has broken past the 2 million barrier is great to hear and bodes well for the sequel that is currently in development, this time with a different funding practice n place but still along the same lines as the previous in getting normal people involved. With the added competition from Assetto Corsa and the Forza series ever striving to reach new heights in what it delivers – and of course now being made for PC too – Project CARS 2 will find itself in a tough fight for the attentions of racing enthusiasts. Hell, maybe Gran Turismo Sport will turn out to be better than just a typical GT game and be another rival to contend with. Source: Slightly Mad Studios Hat tip to Ryzza5 for originally informing us of this.
    12. Before I received my Rift I heard many say it was brilliant but I also heard some disappointment as to the visual quality. I assumed it would be good enough for me not to care (which is true) but there are probably many others who are also unable to 'just try it' and wonder what they can expect to see if/when they finally get to wear one. So I took the mirrored output of one race and made the following visual edits to give a rough idea (don't shoot me if it's not 100% perfect) of what the Rift is like to look through: Yes you can see the black edges on the sides (you can actually see a little more above and below the edges shown here) but don't forget this image is hard up against your face and not half a meter away. In reality, the picture is a bit more dotty than this - I have compensated for the fact that you'll notice it less when focusing on where you are going (conversely, you'll notice it more if just watching a video).
    13. It's Not You, It's Me - SMS Move On To Project CARS 2 This week we discuss the latest happenings with rivals Project CARS and Assetto Corsa, as well as news in the non-racing world with Life Is Strange and We Happy Few, and the latest UK charts! The Virtual Racing World As you probably already suspected with the lack of updates and new DLCs recently, Project CARS support appears to have come to a close. Slightly Mad Studios are now shifting their focus to the upcoming sequel, which certainly isn't a bad thing, however it leaves us feeling a little melancholy for the days of regular bug fixes and updates for pCARS. The end of support was confirmed on Twitter recently when a gamer inquired about future patches. However, in the world of Assetto Corsa things are looking up! In fact things are looking bright and shiny as Assetto Corsa has gone gold for Xbox One and PS4. Gone are the days of racing sim PC exclusivity, now even you console scum (kidding!) can join in on the fun! The official release dates are 26th of August for Europe, and 30th of August for North America. We look forward to seeing a new wave of players experience Assetto Corsa. Other Things Remember Life is Strange? Dontnod's episodic game following the story of a teenager who discovers she has the power to rewind time has won a BAFTA for best story, a Peabody Award, as well as over 75 Game of the Year awards. Now, Life is Strange is taking on another form. Legendary Digital Studios and Square Enix are collaborating to produce a Life is Strange digital series, as announced last week by Greg Siegel, Senior Vice President of Development and Production for Legendary Digital Studios. "Life is Strange is one of those rare properties that combines incredibly developed characters and storylines with deeply engaging gameplay.It lends itself perfectly to live-action imaginings. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Square Enix, DONTNOD Entertainment and dj2 to bring the world of Arcadia Bay to life in an exciting new way." Greg Siegel You may have seen the chilling E3 trailer of We Happy Few earlier this year and now you can dive in to it's dark world. Set in an English city during the 1960s, We Happy Few tells the story of an escape from mandatory drug-induced happiness, meanwhile the cheerful folks around you do their best to stop you. We Happy Few is available now as a Steam Early Access title or on Xbox One as an Xbox Game Preview for £22.99. It's been on my wishlist since E3, and I'm dying to play it. UK Charts This week in the charts Lego Star Wars remains numero uno, while Rocket League climbs to #7 and GTA V rises from #4 to #3. Amazing to see GTA V still in the charts almost 3 years after it's initial release. Overwatch hangs in there, dropping from #3 to #5, however we don't expect it to disappear anytime soon. Let us know your thoughts on this week's news in the forum.
    14. Since there are a growing number of TDUCkers playing pCARS and online multiplayer is currently being built (chat about online co-op career sounds interesting), let's start off with some friendly time trial competitions. NB - Don't try too hard at this, since leaderboards are reset if a new build features big enough changes to the physics or force feedback. As of November 2012 everyone is now on the new tyre model. Compare all player records here: Mielie_NL Ryzza5 T3hReaper91 Pyrre Pressurized Scar JaLaRu Acid44 GTAMADDOG Sponge ozzmcom SuperHyper Mellors DanG323i Googlproxer Destroyer-GT Patch Dustie Who MrLolololXD TDUFREAK500 Kelvy Mr Softie Sorted by UserID (when you joined). Perhaps we'll pick a certain car and track combo and focus on that as a weekly challenge. At the end of the week I'll pick someone at random (out of those who participated) to pick the next combo. All Aids must be turned off (besides 'Damage disabled' and 'Automatic Clutch') Week 27: BWM M3 GT at Besos (Circuit de Catalunya) pyrre - 1:47.539 T3hReaper - 1:49.140 ---- old ---- Week 1: Palmer Jaguar JP-LM at Anhalt GP (Oschersleben) pyrre - 1:20.900 Sponge - 1:21.833 T3hReaper - 1:22.800 Ryzza5 - 1:23.084 superhyper - 1:24.600 Week 2: Asano X4 Touring at Connecticut Hill GP (Watkins Glen) pyrre - 1:41.439 T3hReaper91 - 1:41.580 Sponge - 1:41.885 Ryzza5 - 1:43.404 superhyper - 1:43.503 Destroyer-GT - 1:45.273 googlproxer - 1:57.something Week 3: BAC Mono at Bologna (Imola) pyrre - 1:46.264 Destroyer-GT - 1:47.505 patch - 1:53.312 Week 4: Formula A at Bathurst (Mount Panorama) pyrre - 1:45.907 patch - 1:46.615 Ryzza5 - 1:49.830 Week 5: Asano X11 at Belgian Forest (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps) DestroyerGT - 2:02.532 pyrre - 2:03.232 Ryzza5 - 2:05.109 Week 6: Gumpert Apollo S at Badenring GP (Hockenheimring) pyrre - 1:35.430 Destroyer-GT - 1:36.987 Ryzza5 - 1:37.501 Week 7: Stock Car (Road) at Derby National (Donnington) Ryzza5 - 1:08.076 pyrre - 1:09.599 patch - 1:12.064 Sponge - 1:38.734 (did the GP circuit) Week 8: Kart at Glencairn West Reverse pyrre - 21.872 patch - 22.567 Ryzza5 - 23.681 Week 9: Leonus F86 Pirault Turbo at Montery (Laguna Seca) Ryzza5 - 1:09.099 Destroyer-GT: 1:12.300 pyrre - 1:12.567 Week 10: Racer L4-RS at Florence GP (Mugello) Ryzza5 - 1:49.441 Who - 1:54.519 Week 11: Leonus F68 Cromwell V8 at Belgian Forest (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps) pyrre - 2:25.033 Sponge - 2:26.599 T3hReaper - 2:27.833 Ryzza5 - 2:28.235 Who - 2:54.335 Week 12: Formula A at Florence GP (Mugello) pyrre - 1:25.602 Sponge - 1:25.763 T3hReaper - 1:29.886 Week 13: Pagani Zonda R at Bologna (Imola) Pyrre - 1:32.892 T3hReaper - 1:33.027 Sponge - 1:33.876 Ryzza5 - 1:36.859 Week 14: Formula Rookie at Loire National T3hReaper - 1:49.829 pyrre - 1:50.131 Sponge - 1:50.360 Destroyer-GT - 1:54.673 Ryzza5 - 1:59.173 Week 15: Caterham R500 at Heusden (Zolder) pyrre - 1:38.000 Sponge - 1:40.402 T3hReaper - 1:41.468 Destroyer-GT - 1:41.901 Week 16: Lotus 78 Cosworth at Milan GP (Monza) gsto2: 1:44.567 ozzmcom - 1:44.867 Destroyer-GT - 1:45.202 Week 17: Asano X4 Touring at Northampton (Silverstone) ozzmcom - 1:59.455 Destroyer - GT - 2:01.183 Ryzza5 - 2:02.120 pyrre - 2:05.057 Week 18 + 19: Caterham R500 Superlight at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) pyrre - 2:17.441 superhyper - 2:23.516 Destroyer-GT - 2:26.220 Week 20: Ariel Atom Mugen at Badenring GP (Hockenheimring) pyrre - 1:47.360 superhyper - 1:49.211 Ryzza5 - 1:49.322 DestroyerGT - 1:50.102 Week 21: Official Event: Pagani Zonda R at Belgian Forest (Spa) Ryzza5 - 2:06.968 MrLolololXD - 2:18.335 Week 22: Asano X4 Touring at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) gsto2 - 2:03.334 superhyper - 2:07.227 Ryzza5 - 2:07.894 MrLolololXD - 2:20.497 - Traction control turned on Week 23: Asano LM11 TDX at Conneticut Hill GP (Watkins Glen) pyrre - 1:30.203 Ryzza5 -1:31.572 SuperHyper - 1:31.734 Week 24: Asano X4 Touring Car at Eifelwald (Nordschleife) Pyrre - 6:31.900 Ryzza5 - 6:38.099 SuperHyper - 6:43.333 TDUFreak - 6:48.133 (ABS enabled) Week 25: Pagani Zonda R at Monterey (Laguna Seca) pyrre - 1:12.631 ozzmcom - 1:13.099 Ryzza5 - 1:13.568 googlproxer - 1:24.800 TDUFREAK - 1:16.200 (ABS enabled) Week 26: Thrustmaster competition #2: BMW Z4 GT3 at Florence (Mugello) pyrre - 0:53.049 Ryzza5 - 0:55.136 TDUFREAK500 - 0:55.328 RyzzaFunf - 0:55.392 patch - 0:55.415 RyzzaV - 0:55.761 RyzzaFive - 0:56.297 Destroyer-GT - 0:56.994 Acid44 - 0:58.157 TurboDuck - 0:58.161
    15. I decided to ride find out after completing a league race on the PS4 version of Project CARS:
    16. Is there a way for me to modify the game's steering sensitivity further beyond what it can be changed into? Because 0 sensitivity is still way too much for me. I'm using a generic gamepad for now, but i'd like to make it so that the steering feels a bit like Shift 2 Unleashed. The hand is too twitchy, and my play style is having Speed Sensitivity into around 15. So i really need smooth movements here. Any help? A third party program that modifies input is much appreciated, the best i found (or so i thought) was DXTweak, but it literally limited my input and i was not able to fully press the gas/brakes/steering.
    17. [headline]Project CARS 'Game of the Year' Edition Has a Release Date[/headline] In what you might call a feat of cunning brilliance, Slightly Mad Studios have decided on the release date for the recently announced Project CARS 'Game of the Year' Edition as being May 6th 2016. Why do we applaud them for this? Well the original release was back on May 7th 2015, and February of this year was a leap... Read more on this...
    18. The team at SMS have been teasing future free DLC cars for a while now, but the latest seems to be extra challenging (blurry). Are you up to the challenge? Some say it's this: :lol:
    19. [headline]Project CARS US Racecar/Car Pack DLC delayed till March 1st[/headline] Please bear with me a second while I smash my head off the desk. *WHACK* All right, over the past few days we have provided information on what the next Car Pack for Project CARS would be and delivered the media and release dates seen from trusted sources. So it's really annoying (in a funny way) that today it has been announced that the - whatever! final name out of 'US Car Pack' or 'US Racecar Pack' they choose - DLC for February will be out now on March 1st, due to making sure that Patch 9.0 will be... Read more on this...
    20. [headline]Project CARS: US Car Pack DLC out February 23rd[/headline] More images and information have come out about this months DLC for Project CARS. We knew it was going to be a "car pack" and we've seen the teaser pics and some of the shared screens from the official Project CARS forum, but now we have a date of release. Thanks to the official IndyCar twitter account who tweeted earlier today, the 'US Car Pack' as it looks to be called will be coming on February 23rd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Shortly afterwards, the Ford Performance account also got in on the act by tweeting... Read more on this...
    21. [headline]Project CARS February DLC looks to be Born in the USA[/headline] The people at Slightly Mad Studios have been teasing their fans again about their upcoming DLC releases on their Instagram and the official Project CARS forums. And from what they've shown, it looks like the February DLC pack will concentrate on American vehicles. So far, we've seen pictures of a Corvette C7.R GTE, Chevrolet's Le Mans winning beast, a Cadillac ATS-V.R (am I seeing a theme in the naming department here?), which is Cadillac's GT3-spec racer they used for the 2015 season in the Pirelli World Challenge series, an Indycar, which looks to be the Dallara DW12 and to... Read more on this...
    22. [headline]Patch 7.0 Comes to Xbox, PS4 and PC.[/headline] Nothing massively exciting in this one I'm afraid, See Ryzza's post below for why UPD streaming IS an exciting addition, but there's also plenty of bug fixes and fine tuning as always from SMS. See the patch notes below. Xbox One Playstation 4 PC
    23. Time to whip out your wheel, or gamepad, or whatever device you play with, and come play pCARS! Don't know what track or cars to do, though P1 on the Nurburgring looks nice :lol: I guess we can figure that out later, shout out if you have suggestions. Date: Saturday 5th December Time: 10am GMT - 11am CET - 9pm ACST Somewhere in Australia Platform:​ PC Attending: Mr Softie (steam) Ryzza5 (steam: Ryzza5)
    24. Since I don't play Forza anymore, I thought I'd have a go at taking some shots in pCARS instead! :)
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