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Found 78 results

  1. Currently, Crew Chief supports the following titles: F1 2018 Project Cars 1 and 2 Automobilista rFactor 1 and 2 Stock Car Extreme Copa Petrobras de Marcas Formula Truck Race Room Assetto Corsa iRacing Download Crew Chief
  2. ^Fan-made image Over at GT Planet Ian (humble as always) :) has confirmed that something is in the works, but it will take a long time to come to light. Project Cars 3 Suggestions SMS also recently announced a Pro version of pCARS2 for other businesses to use: https://www.slightlymadstudios.com/pcarspro-porsche/ I'm guessing it includes much the same code as the original but with physics 'tick-rates' turned up so that the PC system requirements are extremely high.
  3. [headline]Project CARS 2 goes early[/headline] Well what do you think about this? Project CARS was only released in May remember and now we have an official announcement of the next one. Now of course this isn't a shut up shop on pCARS and let's get busy on pCARS 2 only but the timing of the news is very unlike the norm, even if we all know that a lot of sequels start their planning and pre-production shortly before a games release or a small time afterwards. What do you think of this and what do you want to see them bring to pCARS 2 that they didn't or won't with pCARS? No year for release for the next one, but with all the groundwork essentially done it could more than likely do a Forza Motorsport (maybe a Gran Turismo one? :lol:) sort of development turnaround. Sauce: Announcing Project CARS 2! - Project CARS
  4. This man's a mad man, and his videos are mad too! That nurburgring video :eek: [spoiler=Click for more videos]
  5. In what might be the second biggest news story to hit these forums today, Slightly Mad Studios have dropped the mic and held the phone and silently released a miniature demo version of Project CARS. A free demo/separate game available on PC only, for those who do not own Project CARS (or for those who do but have not purchased the Pagani DLC vehicles), the following content and features are available: Vehicles Huayra Huayra BC Zonda Cinque Zonda R Zonda Revolucion Tracks Nurburgring+Nords combo Monza GP Azure Coast Game modes Quick Race Weekend Time Trial Virtual Reality Oculus Rift HTC Vive This demo likely comes as a result of a vehicle licensing deal in the full game. Project CARS - Pagani Edition on Steam
  6. With some lucky console players already in-game and the global digital release just hours away, here's a thread to use for your thoughts, questions, tips, etc. Quick preview from Darin Gangi; TL:DW = so far so impressed. In case you didn't know, the UK Kart Nationals artwork was created by yours truly.
  7. Before I received my Rift I heard many say it was brilliant but I also heard some disappointment as to the visual quality. I assumed it would be good enough for me not to care (which is true) but there are probably many others who are also unable to 'just try it' and wonder what they can expect to see if/when they finally get to wear one. So I took the mirrored output of one race and made the following visual edits to give a rough idea (don't shoot me if it's not 100% perfect) of what the Rift is like to look through: Yes you can see the black edges on the sides (you can actually see a little more above and below the edges shown here) but don't forget this image is hard up against your face and not half a meter away. In reality, the picture is a bit more dotty than this - I have compensated for the fact that you'll notice it less when focusing on where you are going (conversely, you'll notice it more if just watching a video).
  8. Since there are a growing number of TDUCkers playing pCARS and online multiplayer is currently being built (chat about online co-op career sounds interesting), let's start off with some friendly time trial competitions. NB - Don't try too hard at this, since leaderboards are reset if a new build features big enough changes to the physics or force feedback. As of November 2012 everyone is now on the new tyre model. Compare all player records here: Mielie_NL Ryzza5 T3hReaper91 Pyrre Pressurized Scar JaLaRu Acid44 GTAMADDOG Sponge ozzmcom SuperHyper Mellors DanG323i Googlproxer Destroyer-GT Patch Dustie Who MrLolololXD TDUFREAK500 Kelvy Mr Softie Sorted by UserID (when you joined). Perhaps we'll pick a certain car and track combo and focus on that as a weekly challenge. At the end of the week I'll pick someone at random (out of those who participated) to pick the next combo. All Aids must be turned off (besides 'Damage disabled' and 'Automatic Clutch') Week 27: BWM M3 GT at Besos (Circuit de Catalunya) pyrre - 1:47.539 T3hReaper - 1:49.140 ---- old ---- Week 1: Palmer Jaguar JP-LM at Anhalt GP (Oschersleben) pyrre - 1:20.900 Sponge - 1:21.833 T3hReaper - 1:22.800 Ryzza5 - 1:23.084 superhyper - 1:24.600 Week 2: Asano X4 Touring at Connecticut Hill GP (Watkins Glen) pyrre - 1:41.439 T3hReaper91 - 1:41.580 Sponge - 1:41.885 Ryzza5 - 1:43.404 superhyper - 1:43.503 Destroyer-GT - 1:45.273 googlproxer - 1:57.something Week 3: BAC Mono at Bologna (Imola) pyrre - 1:46.264 Destroyer-GT - 1:47.505 patch - 1:53.312 Week 4: Formula A at Bathurst (Mount Panorama) pyrre - 1:45.907 patch - 1:46.615 Ryzza5 - 1:49.830 Week 5: Asano X11 at Belgian Forest (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps) DestroyerGT - 2:02.532 pyrre - 2:03.232 Ryzza5 - 2:05.109 Week 6: Gumpert Apollo S at Badenring GP (Hockenheimring) pyrre - 1:35.430 Destroyer-GT - 1:36.987 Ryzza5 - 1:37.501 Week 7: Stock Car (Road) at Derby National (Donnington) Ryzza5 - 1:08.076 pyrre - 1:09.599 patch - 1:12.064 Sponge - 1:38.734 (did the GP circuit) Week 8: Kart at Glencairn West Reverse pyrre - 21.872 patch - 22.567 Ryzza5 - 23.681 Week 9: Leonus F86 Pirault Turbo at Montery (Laguna Seca) Ryzza5 - 1:09.099 Destroyer-GT: 1:12.300 pyrre - 1:12.567 Week 10: Racer L4-RS at Florence GP (Mugello) Ryzza5 - 1:49.441 Who - 1:54.519 Week 11: Leonus F68 Cromwell V8 at Belgian Forest (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps) pyrre - 2:25.033 Sponge - 2:26.599 T3hReaper - 2:27.833 Ryzza5 - 2:28.235 Who - 2:54.335 Week 12: Formula A at Florence GP (Mugello) pyrre - 1:25.602 Sponge - 1:25.763 T3hReaper - 1:29.886 Week 13: Pagani Zonda R at Bologna (Imola) Pyrre - 1:32.892 T3hReaper - 1:33.027 Sponge - 1:33.876 Ryzza5 - 1:36.859 Week 14: Formula Rookie at Loire National T3hReaper - 1:49.829 pyrre - 1:50.131 Sponge - 1:50.360 Destroyer-GT - 1:54.673 Ryzza5 - 1:59.173 Week 15: Caterham R500 at Heusden (Zolder) pyrre - 1:38.000 Sponge - 1:40.402 T3hReaper - 1:41.468 Destroyer-GT - 1:41.901 Week 16: Lotus 78 Cosworth at Milan GP (Monza) gsto2: 1:44.567 ozzmcom - 1:44.867 Destroyer-GT - 1:45.202 Week 17: Asano X4 Touring at Northampton (Silverstone) ozzmcom - 1:59.455 Destroyer - GT - 2:01.183 Ryzza5 - 2:02.120 pyrre - 2:05.057 Week 18 + 19: Caterham R500 Superlight at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) pyrre - 2:17.441 superhyper - 2:23.516 Destroyer-GT - 2:26.220 Week 20: Ariel Atom Mugen at Badenring GP (Hockenheimring) pyrre - 1:47.360 superhyper - 1:49.211 Ryzza5 - 1:49.322 DestroyerGT - 1:50.102 Week 21: Official Event: Pagani Zonda R at Belgian Forest (Spa) Ryzza5 - 2:06.968 MrLolololXD - 2:18.335 Week 22: Asano X4 Touring at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) gsto2 - 2:03.334 superhyper - 2:07.227 Ryzza5 - 2:07.894 MrLolololXD - 2:20.497 - Traction control turned on Week 23: Asano LM11 TDX at Conneticut Hill GP (Watkins Glen) pyrre - 1:30.203 Ryzza5 -1:31.572 SuperHyper - 1:31.734 Week 24: Asano X4 Touring Car at Eifelwald (Nordschleife) Pyrre - 6:31.900 Ryzza5 - 6:38.099 SuperHyper - 6:43.333 TDUFreak - 6:48.133 (ABS enabled) Week 25: Pagani Zonda R at Monterey (Laguna Seca) pyrre - 1:12.631 ozzmcom - 1:13.099 Ryzza5 - 1:13.568 googlproxer - 1:24.800 TDUFREAK - 1:16.200 (ABS enabled) Week 26: Thrustmaster competition #2: BMW Z4 GT3 at Florence (Mugello) pyrre - 0:53.049 Ryzza5 - 0:55.136 TDUFREAK500 - 0:55.328 RyzzaFunf - 0:55.392 patch - 0:55.415 RyzzaV - 0:55.761 RyzzaFive - 0:56.297 Destroyer-GT - 0:56.994 Acid44 - 0:58.157 TurboDuck - 0:58.161
  9. I decided to ride find out after completing a league race on the PS4 version of Project CARS:
  10. From Milli and I: Project CARS - US Race Car Pack – Content Overview
  11. SatanWasAnAngel

    Negative Sensitivity

    Is there a way for me to modify the game's steering sensitivity further beyond what it can be changed into? Because 0 sensitivity is still way too much for me. I'm using a generic gamepad for now, but i'd like to make it so that the steering feels a bit like Shift 2 Unleashed. The hand is too twitchy, and my play style is having Speed Sensitivity into around 15. So i really need smooth movements here. Any help? A third party program that modifies input is much appreciated, the best i found (or so i thought) was DXTweak, but it literally limited my input and i was not able to fully press the gas/brakes/steering.
  12. [headline]Project CARS 'Game of the Year' Edition Has a Release Date[/headline] In what you might call a feat of cunning brilliance, Slightly Mad Studios have decided on the release date for the recently announced Project CARS 'Game of the Year' Edition as being May 6th 2016. Why do we applaud them for this? Well the original release was back on May 7th 2015, and February of this year was a leap... Read more on this...
  13. The team at SMS have been teasing future free DLC cars for a while now, but the latest seems to be extra challenging (blurry). Are you up to the challenge? Some say it's this: :lol:
  14. [headline]Project CARS US Racecar/Car Pack DLC delayed till March 1st[/headline] Please bear with me a second while I smash my head off the desk. *WHACK* All right, over the past few days we have provided information on what the next Car Pack for Project CARS would be and delivered the media and release dates seen from trusted sources. So it's really annoying (in a funny way) that today it has been announced that the - whatever! final name out of 'US Car Pack' or 'US Racecar Pack' they choose - DLC for February will be out now on March 1st, due to making sure that Patch 9.0 will be... Read more on this...
  15. [headline]Project CARS: US Car Pack DLC out February 23rd[/headline] More images and information have come out about this months DLC for Project CARS. We knew it was going to be a "car pack" and we've seen the teaser pics and some of the shared screens from the official Project CARS forum, but now we have a date of release. Thanks to the official IndyCar twitter account who tweeted earlier today, the 'US Car Pack' as it looks to be called will be coming on February 23rd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Shortly afterwards, the Ford Performance account also got in on the act by tweeting... Read more on this...
  16. [headline]Patch 7.0 Comes to Xbox, PS4 and PC.[/headline] Nothing massively exciting in this one I'm afraid, See Ryzza's post below for why UPD streaming IS an exciting addition, but there's also plenty of bug fixes and fine tuning as always from SMS. See the patch notes below. Xbox One Playstation 4 PC
  17. Time to whip out your wheel, or gamepad, or whatever device you play with, and come play pCARS! Don't know what track or cars to do, though P1 on the Nurburgring looks nice :lol: I guess we can figure that out later, shout out if you have suggestions. Date: Saturday 5th December Time: 10am GMT - 11am CET - 9pm ACST Somewhere in Australia Platform:​ PC Attending: Mr Softie (steam) Ryzza5 (steam: Ryzza5)
  18. Since I don't play Forza anymore, I thought I'd have a go at taking some shots in pCARS instead! :)
  19. Note 2012 - (this first post is old and out of date, current builds are much more advanced) --- Looks like Slightly Mad Studios has released a BETA for it's shareholders. If you donate (minimum $10) you get access to the Beta and all future versions of the Beta until the final version is released (scheduled for November 2012). The amount you spend ends up being a discount on the final game as well. C.A.R.S. WMD Portal Details about the game and WMD concept http://www.nogripracing.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=87 -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Skip to 3mins 30secs --- For the benefit of all those who haven't joined yet: You can upgrade from one level to the next at any time (until they stop accepting money) and pay the difference (upgrading from Junior to Team Member costs 15 Euro). Car List as at 24 Aug 2012 Track list as at 24 August 2012
  20. May aswell start a pCars Photothread. I take Requests ^Click to Enlarge^ Few questions... How do I get the images flush next to eachother? There seems to be a small underscore next to/under the images. Are there any Ford GT40 MKII Historical liveries floating about?
  21. Project CARS – PC Patch 6.0 – 2.3 GB Online * NEW – Host kick function. The host of an online game can now select to immediately kick a player from the server. Kicked players will be auto-kicked if they attempt to rejoin the same multiplayer session. * NEW – Mandatory pit stop option. The Lobby admin can opt to force a single pitstop during any race. * NEW – Option to set race length by time (also available in Quick Race). * NEW – ‘Allow Ghosted Vehicles’ option added so that the lobby admin can decide if he wants vehicles ghosted or not when they drive the wrong way. * NEW – Dynamic race-end timer feature. In public races, the timer is 50% of the slowest moving car's lap time. In private races, the timer is 75% of slowest moving car's lap time. * Fixed an exploit where a player could be awarded a win by jumping the start. * Fixed an issue where, if the host is forcing realistic driving assists, the player wasn’t able to toggle the allowed assists on or off while in-race. * Fixed a game crash issue if the client is kicked while typing in the chat box. * Fixed an issue where, if Forced Default Setup is used, the pit crew would not change tyres until they’re completely worn. The tyres will now be changed when at least one tyre is worn down by 25% or more. Career * Fixed a bug where drivers in a simulated series can all end up with ‘INVALID NAME!’ * Fixed a bug where AI opponents would attempt to use DLC cars that are not installed. * The player will no longer be offered a contract renewal for a DLC contract, if they've since uninstalled that DLC. * DLC Career contract emails earned while a DLC was installed, are no longer shown if DLC is then uninstalled. * If the player’s current contract is a DLC contract and the player uninstalls this DLC, the career season using this DLC contract will finish for the player when entering Dashboard and they will have to pick from valid contract offers to continue (or reinstall the uninstalled DLC). * Fixed an issue where the Modified Cars Pack and Limited Edition DLC Invitationals and Accolades were visible for players who do not own these DLC packs. Entering these invitational events would cause the player and AI to be in non-matching vehicles. * Fixed an issue where at times the pit crew wouldn’t change the tyre set to the one selected in pit-strategy. Controls * Fixed an issue where remapping KERS would stop it working. * Fixed an issue where changes made to Gamepad Advanced Options were not saved. * Added Thrustmaster T150 support. Tracks * Zolder – fixed a potential ‘landmine’ issue. * Le Mans – adjusted the 55th garage spot to correct an issue where the cars would hit the pit wall on exiting this spot. * Donington – all layouts – fixed an issue where cars would make contact with the left side wall when exiting some garages. * Road America – pre-race camera tweaked to prevent the camera from clipping with the ground. * Ruapuna Park – all layouts – fixed an issue with the last garage spot being outside garage area. * Mojave – all layouts – fixed an issue with floating tyre skid marks, fixed an issue with rain being visible inside tunnels, and placed visible barriers in areas where the player is not allowed to drive. Vehicles * Bentley Continental GT3 – fixed DLC livery windscreen banners. * Ruf CTR3 SMS-R – increased default tire pressure to work better with tire warmers. * Toyota GT86 Rocket Bunny – fixed an issue with the windscreen banner. Physics & AI * AI – improved awareness and look-ahead to help with situations in multi-class races, where AI in a fast car would fail to avoid the player and AI in much slower cars. * Tyre updates – fixed an issue on several tyres to prevent FFB buzz when tread becomes worn very thin, re-calibrated most tyres for a carcass heating fix when the tyres are underinflated, adjusted wear rates on GT3, Group C, Trans-Am/GTO, DTM, and LMP rubber. * Implemented support to remove detached wheels from the track after a certain amount of time. GUI & HUD * Vehicle selection – manufacturer page now orders icons alphabetically. * Improved the French translations for some of the items in the vehicle setup screens. * Minor updates to Career Dashboard – motorsports & DN Profile buttons are now tiles consistent with other tabs, Inbox is now full screen with clearer indication of highlighted mail, and initial Accept Contract Offer screen now has improved layout and clearer indication of signature button. * Improved Race Central screen – better balanced background image, removed gradient in top-right corner. * Track layout map images are now displayed on the quick track selection screens. * Fixed an issue where ‘Invert Camera Y Axis’ text was being displayed as ‘Automatic Clutch’. * Updated the Xbox One controller image to the new Elite Controller. * Fixed an issue where the UI stops responding on ghost selection when player enters the My Garage option. General * Fixed an issue during pit stops where the pit crew mistakes ratio was too high. * Driver name tags above cars can now be turned on for replays. * Entering the pits during a Time Trial will now invalidate that lap’s time. * Improved Helmet view exposure for historic drivers. Oculus Rift This update is primarily to improve the HUD position/rotation/scaling editor and the custom VR settings system. * All movement and rotation is now relative to the HUD’s local axis instead of world axis. * The HUD controls are now all located on the numeric keypad. Toggling between position and rotation modes are done by pressing the NUM-0 key. * HUD movement speeds are now reduced and we added controls for slow scale control. The movement speed will now also accelerate if you press and hold a key, limited to maximum 10x speed. * The movement amount per click of the HUD editing controls for placement and rotation are now scaled when you scale the HUD size up or down. This helps a lot as it gives much finer controls when positioning/rotating while the HUD is scaled down. * Changes to the HUD position/rotation/scale will now only be saved when you confirm to save the edited HUD settings; otherwise it restores the previous settings. New and improved Oculus HUD movement keys layout The HUD adjustment now runs in one of two modes - movement and rotation / scale. Num-Pad 0 toggles between these modes. In movement mode the controls are as follows (numpad) 4 & 6: move left and right 1 & 3: move left and right slowly 8 & 2: move up and down 7 & 9: move up and down slowly + & -: move back and forth / & *: move back and forth slowly 5: resets position to the default In rotation / scale mode the controls are as follows (numpad) 4 & 6: rotate left and right 8 & 2: rotate up and down 1 & 3: rotate anti-clockwise / clockwise + & -: scale the HUD bigger and smaller / & *: scale the HUD bigger and smaller slowly 5: resets rotation and scale to the default Custom VR settings system This file is located in your ‘My Documents\Project CARS’ folder, and is called ‘oculussettings.xml’ There are entries to control the position, rotation and scale for each of the following: * HUD (HUDSettings) * Main Menus (FrontEndSettings) * In-game Menus (InGameSettings) The format for each is identical and the data can be copied between them. While we currently only allow you to edit the HUD in-game using the system documented above, you can freely copy the saved values to the entries for the front-end and in-game menus settings, and these will then also appear at the repositioned placement/rotation/scale settings. FYI – the rotation part is a quaternion, if anyone wants to try and make sense of it (the names are intuitive, offsetX offsetY, offsetZ, scale, and rotation[WXYZ]). The other 3 entries are: * FullScreen – sets the full screen mirror mode. Default is ‘true’. Set to ‘false’ to disable full screen mirror mode. * HideCrowds – used to hide crowds (performance gain). Default is ‘true’. Set to ‘false’ to enable crowds again. * LimitCars – not yet used, future addition Source: Project CARS PC Patch 6.0 Release Notes
  22. This is just for some fun, and my sums could be wrong, but I've made up this Excel profit calculator for you to play with. Just enter in how many million copies of the game you think will be sold, then enter the QTY for each tool pack you've purchased, then enter your exchange rate with the Euro and see what happens. Again if this moves you spend more money I won't be held responsible for the outcomes :) Feel free to share your estimations if you want Download here I sure hope it sells as good as NFS Shift did :lol:
  23. nahnana naaahhh! nahh nahh nahh Japanese Car Pack Now Available On Demand - Project CARS The Physics of Japanese Cars Expansion
  24. Patch 4.0 was released earlier this month: [spoiler=View Patch Notes]Feature Update 4.0 is now available on PS4 and PC (Xbox One forthcoming) adding support for forcing default setups in multiplayer, enhanced brake assistance, additional best line visualisation, stability enhancements, improved AI behaviour when pitting, and much more! NEW & ENHANCED FEATURE SUMMARY Online – added support for ‘Force Default Setups’ in Multiplayer restrictions screen. Online – players driving the wrong way will now have their collision disabled and their vehicles will display as ghost cars. Online – lobby search settings are now saved between sessions. Career – mandatory pitstop opening lap will now scale when the player scales the length of the race. For example, if the race was set to 5 laps, the pits would open for the mandatory stop on lap 2. If the player now scales the race length to 15 laps, the pits will open on lap 6 for the mandatory pitstop. HUD – when adjusting real-time settings, for example Brake Balance, the player will now see a HUD message to indicate what the setting has been changed to. The HUD will display “N/A” in the real-time settings HUD, messaging when a specific setting is not available due to it being disabled in MP session or not present on the vehicle. GUI – added a game version number display to the main menu. Assists – Enhanced Brake Assistance system so that people who are unable to use brake controllers at all can still play the game with this assist enabled. Assists – the Best Line assist now provides an option to only show the braking areas Tracks – Movable trackside objects and broken-off car parts will now be removed from the track after impacts. ONLINE New – added support for ‘Force Default Setups’ in Multiplayer restrictions screen. New – players driving the wrong way will now have their collision disabled and their vehicles will display as ghost cars. New – lobby search settings are now saved between sessions. Fixed an issue where the AI could remain stuck on the grid after the previous host left the session. Fixed an issue where the player was unable to select the Bentley GT3 in online races. Fixed an issue in Create Lobby where selecting Vehicle ‘view details’ would reset the class filter. Fixed an issue where the in-game chat box would scroll when the player pressed the accelerator and brake controls. Various tweaks to the behaviour of cars that are terminally damaged, and cars will no longer try to teleport to the garage if there are no pit lanes. Fixed an issue where the player could drive out of the garage again after retiring from a race. Further tweaks and improvements to the online lobby Car Class GUI – classes are now sorted alphabetically; changes are now only apply once the player accepts the new settings; ‘Create’ options defaults to ‘Any’ class; fixes an issue where the host would see only one vehicle in the quick vehicle chooser list if identical vehicles was set to ‘yes’. Fixed the rolling start option so that toggling the rolling start flag correctly updates MP game data. DRIVER NETWORK TIME TRIAL The standings info on the pause screen now shows real-time updated lap and standings info, and sorts the order of all active participants based on lap times. Fixed an issue where the player’s best of session ghost time didn’t always exactly match his actual best of session time. PITTING, TUNING, SETUPS, STRATEGY Fixed an issue where a selected tyre option saved to a setup prior to Patch 3.0 would cause a game crash after applying Patch 3.0 and using that saved setup. Fixed an issue where tyre pressures were not resetting properly when returning to pits. Fixed an issue where brake temperatures were being reset when the player entered the pits, leading to unexpected braking behaviour. Adjustments to fuel calculations when returning to pits during a practice session – when calculating the required fuel when the player returns to the pits, the estimated fuel levels are used for consistency. PHYSICS & AI Tyres – small adjustment to peak slip ratio or P Zero Trofeo, Faretti Track, and other soft-track road tires for road cars. Various improvements to AI navigation when entering and leaving the pit boxes. Improved the transition from road to off-road as certain off-road surfaces caused too much jarring on the steering. CUT TRACK DETECTION SYSTEM Sakitto International – further tweaks to the downhill Esses, to keep the AI on track when attempting bad passes that were causing the AI to hit the exit barriers Various tracks – Nordschleife, Greenwood Karting, Silverstone National, Dubai GP, Barcelona National, Nurburgring Sprint Short – cut-track improvements based on latest community feedback. CAREER Fixed an issue where the player would be placed first on the grid of race two in a multi-race round, after being disqualified from the first race. Disqualified drivers will now be placed at the back of the grid. DLC Career Accolades are now only present if the appropriate DLC pack is installed. This fixes an issue where the player was unable to do 100% completion of accolades due to non-purchased DLCs accolades also being present. Fixed an issue where bonus points were not being awarded for Kart series and some invitational events. Fixed a bug where the invitational events that require winning team championships weren’t always unlocking. DLC Career Accolades – translated (non-English) strings added for Invitational Accolade – 320 Touring Challenge Fix to make sure player is placed last after skipping/simulating, in races where the second-best qualifying time is used for grid placement for the 2nd race (this was affecting Formula Rookie, LMP1-3, GT5 and Touring races). New – mandatory pitstop opening lap will now scale as well when the player scales the length of the race. For example, if the race was set to 5 laps, the pits would open for the mandatory stop on lap 2. If the player now scales the race length to 15 laps, the pits will open on lap 6 for the mandatory pitstop Improved Contract system to allow for extra entry level contract awards when progressing to a new motorsport, or when only being offered a renewal for the current motorsport. Improved the AI logic during races with Mandatory pit stops so that they will pick a more optimal time to stop when there is also changing weather at play. AUDIO Tweaks to the Ginetta GT3, Clio and Bentley Speed 8. GUI, HUD, TELEMETRY New – when adjusting real-time settings, for example Brake Balance, the player will now see a HUD message to indicate what the setting has been changed to. The HUD will display “N/A” in the real-time settings HUD messaging when a specific setting is not available due to it being disabled in MP session or not present on the vehicle. New – added a game version number display to the main menu. New – the Best Line assist now provides an option to only show the braking areas. Rebalanced the point at which Forecast weather becomes Current weather in the UI display so that the info display changeover better matches what the player is seeing in-game. Track temperature is now displayed on all in-game menus. Fixed an issue where the Time Progression slider skipped every 2nd option when moving the slider left or right. Track temperature will now display correctly based on the unit system and language selected by the player. Fixed an issue where the tyre wear meters on the HUD telemetry screen were flipped for the right front and left rear tyres. Track Temperature and Weather information are now positioned uniformly across all in-game screens. Removed redundant leading zeros from the KERS motec display. Fixed an issue where accessing the map or telemetry in the monitor screen would disable the player HUD in game. Enabled scrolling of the drivers list on the post race Standings screen. Vehicle Class icons – updated vintage F1 and vintage GT class icons. New GUI image with real-world livery for Ford Capri Group5. Fixed an issue where the menu borders would at times display unintended colours. REPLAYS Fixed an issue where vehicle damage would automatically be repaired when watching a replay. CONTROLS & FORCE FEEDBACK Steering wheel angle now reverted to always centering during pause / pits / menus / etc. An alternative fix is now implemented to prevent the jolting when un-pausing the game. Fixed an issue where force feedback was still active when an AI team mate was driving the player’s car. Fixed an issue where calibrating the pedals could at times cause the pedals to function incorrectly. Logitech – updated pedal mappings for the G29 to match the latest hardware revisions. Fanatec – added use of accelerator rumble on CSW Base v2. Fanatec – CSR Elite 2nd dpad removed (as per SDK change); handbrake now works when attached to pedals via wheel base; added support for CSP connected via USB. Fanatec – upgraded to SDK 1.6.1 – fixes reversing of the CSS shifter gear up / down sequential mode. Fixed an issue with the Fanatec CSS connected via USB to the PS4, the wheel paddles stopped functioning. VEHICLES Audi A1 Quattro – changed class to Road C1. Audi R18 e-tron – added hybrid/KERS readout to cockpit display. BAC Mono – fixed duplicate material name causing a problem on painted cockpit parts. BMW 2002 Turbo – tweaked default tyres and brake balance so that the default setup provides a better overall performance versus the other cars in its class. BMW 320TC – fixed the top speed statistic displayed in the front-end. Caterham SP300R – added push-to-pass boost gauge to cockpit display and enabled exhaust backfire. Ford Escort and Mustang 2+2 Fastback – tweaks to help reduce climbing other vehicles during side-to-side contact. Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback – fix for shadow flicker on AI cars. Ford Capri Group5 – fixed offset rear fenders. Ford Mustang GT 2015 – reduced FFB tire force multiplier by 25%. Gumpert Apollo – re-added four exhausts. Marek/RWD LMP cars – improved the default view position. Ruf CTR – recalibrated engine boost and allow up to 1.4bar boost in setup to match original car. Stock boost of 1.1bar provides around 470hp as advertised. Added hybrid boost gauge to display for McLaren P1, Marek RP339h LMP1, RWD P30 LMP1. Ruf CTR – Fixed an issue where the external side mirrors were switched. Audi R18 e-tron – Rebalanced cockpit exposure/brightness. TRACKS Le Mans – lowered the entry part of the kerb in the Mulsanne corner to fix the issue where cars would register a collision with the kerb. GENERAL New – movable trackside objects and broken-off car parts will now be removed from the track after impacts. Enhanced Brake Assistance system so that people who are unable to use brake controllers at all can still play the game with this assist enabled. Reworked the stretched headlight reflections to be more accurate to real life. Fixed an issue where the Driving Line assist would become invisible when particles were set to off. Ensure that players cannot turn on assists using hotkeys in community events, when the assists have been explicitly disabled for the event in question. Fix further cases where the pre-race cameras would at times cut into the track surface. Fixed an issue where vehicle windows would at times not render correctly when using centre cockpit cam and helmet cam. Tweaks to gamma settings to closer match the PC and Xbox One platforms (PS4 only) Fixed a potential crash when returning from in-game to main menu. Fixed an issue with the rendering of shadow edges, improving overall shadow rendering. Improved general game stability. Project CARS was created by the community and via our ON DEMAND program we’re committed to continuing that conversation with players to ensure it has the features and functionality expected by them throughout the year and beyond. With ON DEMAND therefore, Project CARS players will continue to receive free game updates that include the following… Fixes for the highest priority issues identified by the community Improved balancing and defaults Additional functionality and expanded support for existing features Brand-new items that open up new possibilities within the game Support for new hardware released Already the community have been instrumental in giving us feedback on some key issues and areas for improvement so head over to our official forums and let your voice be heard on what features and improvements you’d like to see! The test track from WMD is back, polished and rebranded. The Mojave circuit comprises of five race layouts and a special open Test Track layout allowing players to freely practice, tweak their car setup, or just muck about via Banked Oval, Drag Strip, Hillclimb, Skid Pan, and Tight Corner sections. Accompanying it are four new cars covering a wide range of history. Here are a few notes on what were found during the physics development. [headline]Aston Martin DBR1[/headline] Working on these very old, very rare cars is always a fun experiment in research. A book by Anthony Pritchard on Aston Martin’s post-war cars proved incredibly useful in learning about the development and history of this Le Mans winner. We were able to find decent data for the engine and (terrible*) Dave Brown CG537 gearbox. The 2922cc straight-6 is good for over 250hp at 6000rpm, which isn’t half bad for 1959 and is really great for a car that weighs less than 900kg. Gear ratios are very close between 4th and 5th, I think to keep it near the top of the power band during the shift on Mulsanne alone. Suspension is trailing link front and de Dion rear. The trailing link front gives no recovery of camber loss in roll and also induces a fair amount of bump steer because the motion of linkages is in different directions. Very different front end to all our other cars; feels weird and definitely comes across as old fashioned when you drive. Could also be that a full fuel tank hangs 150kg of liquid way out behind the rear axle! It definitely changes balance by more than a little as the fuel burns off. *If Stirling Moss is on record complaining about it constantly sticking in gear and being very difficult to downshift, you know it's bad. We’ve represented this in game by increasing in each gear the damage acquired from a bad shift. Take care of it if you are going for a long run or it might become increasingly difficult to get a working gear. A new tire is available for use on this car and the Mercedes 300SL. There would have been a ton of tire development from 1952 to 1959, but letting them use the same rubber helps equalize the two (a bit) so matchups could be done at the right tracks with the right drivers. Should be fun stuff. Motion ratio = 1.0 all around (torsion bars on the trailing links. Using wheel rate keeps it simple) Damper transition speed = 70mm/s all around [headline]Aston Martin DBR1-2 LMP1[/headline] 50 year after the DBR1, the folks at AMR decided to build a car to celebrate their win and the DBR1-2 LMP1 was the result. What started life as a fairly traditional LMP1 chassis took advantage of a rule which allowed use of a ‘production’ GT1 engine with a larger air restrictor to compensate for the weight disadvantage. And a very impressive engine they did use. It was based on a unit from the DBR9 GT1 car but with a restrictor 15% larger, which meant it was good for 670hp or more in race spec. By our usual calculations, this unit unrestricted would be good for over 960hp! All that power means a medium-high downforce aero package made sense to use even at Le Mans; something which hasn't really been practical since 2009 as restrictor and boost reductions cut power quite a lot. You can run downforce levels in the middle and still pull near 340kph in a draft while feeling very nice and stable through the Porsche Curves. The default setup is good for over 4000lbf of downforce at 200mph. Impressive stuff. Rest of the car is pretty standard LMP1, but man that engine...Overall performance is very similar to the Audi R18 TDI. Motion ratio = 1.0 all around Damper transition speed, bump/rebound (mm/s) = 30/60 front, 40/80 rear [headline]Aston Martin Vantage GTE[/headline] A lot could come from the V12 GT3 version as they aren't hugely different under the skin apart from the drivetrain differences. The 4.5L V8 is quite evolved over the road model’s 4.7L and would be good for 620hp unrestricted. It is also mounted much lower and further back than the V12, giving a weight distribution sitting right around the ideal 50:50. ACO balance of performance has it breathing through two 29.1mm restrictors which cut it down to about 450hp. It has run anywhere from 2x28.3mm to 2x29.4mm in the last couple of years, so we entered that as the range of adjustment a player can fiddle with. End result is output from 435-460hp. Surprisingly low for a car of this class, but it finds speed in other ways by being much lighter, more fuel efficient, and having a very efficient aero package. Low drag setup is good for 290kph and just under 14 laps at Le Mans on a 95L fuel tank - all consistent with data from this year's race - and lower top speeds around 255 and 240 at Spa and Silverstone, respectively, as you put downforce on. Good car to drive. Feels much more composed than the GT3 version thanks to being 80kg lighter with the smaller engine mounted so much lower in the car. Makes a nice contrast in that it is down maybe 70hp but overall is faster around nearly every track. Motion ratio = 0.71 front, 0.77 rear Damper transition speed, bump/rebound (mm/s) = 30/60 front, 50/95 rear [headline]Mercedes 300SL W194[/headline] Engine is strong from 4000-6000rpm, peaking at 180hp near 5200rpm. Quite impressive for 1952. Rest of the car, maybe not so much. Very low drag bodywork, but that comes with a fair amount of aero lift. Like the DBR1, there is a big fuel tank slung way out back, so handling balance changes dramatically over the course of a fuel stint. Weight distribution changes by something like 10% rear to front as that burns off. Huge change! Suspension design is very old fashioned. Zero caster, camber or steer axis inclination at the front means steering often feels quite vague, and the swing axle rear is responsible for some spooky handling. It combines the fun of very high camber change with a very high rear roll center. Not exactly a recipe for the most stable rear end. The designer made lots of notes on this and the very late prototype W194/11 was switched over to a low pivot swing axle which, while still suffering the extreme camber change, at least brings the roll center down and improves rear stability. Same idea works amazingly well in our model, and it's tempting to use that setup, even if not strictly accurate. Shame it never raced as they shifted focus to F1; the notes out there on W194/11 make it sound quite impressive and it probably would have been a strong contender for a second Le Mans win. 90kg lighter than before, 35hp more from direct fuel injection, less aero drag and the improved rear suspension design. Hard to argue against the success they had in the W196 F1 car though. Motion ratio = 0.59 front, 0.72 rear spring, 0.55 rear damper Damper transition speed = 150mm/s all around Free Car #4 [headline]Also,[/headline] Some good news for console players! Tim has been in discussions/negations with Sony and Microsoft and has got the OK to enable the broadcasting of Shared Memory across the local network, possibly a first (at least in the racing genre). This will enable those mobile dashboard apps, etc. One new app that's still WIP but possibly worth a look if you're on PC is the Crew Chief alternative. It uses shared memory data to tell you various things at the push of a button, and even features some speech recognition so that you can ask what the gap to the next car is. Details here: Clicky Another member has published his work in creating a bespoke Arduino dashboard: Clicky An update on triple screen support: Clicky
  25. [headline]Project CARS Old vs New Car Pack[/headline] Project CARS continues with its brilliant ON DEMAND release campaign with the latest release of the 'Old vs New' Car Pack. This car pack contains six cars of which you can probably tell are of the same pedigree but from different eras. RUF entails the absolutely insane CTR 'Yellowbird', greatly shown in the video below recreating some of the infamous 'Faszination' video that propelled the brand into the minds of many, due to the incredible car control and speed shown by the unreal driving ability of test driver Stefan Roser. The modern compatriot of this is the RT 12 R, also the FREE car of the pack. The next duo are arguably the most famous of the muscle car breed, yep it's the Mustang. The old dog horse of these being the Mustang Fastback 2+2 and the new menace in the stable, the 2015 Mustang GT. And last but certainly not least is a couple of more BMW's; the BMW 2002 Turbo, a car that was praised for driving fun and handling and one of the best BMW's not to wear an M badge and its modern companion the race focussed BMW 320TC WTCC. Are any of you going to try to do your own version of Faszination? :nuts: [subhead]Project CARS Old vs New Car Pack Trailer[/subhead]