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Found 16 results

  1. Since there are a growing number of TDUCkers playing pCARS and online multiplayer is currently being built (chat about online co-op career sounds interesting), let's start off with some friendly time trial competitions. NB - Don't try too hard at this, since leaderboards are reset if a new build features big enough changes to the physics or force feedback. As of November 2012 everyone is now on the new tyre model. Compare all player records here: Mielie_NL Ryzza5 T3hReaper91 Pyrre Pressurized Scar JaLaRu Acid44 GTAMADDOG Sponge ozzmcom SuperHyper Mellors DanG323i Googlproxer Destroyer-GT Patch Dustie Who MrLolololXD TDUFREAK500 Kelvy Mr Softie Sorted by UserID (when you joined). Perhaps we'll pick a certain car and track combo and focus on that as a weekly challenge. At the end of the week I'll pick someone at random (out of those who participated) to pick the next combo. All Aids must be turned off (besides 'Damage disabled' and 'Automatic Clutch') Week 27: BWM M3 GT at Besos (Circuit de Catalunya) pyrre - 1:47.539 T3hReaper - 1:49.140 ---- old ---- Week 1: Palmer Jaguar JP-LM at Anhalt GP (Oschersleben) pyrre - 1:20.900 Sponge - 1:21.833 T3hReaper - 1:22.800 Ryzza5 - 1:23.084 superhyper - 1:24.600 Week 2: Asano X4 Touring at Connecticut Hill GP (Watkins Glen) pyrre - 1:41.439 T3hReaper91 - 1:41.580 Sponge - 1:41.885 Ryzza5 - 1:43.404 superhyper - 1:43.503 Destroyer-GT - 1:45.273 googlproxer - 1:57.something Week 3: BAC Mono at Bologna (Imola) pyrre - 1:46.264 Destroyer-GT - 1:47.505 patch - 1:53.312 Week 4: Formula A at Bathurst (Mount Panorama) pyrre - 1:45.907 patch - 1:46.615 Ryzza5 - 1:49.830 Week 5: Asano X11 at Belgian Forest (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps) DestroyerGT - 2:02.532 pyrre - 2:03.232 Ryzza5 - 2:05.109 Week 6: Gumpert Apollo S at Badenring GP (Hockenheimring) pyrre - 1:35.430 Destroyer-GT - 1:36.987 Ryzza5 - 1:37.501 Week 7: Stock Car (Road) at Derby National (Donnington) Ryzza5 - 1:08.076 pyrre - 1:09.599 patch - 1:12.064 Sponge - 1:38.734 (did the GP circuit) Week 8: Kart at Glencairn West Reverse pyrre - 21.872 patch - 22.567 Ryzza5 - 23.681 Week 9: Leonus F86 Pirault Turbo at Montery (Laguna Seca) Ryzza5 - 1:09.099 Destroyer-GT: 1:12.300 pyrre - 1:12.567 Week 10: Racer L4-RS at Florence GP (Mugello) Ryzza5 - 1:49.441 Who - 1:54.519 Week 11: Leonus F68 Cromwell V8 at Belgian Forest (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps) pyrre - 2:25.033 Sponge - 2:26.599 T3hReaper - 2:27.833 Ryzza5 - 2:28.235 Who - 2:54.335 Week 12: Formula A at Florence GP (Mugello) pyrre - 1:25.602 Sponge - 1:25.763 T3hReaper - 1:29.886 Week 13: Pagani Zonda R at Bologna (Imola) Pyrre - 1:32.892 T3hReaper - 1:33.027 Sponge - 1:33.876 Ryzza5 - 1:36.859 Week 14: Formula Rookie at Loire National T3hReaper - 1:49.829 pyrre - 1:50.131 Sponge - 1:50.360 Destroyer-GT - 1:54.673 Ryzza5 - 1:59.173 Week 15: Caterham R500 at Heusden (Zolder) pyrre - 1:38.000 Sponge - 1:40.402 T3hReaper - 1:41.468 Destroyer-GT - 1:41.901 Week 16: Lotus 78 Cosworth at Milan GP (Monza) gsto2: 1:44.567 ozzmcom - 1:44.867 Destroyer-GT - 1:45.202 Week 17: Asano X4 Touring at Northampton (Silverstone) ozzmcom - 1:59.455 Destroyer - GT - 2:01.183 Ryzza5 - 2:02.120 pyrre - 2:05.057 Week 18 + 19: Caterham R500 Superlight at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) pyrre - 2:17.441 superhyper - 2:23.516 Destroyer-GT - 2:26.220 Week 20: Ariel Atom Mugen at Badenring GP (Hockenheimring) pyrre - 1:47.360 superhyper - 1:49.211 Ryzza5 - 1:49.322 DestroyerGT - 1:50.102 Week 21: Official Event: Pagani Zonda R at Belgian Forest (Spa) Ryzza5 - 2:06.968 MrLolololXD - 2:18.335 Week 22: Asano X4 Touring at Bathurst (Mt Panorama) gsto2 - 2:03.334 superhyper - 2:07.227 Ryzza5 - 2:07.894 MrLolololXD - 2:20.497 - Traction control turned on Week 23: Asano LM11 TDX at Conneticut Hill GP (Watkins Glen) pyrre - 1:30.203 Ryzza5 -1:31.572 SuperHyper - 1:31.734 Week 24: Asano X4 Touring Car at Eifelwald (Nordschleife) Pyrre - 6:31.900 Ryzza5 - 6:38.099 SuperHyper - 6:43.333 TDUFreak - 6:48.133 (ABS enabled) Week 25: Pagani Zonda R at Monterey (Laguna Seca) pyrre - 1:12.631 ozzmcom - 1:13.099 Ryzza5 - 1:13.568 googlproxer - 1:24.800 TDUFREAK - 1:16.200 (ABS enabled) Week 26: Thrustmaster competition #2: BMW Z4 GT3 at Florence (Mugello) pyrre - 0:53.049 Ryzza5 - 0:55.136 TDUFREAK500 - 0:55.328 RyzzaFunf - 0:55.392 patch - 0:55.415 RyzzaV - 0:55.761 RyzzaFive - 0:56.297 Destroyer-GT - 0:56.994 Acid44 - 0:58.157 TurboDuck - 0:58.161
  2. Fan-made video trailers will be posted here [media=vimeo]49717388[/media] [media=vimeo]46406757[/media] [media=vimeo]47730294[/media] [media=vimeo]47012065[/media] [media=vimeo]49895210[/media] Will start off with these and add more later
  3. what this is, is a hardcore zombie survival game with no way to win. you will die, there will be blood, and the zombies will just keep coming. based in real life Knox County, Tennessee, the game starts off by dumping you inside a random house with the clothes on your back. you need to search and scavenge for weapons, food, bags to haul stuff, and most importantly a safe house that you can build into a fortress, given time and assuming you find the tools you will need. currently, the game is technically still pre Beta. new builds are coming on a regular basis, updated thru Steam which is where you would buy it. has an active community, mods are encouraged (including whole new maps) and the Devs regularly post in the forums, asking questions and responding to questions. oh yeah, did i mention it is also Multi Player? yep, all you maniacs in here could form an official Turboduck server and see how well you work together (PVE), or if you choose to disable the safety feature and shoot, stab or beat to death a fellow member with a bat, axe, or crowbar (PVP) this is the current map Project Zomboid Map Project and if you look to the left of the white box you will see Dreadwood and Bedford Falls, mod maps. plans are in place for Louisville and Fort Knox to be added to the main map, as well as fleshing it out. The Indie Stone Forums
  4. There's a discussion going on with Andy Tudor about box art. Below is a selection of existing racing games along with some community- (and Andy)-submitted box art concepts. http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x152/aleistad/Private/all_boxes_zps8bedc26e.jpg Which ones do you like? There was one I liked a lot but in that grid it doesn't stand out nearly enough. If you want to make your own go ahead, I can post it at WMD for you (will link back here for credit) if you don't have access. WMD Forum!
  5. I keep forgetting to take screenshots when I play, and even when I do remember I pretty much always forget to upload them from my gaming PC :fp: Anyway, I'll add what I've got over the next few days:
  6. Have met a couple of you now online for a short race or two but it would be good to organize a day and time that suits a few people and all get out onto track for a few races in various tracks and cars. I would suggest 5 lap races on normal length circuits and 8 on short circuits. We can all discuss what cars and tracks we want to use without trying to get many duplicates :) Discuss :cool:
  7. Hey all, this thread is dedicated to my project cars- no one ever said they had to be full size cars, nor did they day that they had to work ;) Yes, you guessed correct, i've begun building scale models lol. I've always been interested, but never had the interest to really do it. I have had a Tamiya 180sx kit waiting to be built for about a year now, but I just couldnt be bothered. When I found a 1:24 Tamiya AE92 Trueno GTZ snaplock kit on ebay for a measly 25 dollars, I just had to have it, given that its actually my favourite car :D So here we go, I went and got paint etc today, ready to paint tomorrow (its raining here tonight...), got some photos of the shell etc. I love the standard 'ninja star' wheels, but I actually have a set of 17" TE37's on their way that should fit, which i'll paint white. The car will be red. I will keep the standard wheels as part of the display with the car though. Keep watching, this SHOULD be a fairly quick build. I'll probably have pretty much everything done by the time the wheels turn up. :) Very excited, I can legitimately say I have an AE92 Trueno GTZ project car now :P
  8. After years, and years of searching. I finally found a project. It's a 68' GMC 1/2 ton pick up with a 250 inline 6, 3 speed manual with a collum shift instead of a floor shifter. its got the usual rust like cab corners, a bad rocker and a dented rear quater panel. Nothing to difficult to fix. Amazingly it still runs and drives after sitting in a field. My co-worker had it lying around the farm, I drove by one day saw it and ran in. I got it for $150 because he just wanted it gone. Photos arent the greatest because I was in a hurry. But I should be getting in the next few weeks after the snow melts. Plans for it are to convert to disc brakes, lower/beef up suspension, Paint im thinking a satin army green/olive color with no chrome. New wheels (been drooling over a set of 20" slat flats). put in a V8. Im thinking a mopar. Like a 440 because I think there cool, and it'll piss off chevy guys, convert to a floor shift maybe a 4 speed, and maybe add powersteering. Pictures. 056 by Jacob.Hamilton, on Flickr 055 by Jacob.Hamilton, on Flickr 053 by Jacob.Hamilton, on Flickr 054 by Jacob.Hamilton, on Flickr 052 by Jacob.Hamilton, on Flickr 051 by Jacob.Hamilton, on Flickr
  9. As of build 321 (up to build 323 currently) MP is open to Full Member (45 EUR) and above, which includes: Pyrre Pingu Santeri Destroyer-GT Miele The Queen (Scottish Spotter) Ryzza (me) Is there a time that suits you guys for us all to play online toegether this week? I'm available tomorrow afternoon and Saturday night (local time) and might also be able to play Friday/Sunday night after sports depending on how I'm feeling. Post below
  10. GTI Project : Volkswagen UK Pick the red GTI and see what lap time you can get
  11. Hello! Racinglife.net is a free to play management browser game that allows you to enter the world of motor sport. We would like to know your opinion on our project idea. It will help us to create the best online management motor sport game. We have just released the race simulation. You can set your kart parameters and compete against other players. In the final version of our game you will be able to: MANAGE YOUR TEAM Become a team manager and find the most talented drivers among other players in RacingLife. Manage your staff, team budgets and facilities and lead your team to first place in the championships. DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS Each Race series requires the driver to develop different skills to enable them to get the most from the car. Train in the right skills to be successful in every step of your racing career. BUILD YOUR CAR Don't let your driving skills be hampered by a slow car. Buy or develop new car parts, upgrade and keep them at the highest performance level and beat your opponents. We want to thank all who participated in the beta time-trial competitions. During this first season we gathered valuable data and feedback from players, which helped us to improve the game. We almost finished simulation physics. We have created also: office with game news, player profile, season standings page, game forum, ghosts (in race animation), weather, pages voting mechanism and some few other things, like splitting players into separate leagues. We are happy to announce that season 2 has just started. It will takes 5 weeks. During this time we will release skills training and normal race competitions (with practice, qualification and race itself). We will also start to work on other racing series, so you will be able to advance from Junior Kart series, which is currently the only one in the game. I hope that you will find new season very interesting See you on the track! Racinglife.net team
  12. Since I've kinda sat FM4 photography on the back shelf for the last few months I figured I'd start taking photos in pCARS :D Here's a few to get started, still getting used to taking the shots. I was steering the wheel with my chin while I had both hands on the keyboard, juggling the controls to go around the car taking screenshots while moving LOL I'll get more used to it, hopefully then better photos will follow. pCARS 2012-08-26 18-23-15-60 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-25-22-85 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-27-20-94 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-38-25-19 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-40-33-30 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 18-42-25-73 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr pCARS 2012-08-26 19-10-14-97 by MrLolololXD, on Flickr
  13. Hello everyone, I have found this uber awesome lame happy terrifying name to present to you my project :) Only 1 step away from completion eh :) So, I have hooked up a fan to the subwoofer along with a little LED as first step :) They work and dance to the music :) Step 1 and a half: Mount the things in the places i want them! Step 2: Turn my Computer case's power LED as a sound dancing light :P So far so good Only thing left to do is Step 3 My cpu's multi light cooler.. :P Gna have to dance too :P Video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G74vYQFsW8o Tell me what you think :p
  14. It's A 1997 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2i Hatch 3dr in Metallic British Sport Green; and hopefully throughout the next year al be doin some minor mods to it.. Dont know much about it yet but a will be updatin this thread as often as possible. The Paintwork is still 100% =] and the dots you see on the car is rain.. its scotland =P http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/JR_99/DSC_0007.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/JR_99/Copyright.gif All rights reserved http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/JR_99/DSC_0006.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/JR_99/Copyright.gif All rights reserved http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/JR_99/DSC_0005.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/JR_99/Copyright.gif All rights reserved yeh there's a wee bit of damage on the passenger door were someone tried to jack it.. but that was there before a owned it; new alarm fitted though so shouldnt be trouble for me other than that engine need a slight retune n clean up, interior will eventually get refurbished, sound system in, it's already got a sport exhaust onit and Oz_hydra alloys will be invested but other than that, should have the beaut' finished by summer =] O.Z. Racing 15" Alloys http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/JR_99/oz_hydra.jpg UPDATE The Corsa b is no more.. look near the bottom of the 2nd page.
  15. The official E3 demo and info brought by summer 2009's E3 with Microsoft about and hour ago.. And Yes.. It Is Real Click the link above to see the full P.Natal section of the conference feat. Steven Spielberg, real-time movement demonstrations & LIVE Demo's. Lionhead Studio. Advanced Technology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYYonyqHIoc The revolution of the world.
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