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Found 5 results

  1. Okay, i have played all of need for speed games expect rivals, all the juiced games and a lot more games with a hight-deeply car customization design level, i don't know if its me, but the sticker's system in tdu2 it's the worst system that i have seen in every single game! even a ps1 game has better settings than this one! (and it's really certified). -Why when i try to put a sticker over another one (example. a white star in a red triange, the red triangle suddenly dissapears from the car ?!?! and i have to cancel all my design progress exit from the stickers shop and retry again to put the white star in the red triangle. and it happens to me like 80% of times (i've also noticed on youtube and other wbsite that is a common bug). - why when i try to save my "design" progress after sticking my car, sometimes the game won't let me enter in the validate/pay option but shoots me off from the strickers shop, making all my progress vanished?!?! wtf??? - what kind of lalalalaing prices are set on all the sticker system? a line 5k and a tree 25k?! that's just incredibly stupid as lalalala! if i want to design my car with a good vinilys package, i have to waste more then 200.000!!! and the car is worth itself only 40.000?! it's not even realisitc!!!!? - why there's not a layer-level-system? like in need for speed pro street/juiced2/nfsu2 (2004)<--so damn old. that makes you chose where and in wich order you want to place your stickers? one over another and etc??? it makes incredibly hard and expensive for every player to draw just the simpliest figure.... -history button sucks like hell for me, it allows me to see what have i done only when i enterned in the sticker shop in one time....not alll my car progress...p.p if i want to remove or recolor a sticker wich i put in 2 weeks ago? i have to clean the entire car and start all over again?-.-" holy lalalala...this game is really not worth his value...not even near to 5euros... --- Post Updated --- how many lalas i have wrote lol! i should go sing in a cabaret wtfxD
  2. Hey guys, just modded my TDU2 and everything works fine so far. I can launch the game via the uplauncher and runs fine. I just have some questions about modding itself. When I replace the files for a car, is that just like changing the skin of that car? I still have to purchase the car and everything in game? I haven't been playing the game very long, as I thought modding would allow me to just drive any car I wanted to...is this not correct? Can someone explain to me modding in a little more detail? Thanks!
  3. Hello! First post here, i have lurked for awhile here. Anyway, here's a few questions. 1. Is there a way to get offline DLC while paying for them properly? OR 2. Is there a way to convert from offline to online with a different nickname (because "Bryan" is taken) to get the DLC? 3. Trying to convert from offline to online (have to change name), or changing my save name would corrupt my game. Some Google results: Steam Users' Forum Cheat Happens Help would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi guys. I installed some new rims for various cars, all of them worked perfectly exept the One 77 rim. I mean, I can see the rim but the tire dissapeared. It's just the rim and the car looks like it is floating. And another "problem" so to speak, I don't see the "FERRARI 599XX" anywhere in the game (dlc2 downloaded / installed) Also, other DLC2 cars are visible. p.s: the Ferrari 599XX files in Euro > BNK > Vehicules are also there, I can see them, but I don't see the car in the game. later edit: and also the Corvette isn't there.
  5. Okay guys, recenlty (I use for January 2009-now) a lot of changes happened to the forum. I would like to ask some questions about it. :) 1. I see that the newly opened Web Design & Development section is not active at all. I know the section is a good idea and I appreciated it aswell but it seems that there aren't many people doing such stuff in here. As it's connected with the Photography & Graphics and General Chat, I can't really use the hide section button as the other two are the most active sections in the forum. So my question is, what are you thinking to do with the Web Design & Development section. 2. As recently lots of videos are being posted in General Chat and Cars, Cars and more Cars, I was wondering, would it be a good idea creating some sub-forums on both? General Chat -> Videos Cars, Cars and more Cars -> Automotive Videos What do you think? 3. About the older posts. I see many many posts with pictures way over the size and resolution limit. Like 1600x1200, 700-800 kbs. I once talked to Mike on MSN and he said that a staff member told him not to report such posts as "they didn't matter and weren't taking place in the bandwidth". I would like to ask the staff, what should I do with such posts? 4. This is a small one but I've noticed it long time ago. After the updating the forum with the new version, the arcade games award cups, that used to stand next to the names dissappeared. So, can that option be brought back and if yes, can you make it like a mini profile (like Xbox and others)? Well, that was about it from me. I would be happy to get some answers. Have a good day and thanks for making the forum a better place to be. :)
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