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Found 13 results

  1. Hey folks, so I wanted to ask if I can modify races (e.g. change the cars required for car delivery missions or something like that) to spice up the experience. I also play with the thought of maybe trying to create a "vintage edition" of TDU. My idea is to only use cars released before '94, so basically only young- and old timers. To do so I would need to modify certain races anyway, e.g. the ones requiring Saleens or I'd need to increase the time limit on certain events etc. Can it be done? Best wishes, Aenigma
  2. Comparison with real tubi exhaust Murcielago LP640 Tubi Exhaust race sound preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX7ypc6ueco
  3. Guest

    The Preorder Race

    This is a poll which should solidify the number of supporters for each next-gen console. Only choose an option once you have actually preordered or purchased one of the consoles! :cheeky: I preordered the PS4 on my way home from work last night. Anybody else preordered one yet? Or am I the first here?
  4. Have met a couple of you now online for a short race or two but it would be good to organize a day and time that suits a few people and all get out onto track for a few races in various tracks and cars. I would suggest 5 lap races on normal length circuits and 8 on short circuits. We can all discuss what cars and tracks we want to use without trying to get many duplicates :) Discuss :cool:
  5. I've just downloaded this game/sim. It's made by SimBin (GTR, GTR2, GTL), has quite nice graphics and the idea is to race in time trials (at least for now) against other people arround the world. It's in beta phase but I think it aims for good side. Anybody else tried it? Regards!
  6. Hello, my English is poor. Im Sorry. I have a problem running a game, everything is ok. But as I push "M" (mapa) the races on time, and the usual races do not work. Parcel contrast, women and cars running ... When I turn on the race is blinking icon on the map "loading data" - "wczytywanie danych" and nothing ... :( Please help me ...
  7. Popped this into the PC today and re-installed and it works great, the only problem I have is when I go to the map and look at races no data loads in the info box just a grey square. It also won let me click on the race, I have uninstalled and re-installed but still have the same problem. Thanks
  8. TDUC Community Race 07 New Years Mini League! After the success of the Race 07 mini league today i have decided to jump straight into organizing a new one for the new year. DATE: Sunday 15th January 2012 TTIME: 10:00 AM (GMT) Start Cars: Radical SR4 252 BHP Number Of Races: 5 (10 Min Quali 8 Lap Race) Each entrant will pick a track to race from the Race 07 track list or can choose a addon track but must provide a download link. In the event of over 5 entrants we shall make a poll and vote for the 5 tracks to be raced! Please try not to pick the same track as someone else! A dedicated server will be run on the day which will require a password to enter (This will be decided nearer the time) CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRANTS & TRACKS IS THE SUNDAY 8TH JANUARY! NO MORE ENTRANTS CAN JOIN AFTER THIS TIME! Entrants/Track: 1. T3hReaper91 2. Sponge 3. Ryzza5 4. Acid44 - Laguna Seca 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. More information will be added when i remember it. If you want to talk to me about this event then feel free to inbox me on here!
  9. Hi my brother has just bought test drive unlimited 2 and when I play and race his on the map he is not green like he should be I have tryed to remove him and re add him as a friend and it still has not worked can anyone help me and tell me how to make the game know that he is on my Friends list
  10. Hello all when im going on the first race after geting the first house and the first car i press ok and the race donsent starts but the camera stiil going in circle but nothing heppends i have really good computer so thats not he problem please help me to solve this thanks for help.
  11. Lately I've been working on sounds for the Edonis and ended up with these two. They probably don't sound anywhere close to the real life Edonis but seem to sound better than the original in TDU, even though it may sound a little like a race car. Both sounds are basically the same, the second one is just a higher pitched version of the first one, but with a stronger "whistling" and doesn't have backfire. You will need the Magic bnk1.map or else they won't work. Hope you like them at least a bit, and please do post feedback. ;) Sorry for the low quality samples, unfortunately I can't do much better...they sound well better ingame. EDIT: I gave it another go, so now the "whistling" is a bit stronger and louder, added a backfire (not as loud as the one of Edonis I, though it may be a little too quiet) and the engine is pitched in between both the other two sounds: not as low as Edonis I but not as high as Edonis II. Somehow I think it didn't come out as expected, still feels too similar to Edonis II...but do seems better. EDIT 2: Well, and again I've given it another try. This time I left the same pitch as in Edonis I, added the stronger "whistlling" and made the backfire a bit louder, but still feels like it doesn't exist: this is because the charger/turbo sound covers it, yet mostly only when gearing, so, if you accelerate to high rpm's and let go off the gas, you'll clearly hear it. I'd make it louder but unfortunately the sound seems to distort if I get it any higher than it already is. :( Oh well, I hope this time I got it better. ;) Samples: Edonis I: http://www.sendspace.com/file/q4ul72 Edonis II: http://www.sendspace.com/file/szcdro Edonis III: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nh9yoh Edonis IV: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yy489r
  12. Since there hasn't been one since April 2008 I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in just having a friendly race. Gamertag at the end of name. For next Wednesday: 8:30 Uk time; 4:30 US time (will change time if that is not a good time in the UK) Games played: Bulldog, Street Race, Cat and Mouse, Elimination. Sign up list: 1: Kingsupra (Darkness803) 2: Who (Crazed Dogem) 3:KTF67 (KTF67) maybe 4:Pherelas (Pherelas) 5:Mad_lambo (M4DJ0rdan) 6:CarboyZR1 (CarboyZR1) maybe 7:tWm (NotorioustWm) 8:
  13. hi! i m thinking about to have streetraces around the island and i want 1 back up person who can cover up for me if i cant be the judge on the races. all classes are accept and hc meet hc and org.mode meet org.mode cheats on the tracks are accepted too! more info is coming if somebody want to join... [email protected]:thumbsup:
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