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  1. Hello again people! I have a great mod request, the extremely rare VW Nardò coupe/ roadster. Possibly a Zonda F replacement? or something that fast would be realistic. Replication of the W12 engine's sound is essential. Specs: Engine-W12 Horsepower-600 Weight-2646 lbs Top Speed-221+mph 0-62mph-~3.2seconds As far as i'm aware there are a handful of 3D models of the Nardo coupe from GT4, GT5, the best 3D model being GT6, also Race Driver: GRID as well as TDU1 where the Nardò Roadster can be found. I believe As for the sound, the best place to hear the car is the link below
  2. Project Horsepower Github | Roadmap | Twitter The project I don't plan building a AAA-scaled game nor a real open-world like Forza Horizon 3 or The Crew (with a 0$ budget and a one-man sized team this isn't realistic at all). Instead, the whole idea is to create an open-world racing game with high quality features (physics, graphics, multiplayer, gameplay, ...) and as much content as possible. I might receive help for asset creation (or might even end up setting up a Kickstarter to get a budget to hire freelance artists); I just don't know yet, this isn't my top priority right no
  3. The hype is real, kids - Santtu and I have ONCE AGAIN tossed around the idea of reviving a Race League while the game is hot - anyone who'd be interested in taking part please let us know so we can calculate accordingly! :D Update: DETAILS ARE HERE! Been doing lots of planning, so now you guys can start your building! ***SEASON 1 ANNOUNCED*** Sport Compact Division Homologation 2016 Mazda MX-5 2015 Subaru WRX STi 2014 Honda Civic Si 2013 Subaru BRZ 2011 Subaru WRX STi 2011 RX-8 R3 2009 Honda S2000 CR 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X GSR 2008 Subaru Imprez
  4. That game literally shaped my interests in music today. Jazz and any sort of piano arrangements, I absolutely love. :) Can't say anything about the non-menu music in the game, though. Turned it off before the first time I raced. But seriously, the producers of the music in question had quite some talent. :clap:
  5. DRIVECLUB Future? It's been over a year since Evolution Studios released Driveclub and what a year it has been for them and indeed for us gamers. They did however make a complete hash of the release as the game was plagued by server issues for several months. But they kept their heads down and made a damn good game in the process. In the past year, over 50 new cars have been added to the game, more than doubling the car list, a handful of new tracks have been added and graphical updates that brought us the spectacular weather amongst other things in a mix of both free and paid for update
  6. Feedback Aplenty Thanks to Codemasters, Broadcast Journalism student and 'Motorsport YouTuber' Andre Harrison was exclusively permitted to record his limited gameplay session and share it with the world. His praises the development team for taking a step backwards towards the original Race Driver GRID title in terms of content and handling. It's a little hard to judge ourselves due to his, erm... aggressive driving style (at least in the touring cars), but do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also showcased is the sharp menu interface and the replay system that Codies ar
  7. As ever I'm here to propose what I always propose - some kind of league for GT6.. we all need to work together to make something happen, I'm sure it could be some good fun if we get enough people involved. I was thinking some kind of enduro racing, so we'd have to pit, etc. I know Ryan has his own league thingy in Straya or whatever, I was interested in hearing from everyone on their thoughts?
  8. What a sixpack! Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS just keeps growing as Audi has just been announced to become the latest brand to join the community-assisted simulator! As many as six Audis are joining the game, including the latest rendition of their supercar: the 2013 R8 V10 Plus as well as its big brother, the 2013 R8 LMS Ultra GT3, which will challenge the recently announced Bentley amongst other GT3 racers. The 1989 90 IMSA GTO is a beast that could prove to be tough but rewarding to control and it will surely find its own fans. Le Mans heritage is not forgotten as included are both th
  9. Hi, I bought me a new racing wheel, but it isnt compatible with the game. can someone help me getting it compatible? the wheel is a Speedlink Drift O.Z.
  10. Want to get one of your screenshots on the forum banner for ~2 weeks? This is the place you want to be then! * Stick to the implied theme (don't look for technical loopholes). Send a PM to the person who chose the theme if you are not sure about your interpretation. * Images must not exceed 5MB, and be at least 990px wide by 340px tall. * Each person who enters must cast 3 votes for other entrants in the same week to remain eligible. You absolutely must not vote for yourself. Voting infringements may lead to disqualification in the event of a tie. * Winner picks the next theme, unle
  11. Honda, I applaud you! You really know how to make me want to throw a wheelbarrow of cash at you! First with making a new Civic Estate(Aerodeck sounds wayyy cooler though), then making the next Civic Type-R a manual only and now in a way combining the two to give us... [ATTACH]19228[/ATTACH] Yes, Honda's BTCC Civic for next year is the Estate! Now weather its for marketing the new estate or not(that's on sale from next year), or a massive hint the next gen Type-R will come as an estate. Last time we had an estate racing in the BTCC(or any top-tier motorsports) was the V
  12. I've been looking all over for days and I still can't find a Logitech G25 (with everything) for $160 or less. Excluding Ebay bids. Can anyone help? As you can see, there is absolutely no reason to tell me to look for G27's. They're only more expensive, and quite frankly, look like they have little difference aside from more buttons on the G27 and a selector for sequential gear on the G25.
  13. I'm involved with a weekly Gran Turismo 5 league that has official championship races on Tuesday nights. In this thread you'll be able to find live recordings of each race. The league name is OzCoMoBros, which stands for Australian Company of Motorsport brothers. The league host, Velly (or Velster) is an Engineer and Test Driver at Ford in Geelong. The league structure is as follows: Pre-league - nominate car suggestions (one make or multiple, which cars, vote on a shortlist), same for track selections, and propose other ideas. One or two weeks of test races with the chosen cars
  14. Congrats to T1M for winning the DGS competition last week. * Stick to the implied theme (don't look for technical loopholes) * Images must not exceed 5MB, and be at least 990px wide by 340px tall. * Each person who enters must cast a vote in the same week to remain eligible. You may not vote for yourself. * Winning image must not be of TDU2 as you risk account suspension. * Winner picks the next theme, unless winning consecutively, in which case the runner up decides. * Winner has 48h to PM a new theme to me or another member of staff if I'm away, if they fail to meet this t
  15. If they think I'm going to spend $550AU on their console + $100 on FM5 and then not have any concerns that my $1300 wheel/pedal/shifter combo doesn't work with it then they must be crazy. PS4 just won (for me)
  16. I'm looking for a for a realistic/sim-like game, but which includes as little as possible setup-options. Basically i'm willing to invest a LOT of hours of training in difficult car/track-combinations, but I'm not willing to fiddle around with the setup to no end to get an proper driving car in the first place. Lets say I'm willing to setup over/understeer (yes I know in real life a lot of stuff has to do with what), steering-angle (to adjust the steering ratio to my liking) , gearchanges and tyre-type (dry/intermediate/wet; soft/hard). Is there some game like that in existence? I alread
  17. A fun series for those of us don't have the time/commitment to join one of the other serious leagues. By casual, I mean it's not the end of the world if you miss a couple of races The format would be as follows: One short practice/qualifying race (i.e. 3 or 4 laps) which will set the grid. Then 2 longer races on the same track (about 25 minutes each), the second being reverse grid. Points are awarded for the top 15 drivers. At the end of the series, we subtract the worst results from say 6 races from everyone (which means drivers could miss up to 6 races (3 nights) without
  18. surprised noone has mentioned this yet. the graphics on the teaser video are a bit cheesy, and the detail is not that great. but........it's a $5.00 game due in mid-April oh yeah, it has free roam too. http://www.oceancitygame.com/ Ocean City Racing is an open world driving game powered by Unreal Engine 3. OCR features the biggest, most detailed and alive open world city , advanced driving physics and highest quality visuals ever seen in a low price indie driving game. Featuring a free roam , time-trial and a race mode on a massive environment , Ocean City Racing offe
  19. I'ts me again, i promise i will stop releasing mods but for now i will. :D So here i have something for you.Because there is some v10 bmw good and smooth and clean version, i decide to give you something harder V10 TURBO. SORRY FOR THE STARTING SOUND I WILL FIX IT TOMORROW!!! Preview: Download: RUF_Spyder_audio.bnk I promise other mods for today but they will be released soon: Mercedes G65 Ferrari Colection Ford cosworth turbo Lamborghini gallardo v10 twin turbo You are not able to edit and share on other sites! If you dont like the sound mod please PM me to tol
  20. Graphical Visualisation Eutechnyx have released a video full of shiny graphics that fly and whiz about with info and stats about the milestones and amounts hit during the Beta phase of their free-to-play title Auto Club Revolution. The game which went fully-launched a few days ago seems to be getting a good bit of praise from people and is definitely a title racing game fans should check out at their website. Our members have been talking about and sharing their impressions of the game in our forums!
  21. Veni Vidi Vici - Driving into 2013: a definitive guide to 2013's upcoming racing games Sim Assetto Corsa Project CARS RaceRoom Racing Experience rFactor 2 Formula Truck GTR3 Ayrton Senna game Forza Motorsport 5 Simcade Grid 2 MXM Project/Moto GP WRC 4 DiRT 4 F1 2013 Arcade Carmageddon: Reincarnation Real Racing 3 Urban Trial Freestyle WRC Powerslide Real World Racing LocoCycle Distance Nitrous Undefeated Need for Speed: Something or Other Well, that's quite a lot of racing games... so what are you looking forward to? Pe
  22. Congratulations to Prophecy for winning the Driving Game Screenshot of the Week last week. * Stick to the implied theme (don't look for technical loopholes) * Images must not exceed 2048kB, and be at least 990px wide by 340px tall. * Each person who enters must cast a vote in the same week to remain eligible. You may not vote for yourself. * Winning image must not be of TDU2 as you risk account suspension. * Winner picks the next theme, unless winning consecutively, in which case the runner up decides. * Winner has 48h to PM a new theme to me or another member of staff if I'm
  23. Oh Lord, won't you license me a Mercedes-Benz Slighty Mad Studios (SMS) have recently announced on their WMDPortal website that they have licensed some of the very best that Mercedes-Benz has to offer both now and from the past. As any car fanatic will know, Mercedes-Benz has a very popular history in not only racing but also with their road cars and as you would expect the team at SMS will be bringing the cream of the crop to Project CARS (pCARS). With legends such as the 300SL W194, the much loved Sauber C9 and - my personal favourite - the 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM and more there is go
  24. Come GT Some! Simbin have announced the latest mean-machines that's coming to their free-to-play simulation racer RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E). From next week an aggressive trio of GT Racers will be available to players, these are the BMW M3 GT2, Ford GT1 and the extremely rare but very cool Ferrari p4/5 Competizione. As per normal they will be available to try before buying on certain days that can be found at the link below. You can find out more about R3E at RaceRoom.com Via Simbin Insider
  25. In what has stunned a number of the gaming press and the developers supporters, Criterion Studio Chief Alex Ward has appeared to say 'enough' to racing games and that it's time to try something new. The acclaimed team behind the Burnout and most recent Need for Speed reboots of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted went on twitter to express his views and answer some questions about a future Burnout or even a Road Rash game. Criterion Moving Away from Making Racing Games - IGN
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