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Found 19 results

  1. DiRT 4 Rallycross Gameplay If there is one motorsport that is fun to watch every time it is on then it is Rallycross. Combining typical versus racing with rallying is just something that works and DiRT 4 showcases this with its newest trailer. Being the official game of the World Rallycross Championship, it would be easy to discount DiRT 4 and see their push of this form of racing as an attempt at getting people into something they are heavily involved with. But this would be unfair, as rallycross is just such an immense display of control and skill, coupled with fierce rivalry, culminating into an incredible spectacle for those who are watching. And because of this, it is of no wonder that its popularity continues to grow. As when you have famous World Rally drivers such as Petter Solberg, Sebastian Loeb and Ken Block taking part, you just know that it has to be something special. Solberg himself is helping make the whole experience in the game even more authentic, providing feedback to the team at Codies into shaping it into as close as possible to the real thing. Whereas in rallying it is the surroundings you need to watch out for, in these races it is the other drivers that will be the ones to cause a spin, crash or even flip. It’s not an all out destruction derby or anything but there is certainly plenty scraped paint, dented bumpers, bent side panels and more, seen often at the end of races. Featuring multiple classes including Group B classics, Rallycross is sure to one mode that gains a lot of attention from players and probably gives the real championship some extra supporters. DiRT 4 is out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in early June 2017.
  2. DiRT Rally Free Play One of the best rally-racing simulations around at the moment is available to play for free over this weekend. And if you like what you see, then there is a 70% discount on the full game as part of the current ‘WEEKEND DEAL’ promotion on Steam. The ‘DiRT Rally Free Weekend’ allows the game to be played for free until 8PM GMT/UTC on Sunday, May 14th, with the promotional discount ending later the following Monday, at 5PM GMT/UTC. Regarded as one of the best Codemasters has ever produced, DiRT Rally's realistic physics and unforgiving nature, has gained it a loyal and passionate following. So much so, that its handling dynamics will be found in the next of the DiRT series, DiRT 4. With the team appearing to realise that offering players a choice of how their game will play, is something they do actually want. (I've been saying 'options are good' for ages!) And when you look at the direction they are taking their games now, it is kind of funny to think back to that whole "only 5%" thing from a few years ago. Best experienced with a wheel but not exactly lacking with the use of a pad, DiRT Rally is a game that is rewarding by being so punishing. The thrills felt at near-totalling your car as you chase those sector times, catch the wheels as you land from a big jump, and avoid those sheer drops, all in an effort to survive until the end of the stage, is one that got lost from racing games for a while. Even Codies distanced themselves away from it, but now they are back at it, and things are as better than ever. And for those who have systems capable of providing a good VR experience, the excitement is taken up yet another notch. Whatever type of racing fan you are, don’t miss out on at least giving it a try! [via Steam]
  3. Ferrari F40 Snow Camp There's a bit of a strange going on with supercars and some of their owners these days. The typical garage queen philosophy is going out the constant temperature controlled room window and instead in comes new and exciting ways of pushing these vehicles beyond anything they were typically meant for. As of late, it would be the Tax the Rich 100 nutcases who would be the ones that come to mind of who would take an expensive dream motor on some wild ride. However we are happy to say they're not the only ones, as this extremely well produced video for Red Bull called "Snow Camp Feat. Ferrari F40" proves. Beginning with the driver in the garage loading his luggage on top of the car and then taking his seat inside where he starts the engine, we are treated to the first clue that this is no mundane drive that is coming, as the car is sporting a set of rally lights on the front. Pushing in his favourite cassette tape ('a what?' the young 'uns ask) he's off along the wet and no doubt slippery roads to his first stop, the "Spicy Rentals" shop to pick up some items the typical skier may want: tyre chains and some studded tyres of course. After making sure the badge of the Prancing Horse isn't covered in snow, it's time to drop the power and head up the hills, ignoring the ski-lifts as obviously you cannot get a car into them. Blasting along some snow-covered trails with the rear stepping out, surprising those who are just walking along, this is where we see the person behind the wheel show off their outstanding car control. Night falls and it's all downhill from here... literally. The car speeds down the slope with all lights blazing, bouncing about due to the uneven surface it is currently hitting with crazy velocity, and then after reaching the bottom it's back onto the narrow trails. Surrounded by trees and with even more snow falling, we again see the driver pilot the legendary F40 with precision and skill that makes your eyes widen and your ears do nothing but hear the gorgeous noises being spat out as the engine rings out the notes of what the driver's feet are playing. (Yep, I did just write that didn't I?) Locating a good place to stop for the night, it's time to park up, collect some wood, strike up a fire and cook yourself some noodles. And if you're still not quite ready for bed after your feed, it's only normal to light up a flare, walk through the woods and hold it aloft while looking out towards the city lights. Source: Red Bull Japan* via Axis of Oversteer *Be sure to check out the Red Bull Japan link for more photos from this.
  4. DiRT Rally Console Preview With the clock counting down to the console release of DiRT Rally in April, Codemasters have thrown up a new video of their recent twitch stream, taking us through the ins-and-outs of the console version of DiRT Rally and answering - and swerving - questions from the community. The video lasting over 50 mins goes through a lot about the game, giving a detailed full run down of what those who purchase the game can expect. The early parts take us through how the game will begin with players in a Classic Mini and the new Rallycross 1600 Series, a tiny bit of information about the "very rear-engined" Alpine A110 and then some words of the legal challenges that were faced in regards to Sébastien Loeb's Pikes Peak monster, the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak, and how it can only be kept to the modern tarmac version in the game; where we are then treated to some game footage of the car on said course. Console players are idiots... sorry what I mean to say is that the next topic discussed is the new advanced driving videos that are there for those who are new to rallying, or typically keep their racing on the black stuff. Some technical aspects are also confirmed with both consoles being 60fps -- PS4 is 1080p, with the Xbox One mostly being the same, but dynamically reducing to 900p if the occasion should arise in order to keep the frame rate up. Alongside the talk of the new trio of Colin McRae liveries that are coming and the start of the Q&A, we are catered to an Alpine being run on a snowy stage. Information that can be gleaned from the Q&A: Little chance of a livery editor due to the way the cars are built and the amount of work involved in bringing something like that to the game however they did mention that they "have potential thoughts how they can support this kind of stuff" Australia's chances of getting in the game are "on the list" but not at the front, just like places such as "New Zealand" and "Ireland" The Fanatec handbrake is seemingly supported as long as you have the Fanatec Base They have tweaked the Masters races to be slightly easier Group B cars are on the wishlist to come to Rallycross Console versions are essentially running High but with tweaks and optimisations (uhoh... what's that ominous glow?) There is no plan to add livery packs They are aware of the want for custom language Pace Notes however it's a tricky area Revamping the car classes in the career is something they will look at in the future but not with DiRT Rally Game feels good with a pad (Xbox One Rumble triggers support) Working on driver for newer AMD cards on Windows 10 Thrustmaster T100 supported on PS4 Cross-platform multiplayer of PS4 and Xbox One not with DiRT Rally S1600 only on Rally Cross stages DiRT Rally is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 5th, 2016.
  5. So I've noticed quite a few people around here got the game, but nobody talks about it, so speak up! I got the game yesterday and Its a lot of fun, even though i suck hard at it (obviously :D), but the one thing that baffles Me is the level design the ditches and sort of curbs alongside roads, i think they are bit too harsh.
  6. Get Down and DiRT 3! The DiRT series is one of those that's loved by many and rightfully so as it's just pure damn fun and looks sensational, so if you haven't picked it up in the past and want to see what it's about but not spend more than the cost of a McDonald's Regular Meal then here's your chance. As part of the Xbox Live sale on right now you can pick up the latest release for a very small chunk of green, or should that be copper and nickel or whatever coins are made of where you reside. Either way if you love your rally and your arcade racing thrill then jump on this as at that price it's hardly something you'll regret! So what are you waiting for?! Now you too can be like Ken Block and crash hard and fast all the time. *cheeky* DiRT 3 on Xbox Live Marketplace
  7. HELLO! That's my race car (RALLY) I hope someone can make a sound mod of that car..? I have more videos on my channel! THANKS! [mod edit:] Please don't embed more than two videos per post, thanks.
  8. Traveled down to Dallas and the Omni hotel to check out the Dallas leg of Luxury 4 Play's GoldRush Rally. The pictures were taken with my Lumia 920 so they are not that great. I also have some videos I'll attach to the post later. Twin turbo Gallardo There are apparently more cars coming, these were the ones that were delivered while I was in Dallas. BC's Bugatti ran into some problems so it couldn't make it. I expect to add more to this since there is another event tomorrow at a drag strip.
  9. Rhys Millen Returns To Colorado As if we haven't seen enough supercars off-road lately; a Gallardo in the woods or an Enzo along a makeshift rally course, this time Rhys Millen took a McLaren MP4-12C Spider on an icy mountain road to race Chanelle Sladics, an eight time competitor at the X-Games. While she snowboarded down the mountain, he would race her to the bottom by taking the ice and snow covered road - this all sounds rather familiar doesn't it?
  10. Raging Bull Some exotic car owners these days seem to be getting bored with the reliability and everyday drivability of their wares and thus they decide to put them through even harsher situations and conditions than they may be used to. From a luxury Rolls-Royce powersliding over fields. a Ferrari Enzo thrashing along a make-shift rally course and now a Lamborghini Gallardo (original) driving and powering hard through an area that wouldn't look out of place in the WRC, it's evident that pushing the limit is the 'now' thing to do with that expensive toy worth more than most peoples' houses! Mind you if they sound like this then keep them coming as there's nothing better than hearing a hard-pushed engine screaming through it's range and the exhaust blasting out like it's auditioning for a role in a Death Metal band. Even better is this is Part 1 of 3 so even more to come, now turn up your speakers and enjoy the noise. The Lamborghini WRC - Stage One Thanks. DailyDrivenExotics
  11. 3, 2, 1 Go! Milestone have announced the release dates for their action-arcade WRC title that's coming to Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) and PlayStation Store (PSN) this month. Xbox will get it first from March 8th at a cost of 1200MSP and PSN will follow a week later from the 15th at around €14.99. Find out more about the game at it's official website: WRC Powerslide
  12. Can't believe no ones posted this yet: Pictures speak louder than words ;) I have to say, the video does look good. Love the look of the cars too... although I hope there's more than 5.
  13. The Special Stage is set! The hotly-anticipated Forza Horizon Rally Pack has finally been detailed, and with it comes a brand new set of rally courses (duh!) and 5 fire-breathing rally legends that should please virtually all Rally fans who remember the best days of the motorsport. On top of this from the info it appears that players will also be able to install the Rally specification kits and equipment to the standard cars of the game to make their own unique Rally monsters and mutants that you would never likely see on an actual rally course, but hey this is the great thing about games, you can make the ridiculous somewhat real. The cars that come with the Pack include legends such as the Lancia 037 Stradale and as can be seen by the image above, the Ford Escort RS Cosworth which appears to have slightly-misjudged an area of the course and ended up mid-air and sideways ...as tends to happen in Rally, as well as the Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185. And of course you can't properly talk about Rally cars without mentioning Subaru and Mitsubishi. Luckily both are in via the form of the Impreza WRX STi and the Lancer Evolution VIII MR. The Rally Pack will be out 18th December and will cost 1600MSP or FREE if you have the Season Pass. Check out the full scoop and view more images at IGN. We'll be sure to add more images when they become available. UPDATE: Gallery added. [gallery size=gallery-thumbnail" itemtag="div" icontag="span" link="file" columns="5" exclude="388]
  14. Hey everyone, I just opened up a new club called Car Show and Rally. Anyone can join so long as you follow these rules. Driving ​DON'T crash into other players if possible NO insulting other players. STAY in the group Club STAY loyal, if you are going to be apart of it, attend the rallies and shows please. that is it, following these rules can result in immediate promotion. I dont want to sound too strict. Just wanna have fun Most of the shows and rallies will take place on either Friday or Saturday nights at anywhere from 12 to 1 (central, US, time) ---------- Post added at 22:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 21:32 PM ---------- Also, If you join, u get $1 mil. I promise to all
  15. Hey everyone who is a TDU2 player, at 1am (central time), I'm going to be hosting a car show and rally. Anyone who would like to join just reply here with your TDU2 nickname or say that u want to meet online. We will group up at around 1- 1:30 am at one of my houses. Thanks :) :ty:
  16. Ok, this thread has been messed up twice now, so i'm keeping it short. Replace the spyker d8 peking-to-paris with the audi quattro with these lights and colours: http://www.autogaleria.hu/autok/audi/quattro-group-b-rally-car-1983-86/audi_quattro-group-b-rally-car-1983-86_r10.jpg Replace the mercedes ml 63 amg with the ford focus rally in these colours: http://wallpapers-free.co.uk/backgrounds/racing_games/colin_mcrae_rally_2/ford-focus-3.jpg And finally replace the audi q7 with the ford escort mk1 with thses lights and colours: http://www.modifiedcars.com/pix/cars_large/22422_31362.jpg Thanks, Ewanwii.
  17. Cheers to Warren over at RaceD for this tutorial, It's practically watertight. If you have problems, please don't hesitate to PM me or post a question on the RBR help thread. Installation of RSRBR 2012 Please also read the full Rallyesim Tutorial (translated) linked: Here I have installed this mod many times on different systems (Win XP, Vista, Win 7), and I always follow these basic steps. 1. Install RBR. Windows Vista and Win 7 Users Please note: You need to take some additional precautions when installing RBR. There is a link (translated) to the additional Tutorial for Windows 7 and Vista in post 3. Personally, I haven't actually had any problems with this so far, so only needed if your RSRBR or RBR install plays up or you want to be extra sure. Basically, do not install the game in Program Files, which is the usual default location. 2. Install the Official Patches 1.01 and 1.02. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52407178/RBR_v101.zip http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52407178/RBR_v102.zip 3. Run the game to ensure that all is working ok. Set up your Options including the Controller. This step helps to make sure that the base RBR game is working ok before installing RSRBR2012. The best way to test everything is to go to the Rally School. You may also create the Cheat Profile named "Mulligatawny" and set up your Options for that profile. This profile will be used by RSRBR to gain access to all of the addon content. This Profile will be created by RSRBR2012 when installed, but you will still need to reset your Options after installation. 4. Once you are satisfied that the base RBR is working ok, then proceed to install RSRBR2012. 5. Install the main mod RSRBR 2012: Here 6. Install the latest Updates: Updates will be added as they are released in the 4th post. 7. Install the Track Pack: Here 8. Install the latest Car Packs: Here (Complete full pack direct link Here ) Note: You can add the car packs by installing the full pack, or alternatively, you can install groups, or individual classes if you wish. Make sure to check the main website (the link provided) to ensure you have the latest versions, they get updated regularly. Also, if you don't install the full pack, always check to make sure you have the latest updated pack for the class being used in the RD Rally (check the Rally Club Sign-up posts). Please Note: Some Car Packs usually need to be updated after each RSRBR2012 Update, please check the advice in the download link. Some BTB Country Stages often need to be updated after each RSRBR2012 Update, please check the advice in the download link. 9. BTB Tracks: If you wish to use the BTB Addon Tracks with RSRBR, you need to also download and install RSRBR BTB Country Packs, but these are not essential to running RSRBR2012. BTB Country Packs can be found Here :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  18. I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this here! (not that I could find anyway) So, who plays it and do you run RSRBR or CZ Plugin? Show us your screens and lets get this thread alive! :D :D
  19. WRC switching to S2000-spec car for 2010 season by Jonathon Ramsey on Dec 13th 2008 at 4:33PM For whom does the cost-cutter's bell toll? It tolls for Formula 1... and for the World Rally Championship. The FIA has announced that from 2010 the WRC will use Super 2000-spec cars, instead of the current championship's Group N racers. As with the FIA's moves in F1 to standardize components in order to help teams save money, the S2000 cars all have third-party-supplied gearboxes and drivetrains, use 2.0-liter engines with 8,500 rpm rev limits, and are prohibited from being excessively modified (if you have some time, check out the FIA-mandated S2000 specs), among other things. Should manufacturers wish to sell their S2000 cars to privateer teams they can charge no more than €168,000. Five time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb has spoken out against an S2000 WRC, saying he won't be interested in rallying if the 2010 regs actually take effect. The Group N cars that drivers like Loeb currently pilot will be relegated to the P-WRC come 2010. We'll find out then if Sebastien Loeb goes with them. [source: WRC] From autoblog
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