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Found 61 results

  1. hi, i would like if someone could make this car in to either tdu 1 or 2 heres the 3d file of the car https://docviewer.yandex.ru/view/0/?*=o1FpGnayn4paw4XiRPQfAbXzOm17InVybCI6InlhLWRpc2stcHVibGljOi8vc1FXYWJjS2djUlFjV2toaTdwSjc4V2pCZDhzZHdHUStCSmZUNWdSRmFLVXhROTZNQnJobHduY0xQT2c2TmVRcHEvSjZicG1SeU9Kb25UM1ZvWG5EYWc9PTovQ2Fycy9Ib25kYS9Ib25kYV9Db25jZXJ0b18oTUEpX3NlZGFuXzE5ODguemlwIiwidGl0bGUiOiJIb25kYV9Db25jZXJ0b18oTUEpX3NlZGFuXzE5ODguemlwIiwibm9pZnJhbWUiOmZhbHNlLCJ1aWQiOiIwIiwidHMiOjE1ODU5NDI4MjQ2OTEsInl1IjoiNjI2NjkxMTc4MTUwNDA4NDYzMCJ9 thanks
  2. I wish i could have this Honda Civic Type R FK2 ingame i love this car so much i hope someone make one of my dream cars come true in this awesome game Here is a link that you can use resources from Forza Horizon 3.: http://gamemodels.ru/files/file/6752-honda-civic-type-r-series-ix-fk2-16/
  3. It would be nice hack if i can do for example Ctrl+c, it will show the search field where i just start typing the car name. For example "toyo" and it will show all Toyotas and then use up and down arrow keys to select toyota of my choise and hit enter and it would immediately change my car on the road without going to house and scrolling thru unsortable list of all cars. Btw. It would help if i know how to sort the list of all cars (being in the house) by the name instead of house name.
  4. Can any modder convert this car to tdu2? I tried but i didn't manage to make it. https://dfiles.eu/files/9mfg1jpa4 (3d model ripped from AssetoCorsa included)
  5. To complete the excellent collection of Aston Martin vehicles in TDU Platinum, I'd greatly appreciate someone creating the Aston Martin 1986/87 V8 Vantage for TDU. As one of mine and many others favorite Aston Martin cars, it would be a welcome addtion to the game! Images:
  6. Hi dear TDU Modding Community. I love the Platinum Edition so much. I want to drive the Bentley Speed 8 2003 in an open world with traffic - TDU 1 is ideal. Is somebody interested to make this car mod for me and the community? That would be amazing. Hope you learn to love this car, too. Greetings
  7. I really want this beast in the street, maybe any can make this mod in the future... This car is already enter in forza horizon, any can get the model and import in the game
  8. Hi there! Can anyone makes or has an GTR R34 either Left Hand Drive (LHD) or Right Hand Drive (RHD) with working functional MFD (Multi Function Display) display? If you don't know what i'm talking about here's the video It would be nice if you make the boost gauge act as an RPM gauge and Torque gauge acts as a speedo. For me or everyone/anyone would look nice if you're in POV and you see the Boost gauge goes up and down as the RPM rises, same story with Torque gauge also Have a good one! Also this videos shows a great represantation of how the display works as in RPM Gauge
  9. Welp, this page need a Clothe mods, but, everybody dont love clothes, in my case, i request my favorite helmet, And appeared in the anime: DuRaRaRa, the Helmet with cat-ears, The Company make thosse helmet, is Nitrino, a Russian helmet Company, here a examples: is easy, (maybe) is only add the Cat Ears in the helmet: Welp, Sorry for my bad english, anyway, any can make? and... for TDU2 too
  10. Is there a modder or a guy who has these Bugatti's with movable rear wings somewhere on their PC? I recently started to like Bugatti's more, but i wan't it to be realistic by having an option that it's wing opens up when you put down the window. It would be nice if anyone sends 16.4 version and Super Sport (SS, the black n orange one). If you have any files from TDU central or anywhere really, i would be extremely happy. Source of the request: http://www.drivers-paradise.com/index.php/tdu-1/cars/119-tdu-1/cars/bugatti/1176-bugatti-veyron-eb-16-4-v1-5-1-tduzoqqer.html http://www.drivers-paradise.com/index.php/tdu-1/cars/119-tdu-1/cars/bugatti/1175-bugatti-veyron-eb-16-4-v1-5-tduzoqqer.html Have a good day/evening! Nick1999
  11. Hi modders! I was wondering can anyone make a Audi RS7 2018 MOD for TDU? That car is simply awesome, and it would be great thing to have it in TDU! Here are some photos of new Audi A7. Thanks!!
  12. Anyone can mod the Ferrari 458 Liberty walk, i love this car
  13. I waiting for a mod for Lambo Huracan Liberty walk in long time ago, any can make one?? With Ducktail or Spoiler
  14. Hello Everyone! Can any experienced modder can do a repaintable Volkswagen W12 Syncro and Volkswagen W12 Roadster? Us, as in TDU players know that VW W12 and Roadster cannot be repainted (unless you take it to a paintjob shop that lets you respray any color you technically want) Since VW W12's are in 2 main colors; Red and Yellow, while interiors are Blue and Orange-ish. Anyone would be happy to get a car that you can repaint in 2-4 colors. Exterior and interior of course, If anyone can or does that everyone will be happy to cruise in a car with their desired color of choice.
  15. Mars

    Ferrari F512M

    I don't know if anyone here is able to do 3d modeling, but one might be able to change just a few things from the 512 TR without needing a whole model from scratch. The car is a 1994 Ferrari F512 Modificato, the last model in the Testarossa lineup and one of my personal favorites. I haven't seen a request for it so here's one. Front:[ATTACH]28711[/ATTACH] Rear:[ATTACH]28712[/ATTACH] Side:[ATTACH]28713[/ATTACH] 3/4:[ATTACH]28714[/ATTACH] Interior [ATTACH]28715[/ATTACH] interior 2 [ATTACH]28716[/ATTACH] Thanks for any help in getting the car into this awesome game. Stats; Weight: 3207.7 lbs Height: 44.68 inches Length: 176.37 inches Width : 77.79 inches Front wheel track: 60.35 inches Rear wheel track: 64.72 inches Power: 440.0 @ 6750 Torque: 368.8 ft-lb @ 5500 Performance; Top speed: 195.7 mph 0-62 4.7 sec
  16. Mars

    Ferrari F512M

    Hey guys, I get the impression that there are many talented modders here, I'd really like to see the ferrari f512m included into either tdu1 or 2 or both, whichever is fine. I'd also like to see the 512tr in tdu2 but at the moment I'd really like the 512m in either or both games. Would that be a problem for anyone?:cool: [ATTACH]28608[/ATTACH] Beauty on wheels
  17. [ATTACH]27358[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27359[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27360[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27361[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27362[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27363[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27364[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27365[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27366[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27367[/ATTACH] This car sounds very close to a Lamborghini Countach 5000 quatrovalvole. I mean you really can't tell a big difference. So, if anyone does this car for TDU, he/she could take my countach soundmod for the first developing time. Released - Lamborghini Countach lp 5000 S Quattrovalvole | turboduck forum Of course i'd do a precise one also. Maybe with this video.
  18. [ATTACH]27350[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27351[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27352[/ATTACH]
  19. Hi, i not only wanted to make a request here the very first time. So i give you my collection of blueprints, for inspiration, or even to get some of you started into vehicle modding. It are over 1000 blueprints collected in days and nights. Nearly 100% are set in the 3 layers you need for making a base model. I know that some are not good enough maybe. Plenty fun looking at them. You can pick your favourite one and post it here. Be crazy, modellers, why not having an Antonov or a Concorde flying around in TDU. Or how about the A-Team truck, or the Tomahawk bike. ( also in the collection ) [ATTACH]27346[/ATTACH] File-Upload.net - Blaupausen.rar [ATTACH]27347[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27348[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27349[/ATTACH]
  20. What's up team? :) It's me again and this time I wanna request a one of few japanese cars (LHD would be nice, but I don't mind RHD) that I really like tho' :happyroll: I saw it in FH2 & FM3, yea it looks pretty :D Some pics: Cheers! :bhello:
  21. I first off would like to thank everyone here for their exceptional work with the mods and contributions to the site's usability... Also I have so far seen all of the mods released here and I would have to say my favorite would be the DMC Spia Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with the 599 GTO sound mod from forza I believe.. exceptional indeed. First to the LP-670-4 Super Veloce, again with sound mod.. Hello everyone I'm Alwaysaggrandize, I am new here. I am a supercar aficionado, extremely passionate of all things exotic and rare, exclusivity and performance are two of my favorite things.. Along with High revving V12's/10's etc. I believe users are accepting mod requests? I have pretty much an endless list of exceptional car requests that I'm certain everyone will love. I would like to make one preposition.. A unicorn among Exotics... Mansory's 1,250 HP Ferrari F12 LaRevoluzione..... :phil::fp::fp::fp::fp::drool::drool::drool::lol::lol::lol::lol::happyroll::happyroll::happyroll::happyroll::happyroll::happyroll:(Natural reaction before exaggeration) [ATTACH]20985[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20986[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20987[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20988[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20990[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20991[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20992[/ATTACH][ATTACH]20996[/ATTACH][ATTACH]21001[/ATTACH][ATTACH]21000[/ATTACH] #**** This I truly hope can be done...:nods:
  22. It's not even close to being as cool as driving a $400,000 Lamborghini but it was a truck that I learned how to drive in. (Not sure is there are any models of it as of right now)
  23. hey guys i love the 99. a3 from audi ;) can anyone make a mod for this car ? Ps: it should replace the tdu2 A3 ;)
  24. I am requesting this car because I'm a Need For Speed fan and I think this car will be awesome if it replace The KZ1R limited :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: IMAGE FROM TDU 1 [ATTACH]19827[/ATTACH]
  25. Tires with Need For Speed Written on Them :-) Again all to go with m3 gtr:):p
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