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Found 8 results

  1. Meet the next instalment in the TDU series, as some familiar faces tour Hong Kong Island, the Solar Hotel, and Street/Sharp Headquarters. The game is reportedly feature complete (excluding post-launch content) and now expected to release early in 2024, avoiding a crowded release window with the likes of The Crew Motorfest and Forza Motorsport, and allowing more time to optimise and polish the game. If you haven't already, be sure to visit testdriveunlimited.com and sign up to the newsletter for a chance to be invited into future beta tests. Got thoughts? Share them below! Image credit: Alex VII
  2. 2012 was an interesting year. Some wondered if it would be the last year, and of course a movie had to develop that plotline further. Perhaps worse than that, the official online servers for Test Drive Unlimited 1 were shut down, which made us all feel very sad. Not long later we had the release of the first open world Forza title for XBOX 360 which took us to a version of Colorado which strangely lacked Pikes Peak. It was a good game, and the start of a good series to fill in the void left by TDU, but it just wasn't the same. At least it still provided a few laughs. But that wasn't all. In March of 2012 we were treated to a new flight 'simulator' from Microsoft, which conveniently for us, featured Hawaii of all places. It was a freemium game with DLC planes, locations and challenges. A number of us do like to fly on PC on occasion. If you don't count the re-release of a 64-bit version of Flight Simulator X Acceleration on Steam in 2014, then the 2012 release of Microsoft Flight was our last flying update from Microsoft in 7 years. So imagine our delight when Microsoft surprises us with a gorgeous trailer showing us a new version of the simulator due to land (pun intended) sometime in 2020. Take a look for yourself here: The trailer doesn't tell us a great deal of details about the upcoming sim, but the amazing detail of the world (without having to purchase and install a hundred add-ons) in stunning 4K definitely has our attention here at TurboDuck. We'll be sure to make a beeline for O'ahu as soon as we can. Here's what we can deduce from the trailer and it's description: * Available on Xbox and Windows PC (so it should attract casual fliers) * Powered by satellite data and MS Azure AI Cloud computing * Amazing volumetric clouds which cast realistic shadows on the ground * SNOW * Bodies of water are not a singular colour, and cities have High Def textures out of the box * FOG * Delicious reflections on aircraft and detailed airport vehicle and building textures with shadows * A variety of light and stunt aircraft as well as jumbo jets, including the cover-plane from Microsoft Flight from Icon * Beautiful sunsets accompany expected time-of-day and weather settings * High-detailed 3D cockpits with the ability to turn your head, bank your aircraft and admire the view below * Many real-world scenic attractions to visit including what appears to be New York, Dubai, Alcatraz, Egypt, San Francisco, along with coral reefs, mountains, canyons, craters, stadiums, and more * Lighting and rain effects * Hundreds of vehicles on the roads and in the carparks below * Wildlife including flamingos, elephants, and giraffes * Multiplayer * Challenging Alpine landing strips Want to come fly with me? Let's fly, let's fly away to the Comments section below to discuss one of Microsoft's oldest slogan questions:
  3. The Crew 2 Is Real Our suspicions about a possible The Crew 2 being in the very near future were right, as it has been confirmed that a sequel to the gigantic open-world racer is on the way. First noticed through a tweet posted by the gamesindustry.biz Senior Editor, which in itself brought about a small period of thinking and confusion as to whether it was to do with something for the current game or a new one entirely, we only had to wait a matter of minutes before the game's official twitter awoke to share a link to the official Ubisoft forums with an accompanying The Crew 2 logo (see main image), and the text “Beyond the road”. Knowing that Ubisoft have confidence in the series and developer Ivory Tower to push ahead with a sequel, is great to see. And hopefully the next game will expand on what the original did, improve on the aspects that players have fed back to the team, and will blow us away yet again with a vast environment where total freedom is paramount. This reveal about a new game in the series naturally has us raising some questions: Where will it be set? Will it have Porsche? What on earth does "beyond the road" mean? These answers and more will become clear at E3 no doubt, as this is where Ubisoft have become masters at revealing more about the games we know about... and then blowing us away with those we don't. As long as we don't end up with a repeat of another '2' from before, good times should be ahead! [via @TheCrewGame]
  4. First Look At NFS 2017 Need for Speed is back in 2017 and the first official look at the game has been released, along with small bits of info in relation to the direction it is heading. For starters let’s get one of the main points out of the way, there will be cars... sorry, couldn’t resist that one. No, the one major surprise is that always-online is NOT a requirement for the single player experience in NFS 2017. Nothing said about whether online multiplayer can be played offline too, but we'd reckon that will be a definite no, for obvious reasons. Modern-day NFS qualities such as customisation, police pursuits and epic jumps, will again feature, with the team at Ghost seemingly more excited about just watching what players will do in the world that they deliver, rather than telling them, what to do. The main info drop will be coming in June as EA PLAY gets closer but even now we have been given some minor details, albeit lacking in any real concrete info, there are some tidbits about what we could expect with this one. Not least with the one and only image that has been shared. Where immediate impressions seem to hint that your character may be stuck behind a fence, or maybe starts off from a dive of a Motel. (in case you were wondering just like we were, the sign does indeed flash). A Nissan 350Z can be seen on the other side of this fence, whether it is yours or one of a choice for your character will remain to be seen, however that car has been a heavily requested (why?) one from the NFS (muppet)base so at they'll be happy. With 2015's Need for Speed being mainly set in the dark and gloomy night, it is telling that the first image of the game we see is lit up by a bright sun. Now whether this is a sunrise or sunset I don't know but players have been vocal about bringing back the day and perhaps this is another acknowledging nod to their wants, from Ghost. How the game environment may be is another thing that we get a small nudge in the ribs at, with this interesting mention within the blog post: We’re dialing (sic) up the action and allowing you to tear up the tarmac, and dirt, to your heart's content. Now, in my insane mind I take this to mean we get to pilot diggers and heavy machinery, but as was pointed out to me on our twitter by @RahulMendes, it is more likely pointing to the inclusion of more dirt/off-road-oriented or rally cars, which is extremely exciting if it turns out to be true. Mind you, the DUB-spec Hummer on 12 foot tall spinners tackling a rocky pass, maybe not so much. And if we think some more about this, is it possible that this game will have a large environment with varying surfaces... or maybe even be open-world? Either way, we will be watching this game like a caffeine-drinking eagle, and are eager to see what Ghost have been able to do with another two-year development cycle. If 2015's Need for Speed is anything to go by, then it's probably going to be a damn fine game. [via Need for Speed.com] Updates * May 10th 2017 - cleaned it up a bit as it was a bit stupid in places
  5. Project CARS² After being teased by the numerous leaks and unofficial mutterings over the past few months, we are finally getting our first official look at Project CARS 2! ‘Difficult Second Album’ syndrome doesn’t seem to apply to pCARS2, with the trailer showing that it is improving on the high benchmark set by its predecessor. Other studios should be concerned with just how much Slightly Mad Studios are planning to include in this game, they are without a doubt living up to their name. The game will arrive sometime in late 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Trailer: In the video we are shown features such as day to night, fully dynamic weather including snow and icy conditions, and so many vehicles that it is clear pCARS2 will have much more than what the original offered. The accompanying info below the video states that there will be “over 170 licensed cars” and that it will have the “largest track roster ever on console” which is a huge increase over the pCARS1 inventory of vehicles and a strong statement to make in regards to the amount of circuits. Being a technical showcase, support for 12K and VR is also a given and no doubt will be shown in all its glory on some snazzy new Panasonic gear. (that deal is still in place right?) Because of fan feedback, eSports and player championships have also been given a boost and will see some excellent features ensuring that pCARS2 is the go-to game for those who want to run these events. A multitude of new locations can be seen, such as an ice circuit set within a snowy wilderness however the traditional tracks such as the Nurburgring and Brands Hatch are still present. Rest assured that the new Ice Circuit will push the traction of whatever you choose to drive to the limit! New vehicles are also a given, with the Aston Martin Vulcan, new Honda NSX and a green wheeled Ford F150 being a few examples highlighted in the trailer’s footage. And if rumours are true, Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari could make an appearance. Previously, it was easy to excuse Porsche due to the EA exclusivity agreement, but Lamborghini and Ferrari were sorely missed from the first game and so fingers crossed that pCARS2 remedies this. It is looking more promising for Porsche though as that stupid exclusivity deal is finally dead as of the end of last year. All in all this game is shaping up very nicely and appears even at this early stage to be deserving of its ‘Ultimate Driver Journey’ tagline. If they can nail all that they have already shown and keep the game running smoothly and stable with less of the bugs and problems that the first one occasionally suffered from, then they could very well smash the opposition. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="6610,6611,6612,6613]
  6. ... And Then Unboxes It Again! Major Nelson has treated fans to a 3-month early unboxing video of the Xbox One - Day One Edition. I'll stop writing now since you've no doubt already clicked the Play button and stopped reading this. [embed] [/embed] All done? Great - so what did we just see here? Another massive ugly power brick? Seriously? In the flesh, the console doesn't look that terrible. Unimaginative - yes. In fact it looks like it took him a second to work out which side was the front. A decent selection of ports are included (with a large enough space around the USB port for your bulky flash drives you've got) Dual-band a/b/g/n WiFi built in. No support for the new super-fast 'ac' protocol though. A slot-loading BluRay drive New controller with 'Day One Edition' inscribed for you to show off to your friends, if friends still visit each others house these days. iR blasting (have they revealed a new media center remote control yet or will the old ones be compatible?) A 4K-supported HDMI cable. Useful. A fancy power button (that's basically the same as the newest Xbox 360 refresh, and the original PS3, besides the fact that it lights up) Kensington lock support, just in case the Xbox One suddenly becomes popular. In other news, Microsoft will require a LIVE Gold subscription for key features such as sharing game recordings, making Skype video calls, and receiving TV Guide recommendations based on your viewing habits. Sony quickly responded by saying that it will not charge users to share gaming footage. So what do you guys think? Sound off in the comments section below.
  7. Ubisoft Reflections (Driver San Francisco) are incredibly busy right now dealing with WATCH_DOGS and the MAHOOSIVE Just Dance 4 (yay!) but they also have apparently been working on another title that will be revealed at E3 in June. It's been hinted that they have wanted to return to creating their own game and maybe even getting their hands into a racing title. Could it be another Driver or will it be something without wheels this time? Ubisoft Reflections working on unannounced game, reveal at E3 | Joystiq
  8. Well well well, I wonder what Microsofts answer. Do you think it will be up to the fight? Xbox, A New Generation Revealed - Xbox.com
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