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    Found 6 results

    1. If you have been holding out of signing up for an EA Origin store account, perhaps you may be tempted by EA's Spring Sale, featuring discounts of up to 85%. Older Need for Speed titles are included, some of which are not included in the Origin Access subscription program. You will also find large discounts for FIFA 19, The SIMS, Star Wars Battlefront, Unravelled 2, and Burnout Paradise Remastered. Click here to view the discounts: https://www.origin.com/aus/en-us/store/deals/springsale?sort=title asc Did you buy anything? Let us know below!
    2. Humble Store Winter Sale 2017 There are some great discounts on racing games and more right now at the Humble Store, and it’s not just the old stuff either. Main standouts for us are DiRT Rally with 60% off, Rocket League which is slashed by 20% and Project CARS with a massive 66% saving! Should you already have those then others worth a look are the massively fun Table Top Racing World Tour with a 60% price cut and Motorsport Manager with a nice little 25% markdown. You can also feel good knowing that at the same time as you are making savings, you are also giving to charity too and this is one of the core drivers behind purchasing through Humble Store or going for the current Humble Bundle on offer. End times for different titles can vary so make sure to take notice of any countdown that may be showing so you do not miss out on something you want. Humble Store Winter Sale!
    3. Here's something none us were NOT expecting but is their plan to do this in order to breakaway from their parent a good idea? Could it be that the dodgy decision making, the abysmal customer service and operations, the lack of info and the let's face it completely horrid method of running a business over the past number of years all down to those in France? Yeah sure. :rolleyes: Thanks. Atari hit by dwindling revenue, files for bankruptcy | VG247
    4. There's a pretty good sale on RockStar games on the Xbox Live Markeplace right now: Max Payne 3 (I bought this for £6.26!!) LA Noire Red Dead Redemption Midnight Club LA I would link to the XBL site, but the sale is not showing there… plus is a crap site a a pain in the backside to navigate anyway. Just get on your XBox and you'll see the RockStar sale on the 'homepage' there. Some real good deals to be had. :) edit: linked the games but not sure if they're the same price as on the console :hmmm: XBL site now showing the sale properly.
    5. Steam Christmas Sale http://store.steampowered.com The annual Steam Christmas sale has started again and will be running from December 19th to January 1st. Obviously I can't list all the 1000+ games that are on sale so I'll be updating this thread only with the daily deals. You can browse the other deals in the link above. As usual, if you are interested in a game that hasn't been in a daily deal yet, you should wait to see if it goes as daily deal to get it even cheaper. Also as usual there's the competition thingy going on. Playing certain games and getting certain achievements from them (shown here) gets you either a gift or a lump of coal. The gifts have either a game or a coupon inside them. If you get a gift you can use it yourself or trade it or give it to a friend. If you get a lump of coal you can either use 7 coal lumps to craft a gift (which won't have coal in it) or you can save it and get an entry per each coal to the competition. You also need to have atleast 10 items on your wishlist to be eligible. The competition will end January 2nd. 1 winner will get every single game in Steam. 50 winners will get top 10 items on their Steam wishlist. 100 winners will get the top 5 items on their Steam wishlist. 1000 winners will get Valve Complete Pack (Every game made by Valve). Today's 'encore' deals: Saints Row: The Third - 33,49€/33.49$/£20.09 (33% off) Assassin's Creed Pack - 59,99€/59.99$/£34.99 (60% off. AC&AC2 75% off, AC:B 66% off, AC:R 25% off) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 44,99€/44.99$/£29.99 (25% off) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 33,49€/40.19$/£23.44 (33% off) Bastion - 4,75€/5.09$/£3.89 (66% off+Soundtrack 66% off) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 16,99€/16.99$/£10.19 (66% off+Aug. Edition+DLC 66% off) Portal Bundle - 8,74€/8.74$/£5.74 (75% off. Individual titles 75% off aswell) Empire & Napoleon Total War - Game of the Year Edition - 7,49€/7.49$/£4.99 (75% off+DLC+Individual titles 75% off) Medieval II: Total War - 2,49€/2.49$/£2.49 (75% off) Rome: Total War™ - Complete - 3,74€/2.49$/£2.49 (75% off. Individual titles 75% off aswell) Total War: SHOGUN 2 - 9,99€/7.49$/£7.49 (75% off+DLC 75% off) Batman: Arkham City - 24,99€/24.99$/£19.99 (50% off+DLC 50% off) L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition - 12,49€/12.49$/£8.74 (75% off) Dungeon Defenders - 2,99€/3.74$/£2.49 (75% off+Most of the DLC 75% off) Serious Sam HD: Double Pack - 2,99€/2.99$/£2.19 (90% off) Serious Sam HD: Gold Edition - 3,99€/3.99$/£2.99 (90% off) Serious Sam Double D - 1,99€/1.99$/£1.49 (75% off) Serious Sam: The Random Encounter - 0,99€/1.24$/£0.99 (75% off) Serious Sam 3: BFE - 19,99€/19.99$/£14.99 (50% off) Dead Island - 24,99€/19.99$/£14.99 (50% off+DLC 50% off) Magicka - 2,49€/2.49$/£1.99 (75% off+DLC 75% off) Terraria - 2,49€/2.49$/£1.49 (75% off) Orcs Must Die! - 3,49€/3.74$/£2.99 (75% off+DLC 75% off)
    6. ive got a nissan 350z nismo r tune group d up for sale for 45 thousand dollars. a jaguar xkr group d this car is my fav and its only 100 thousand pounds and finally a wiesmann group d 120 thousand pounds i will update it regualy with what cars ive sold or whats up for sale online:thumbsup:
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