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Found 2 results

  1. A fun series for those of us don't have the time/commitment to join one of the other serious leagues. By casual, I mean it's not the end of the world if you miss a couple of races The format would be as follows: One short practice/qualifying race (i.e. 3 or 4 laps) which will set the grid. Then 2 longer races on the same track (about 25 minutes each), the second being reverse grid. Points are awarded for the top 15 drivers. At the end of the series, we subtract the worst results from say 6 races from everyone (which means drivers could miss up to 6 races (3 nights) without any championship disadvantage, which keeps things closer for everyone). The goal is to have fun and keep things close for drivers of varying skill level. "Casual" does not apply to driving standards though. If you bump-pass or hit someone off the track, you will need to safely pull off the racing line (check your mirrors), wait for them to recover, and follow them and retry the overtaking maneuver. This helps to prevent needless contact since you risk your own position, and if you get punted off the track, you've still got someone to race against. The car is the Gumpert Apollo S on default tyres. You can change the rest of the setup but must post a screenshot of your changes on the WMD at least 15 minutes before qualifying starts The start time for the practice/qualifying race would be at 11:45am GMT (which is 8:45pm Australian Eastern Time (GMT+10)). The first race will start 15 minutes later. --- Registered Teams/Drivers: Team Beran #7 - Ryzza5 #8 - WonderWeasel Team 2 # Ozzmcom # MrLolololXD Team X Global Systems #24 - Santtu #25 - T3hReaper91 Team SMAD Racing #19 - TDUFREAK500 #20 - Destroyer-GT Team 5 # LeDude83 # leadclimbing Team 6 # Mostly Sunny # BuToNz Team Garton Racing #12 - gsto2 #13 - cjorgens (NB I have this thread posted on the WMD forums which is where the additional names are from) Saturday July 20 - Practice & Testing at Anhalt Short using various cars (all in one car first race, all in another car second race, etc) to compare lap times - not compulsory but would be a good chance to meet each other and see what everyone's driving style is. SEASON 1 CALENDAR Saturday 27 July - Round 1 (Practice + 2 races) - Heusden (Zolder - Belgium) Saturday 3 August - Round 2 (Practice + 2 races) - Bologna (Imola - Italy) Saturday 10 August - Round 3 (Practice + 2 races) - Moravia (Brno - Czech Republic) Saturday 17 August - Round 4 (Practice + 2 races) - Eifelwald GP (Nurburgring - Germany) Saturday 24 August - Round 5 (Practice + 2 races) - Derbe National (Donington Park - UK) Saturday 31 August - Round 6 (Practice + 2 races) - Milan (Monza - Italy) Saturday 7 September - Mid Season Break (no races) Saturday 14 September - Round 7 (Practice + 2 races) - Emirates Raceway National (Dubai Autodrome) Saturday 21 September - Round 8 (Practice + 2 races) - Anhalt GP (Oschersleben - Germany) Saturday 28 September - Round 9 (Practice + 2 races) - Florence GP (Mugello - Italy) Saturday 5 October - Round 10 (Practice + 2 races) - Belgian Forest (Spa Francorchamps - Belgium) Saturday 12 October - Round 11 (Practice + 2 races) - Loire National (France) Saturday 19 October - Round 12 (Practice + 2 races) - Northampton (Silverstone - UK) This feels a little long - let me know what you think - we could turn it into 2 seasons. If we do it as one season, I'll increase the amount of events you can skip from 4 to 6 (3 nights). For those who don't skip any, their 6 worst races (as far as points go) will be subtracted. If you're confused and worried... don't be, I've done this before in a GT5 league and it all works out. If for any reason you get a penalty in a race and lose points because of it, that race won't be counted as part of your worst 6. Teams To add another interesting element, we plan to have a team championship as well as drivers championship. All this means is that you pair up with a buddy and race the same colour SLS. On the track there will be someone that you especially don't want to slow down/crash into, and if you're not placing too well in the championship you can at least still work towards the possibility of a team win. Due to the possibility of odd numbers or absent drivers we won't take this too seriously, it'll be somewhat experimental. Rules 1. Track Limits You must always keep at least two wheels on the track. This means inside the line/curb. If you cut slightly, just back off the accelerator for a bit to make sure there's no time advantage. If you miss a chicane and cu it, you'll need to slow down enough to make sure you don't get any advantage (assuming the game hasn't penalised you). Replays of each race will be saved and checked, any found to be wilfully gaining an unfair advantage may incur a time penalty. 2. Contact Bump-passing or dive-bombing (pushing someone wide in a corner to overtake) is not permitted, if you accidentally do this, let them back past and try again. If you cause someone to spin out or crash or push them off the track, you will be required to slow down safely (watch for other players) and let them back past you. Players not doing this will be penalised. 3. Safe Rejoining If you go understeer off the track or have spun off and need to rejoin, check for other players approaching at speed. It is likely that they will use all the track following a corner and would crash into you if you rejoined without looking. The faster car on the track will have right of way, so keep driving on the side of the track until you are far enough away from the previous corner for players to be able to move over and pass you safely. Ensure you have controls mapped to look left/right/behind. IMPORTANT NOTES: Qualifying: Don't all race off at the same time if you don't want to be held up, one person will take off every 5 seconds, in whichever order they are placed on the grid. Races: As per other leagues, do not go racing as soon as the lights go out. Lap one of the race will be a formation lap with a 100kph speed limit. As soon as possible, get yourself into the correct position (announced in lobby). Then once you reach Sector 3 (T2 on map), get into formation*. The leader can choose when to begin accelerating from when they reach the last grid lines to the start/finish line. As soon as they accelerate the race is on, no backing out of it. *Side by side formation (2 rows), the leader should know which side of the track has the inside line for Turn one and take that position early in the formation lap. There is to be no swerving or stop/starting to warm up tyres in Sector 3 of the formation lap. Large incidents: Hopefully we're all careful and avoid these but in case they happen, and a lot of drivers are affected, I may type 'sc' (safety car), in which case all drivers should slow down to 100kph, maintain position, and go back into formation (SINGLE FILE for safety car restarts). It may be helpful for the lead car to acknowledge the 'sc' call by swerving to warm up tyres, as some may not notice the chat text, but will recognise the swerving. I will endeavour to wait until the lead drivers are on a straight before typing this - although there is some chat lag I've noticed. --- Please post below to register. Let us know if you'd prefer to enforce default setups or allow custom. Tires must be the default option. Make sure you're in the Steam group I created for this league:
  2. Hello to all I organize a small meeting List of car autorized : - Maserati GranSport / Audi S5 - Audi TT - Ascari KZ1 / Audi R8 spyker Rules: - Drive at the same speed as me, ie 130 km / h or 80 mile / h to 220 km /h or 135 mile / h -Follow the red lights and stop -Avoid hitting the traffic Meeting Location: In front of pagani Time: - 18:15 Paris (FR) - 20:15 Moscow (RU) - 17:15 London (EN) - 12.15 Monreal (CA) - 03h15 Sydney (AU) Thank you to those who are coming Thank you really come and give me your gamespy MANTE84 :thumbsup: 1: MANTE84 AUDI S5 2: pascalll AUDI R8 SPYDER 3:TDU HEDGE 4:Z06DUDE 5: 6: 7: 8:
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