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Found 3 results

  1. Less than a month to go for the PS4 launch in some locations, and we've just heard that Harley will need to upgrade his woeful Internet connection so that he can download and install the 300MB software update in good time to enable features such as RemotePlay (for Vita) and also the Share button on the controller, which will allow him to record and upload gameplay highlights, or even LiveStream via the Twitch or UStream service. Other features enabled by the update are voice command and facial recognition (requires the PS Eye camera), and more importantly the 'play-as-you-download' ability powered by Gaikai's cloud technology. But wait, there's more. The patch also enables multiple-account logins, BluRay and DVD support, custom background music while gaming, and Party Chat. Before we all give Sony flak for the magnitude of features that are dependent on this update, it's worth considering that the likely reason for this is to prevent unwanted early feature reveals or reviews from those who are privileged to gain access to early demo units (i.e. store owners). Same thing happened with the Wii U, and we already know that the Xbox One and Forza 5 both will require day one patches. The only noticeable feature that won't be making an appearance at launch is the suspend/resume feature, so Harley will have to save his gameplay and turn the console off manually until Sony release another update. That's assuming he hasn't already cancelled his preorder by now. :p The rest of us will be able to check out Sony's 'second screen' PlayStation app for Android and IOS on November 13 for USA, or November 22 for Europe. While Harley will be able to use it as a basic controller for his console, the rest of us with PSN accounts can benefit from it's social features by comparing trophies, sending messages, editing profiles, posting status updates, and of course - buying games.
  2. PS3 System Software 2.60 announced… 20 Jan SCEE has just sent us some news about the latest version of the System Software - 2.60. Click through for more info… The PLAYSTATION®3 experience gets even better with the 2.60 System Software Update: Create photo galleries and playlists and relive your video moments Access PlayStation®Store without an account! Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the latest upgrade (system software update version 2.60) for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™). The PS3 experience is about more than just games; it’s also about movies, pictures, music, video and more. This is in part thanks to PlayStation®Network, the online space that opens up a world of new and exciting entertainment offerings. Following on from the success of the last enhancement to the service, version 2.60 is available to download from January 21, 2009 and comes with a host of new features that will give PS3 owners an even better experience. First is the new Photo Gallery application where you can group photos in various ways including by date and time, by event or by the number of people in the photos – you can even create a playlist that groups expressions (e.g. smiles) or age categories, like adults and children. You can also create a playlist of selected photos and select a photo frame for the playlist, which can also be played with your own music tracks – ideal for saving your family or holiday photos in a way that’s simple to access and easy to enjoy. But the new features don’t end there: Sony Computer Entertainment have now added the ability to play DivX 3.11 encoded video files – great for reliving some of those hilarious home video moments. Plus, if you’ve always wanted to see what PlayStation®Store has to offer but haven’t yet registered on PlayStation Network, those days are now over. Simply go and take a look at the latest trailers, games demos, exclusive content and loads more at the click of a button, before you decide to create a PlayStation Network account. PS3 and PlayStation Network are constantly evolving to sit at the heart of your entertainment world as more and more new games, new services and new entertainment experiences arrive. The features in the 2.60 enhancement are well worth experiencing for yourself. From threespeech
  3. Just a quick question whats best. McAfee, Norton or a freebie like AVG, avast etc?? What do you guys think??
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