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Found 47 results

  1. During the PlayStation conference at this year's Paris Game Week we were treated right at the end to the latest trailer for The Last of Us Part II. (be warned that it is fairly brutal in its content) I have to admit that while watching it I was unsure as to whether it was live action or not, but after a few minutes it eventually became clear that this was in fact a game. However, that didn't take away from the beautifully shot sequence and in fact made it even more impressive to view. NSFW Reason
  2. Gran Turismo Sport Demo A Gran Turismo Sport demo has been confirmed in a posting on the official PlayStation EU blog by Polyphony Digital President, Kazunori Yamauchi. In true GT-style, this demo is not of the typical affair. For a start it will last for only 4 days, however it will also act as a springboard to the full game as the in-game credit earned in that time, up to a maximum of $1MM, can be transferred over. Available free from the PlayStation Store, from 0900/9AM GMT on 9th October through 1300/1PM GMT 12th October, with pre-download active 48-hours earlier, the demo is sure to
  3. Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Bundle The Gran Turismo series is well-known for being a system seller for PlayStation, and so just like the special console bundles that have come before, a new Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 bundle has been announced to coincide with the first foray of the Polyphony Digital series on the near 4-year-old! console when it lands from October 18th. (man they take their time!) Being more than just a nice box design with a standard system and game inside, this special edition PS4 is actually a good looking piece of kit from what we can see, with a spe
  4. PlayStation Plus will be increasing in price in Europe from the end of August this year. Players all over the world were told about the change in an email that started arriving earlier today in their email inboxes. Sony say the price hike is to "reflect various market conditions", whatever that means. Brexit to blame? :para: [via PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe Eurogamer.net]
  5. GT Sport Release Date Revealed? At E3 we got only a tentative ‘Fall’ release date for Gran Turismo Sport via a very nice trailer. But now, maybe, because of the latest July edition of the Official PlayStation magazine we just might have a date we can pin our hopes on: November 16th. There’s been numerous rumours and hearsay about when the game will finally release but this one does have some backing compared to the other December 31st placeholder types that retailers are mainly showing. And GT has been a game that has in the past liked their end of year release dates, usually favouring D
  6. Gran Turismo Will Finally Have Porsche! After damn near 20 years, Porsche is finally making its official appearance in Gran Turismo. The iconic brand has been sorely missed from the racing titan, except for a hidden away attempt back in the GT3 days where Kazunori Yamauchi tried to get his own 996 GT3 into the game, but unfortunately had to suffer the disappointment of not being able to make this happen because EA went and snatched the licence all for themselves, meaning the car was made unplayable or removed depending on the disc's region. In this the year of two-thousand-and-seventeen,
  7. PlayStation Experience GT Sport A stupidly gorgeous new trailer for GT Sport has been unveiled at this year’s PlayStation Experience for us to feast on. Looking absolutely stunning and highlighting key visual features that the game will incorporate such as 4K support on PS4 Pro, HDR lighting and VR, we are also given looks at multiple forms of racing including rally and night racing along with the whole pre-race build-up as crews prepare the cars which are then seen pulling out of their boxes and lining up behind the pace car on the grid. In a game that is endorsed by the FIA it stands t
  8. Better sound? That would be Grand With every new Gran Turismo there is always that inevitable wait, delay and disappointment felt due to the lack of attention in the areas that have been cried out to be improved by its community and fans. GT Sport was looking to continue this tradition on – and may still do so – but with the announcement recently that the new GT will support 4K, HDR and in a rather surprising admission, not have VR being fully-playable but instead having a ‘VR Tour’ mode, it certainly seemed to be more of the same with little attention not being paid again to those areas
  9. DRIVECLUB Urban Tracks When PlayStation VR released, one of the first titles to properly take advantage of and show what was so good about Virtual Reality was DRIVECLUB VR. Releasing as a full title it was only right that it received brand new content that wasn’t in the normal release and so a selection of new tracks set in urban environments was included. It could have been left like that but no, as continuing on with the fantastic post-release support that Evolution Studios oozed upon DRIVECLUB, it was revealed that these new tracks would also hit the original game in a free futur
  10. DRIVECLUB VR RELEASE The novelty can easily wear off if there is nothing much to play on your newly acquired piece of kit but it looks like PlayStation VR will not have that worry as it has been announced that DRIVECLUB VR will be a launch title. Featuring five new urban locales, which make up most of the 30 never playable before tracks, more than 80 cars, a new Tour, new modes and lots of exclusive to VR features such as the stupidly cool 'Virtual Passenger' where the player can sit in the passenger seat during replays, the simcade racer is sure to be a title that will show off the perk
  11. GT Sporting more of the same? The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) took place last week and Polyphony Digital was there with Gran Turismo Sport and thanks to the top gaming media site Gamersyde, we have lots of off-screen footage. With varying levels of competency on display from those sitting in front of the wheel we can see that the visuals are looking rather nice. Nothing unusual in that as this is a GT title after all. The HUD looks to have been given another couple of changes in places and not knowing the language the GUI is in, there is a part where the car you have chosen is shown from diffe
  12. [headline]PlayStation Meeting[/headline] The PlayStation Meeting event is about to get underway in NYC where we are expecting to see the official reveal of the leaked PS4 Slim and our first look at the PlayStation 4K or PS4 Neo as it is also known. Rumours and info have been around a good part of the year about the upgraded PS4 but what exactly is it and how will it compare to Project Scorpio, the next piece hardware to come from the Xbox division. Mutterings of first-looks at some top titles and maybe even a new handheld or some sort of mobile tie-in have also been heard over the
  13. GT Sport Delay For anyone who was wondering whether GT Sport was a proper Gran Turismo, that question has been answered, with the announced delay that the game has been pushed to 2017. (is that the Gregorian 2017 though?) There is no mention of the when in 2017 but if past experiences are any indication then chances are it might be late 2017 as GTs have had a tendency to release at the very ends of their proposed years. It will not be alone though, as 2017 will also be the hit marker of the ever reliable 2-year development window where a new Forza Motorsport tends to show itself, meaning
  14. The Real Pic Taking Simulator A large amount of new screens have been released for GT Sport and with them we can see that Polyphony Digital have been busy little squirrels. (why... why squirrels?) 2016 has been a bit of a torrid affair for Gran Turismo fans, starting with the FIA-partnered event in July that seemed to show a less than stellar looking version of the game. As is the case though with anything GT, that worry is being put to bed with every morsel of media and impression that manages to slide out. The latest is this dumping of 78 images featuring a selection of roa
  15. No Man's Sky Pillar Trailers As the release of No Man's Sky crawls ever so closer, Sony have been releasing a series of trailers that give you a glimpse of the 4 basic areas of the game. Explore, Fight, Trade and Survive. There are just 19 more sleeps left till the game hits the stores on August 10th in Europe or the 9th in good old 'Murica. First up is the Explore trailer which you may have seen in my previous article may not have seen in my previous article a couple of weeks back, turns out my memory is getting cloudy in my old age, this trailer hadn't even been released back then! But
  16. PlayStation 4 Update 3.50 Available Now As well as being hard at work closing down studios, Sony have also been hard at working further improving the PlayStation 4. Here are the 4 most notable features added/improved in 3.50: Appear offline Friend online notifications Remote Play for PC and Mac Custom Scheduled events Appear Offline Have you ever been on your PS4 and just wanted to chill out and watch a film or play on a game on your own with no interruptions only to be bombarded by messages and invites from one of those friends that do everything they can to drive you up t
  17. Thanks Evo for the Good Times! Sony decided to unveil just before the Easter bank holiday that they were in the process of closing down Evolution Studios (also gave us WRC and Motorstorm) which means that DRIVECLUB, at least eventually will be nothing more than a distant memory. Happy Easter everybody. A game that has shown so much promise and so much potential is going to be pulled away from right in front of us. Much like another franchise that a lot of us have fond memories of. Sony's statement: Regular reviews take place throughout SCE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the r
  18. [headline]PlayStation VR October 2016 $399 €399 £349[/headline] [media=twitter]709849975182663680[/media] In a small venue for what is the typical nature of these presentations, Sony has revealed that the PlayStation VR will be out October 2016 and will cost: $399 €399 £349. Thanks to a Periscope stream by Geoff Keighley many were able to watch this being revealed by Andrew House LIVE (what an age we live in). So there you go, the previous comment by a senior Sony representative about PSVR costing about the same as a whole new system was right on the button. Will you jump in or h
  19. DRIVECLUB Drift March The March update for DRIVECLUB is out and Evolution Studios continue to better the racer by bringing the changes and requests of their playerbase to the game. Beginning with the big change that 1.27 will bring, is that Drift scoring is much improved, points awarded will actually now make sense and will require the fundamental techniques of drifting in order to get that score shooting up. There will be no more bending the rules as if you were Neo in the Matrix, as driving slow, using your vehicle as some sort of lawnmower or using the walls will result in a penalty.
  20. PSN Down Yet Again We're only 4 days in to 2016 but Sony has already tripped up with the PlayStation Network. PSN is experiencing worldwide outages affecting all major services from online gaming down to the mobile app. Even those who are trying to play certain games in single player mode are unable due to the always online nature of some games. They have offered no explanation as to what has caused the downtime that started a few hours ago and have also not offered a rough idea as to when we can expect the network to be back up and running again. And if past experiences are anything to
  21. DRIVECLUB: December Update December is a good one if you are a DRIVECLUB player as it gives you some free toys to play with now and later this month. Starting today players can get acquainted with the Mercedes-AMG S65 Coupé which can be unlocked by completing Rank 6 of the Mercedes-Benz Owners Club Accolade, and for those with the DRIVECLUB Bikes expansion, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R bike for everyone with DRIVECLUB Bikes where completion of Rank 10 in the KTM Owners Club Accolade will reward you with the two-wheeled machine. The update also brings with it the chance to make
  22. Private Members, Take It Easy A few days ago it was tweeted that a new update was coming to DRIVECLUB this week and with it would be Private Lobbies, Braking assist options and more. That update is now available and the full run down of what it includes is now known: Private Lobbies do actually have options that can be set by the host like grid positons, penalties, collisions, player viewpoints and control settings, a new Club Level cap has been raised from 50 to 55 and die-hard players can continue to show their majesty and domination of the game with new ELITE Driver Levels of 76 - 80.
  23. ON YOUR BIKE CLUB A number of hours ago PEGI published a record for a new game called 'DRIVECLUB Bikes' (some Sony muppet also posted images showing DRIVECLUB Bikes on the official PlayStation Blog Flickr). And would you believe it, it turns out that it was in fact true. Announced and shown during the Sony conference at Paris Games Week was DRIVECLUB Bikes. Now if you are an idiot you will need me to tell you that this means that bikes have come to DRIVECLUB. Offerings from the likes of Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, MV Agusta and Ducati are available for you to play out
  24. GT SPORT The PlayStation conference at Paris Game Week has finished and with it we got our first look and information about Gran Turismo SPORT for PlayStation 4. The next instalment in the GT series, due in 2016 (we'll see) is taking full advantage of their partnership with the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) and will have players competing in year-long championships with their favourite manufacturers and racing for their own country's honour. And In a first for video game racing, it is said that the winners will be awarded their spoils in the same manner as real
  25. this game looks awsome! :D some info found on the web: "Sony Online Entertainment has unveiled its next project, a massively multiplayer online game called H1Z1 that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. According to Sony Online Entertainment, the free-to-play game will see players "fight for survival" in a world ravaged by a fictional virus named H1Z1. Set 15 years after the initial outbreak, players will face the Infected, wild animals, and other survivors. The game will include scavenging and crafting elements. The main thing that differentiates H1Z1 from the other grea
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