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Found 13 results

  1. Converted by: tototo Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Credits:Atari, FM3 -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) ---- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) ---- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) ---- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Bugatti_Veyron_Super_Sport.zip Rim_002 -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Rim_002.zip
  2. 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR Vehicle replaced: Hummer H3 Converted by: Alex Knyazev ( https://vk.com/alex_knyz ) Credits: other game Features: - HQ model - highpoly interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims - own tire - own camera Download My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] / TDU-WORLD.COM DONAT FOR THE AUTHOR OF THE CONVERT OF IRINA - PAYPAL : [email protected]
  3. Bentley Continental Super Sport 2010 Vehicle replaced: Aston DB9 Converted by: StarGT Screens and testing: isa, NightWolf Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Forza Features: -blue xenon ! -working wing ! -mega quality mirrors -own rims -camera view without camhack -normal working car -the ideally working gauges Can use with all versions of the game !! -- DEAD LINK REMOVED -- Hitstory of version : 1.0 - Release
  4. Error 403 (Forbidden)!!1 Error 403 (Forbidden)!!1 Error 403 (Forbidden)!!1 Error 403 (Forbidden)!!1 :duck::duck::duck:
  5. Hi,i have a request for an classic..Its about Opel Manta B(2)GSI. There was an request for it but it got deleted :confused:(not made by me) But no one tried to make it..Could some 1 give it a shot?Really love that car.:) Thank You
  6. Audi Sport Quattro 83' Vehicle replaced:Audi TT RS Roadster Converted by: StarGT Testing : serg84rus Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Forza Features: -normal working car DOWNLOAD Audi Sport Quattro 83'
  7. Thought i'd post my car here just in case you wanted to see it :D 2001 Peugeot 406 2.2l Inline-4 N/A engine producing 157 bhp / 218 Nm. 2½" exhaust with a 4" jap muffler at the back (sounds a little too much i'll admit... :lol: ) Adjustable Koni Dampers (height, stiffness) and Lowering Springs. Rims are Image Blade 7.5x17" on 225/45 tires. Semi-leather "sport seats" and fully equipped with everything exept a sunroof. LG CD/USB stereo and a 10" sub in the back. Xenon in Low Beam 4300k, tinted windows, 3 chrome lists in the grille. There are some more pictures in the link in my Signature....
  8. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Vehicle replaced: Koen CCR Converted by: StarGT Model : TDU2 Camera : XLR_V Features : -working gauges -working mirrors ( really working ) -working wings -working windows -own cockpit shadow -own shadow -own dynamic shadow -COCK_LR -BODY_LR -own rims Download: DOWNLOAD BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT
  9. This is my second sound mod for TDU 2 And again the sounds are converted from NFS Shift 2. Watch and listen the new sound on youtube: Download: range_rover_sport_hse_high.bnk.rar
  10. 2012 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS Converted & edited by Norby931 Sound by The Drifter Model & textures: Forza 4 Vehicle replaced: Maserati Spyder Cambiocorsa Camera: Mercedes CLS55 (if you find better please comment it) Ik: Default Bike Ride height: 135 rear, 130 front Bugs: - Not working doors Exterior: Without chrome grills: With chrome grills: Interior: With wood decor: With piano black decor: With carbon decor (the steering wheel full leather in this version): Please create a backup from the original files! If you have any problem just write me a private message! This car need to change the tyre size to 19" or 20" (its up to you) You can choose 3 interior version (the decors will be change: wood, piano black, carbon), 6 leather textures and 3 carpet textures, but you have to chose 1-1! To install the textures just read the readme file! If you installed the "without chrome grills" version, and you want to install the "with chrome grills" version, then you have to copy the exterior and interior also! So if you change the versions, you have to copy both car bnk, not just interior or exterior! Download: Without chrome grills version: http://www.mediafire.com/?xiohahpejb8w0m6 With chrome grills version: http://www.mediafire.com/?mhpp8ouq66gw6nw Physics by Elnur: http://disk.yandex.com/public/?hash=p71swAUDsDLcasemSml20CzAyZaXQQf2OwEgy0W%2B4Q0%3D Terms of use: ------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners
  11. 1995 RUF CTR2 Sport physics Author: elnur(elik) and jose http://narod.ru/disk/62872449001.422ed06fdb1f7d8d679753a769cf4518/1995%20RUF%20CTR2%20Sport%20physics.zip.html
  12. Hi! Norby931 coverted this amazing vehicle! Thanks man! :cool: Released Norby931: 1983 Audi Sport Quattro | turboduck forum
  13. I would like to put a request in for this absolutly stunnin 2004 Renault Clio Sport V6. Would love to see a model of this on tdu.. just like NFS_MW model. Also, just for brief, a possible tuner ver. but again it is stunnin as it is :P http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj149/10456_album/cliov6.jpg Tuner..?
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