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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a way for me to modify the game's steering sensitivity further beyond what it can be changed into? Because 0 sensitivity is still way too much for me. I'm using a generic gamepad for now, but i'd like to make it so that the steering feels a bit like Shift 2 Unleashed. The hand is too twitchy, and my play style is having Speed Sensitivity into around 15. So i really need smooth movements here. Any help? A third party program that modifies input is much appreciated, the best i found (or so i thought) was DXTweak, but it literally limited my input and i was not able to fully press the gas/brakes/steering.
  2. Hi there, I have a problem with TDU2 and steering wheel (next only SW) Sidewinder force feedback. This SW is a little bit old but with the game Dirt 3 is compataible. But with the TDU2 there is problem. When I am playing TDU2 without SW everything is okey. At the time I connect the SW to the PC run the game, the game start to hacks. When i try to set the game in the setting (like brake accelerate ..) the game stop and i cant do anything only Alt+F4. Does anybody know what to do with that?
  3. HI! I have problem with steering in TDU 2. When I turning the steering wheel to the left or right, game senses the turn after 90 degrees. I uninstalled the game, I changed the sensitivity settings, but nothing helps. Please help.
  4. Sup guys. So I just got an Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 3-in-1 Rumble Force. Tested it out with a few games (Shift 2, TDU 1,DiRT 3, ETS) and it works just fine. But for some reason when I try to get TDU 2 to detect it it just doesn't. There's a video on yt of a guy playing TDU 2 with the exact same wheel as me. Any guesses on why it isn't working? [h=3][/h]
  5. As you know my initial impressions of FH using the wheel weren't good at all, but I've kept at it and have found out the following that make a number of improvements: 1. Turn on the console by pressing the power button on the console, not by using the Guide button on the wheel. 2. Once your console has booted, make sure Sen is set to 900, then hold the Guide button to connect. 3. Start the game. Once you have control of the car, first press all of the pedals to 100% and then steer to full lock in each direction to calibrate the device. Purely by chance when I had started the game today I just lent on the accelerator pedal the tiniest amount and it was hitting red-line. After I maxed the pedal and then pressed it a tiny bit again it was behaving fine. 4. Don't change the Control set layout or swap buttons as this automatically changes your clutch pedal to the handbrake, even if the screen doesn't reflect this. 5. In advanced Controls, set the Brake (Deceleration) Inside Deadzone to 30. The brakes come on way too early and this is a small improvement (still early but similar to my Golf and allows for some modulation). 6. Don't use Simulation steering, just use Normal. 7. CSR Elite wheel settings are SEN (900), FF (60), SHO (100), DRI (Off), ABS (65), LIN (0), DEA (0), SPr (0), DPR (2), ACL (Off) 8. Wheel continues to die on me in game but I've discovered that in FH the fan isn't coming on when the wheel gets hot (I have it set to come on auto instead of constantly being on and annoying). Have changed it to constant now and will see how we go. Hope this helps others
  6. Right. I have this new steering wheel. It's a Thrustmaster RGT Clutch Edition. Clutch Edition. Apart from Race 07 seems to think it's a second brake pedal. How can I sort this out?:confused:
  7. Hey! I hav been playing TDU for a long time now but have recently come accross a wierd and annoying steering problem! ): The problem is... when i am driving the steering either just turns its self; or locks when is being turned. its almost like the torque is steering the car :oook: I have been fiddling with the steering options abit but i dont think that it should cause tht... Also, if it helps, i use a Saitek steering wheel (Tht works perfectly on other games... it has only started doing this recently) -- Has anyone got a suggestion or a solution to this Thanks SNOD (:
  8. Allo everyone, I'm from Blockland, just got TDU a month ago and I'm completely in love with it. I have a Driving Force GT wheel (Basically the Driving Force Pro designed for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue) that I had bought earlyer for my PS3, I set it up and it works great. Thing is, I'm looking for the absolute most real-life like settings for the wheel, so I can get decent practice before I start training with a real car to get my liscence. Here is my setup, my dad helped me pinpoint it but complained about lack of centering, so I tuned the centering a little to make it nice and smooth like a real car. Also, if you're wondering why Force Feedback is completely disabled, both my dad and I thought it was pointless as a real car's steering wheel doesn't rumble and rip out of your hands when you make a sharp turn. http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/3861/screen1k.png -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- So just asking from the pros here (And someone who has also actually experienced Real driving) is this a good setup? Does anyone have any suggestions? [mod edit:] Please do not post images larger than 800w x 640h, use a thumbnail or a text link instead, thanks!
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