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Found 7 results

  1. If you took part in our first racing league, you know how this works, but I'll refresh your memory and introduce our rules to any newbies that want to join in on the fun! So officially, welcome back and hello long-awaited Season 3 of the TDUC Racing League! Rules: 1. The goal is to build an S-660 race car. You can buy any car and tune it up to that limit (no SUV's, etc.). The race each week will be roughly around 20-30 minutes. Racing tires must be on your car as well as a full racing roll cage, Forza Aero is also mandatory, no other aero may be put on your car. The car MUST be RWD. Swapping cars mid-season will result in a point deduction! 2. We will do 1 race a weekend, races will take place at 11PM GMT. This means: 10AM (Sunday Morning) for Melbourne/Sydney, 1 AM (For Santtu), 7PM EST and 4 PM PST. If you don't live in any of these timezones, go find a timezone calculator. 3. Tuning is allowed, and more than welcomed. You will have to tune to stay competitive in this competition! 4. Points will be awarded according to finishing position, and how many people join up. An example is below. If 10 people race, the winner will recieve 10 points, 2nd will recieve 9, 3rd - 8, and so on - until the person in last has 1 point. 5. Your car needs a custom livery! These are race cars! You can purchase one off the Storefront if you're lazy, but designing your own is even more fun! 6. Everyone is required to make 1 pitstop. When you make the stop is up to you, this can be hard to enforce but in previous seasons everyone has adhered to the rules. (You cannot pit on the very last lap) ((We had a huge, huge problem of people speeding full force into the pits and flying past their pit boxes in the old league, you must NOT miss your stall, if you do, you WILL HAVE TO PIT AGAIN - failure to comply will result in loss of points.)) 7. Rough racing/cheating (such as intentional wrecking or spinning) will result in points removal, and banning from races. 8. We will do a 2 lap qualifying run before the race, so we can set the field. So those are the rules! Sign up today, make sure you tell me what number you want for your car so nobody STEALS it from you and I hope you all come out and have fun with us, just like we used to! Last day for sign-up is March 20th. Sign Up: Clarence - Skylark Gaming (#3) - 2 points Still One Eyed Deer - SuperSanttu94 (#94) - 1 point MrLololololololololXD - MrLolololXD (#21) - 0 Prophecy92 - Pr0ph3cy92 (#17) - 0 randomsox10 - randomsox10 (#10) - 0 pyrre - pyrre6 (#13) - 0 Season Schedule: Infineon Long (3/23/13) - 18 laps (Clarence) Catalunya GP (3/29/13) - 14 laps Road America (4/6/13) - 10 laps Suzuka (4/13/13) - 12 laps Le Mans (4/20/13) - 5 laps Hockenheimring (4/27/13) - 15 laps
  2. "Happy Birthday TDUC, Happy Birthday TDUC, Happy Birthday dear TDUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCC Happy Birthday TDUC!" *three cheers* Yes folks believe it or not TDUC is 5 years old today!! How time has flown and for those of you who have stuck with us throughout this whole time all I can say is wow and thanks for doing that. Hopefully it wasn't a wasted 5 years, I'm sure it wasn't but all the the same massive thanks and appreciation from me, myself, I and of course TDUCk. I say it all the time but if you had told me back on the 30th January 2007 when I was preparing and getting the forum ready for it's launch that it would not only make it to 5 years but also be very active and have an amazing community built from all areas of the globe and encompass all types from the dumb to the not so dumb then I would have run around in circles on the floor Homer Simpson style and called you crazy. It's not that I didn't have the belief it's just that well honestly how many of you even believe it today that this place, this little small vibrant community is actually 5 years young today!? Exactly. :oook: Of course we wouldn't have even made it had it not been for our members and the community spirit that we really like to embody here at TDUC. You have seen the fun, the laughter and the downright insane that we perform often and it's this random spontaneous responsible stupidity that we are known for that I think has helped us to continue to go year after year, even after that of which we are all about has failed to live up to many expectations. That's a true testament to the character of you guys our members and how you really do seem to enjoy being here. That I can never get my head around but I can sort of semi-understand it and constantly strive to improve upon it. :duck: Then there's the support and contributions that people give off their own backs and this is what keeps the Duck swimming, and that is the honest truth as without this support we would have been gone a long time ago. We are constantly active and you guys know yourself that the Scotty! message is making a return and this is in part due to the popularity ever growing yet again so looks like more fun times ahead for sure. :D I can't talk about the longevity of this place without mentioning those of you who have not only helped keep this place thriving but also provided the many amazing modifications and gameplay improvements to the community via your mods and programs. There are so many of you who give of your own time and create mods better than what came out with the game itself and who continue to improve and add things to the games that keep people playing as if it was only released yesterday. You guys truly are great and I thank each and everyone of you for sharing your work and creations with others, and even though it is a mostly thankless task you still do it without placing viruses or rick rolls in with your files. :lol: So for that I applaud you. I guess I better say something about the Staff, you guys help not only in keeping this place clean and flowing but also join in on the fun and games by participating in the nonsense and the mental and I thank you massively for this. Even if you weren't insane when you first joined you are now so deal with it. HUGE THANKS TO BALDY for getting his kit off and sitting on the toilet in order to bring the TV back on, it started as a random remark to a question but my stubbornness made it true and god love him he actually did it and did it brilliantly at that. So Cheers mate, you truly are a legend! Well that's it folks, I just wanted to actually type something that remotely resembles my heartfelt appreciation for every real member we have here who participates in the discussions and the fun here and I hope we see you around in the years to come. It's yet another new year so let's hope that this one is a great one and that Atari actually gets off their arse and starts communicating. Well all that's left to say is: :bparty: and of course.... :bunny: :monkeydance: :coolspot: :hsquad: :bananadance3: :bgroove: :bananadance: :tdance: :pdance: :odance::chewy::taz: :uduckdance: :duckdance: :cactus::cowdance: :dpenguin: :hdance: :fld: :gdance::bananadance2: Thank you! Diablo & TDU Central Team :cheers:
  3. Guest

    TDUC Tell a Tale

    I thought this could be fun, let's see how it turns out :D So, everybody posts 1 word at a time, to make a story. If it gets long enough, I'll type it all out into this opening post and we can start a 2nd round lol So it should look something like this: Obviously not exactly like that, but everybody does one word per post to contribute to it. Also, try and have it make sense. 'Once tree power sausage shopping star epic snake Renault' does not make sense, so no random words that don't fit in with the few previous words. :p I'd suggest reading a few posts before you post to get a rough idea of what's happening too. Here's the rules: 1. Only 1 word per post! 2. No obscene/vulgar language. 3. No cheeky admins/mods are allowed to edit posts so the story goes they way they want it to :cheeky: (unless of course the word conflicts with rule 2) 4. You may not double post, wait for someone else to put a word in before you go again. The story can be about anything at all! Let's see how crazy this can get... So long as it's within the forum rules. Here goes... My first opening word is: There
  4. TDUC Community Race 07 New Years Mini League! After the success of the Race 07 mini league today i have decided to jump straight into organizing a new one for the new year. DATE: Sunday 15th January 2012 TTIME: 10:00 AM (GMT) Start Cars: Radical SR4 252 BHP Number Of Races: 5 (10 Min Quali 8 Lap Race) Each entrant will pick a track to race from the Race 07 track list or can choose a addon track but must provide a download link. In the event of over 5 entrants we shall make a poll and vote for the 5 tracks to be raced! Please try not to pick the same track as someone else! A dedicated server will be run on the day which will require a password to enter (This will be decided nearer the time) CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRANTS & TRACKS IS THE SUNDAY 8TH JANUARY! NO MORE ENTRANTS CAN JOIN AFTER THIS TIME! Entrants/Track: 1. T3hReaper91 2. Sponge 3. Ryzza5 4. Acid44 - Laguna Seca 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. More information will be added when i remember it. If you want to talk to me about this event then feel free to inbox me on here!
  5. Wassuppp everybody!! My name is Muris and I'm 17 years old and I live in Sweden. I'm currently studying in high school => in swedish (gymnasiet). Why I'm a member of TDUC is that I've always loved cars, games. Specially driving games and it is quite nice, and I saw something here TDUC that made me happy. First of all I was really dissapointed like Atari forgot adding in BMW and stuff like that. And BMW happens to be my favourite car, the M5! ;). So I saw in TDUC that there is ALOT of new cars to add in TDU. Thanks for the help and the cars rock! Rep+ to all you guys! P.S: I have a problem with my steering wheel and pedals in TDU2, name of wheel is Logitech Formula Force GP. It's being wierd. I'd appricate help. Thanks for reading. :)
  6. Had this thought the other day and thought I'd ask about it. On other sites they have a custom icon next to the address in the address bar, on the browsing tab and in your favourites (i.e. vodafone has a vodafone logo) but all we have is a standard icon. Heres a pic showing what I'm on about, obviously this is in IE so not to sure whether any other browsers use them or not. [ATTACH]5469[/ATTACH] Would this be a good thing to add to the site?? Also thought we could have a compatition to create one as its just a 16x16 pixels and be saved as an .ico format (Windows Icon File). Just a thought, let me know what you think.
  7. Quick question have we now stopped using/rediercting from http://forum.testdriveunlimitedcentral.com/index.php?? Thats what's saved in my bookmarks and it always redirected me to forum.tdu-central.com where as now it just says: Just curious thats all as if you have stopped using it I'll up date my bookmarks
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