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Found 11 results

  1. [headline]tduck v3 - Xenforo[/headline] Many many moons ago, we started life as Test Drive Unlimited Central and not before long did we realise that name is waaaaaaaaaaayyy tttoooooo long and so it was shortened to TDU Central, which then became even shorter to TDUC where the pronunciation of Tee Dee Yoo See became shorter still to tduck. And this is where we are at today. Over the time since we first began from day one with vBulletin 3, we migrated to vBulletin 4 which was for better or worse, you decide, the next version of our community and now, a lot longer than I wanted it to be, we reach a new chapter in our history by hitting version 3 by switching over to Xenforo. This modern forum will take a bit of getting used to but it shouldn't take too long to get to grips with. It's fairly user-friendly in most cases but there will be some cases where things are different and as much as I would like to repeat what gone before, the likelihood of that happening is very remote as I am too much of an idiot to mad scientist stuff together like I could before. I'll give it a go when I can though! :) Please feel free to comment and post about issues or any other strange gremlins and or queries you may have and I will do my best to answer and sort them. There will be a number of these at the start, as even though I have went through the settings and tested certain things, it's a given there will be things I have missed. So please, if you come across something, tell me about it. Not to mention the huge amount of styling still needing done, along with user personalising and extra additional things like allowing Modders and such to have more edit time again. Many thanks! Diablo
  2. [HEADLINE]February 15th Maintenance[/HEADLINE] Hey all, we have some major maintenance planned for Feb 15th. This involves a lot of different items and so there is no real time limit we can confidently announce as for how long it will take to complete but at most we are hoping for less than 12 hours. For the duration of this you will receive a Maintenance Page in place of our site or forum and also you may experience server errors, or even the inability to connect, as updates and upgrades are performed that might require a server reboot. :warnsaw: I will do my best to post information and current progress on our twitter and facebook, throughout. Feel free to wish me luck! :nuts: Thanks!
  3. Tonight around 00:00 (midnight) GMT I will be performing an upgrade to the forum software we use to a more recent version in order to tackle some of the rare registration issues that are happening with the current one. This shouldn't take too long but please be aware I have said this before and then ended up having to pull a near all-nighter... which was fun! :sulk: At the time, we will post our progress on our social media channels and also update the maintenance page that will be displayed on visiting too. Thanks.
  4. A few days ago we implemented a notice to display to members who matched a specified criteria informing them about the Premium membership we have available. Through my own testing and checking I was sure it was good to go live on here, however I was alerted to the fact it was showing to those it shouldn't be and so I went and fixed that issue and thought that was it. But it wasn't, as when I checked through some of the server logs earlier today, I was surprised to see certain users following the link that is in it, and that should not have been happening. And so more testing was needed, and it turns out that what is written about how to go about controlling the display of the notices is missing some required information. :fp: Now anyone who does get it, should be... I hope! :para: And so I am sorry if you were already being a real gem by having Premium :hi5:, or to the new members who had only just joined and were being told you must 'enjoy it here' and thinking 'what the hell?!' :oook:. That's not how it was meant to go. :sorry:
  5. [headline]Mod Shop split-off[/headline] We have decided to break off the Mod Shop from the main forums by removing it from the main forum display and giving it a Mods navigation tab of its own. The Mod Shop is a big part of us and we don't want this to look like we are hiding it away. That's not what this is about at all. Splitting it off into its own area has been done to make it easier for those of our visitors who frequent that location to be able to stay within that ecosystem and have their preferred info available to them as when you visit Recent on the Mod Shop you will only see items from that area. (I am trying to get other options to do the same sort of thing but they are hardly used so it's not a main priority right now) On the other side, those who have no real interest in it are able to check on and see items that they too are more interested in without having to filter out or skim past mod topics and postings. And of course for those visitors who enjoy both, they can switch between them to their heart's content. :p There are other aspects we will get to in the coming days and weeks but for now this is the main of it and we hope you will understand why we have done this and can also see the benefits we envisioned. Thanks. :cool:
  6. [headline]You Raaaaaannnnggg![/headline] We are always looking for ways to get you guys to be able to interact with one another in a more seamless fashion and we think this is one way that will definitely help with that. This new plugin we have installed allows you to mention other members by using [B]@MEMBERNAME[/B] (have to know their name) or using the newly created [B][plain][MENTION]MEMBERNAME[/MENTION][/plain][/B] bbcode or [B][plain]@OP:[/plain][/B] (needs the ':' to mention the original topic creator [I](OP = original post[er][/I]). This notifies the member's you've mentioned that you have done so and shows them a brief excerpt of the text that surrounds it on their [I]Profile[/I]. Also note that the mention will only show when the post is submitted, not at preview. [U]Example:[/U] Yo @[URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=201"]bob[/URL] you smell of eggs! Works with spaces and most other characters too: @[URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=5705"]Mr Softie[/URL] :p @[URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=301"]#Myk2016[/URL] If it doesn't work for a member you are trying to mention then find their userid and use the [B][plain]@MEMBERNAME[/plain][/B] bbcode instead. Do this by finding the userid of the member you want to mention by hovering over their name on a post or elsewhere on the forum and look for the [B]NUMBER[/B] after [B][...]/members/NUMBER-MEMBERNAME. (I am [...]/members/1-diablo so my number would be 1)[/B] [U]Example:[/U] Yo @[URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=201"]bob[/URL] you smell of fried cactus! [B]([plain]@bob[/plain])[/B] And you know how you will be taking part in a discussion and then come back and scroll down to see what was said and perhaps miss someone who quoted you? Well now you will also find a little notification alerting you to this too, again with a small blurb of the response to your quoted text. There is a small niggle however, where in order to get rid of the displayed notification, you need to click the link for it. You cannot jump from the [B]Mentions[/B] tab to the [B]Quotes[/B] tab or vice versa on your [I]Profile[/I] and find both have been updated to reflect you have seen them. They need to be actioned via the dropdown itself. Hopefully you will find this at least 1% useful. [B][SIZE=4]Cheers!![/SIZE][/B] [SIZE=3][B]-- turboduck team [/B][/SIZE]
  7. [headline]Happy New Year For 2017!![/headline] Hi there everyone, Diablo here. I am your admin for this brand new entry into a new year! :cool: It's amazing how long we have been around and in what has come and gone in that time is something I could never have envisioned. As we enter, what will be our 10th year as a community, it is humbling to see how many of the old guard are still around after all this time and I thank everyone who has stuck with us, along with all those who join up and participate within the workings and discussions that take place. Been quite something watching a number of people grow up (still immature though :cheeky:) and it's been a shame to lose people to their personal lives but I wish them all the best and hope they succeed in everything they aim for. They are always welcome to come back and let us know how things are going too and hopefully some will choose to do so. It's clear some things need to be addressed in regards to certain areas and operations of the :duck: and we will start to deal with this in the coming days and weeks. From myself and all those on team blue (staff), we wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!! :bparty:
  8. [headline]Gallery is NOW OPEN![/headline] You have probably seen us on the blue team (aka staff) talking about things that cannot be talked about or mentioning stuff that is being worked on and this is one of them. This media gallery is in response to us hearing how you do like to share your media you have taken from games and real life, but that it's hard to do so on the community because of the break-up of titles and sections we have. And that's completely understandable and is something we have wanted to do something about for a long time but, there just wasn't an adequate solution for doing so. Until now and even though it has been a lot of work, I personally feel it was worth it and hope that you guys will too. ...oh yeah the link is up there ^ :D On smaller devices the gallery is disabled. It is something we want to get working on and have done some tests in how to go about it but it's a big job and I wanted to get it on for the majority of our visitors. Please note this is essentially in Beta and so you may experience the occasional bug or glitch. Should this happen please post in here the 'what, when and why' so we can investigate the issue, hopefully find it and squash it. First and foremost: the gallery is for YOUR stuff. We want to encourage you to share your own photo mode shots, in-game captures, youtube videos and real life media with us. You can copy either the page link itself or the direct link and paste them in the forum to show your stuff in threads. (but not elsewhere as a hotlinking feature is in place) 1. The Basics Everyone can see the Gallery You need to be a registered member in order to interact with the Gallery - less than 10 posts* can like and comment but not post media Members start off with a 10 items limit and being active on the community is rewarded up to a maximum of 300** Speshul members start with a 50 items limit and again activity is rewarded up to a maximum of 500** * a wait may be required when you reach 10 posts until the forum performs its hourly auto-promotions ** these limits may be raised after we see how performance goes 2. Gallery - Posting Media Select if you are posting an image or video If image browse to the image file on your machine, only JP(E)G and PNG file types are allowed and make sure its dimensions are at LEAST: 640px width AND 480px height choose the category that best fits your image's subject (check if there is a dedicated title option) enter a meaningful title that describes your image (example if it's from DRIVECLUB have that in the title) the description is where you can explain more about the image than what the title can and you also have the ability to use basic bbcodes such as bold, italic, underline, font, colour and smilies [*]If video find the YouTube video you wish to post and locate the video ID at the end of the url. Usually it's after youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXXX or the final youtu.be/XXXXXXXX and copy that section only and copy the video url either from the address bar or by right clicking on the video itself. [uPDATED: 28/9/16] choose the category that best fits your video's subject (check if there is a dedicated title option) enter a meaningful title that describes your image (example if it's from DRIVECLUB have that in the title) the description is where you can explain more about the image than what the title can and you also have the ability to use basic bbcodes such as bold, italic, underline, font, colour and smilies. [*]Read the terms and if you are fine with them put a tick/check in the 'I Agree' box [*]Press Post Media - wait for media to process and that's you! [*]Depending on your status you will either have to wait for your update to be Approved or it will be auto-approved and be ready for viewing. [ADDED: 30/1016] After posting there is a 60 second wait before you can upload another media item. This is in place while we judge the performance of this new feature on our system. And again it is something we will look at in time. AAAAAHHH ERROR!!: Should you receive any errors, take note of what they say as we have done our best to inform you as to what may have happened. If you get the 'unknown' message however, post in here so we can check on it. Also be aware that with videos, if the thumbnail can not be retrieved due to issues at YouTube's end (rare event I know) you will not be able to add your video. Any questions, please be sure to ask and either myself or the blue team will do our best to answer. :nuts: Updates 2016 UPDATE:// 17/12/16 – Filesize limit for images has been increased to 3MB. UPDATE:// 30/10/16 – Updated Gallery to include Open Graph meta information on main parts and also changed lightbox to that used on forum to enable better functionality. UPDATE:// 28/9/16 – Multiple-uploads, YouTube url support and auto-approval implemented. (see this post) UPDATE:// 15/7/16 – Implemented a display of the latest 5 media items posted to the gallery on the main forum home for members in order to help boost the viewability of stuff that's posted. UPDATE:// 15/7/16 – The blue team are now notified of media awaiting approval so this should help in the amount of waiting required. :)
  9. [headline]Warning: Staff Doing Stuff[/headline] UPDATE:// Aug 9th, 2016 00:30 GMT+1 After a large amount of work by myself and Mr Softie (:hi5:) we have finally completed the vast majority of what we wanted to do with this. It's a bit of a change we are sure you will agree but the purpose of it is to make it easier for you to know where to post and also in finding topics you are interested in. ONE PLACE FOR IT ALL All driving and racing games discussion in general and subjects that deal with how to go about it (peripherals etc) go in the main Racing Games forum now. Popular titles have prefixes and should be used as clicking on a prefix or using the Thread Filter at the bottom will make it simple to find all similar topics with them. :nods: LET'S RACE!! There is now a dedicated Let's Race! sub-forum for community and member created events, challenges and such where you can join in on whatever is currently open or available. You can also use this section to arrange meets, nights or see what interest there may be in a season-long contest or even a league. Our Forza Time Attack has always been popular and so it would be good to see what other suggestions you have to challenge one another and see who can come out on top. :p Greatest Generation... Older titles as time progresses will be moved to the Archived sub-forum to help keep those older topics able to be viewed if wanted and at the same time free up the main forum for current and up to date topics of discussion. :cool: Mum Get the Camera! Sharing your media is even easier as there is only the ONE main location for this now with the Gaming Media forum. No more do you need to hunt the forum that contains your subject you wish to display. It's your choice how you go about it. Again you can choose to use the popular prefixes to create a thread for sharing your images and media of that particular title or create an all-in-one thread where you will post all your media. Like we said, it's completely down to you, as we want to encourage you to share your stuff and giving you the easiest way to do so will help with this. Plus you can use your Media Gallery storage to post your media if you want to have a central location of where to display it and then use the links provided to show them on the boards too. Single General The few sub-forums that were in General Discussion have been removed and now all topics that are non-gaming or fit in the Automotive and Motorsport threads go in this one discussion forum. We found that there really wasn't any point in splitting the topics out in the way they were. We really hope you will find this new setup much more user-friendly and remember we always want to hear what you think. :nuts: And again a MASSIVE thanks to Mr Softie who helped me for a large amount of today in getting this done. Without his help I would have been doing an another early hour marathon. :( Cheers buddy, I really appreciate it!! THANKS! :bparty: Note: there may be some areas we still haven't fully completed but these will get done in due time. ----- Original Post ----- You might have noticed some changes have happened and yes this is why the forum was offline and you got to read our lovely maintenance page. :oook: We are currently in the process of taking all racing game discussion and merging it into the one main forum. It's been obvious the break-up of different titles on platforms wasn't making it very easy for you guys to jump about and converse about them and so we have decided to bring all discussion into the one location and use prefixes to identify the popular topics where they show. There is also a new Gaming Media forum (names subject to change) whereby we encourage you to create your threads like you used to before and post your best images of your gameplay moments and also if you have one, feel free to create a thread about your YouTube, twitch etc. As some of you know, we recently implemented a Media Gallery for you to use. In this you can upload your images and also post your YouTube videos to have a central location where you can display them on the :duck:. In fact, the real benefit of the gallery is that you can use it to host your images in order to display in threads on here. Removing the hassle of needing to find a good image host or using imgur and dealing with their compression. Hopefully this will make things flow better for you lot and of course we always want to hear from you in how you think we are doing or should be doing. Anyway, work is still on-going so please carry on as usual and we will be sure to notify you of when things are complete. :warnsaw: Cheers! :D
  10. [headline]Stairway to SEVEN[/headline] Hey there muppets, major sorrys for the extended downtime but if you knew what it takes to do everything we (just me) have done in that time you would gladly commit me to a mental asylum. So this is SEVEN, why that name? Well boringly enough it is because this is our seventh new look. Yes in over 8 years we have had seven looks now. Our previous will go down as the longest to serve on our pages and was actually close to hitting the 3 year mark in October. :eek: With the world being ever more with their eyes glued to their small-screen devices it was time for us to get on-board and give those tech-muppet visitors and members a (hopefully!) working version of our forum that is more user-friendly and has greater readability for them. I tested on a number of devices from high-end via the other staff to basic tablets and smartphones from about 5 years ago. Prior to that, I cannot guarantee what kind of experience you will have but if it's not good please let me know and I'll look into a way of fixing it, should my brain be up to the task. :nuts: Also the small-screen experience is more geared towards those viewing on fast connections and wi-fi as it's really hard to justify limiting the typical large images, reaction gifs and youtube posting habits of our members. SEVEN is a culmination of my very real blood, sweat and very many tears. It has taken a fair amount of time and had a few setbacks and even an almost total going back to the drawing board moment but I pushed on, I continued, I tested, I played, I tested and played, I caused many mistakes, many errors and no doubt there are still some about on here. I couldn't do everything I wanted but the main slices are eaten and now it's time to see how it fairs under the weight of you lot. It could go well, it could go disastrous but there's only one way to see and that is to allow the door to open and for you to use us as you always have. Please enjoy our new look and give feedback to what you think, whether it be good, bad or made of cheese. :duck: Cheers! - Diablo and the turboduck team
  11. [headline]E3 Speshul Doubleathon[/headline] :duck: !!We will DOUBLE the membership period taken!! $10 for 6 months 12 months $20 for 1 Year 2 Years [OFFER EXTENDED PROVIDING YOU ALSO POST A DUCK PIC IN THE THREAD LINKED HERE] Hi guys, as it is E3 week and while we (still!) work hard on the future of our community we wanted to bring up the visibility of the 'Speshul' membership we have available on the . If you didn't know it costs a fair bit keeping this place online and crazy... well the crazy is free but hosting and other system admin costs are there and they add up. In fact without a number of our members we would have gone a long time ago, but because of their support and sheer generosity we have managed to keep our feet paddling and head above water (except when feeding of course). We gratefully accept Donations as you can see from the goal bar up top on the main forum page, but we also offer 'Speshul'. This is different from a donation as it means we can give you things without ensuing the wrath of PayPal policies and give you a better experience and some shiny goodies to show our deep appreciation. These include no ads, ability to use an animated avatar, bigger PM inbox, a gold name and a really shiny badge that adorns your posts, profile and other areas. Now we know that isn't much and we wish we could offer more but unfortunately we are idiots (though we are looking all the time). If you wish to check it out then thanks for doing so and please note we will always strive to provide you with a fun, laid-back and generally partly insane community that you can be proud - and a little bit scared - to be a part of. Without your help we wouldn't be here insulting, banning or renaming you for no reason. If you want that madness to continue please think about supporting us so we can continue to do so. :nuts: Thanks turboduck team :bparty:
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