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Found 4 results

  1. Here is where we will post about the updates and changes we make on here to either keep the software up to date, or to introduce (and try out) new features and functions. If you discover an issue with any of the below or wish to ask or suggest something, then please use the linked forums to do so. We're always willing and waiting to hear from our community. Thanks. 2018 February 28th Feb – Created a new tabbed Activity block in the forum home sidebar that shows the most recent non-Mod Shop replies, topics and popular topics 26-27th Feb – Updated the Modders group to be able to edit their threads and posts for an unlimited amount of time in the Mod Shop forums – Added ability for 'tduck team' (ie: staff) members to be able to change the edit time limit for individual posts when required – Moved all old non-important topics from the News forum to News (Archives) 22nd Feb – Went LIVE with tduck version 3 on Xenforo – Installed a media pack that supports the display of content from popular media site links automatically
  2. [headline]Warning: Staff Doing Stuff[/headline] UPDATE:// Aug 9th, 2016 00:30 GMT+1 After a large amount of work by myself and Mr Softie (:hi5:) we have finally completed the vast majority of what we wanted to do with this. It's a bit of a change we are sure you will agree but the purpose of it is to make it easier for you to know where to post and also in finding topics you are interested in. ONE PLACE FOR IT ALL All driving and racing games discussion in general and subjects that deal with how to go about it (peripherals etc) go in the main Racing Games forum now. Popular titles have prefixes and should be used as clicking on a prefix or using the Thread Filter at the bottom will make it simple to find all similar topics with them. :nods: LET'S RACE!! There is now a dedicated Let's Race! sub-forum for community and member created events, challenges and such where you can join in on whatever is currently open or available. You can also use this section to arrange meets, nights or see what interest there may be in a season-long contest or even a league. Our Forza Time Attack has always been popular and so it would be good to see what other suggestions you have to challenge one another and see who can come out on top. :p Greatest Generation... Older titles as time progresses will be moved to the Archived sub-forum to help keep those older topics able to be viewed if wanted and at the same time free up the main forum for current and up to date topics of discussion. :cool: Mum Get the Camera! Sharing your media is even easier as there is only the ONE main location for this now with the Gaming Media forum. No more do you need to hunt the forum that contains your subject you wish to display. It's your choice how you go about it. Again you can choose to use the popular prefixes to create a thread for sharing your images and media of that particular title or create an all-in-one thread where you will post all your media. Like we said, it's completely down to you, as we want to encourage you to share your stuff and giving you the easiest way to do so will help with this. Plus you can use your Media Gallery storage to post your media if you want to have a central location of where to display it and then use the links provided to show them on the boards too. Single General The few sub-forums that were in General Discussion have been removed and now all topics that are non-gaming or fit in the Automotive and Motorsport threads go in this one discussion forum. We found that there really wasn't any point in splitting the topics out in the way they were. We really hope you will find this new setup much more user-friendly and remember we always want to hear what you think. :nuts: And again a MASSIVE thanks to Mr Softie who helped me for a large amount of today in getting this done. Without his help I would have been doing an another early hour marathon. :( Cheers buddy, I really appreciate it!! THANKS! :bparty: Note: there may be some areas we still haven't fully completed but these will get done in due time. ----- Original Post ----- You might have noticed some changes have happened and yes this is why the forum was offline and you got to read our lovely maintenance page. :oook: We are currently in the process of taking all racing game discussion and merging it into the one main forum. It's been obvious the break-up of different titles on platforms wasn't making it very easy for you guys to jump about and converse about them and so we have decided to bring all discussion into the one location and use prefixes to identify the popular topics where they show. There is also a new Gaming Media forum (names subject to change) whereby we encourage you to create your threads like you used to before and post your best images of your gameplay moments and also if you have one, feel free to create a thread about your YouTube, twitch etc. As some of you know, we recently implemented a Media Gallery for you to use. In this you can upload your images and also post your YouTube videos to have a central location where you can display them on the :duck:. In fact, the real benefit of the gallery is that you can use it to host your images in order to display in threads on here. Removing the hassle of needing to find a good image host or using imgur and dealing with their compression. Hopefully this will make things flow better for you lot and of course we always want to hear from you in how you think we are doing or should be doing. Anyway, work is still on-going so please carry on as usual and we will be sure to notify you of when things are complete. :warnsaw: Cheers! :D
  3. [headline]Server Migration is Done*[/headline] I'm knackered and very annoyed, this has not been a fun few days and I am just glad that I could get some things back to see what this new and improved setup will provide over what we had. I hope the wait wasn't too upsetting for those of you who bother to read this and it's made me even more determined to give this place and the members a swift kick up the arse whether they like it or not. What that all means will become clearer in the coming near future. For now I just want to monitor how this hardware does compared to our last and see if it was worth it or should I look into other options. Good things to come if it's greener on this side but if there's one thing I know, it is not to believe it will be. Thanks and goodnight. *almost
  4. [headline]Server Move[/headline] Hey there, just a quick heads-up to inform you all that in around the next 2 hours we will be locking the forum in order to set about pointing the domains to their new hosting. We've been on our current hardware a good while and we figured it time to get up to the current day. There will be a database backup at the time too to make sure that at the time of the lock the forum contents will be as they were left before it, which we will then hopefully be able to insert into the new... but knowing us (me!) something will go wrong we'll be stuck a few hours or day behind. So fingers crossed! :warnsaw: Propagation of the changes can take anywhere from 2-72 hours to fully complete so we'll see you over at the new digs when your side of the internet has caught up. I will post an update to this thread 30mins before locking so that you can kind of be prepared.
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