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  1. Here is where we will post about the updates and changes we make on here to either keep the software up to date, or to introduce (and try out) new features and functions. If you discover an issue with any of the below or wish to ask or suggest something, then please use the linked forums to do so. :) We're always willing and waiting to hear from our community. Thanks. 2018 February 28th Feb – Created a new tabbed Activity block in the forum home sidebar that shows the most recent non-Mod Shop replies, topics and popular topics 26-27th Feb – Updated the Modders group to be able to edit their threads and posts for an unlimited amount of time in the Mod Shop forums – Added ability for 'tduck team' (ie: staff) members to be able to change the edit time limit for individual posts when required – Moved all old non-important topics from the News forum to News (Archives) 22nd Feb – Went LIVE with tduck version 3 on Xenforo – Installed a media pack that supports the display of content from popular media site links automatically
  2. [SIZE=6][B]I Am Leaving But This Is Not Goodbye[/B][/SIZE] After more than 11 years of being the admin and owner of this here community I have decided that it is time to fly the virtual nest [I](wait, do ducks have nests?)[/I] and hand control over to someone else who can really make the :duck: fly! [I](harhar, me do pun)[/I] It’s been an amazing amount of time and a hell of an experience being the main muppet of this place and I will miss some of the behind the scenes work. And it still amazes me that I have watched a number of members here grow up and mature, going from being punk kids who hate school to becoming adults and moving on with their lives. Some of you have even confided in me how finding this place benefited you in ways I could never imagine which was extremely humbling. I have also met some of you incredible in real life. Getting to travel with that crazy lot down to Namco Bandai Partners in London was superb. Every one of them was a real character and a barrel of laughs. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet up some time again guys!! :bigsmile: Meeting people for real is generally a rare thing with online communities, and even though the vast majority of those I have interacted with on here have been only through text or chat in a game, I do consider a number of them friends who I would very much like to meet. It may sound weird, but those times where we all jumped on to play a few hours of whatever game gave the same feeling and sense of enjoyment as meeting up with my mates for a drink at the pub. In the sense that the banter was flowing and so were plenty of jokes. And of course a good amount of these times had alcohol present! :D From humble beginnings to becoming a known name in certain gaming circles, and in such, getting noticed by the people behind them. Resulting in being able to get to know and meet Mr Nadal and all of Eden Games, Lee ‘Pizza & Games’ Kirton formerly of Atari and now Namco Bandai Partners, and having back and forth conversations with sterling community managers such as Soufyane and Natchai at Ubisoft. There are probably more but my stupid memory cannot remember who they are. :confused: Last but not least I come to all of you guys, the members. Whether you are someone who shares their excellent in-game or real life images and video, a modder putting out good stuff for the community to use with their game, or just simply a chatty sod. Know that I have enjoyed seeing all sorts here. :tup: I wish I could say more and be more epic with this but you all know how terrible I am at this sort of thing. So, I will say my goodbyes but rest assured I am not leaving, I will still be around, but not in an official capacity, and in a funny way this will actually not only help me, but also help this place as the new boss can surely give it what I wasn’t able to. I got a bit of time as one of the better members to show the new boss around and give them the wealth of my experience (oh boy) before I become one of you scum. And so with that, all I have left to say is... smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast! :crazy: [SIZE=5]Cheers![/SIZE] [SIZE=6]Diablo[/SIZE] (former community Admin & Owner) So.. uh what? [B]Q: Who is the new owner of turboduck on tduck?[/B] [I]A: The new owner is now in control and uses the @Diablo account.[/I] [B]Q: Who is Diablo now then?[/B] [I]A: Diablo, as they used to be, is now under the @insaneone username.[/I] [B]Q: Will Diablo still be around?[/B] [I]A: Of course they will, but as @insaneone as this is who they are now (and has always been! :cheeky:).[/I] [B]Q: Why did Diablo leave?[/B] [I]A: They haven't left, they are now known as @insaneone and so is still here. As much as the original Diablo loved this place, they knew it was time to pass it on so that the :duck:'s future could be preserved. :cool:[/I]
  3. [headline]tduck v3 - Xenforo[/headline] Many many moons ago, we started life as Test Drive Unlimited Central and not before long did we realise that name is waaaaaaaaaaayyy tttoooooo long and so it was shortened to TDU Central, which then became even shorter to TDUC where the pronunciation of Tee Dee Yoo See became shorter still to tduck. And this is where we are at today. Over the time since we first began from day one with vBulletin 3, we migrated to vBulletin 4 which was for better or worse, you decide, the next version of our community and now, a lot longer than I wanted it to be, we reach a new chapter in our history by hitting version 3 by switching over to Xenforo. This modern forum will take a bit of getting used to but it shouldn't take too long to get to grips with. It's fairly user-friendly in most cases but there will be some cases where things are different and as much as I would like to repeat what gone before, the likelihood of that happening is very remote as I am too much of an idiot to mad scientist stuff together like I could before. I'll give it a go when I can though! :) Please feel free to comment and post about issues or any other strange gremlins and or queries you may have and I will do my best to answer and sort them. There will be a number of these at the start, as even though I have went through the settings and tested certain things, it's a given there will be things I have missed. So please, if you come across something, tell me about it. Not to mention the huge amount of styling still needing done, along with user personalising and extra additional things like allowing Modders and such to have more edit time again. Many thanks! Diablo
  4. [HEADLINE]February 15th Maintenance[/HEADLINE] Hey all, we have some major maintenance planned for Feb 15th. This involves a lot of different items and so there is no real time limit we can confidently announce as for how long it will take to complete but at most we are hoping for less than 12 hours. For the duration of this you will receive a Maintenance Page in place of our site or forum and also you may experience server errors, or even the inability to connect, as updates and upgrades are performed that might require a server reboot. :warnsaw: I will do my best to post information and current progress on our twitter and facebook, throughout. Feel free to wish me luck! :nuts: Thanks!
  5. [headline]Win Mantis Burn Racing And Its Elite Class DLC For PC In Our Giveaway![/headline] Thanks to the good people at UK-based indie developer VooFoo Studios and the universal cosmic luck in being picked as 1 of 2 winners in their recent twitter contest, we have a Steam code of their awesome top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing and its Elite Class DLC to give away! If you follow us on our crewed account then... Read more on this...
  6. It's around this time of the year (not really) that we ask for feedback from you guys on how you think we're doing and what if anything (say negative things and you get banned) you think or feel we should do better, do less of or do at all. This year and beyond gaming wise should be a good one what with E3 and the next-gen of consoles coming, but not just that as PC should get a big boost from the more PC centric workings of the PS4 and Nextbox so for a change everyone should win! :cool: So here's your chance to talk to us and express your views, opinions and more importantly your recipes for the best bowl of Cornflakes. We're thick feathered so even saying bad and hurtful things is welcomed as we can't learn the bad stuff if you don't tell us. (you'll still be banned of course :cheeky:) Cheers! turboduck team :bparty:
  7. Hey there muppets, just a heads-up that from tomorrow (or later today if it's the 11th where you are) we will be looking to upgrade and update our server and software in preparation for our new look. The first of this is to upgrade the forum, unfortunately due to some head banging technical difficulties the site will be later but you guys mainly use this board anyway so we're sure you'll be fine with this. :D As we have a tendency to crash, freeze and sometimes even explode our equipment we have no real timescale to how long this will take and will have a page up where we will post updates to inform of how it's going. As well as twitter and facebook where we will also post info to what we are currently experiencing in the process. So be sure to wish us luck! :warnsaw: We are sorry if this inconveniences you and we hope you will like what is to come. :cool: Thanks for your time and presence, - turboduck team
  8. [headline]Donald Where's Your Doontime?[/headline] Hey there, if you had some difficulty visiting us today (or still are and are not able to view this until now) then please accept our apologies. The issue was caused by an expired domain of ours, that domain was tdu-central.com. An old one that many of you will remember us having before we became turboduck, but a domain that we treasure and keep due to it being an integral part of our history. This domain is not just used for rose-tinted look backs though, nope it's also used as our nameserver domain so when it expired without notification (bloody host!) all the servers around the world updated with this and thus you were unable to connect, as the correct routing was not being provided to your browser in order to reach us. Thankfully though, one of our lazy-eyed (cheers Baldy!) staff notified myself about this, as it appears my ISP is incredibly late in updating their DNS and so I was still able to get on and not realise the issue that was going on! :oook: The domain has since been renewed, the nameservers updated and now we just wait for the info to propagate around the world, in a manner that tells when our visitors want our domain, they go via the correct route and reach us as is normal. Again we are very sorry for any inconvenience and low-duck filled viewings you have experienced today due to this. Thanks for reading this and for being a member of our community! :duck: *QWUACK!!* - turboduck team tl;dr: a domain expired which meant your browser had no idea how to reach us.
  9. [headline]Speshul 12 for only $20[/headline] If you didn't know, we have a Premium Membership, and of course it can't just be named something sensible or anything like that thus we named it Speshul. Speshul is basically our way of providing a way for our most loyal and active members to show not only their generous support for our community but also to give them a more enjoyable experience when they visit. As a Speshul member you gain the pleasure of having no ads, now we never aim to have annoying ad placements anyway so we rate this as a small benefit more than anything crazy amazing man! And of course we can't forget the Shiny Badge of Speshulness that will adorn all your posts and your profile too. Other benefits can be found on the Membership page in your User CP under the 'Become Speshul' link or you can click the link here. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask and thanks firstly for even reading this and should any of you take up this offer let me say that I love you VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRYY MUCH!! :glomp: Massive Cheers. Diablo Note: You do not require a PayPal account to purchase a membership, you only need one if you wish to use the automatically recurring option.
  10. Diablo

    turboduck Y U NO... ?

    As I am working away hard on the next look of the :duck: by myself on my lonesome, trapped in a hell I cannot escape it occurred to me that my mind is turning into spaghetti thinking of how to approach this place in the future in how it's structured and laid out. So I'm going to ask you muppets for your thoughts, suggestions, ideas etc and see what works and what will need to be put away till the year 2019. Main areas of interest: * How would you like to see the dedicated game forums laid out? * How would you like to see the Mod Shop laid out? * Would you like us to expand the Mod Shop to other titles? * Is there anything you would like us to do (within reason) to make your stay more pleasant? * ... We ARE glistening so get those thoughts and crosses in while we're alert!
  11. Every year (except for the last couple of years :p) Diablo would treat his faithful followers (you lot) to a quick (and drunken) 'all the best for next year' message. Given that TDU-C is nearing it's 5th anniversary we need something a bit more special than a grainy incomprehensible silhouette posted on another members YouTube channel. There's also a slightly better example . Thanks to the power of peer-pressure, Diablo has no choice but to honour this request, but this thread is where you can also request what you want to see Diablo saying/doing in his video. Perhaps you'd like a tour of his residence (or just the bathroom), or you'd like to hear his famous Shaun Connery impersonation, or maybe you want to see the dress he wears when Baldy comes over to play. :lol: Make a list below (keep it clean). Copy the existing list and add yours to the bottom to make it easier (like this).
  12. If you haven't noticed already, our mascot turboduck (or tduck for short) has had an upgrade! He went out this weekend and got his racing license as well as a turbocharger for a body and has ditched the green hat, though he's deliberating whether to have a green helmet or not. What do you think and should he go for the green helmet or not? :duck: and with the green helmet
  13. Have met a couple of you now online for a short race or two but it would be good to organize a day and time that suits a few people and all get out onto track for a few races in various tracks and cars. I would suggest 5 lap races on normal length circuits and 8 on short circuits. We can all discuss what cars and tracks we want to use without trying to get many duplicates :) Discuss :cool:
  14. Diablo

    OMG we are SIX today!

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy SIXY Laaaaaadddddyyyy! :nuts: WOW! I really cannot believe this but this community is actually 6 years old today. Even though we have went through a few transitions and name changes the core community, atmosphere and insanity has been here since day 1. Back in 2007 when I was ready to put this place - which started as testdriveunlimitedcentral.com - live I never in a million years had thought we would reach this point. It's not been an easy time that's for sure, we've struggled at times and even come close to death but thanks to a select number of members and loyal supporters we have managed to break through the hardships, keep calm and carry on. :D As most of you long-term members will know, at the start we used to have loads of fun organising cruises and races on games such as TDU, Forza 2 and Gran Turismo 4. PC users stared pouring in and all manners of titles and game types were being discussed, then with the advent of the Chatbox appearing, fun, humour and of course craziness was very quickly the order of daily visits here. :cheeky: Then the modding craze started and things got really interesting, not only did our memberlist start to grow but so did activity as many quality modders started posting their projects and creations for the community to use and enjoy, which in turn brought unbelievable new life to the game and even to this very day, new mods are being released and new players are discovering the utter brilliance of the first TDU. Of course not everyone was all about TDU, the majority was but some people only had a console and with these folk conversations about the next Forza or the on-going debacle with GT5 were rife and constant as well as gorgeous media posting from the PGR games and the utter amazement at just how good Call of Duty 4 was looking to be and turned out. As I said we started mainly as a Test Drive Unlimited fansite and a large part of this past is still indeed very much a part of our community today, however we all know how excited we all were when we started imagining TDU2 and how the actual game itself turned out to be an absolute disaster to those of us who adored the previous game. Couple this with Atari's dire support and communications and things were just getting worse so we had to change, which we did by branching out to more game titles but the sour stench of TDU2 being around the place and the probable no hope of a decent successor made us decide to put it to you guys whether to change or not and overwhelmingly the vote was to change and so we did. The :duck: has always been a core 'tradition' and even a 'mascot' of our community so naturally it seemed only right to keep this and so we did, hence we became turboduck! Now we are getting back on track and actually have a proper website populating the homepage, our memberbase continues to grow and activity and thankfully INSANITY is still as rife and unpredictable as ever. We love having fun with our members and it's testament to you guys that we can ban, rename and do stupid things to you as well as play with the banner, background of which has you laughing along with us. It's this fun and comedic atmosphere along with the mental 'team' I have alongside me here that makes it a joy to keep this place going and I can't thank you all enough. :p As with all communities we have our fair share of 0 post wasters and 1 post runners but we will be doing a good proper clearout of this dead weight in the near future as well as implementing a system to monitor and keep tabs on these people who frankly should just lurk rather than become a member as we are a community and want people to participate in the discussions, not just register and then leave. So thankfully and probably somewhat long-overdue this will be getting taken care of in the next few. :evil: Well if you've read all of that then thank-you, I know I sometimes tend to go on and on and on and on... and I also know this post is not quite as mad as my usual, but I wanted to really convey my thanks and appreciation to you all for sticking with us, having fun, enduring the madness and of course just being a part of this community. It's still a surprise to me how much this place means to some people and also in the rare instances how it's actually affected people too. Just thinking that some of you have grown-up with us is smile inducing and mind twisting at the same time, I know I've certainly experienced and learned a lot. Well that's it, it's been a turbulent and interesting 6 years that's for sure. What will the future hold for turboduck? Who knows but that's part of the fun really and whatever it throws our way we'll just keep doing what we doing and enjoy our time swimming and of course keeping busy in the... :bathtub: Right that's enough, and to finish this I think I'll do a bit of a nostalgia trip by leaving you with the ending of what I said the first day this place opened. Alright go forth and be free and if you have any questions PM or email me and I hope you enjoy it here. Now let's have some fun !! :D Diablo
  15. For now, the whole ordeal shall be run by Santtu and I, Santtu being the creator and owner of the server and me being the evil and annoying moderator adding nothing to the general useability of the server whatsoever. This is what we have in mind so far: PvP is enabled at all times; changing of game mode and loading of items is allowed, but know your limits. Do it if really necessary; that's it for now So, gather, GATHER 'ROUND, we need to make this happen. IN SO FAR: --- cis4care MrLolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololXD ThisChangesEverything (is it safe to assume?) smthng ls nstd / Santtu Lenny Leonard / Tim Calster17 (I'm not sure he's in anymore, but I'll add him anyways) The Queen Clarence (well, he mentioned it once) you, khevolution, you are in patchinson
  16. Now that you're intrigued I have a really exciting announcement to make, are you ready? Ready yet?...... nope okay..... How about now?.......... yes...... Great! Here goes...... Happy New Year!!!!! :duck: Exciting wasn't it! Anyway us here and there and over there and underneath and around the back and in the middle would like to wish you a merry new year! I'll do the normal and thank myself for visiting, you guys for visiting, the squirrels for being just squirrels (they made me type that) and every other animal in our do not touch zoo. It's been a great year with the launch of turboduck and we thank you for your suspenders. We hope you all have a wonderful 2013 and continue to post and share many a exciting thing with us, in fact I'm going to have a bath after I've posted this, how's that for exciting! So go forth and postify, let's keep the insanity going! Bread roll!!! BSRE! Be Stupid Responsibly Eeee Happy new year to all our forum members. All the best to you and your loved ones for 2013 The turboduck team :duck: And a message from our glorious ruler!! And as is tradition here, the drunken New Year message from our insane admin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5x5YdxAZLA
  17. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad to announce that TDUCk community playtimes will be making a comeback in Forza Horizon! :D This thread is for general discussion about the events, every week will have it's own entry thread. Also, suggestions and questions can be asked here, or if you can't post it here for some reason, you can PM me or Clarence. The events will be much like the ones we had in FM4. Kicking off is a cruise with themed cars (theme varies every week, can be checked in the entry thread). After that we'll have all kinds of fun and crazy stuff, more on that later ;) If you have any suggestions regarding the themes or activities, be sure to say it out loud! We're doing this for you and all of your suggestions will be at least noted in the planning process. But first thing first, we need to see if we have to split the group into two because of the stupid 8 player limit. The events are on weekends, we haven't decided a time either. So if you could post here whether you are interested or not and tell us the day(s) (Saturday/Sunday) & times when you are supposedly free. The first event will probably be on 4th of November, depending on stuff. :) I'm really excited about this. Looking forward to seeing you guys online! :D -Santtu
  18. Diablo

    TDUC is 5 years old!!

    "Happy Birthday TDUC, Happy Birthday TDUC, Happy Birthday dear TDUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCC Happy Birthday TDUC!" *three cheers* Yes folks believe it or not TDUC is 5 years old today!! How time has flown and for those of you who have stuck with us throughout this whole time all I can say is wow and thanks for doing that. Hopefully it wasn't a wasted 5 years, I'm sure it wasn't but all the the same massive thanks and appreciation from me, myself, I and of course TDUCk. I say it all the time but if you had told me back on the 30th January 2007 when I was preparing and getting the forum ready for it's launch that it would not only make it to 5 years but also be very active and have an amazing community built from all areas of the globe and encompass all types from the dumb to the not so dumb then I would have run around in circles on the floor Homer Simpson style and called you crazy. It's not that I didn't have the belief it's just that well honestly how many of you even believe it today that this place, this little small vibrant community is actually 5 years young today!? Exactly. :oook: Of course we wouldn't have even made it had it not been for our members and the community spirit that we really like to embody here at TDUC. You have seen the fun, the laughter and the downright insane that we perform often and it's this random spontaneous responsible stupidity that we are known for that I think has helped us to continue to go year after year, even after that of which we are all about has failed to live up to many expectations. That's a true testament to the character of you guys our members and how you really do seem to enjoy being here. That I can never get my head around but I can sort of semi-understand it and constantly strive to improve upon it. :duck: Then there's the support and contributions that people give off their own backs and this is what keeps the Duck swimming, and that is the honest truth as without this support we would have been gone a long time ago. We are constantly active and you guys know yourself that the Scotty! message is making a return and this is in part due to the popularity ever growing yet again so looks like more fun times ahead for sure. :D I can't talk about the longevity of this place without mentioning those of you who have not only helped keep this place thriving but also provided the many amazing modifications and gameplay improvements to the community via your mods and programs. There are so many of you who give of your own time and create mods better than what came out with the game itself and who continue to improve and add things to the games that keep people playing as if it was only released yesterday. You guys truly are great and I thank each and everyone of you for sharing your work and creations with others, and even though it is a mostly thankless task you still do it without placing viruses or rick rolls in with your files. :lol: So for that I applaud you. I guess I better say something about the Staff, you guys help not only in keeping this place clean and flowing but also join in on the fun and games by participating in the nonsense and the mental and I thank you massively for this. Even if you weren't insane when you first joined you are now so deal with it. HUGE THANKS TO BALDY for getting his kit off and sitting on the toilet in order to bring the TV back on, it started as a random remark to a question but my stubbornness made it true and god love him he actually did it and did it brilliantly at that. So Cheers mate, you truly are a legend! Well that's it folks, I just wanted to actually type something that remotely resembles my heartfelt appreciation for every real member we have here who participates in the discussions and the fun here and I hope we see you around in the years to come. It's yet another new year so let's hope that this one is a great one and that Atari actually gets off their arse and starts communicating. Well all that's left to say is: :bparty: and of course.... :bunny: :monkeydance: :coolspot: :hsquad: :bananadance3: :bgroove: :bananadance: :tdance: :pdance: :odance::chewy::taz: :uduckdance: :duckdance: :cactus::cowdance: :dpenguin: :hdance: :fld: :gdance::bananadance2: Thank you! Diablo & TDU Central Team :cheers:
  19. Ryzza5

    TDUCk Class of '12

    Work is offerring incentives to complete a free online uni course before the end of this year. Was browsing Coursera and found this one that starts in a few days: https://class.coursera.org/ml/lecture/preview Was wondering if anyone here would like to join me in doing one of these courses (in an IT-related field)? We could help each other study, etc, and then end up with a certificate of participation.completion (not a diploma or anything special like that) but can still be added to your CV/portfolio. Some other sites I've yet to browse here: https://www.edx.org http://www.udacity.com Anyone interested?
  20. After numerous requests, I'm gonna try once again. TDUCk Community Playtime Stuff we do: -Cruise -Tag (virus/keep the it) -Soccer -Occasional Cat&Mouse -Photoshoots -Drifting (which isn't really drifting because Clarence hosts) ->Basically what the people want This week's theme (for the cruise) is Porsches! (RUFs for those of you who don't own the pack!) Entrants: 1: superhyper 2: TimBud 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: NOTICE: It's on Saturday as the TDU1 appreciation day SHOULD BE on Sunday. Time as usual is 3PM GMT (I'm willing to wait until 4PM for people to show up though so if you can make it at 4PM, that's allright too.) If the date doesn't work out for people, we can try again on the Sunday 17.6. (I got somewhere to be on the 10th)
  21. BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! (Hopefully) TDUCk Community Playtime Stuff we do: -Cruise -Tag (virus/keep the it) -Soccer -Occasional Cat&Mouse -Photoshoots -Drifting (which isn't really drifting because Clarence hosts) ->Basically what the people want This week's theme (for the cruise) is MR! Mid engined, rear wheel drive cars! Entrants: 1: Clarence 2: Timbud 3: SuperHyper 4: Hassan? 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: Time as usual is 3PM GMT.
  22. I'm back :cheeky: Stuff we do: -Cruise -Tag (virus/keep the it) -Soccer -Occasional Cat&Mouse -Photoshoots -Drifting (not really drifting if flo is around) ->Basically what the people want This week's theme (for the cruise) is AWD cars. Bring a car that's AWD. But no swaps please => Natural AWD only. Entrants: 1: repyhrepus (SuperSanttu94 - due to personal business will be late or may not make it) 2: Even Flow (forza4live) 3: Calster (CarbonCoffeeee) 4: Lady Gaga (Shaftweasel) 5: Clarence (Skylark Gaming) 6: TimBud (TimBud) 7: Pyrre (pyrre6) 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16:
  23. Since there's less and less people every week, and this week we did not even have a sign up thread, I asume nothing was going to happen today. BUT, I will be online around 3PM gmt, everybody online at that time will get an invite for me. :hsquad:
  24. TDUCk Community Playtime Stuff we do: -Cruise -Tag (virus/keep the it) -Soccer -Occasional Cat&Mouse -Photoshoots -Drifting (which isn't really drifting because Clarence hosts) ->Basically what the people want This week's theme (for the cruise) is British Cars. Your car must come out of the United Kingdom! Entrants: 1: Clarence 2: Lady Gaga 3: flo 4: CarbonCactus 6: hassan1995 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: