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    1. Here is where we will post about the updates and changes we make on here to either keep the software up to date, or to introduce (and try out) new features and functions. If you discover an issue with any of the below or wish to ask or suggest something, then please use the linked forums to do so. We're always willing and waiting to hear from our community. Thanks. 2018 February 28th Feb – Created a new tabbed Activity block in the forum home sidebar that shows the most recent non-Mod Shop replies, topics and popular topics
    2. We'd like to warmly welcome everyone from the TDU World community to TurboDuck.net! The TDU World community forums have been merged with the TurboDuck.net forums this weekend. This includes topics, posts, users, notifications, private messages, attachments, avatars, status, warnings, reputations, follows, likes, tags... you get the idea. In the event that you had accounts on TDU World and TurboDuck.net before (based on email address), these have been automatically merged for you. (If you have account on both site and used different email address, wish to merge your account, feel f
    3. [SIZE=6][B]I Am Leaving But This Is Not Goodbye[/B][/SIZE] After more than 11 years of being the admin and owner of this here community I have decided that it is time to fly the virtual nest [I](wait, do ducks have nests?)[/I] and hand control over to someone else who can really make the :duck: fly! [I](harhar, me do pun)[/I] It’s been an amazing amount of time and a hell of an experience being the main muppet of this place and I will miss some of the behind the scenes work. And it still amazes me that I have watched a number of members here grow up and mature, going from being punk kids who
    4. New Posts & Recent Posts changes Hi there everyone, we have just made some changes that you may recognise as operating in the same way as to how the old setup worked, whereby the main forums and the Mod Shop had their own activity able to view. We know that a number of you liked being able to do this and so it was one of the first things we wanted to implement. Unfortunately it become apparent this wasn't going to be easy and so the tabbed blocks in these sections were put into effect fairly swiftly once we knew how to create them. (that was fun! :eek:) Those however, are limited
    5. [headline]tduck v3 - Xenforo[/headline] Many many moons ago, we started life as Test Drive Unlimited Central and not before long did we realise that name is waaaaaaaaaaayyy tttoooooo long and so it was shortened to TDU Central, which then became even shorter to TDUC where the pronunciation of Tee Dee Yoo See became shorter still to tduck. And this is where we are at today. Over the time since we first began from day one with vBulletin 3, we migrated to vBulletin 4 which was for better or worse, you decide, the next version of our community and now, a lot longer than I wanted it to be, w
    6. [HEADLINE]February 15th Maintenance[/HEADLINE] Hey all, we have some major maintenance planned for Feb 15th. This involves a lot of different items and so there is no real time limit we can confidently announce as for how long it will take to complete but at most we are hoping for less than 12 hours. For the duration of this you will receive a Maintenance Page in place of our site or forum and also you may experience server errors, or even the inability to connect, as updates and upgrades are performed that might require a server reboot. :warnsaw: I will do my best to post informat
    7. [headline]Win Mantis Burn Racing And Its Elite Class DLC For PC In Our Giveaway![/headline] Thanks to the good people at UK-based indie developer VooFoo Studios and the universal cosmic luck in being picked as 1 of 2 winners in their recent twitter contest, we have a Steam code of their awesome top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing and its Elite Class DLC to give away! If you follow us on our crewed account then... Read more on this...
    8. Win Mantis Burn Racing + Elite Class DLC Thanks to the good people at UK-based indie developer VooFoo Studios and the universal cosmic luck in being picked as 1 of 2 winners in their recent twitter contest, we have a Steam code of their awesome top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing and its Elite Class DLC to give away! If you follow us on our crewed account then you will know that we will at times retweet contests and competitions that are currently being run by publishers, developers and hardware makers. More so to give notice of them to our followers than to actually enter ourselves, but t
    9. Happy 10th Birthday To The Duck Oh my gosh I can’t believe it, we bloody well made it to year number 10!! Wow! Where do I start with this one then? I think starting at the start would be a good start, so that’s where I’ll start. Before It All Back in 2005 a trailer for a game showed at E3, this game was Test Drive Unlimited and it hooked me almost straight away. With its massive environment, great cars, bikes! (and I’m not even a huge bike fan but it was something different) and a general feeling of being more about the drive than the race, here was a title I had been waiting a lon
    10. It's around this time of the year (not really) that we ask for feedback from you guys on how you think we're doing and what if anything (say negative things and you get banned) you think or feel we should do better, do less of or do at all. This year and beyond gaming wise should be a good one what with E3 and the next-gen of consoles coming, but not just that as PC should get a big boost from the more PC centric workings of the PS4 and Nextbox so for a change everyone should win! :cool: So here's your chance to talk to us and express your views, opinions and more importantly your recipes
    11. the banner contest #68 A little backstory: For a long part of our history we have had a banner image proudly displaying up top on our community forum, and for much of the time that banner has been on whichever style and look we were currently sporting, a member's image has been on it. Nowadays we call this 'the banner contest' (tbc) and it's brilliant to see that it is as popular as ever! The contest invites our members to enter a screenshot of theirs following the manner of the desired theme which is usually set by the previous winner (however circumstances may result in it being c
    12. Sport the turboduck A number of us here on turboduck backed the crowd-funded Slighty Mad Studios project that ended up as Project CARS, and one of those 'us' in particular was Ryzza. With more money than sense he became a Manager and this entitled him to have his own advertising board (it's on Brands Hatch) and car livery in the finished game. And incredibly he gave this honour to us! Back in 2014 in a select area of our community there were talks and discussions going on where the conceptualising of a vision was taking place, and the one bringing the suggestions and imaginings of those
    13. Hey there muppets, just a heads-up that from tomorrow (or later today if it's the 11th where you are) we will be looking to upgrade and update our server and software in preparation for our new look. The first of this is to upgrade the forum, unfortunately due to some head banging technical difficulties the site will be later but you guys mainly use this board anyway so we're sure you'll be fine with this. :D As we have a tendency to crash, freeze and sometimes even explode our equipment we have no real timescale to how long this will take and will have a page up where we will post upda
    14. [headline]Donald Where's Your Doontime?[/headline] Hey there, if you had some difficulty visiting us today (or still are and are not able to view this until now) then please accept our apologies. The issue was caused by an expired domain of ours, that domain was tdu-central.com. An old one that many of you will remember us having before we became turboduck, but a domain that we treasure and keep due to it being an integral part of our history. This domain is not just used for rose-tinted look backs though, nope it's also used as our nameserver domain so when it expired without notification (
    15. [headline]Speshul 12 for only $20[/headline] If you didn't know, we have a Premium Membership, and of course it can't just be named something sensible or anything like that thus we named it Speshul. Speshul is basically our way of providing a way for our most loyal and active members to show not only their generous support for our community but also to give them a more enjoyable experience when they visit. As a Speshul member you gain the pleasure of having no ads, now we never aim to have annoying ad placements anyway so we rate this as a small benefit more than anything crazy amazing man!
    16. As I am working away hard on the next look of the :duck: by myself on my lonesome, trapped in a hell I cannot escape it occurred to me that my mind is turning into spaghetti thinking of how to approach this place in the future in how it's structured and laid out. So I'm going to ask you muppets for your thoughts, suggestions, ideas etc and see what works and what will need to be put away till the year 2019. Main areas of interest: * How would you like to see the dedicated game forums laid out? * How would you like to see the Mod Shop laid out? * Would you like us to expand the Mo
    17. Every year (except for the last couple of years :p) Diablo would treat his faithful followers (you lot) to a quick (and drunken) 'all the best for next year' message. Given that TDU-C is nearing it's 5th anniversary we need something a bit more special than a grainy incomprehensible silhouette posted on another members YouTube channel. There's also a slightly better example . Thanks to the power of peer-pressure, Diablo has no choice but to honour this request, but this thread is where you can also request what you want to see Diablo saying/doing in his video. Perhaps you'd lik
    18. If you haven't noticed already, our mascot turboduck (or tduck for short) has had an upgrade! He went out this weekend and got his racing license as well as a turbocharger for a body and has ditched the green hat, though he's deliberating whether to have a green helmet or not. What do you think and should he go for the green helmet or not? :duck: and with the green helmet
    19. Have met a couple of you now online for a short race or two but it would be good to organize a day and time that suits a few people and all get out onto track for a few races in various tracks and cars. I would suggest 5 lap races on normal length circuits and 8 on short circuits. We can all discuss what cars and tracks we want to use without trying to get many duplicates :) Discuss :cool:
    20. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy SIXY Laaaaaadddddyyyy! :nuts: WOW! I really cannot believe this but this community is actually 6 years old today. Even though we have went through a few transitions and name changes the core community, atmosphere and insanity has been here since day 1. Back in 2007 when I was ready to put this place - which started as testdriveunlimitedcentral.com - live I never in a million years had thought we would reach this point. It's not been an easy time that's for sure, we've struggled at times and even come close to death but thanks to a select number of members and loyal su
    21. For now, the whole ordeal shall be run by Santtu and I, Santtu being the creator and owner of the server and me being the evil and annoying moderator adding nothing to the general useability of the server whatsoever. This is what we have in mind so far: PvP is enabled at all times; changing of game mode and loading of items is allowed, but know your limits. Do it if really necessary; that's it for now So, gather, GATHER 'ROUND, we need to make this happen. IN SO FAR: --- cis4care MrLolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo
    22. Now that you're intrigued I have a really exciting announcement to make, are you ready? Ready yet?...... nope okay..... How about now?.......... yes...... Great! Here goes...... Happy New Year!!!!! :duck: Exciting wasn't it! Anyway us here and there and over there and underneath and around the back and in the middle would like to wish you a merry new year! I'll do the normal and thank myself for visiting, you guys for visiting, the squirrels for being just squirrels (they made me type that
    23. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad to announce that TDUCk community playtimes will be making a comeback in Forza Horizon! :D This thread is for general discussion about the events, every week will have it's own entry thread. Also, suggestions and questions can be asked here, or if you can't post it here for some reason, you can PM me or Clarence. The events will be much like the ones we had in FM4. Kicking off is a cruise with themed cars (theme varies every week, can be checked in the entry thread). After that we'll have all kinds of fun and crazy stuff, more on that later ;) If yo
    24. "Happy Birthday TDUC, Happy Birthday TDUC, Happy Birthday dear TDUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCC Happy Birthday TDUC!" *three cheers* Yes folks believe it or not TDUC is 5 years old today!! How time has flown and for those of you who have stuck with us throughout this whole time all I can say is wow and thanks for doing that. Hopefully it wasn't a wasted 5 years, I'm sure it wasn't but all the the same massive thanks and appreciation from me, myself, I and of course TDUCk. I say it all the time but if you had told me back on the 30th January 2007 when I was preparing and getting the forum r
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