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Found 8 results

  1. Check out the teaser trailer for our new racing simulator - Automobilista 2, scheduled for release in December 2019! Automobilista 2 is the culmination of a project developed over the course of nearly a decade. At its core, it is a comprehensive simulation of the brazilian motorsports scene, featuring all major brazilian racing series, race tracks and manufacturers. Automobilista 2 will also celebrate Brazilian motorsports heritage by featuring some of the country´s most iconic heroes and achievements through its rich history in the sport. Packing an even larger roster of diverse cars and tracks than its predecessor, Automobilista 2 will venture further into the best of international motorsports, including prestigious brands such as Mclaren and BMW along with iconic venues such as Brands Hatch and Imola, at the same time continuing to explore the more exotic and exciting forms of motorsports from around the world. Boosted by a new technical partnership with the developers of the award-winning Project CARS series, Automobilista 2 is built on the MADNESS engine, providing incredible graphical quality, the most advanced dynamic weather and track condition systems in a racing simulator and superior VR support, to deliver a substantial realism upgrade and a fully immersive visual experience. With Automobilista 2 we aim to combine the strengths that made its predecessor unique with major evolutions in all areas. The sim will offer some exclusive features for both single player and multiplayer, which we look forward to sharing over the remaining months of development!
  2. Free Audi Quattro S1 Group B The end of year look back posted by Marco Massarutto on the official blog gave us insight into some of the free bonus content that would be coming to Assetto Corsa in the new year, with a number of vehicles and a new circuit being mentioned within the text. Amazingly, despite all the free stuff that is talked about in that blog post, we learn from Massarutto via a posting on his Facebook, that the Audi Quattro S1 Group B rally car is another item of them and that it is due for a February release. We are also treated to 3 in-game images where we can view the stunning detail in the recreation of the car, including one that gives us a good view of the interior and the multitude of switches and buttons that cover it. As is typically the case, the model is looking to be of the high standard we have come to expect from Kunos Simulazioni. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="6551,6552,6553] These images also provide us with more looks at the fictional Scottish track that is upcoming and will be free to download too. More information and media on this environment and what it contains should be forthcoming and being a Scot myself, I cannot wait to see what challenges and beauty await players in this location. As an aside, Massarutto brilliantly lays into the previous moaners within the community by apologising in advance that the next free bonus content will not be a SUV. This sharp little dig was made because of those super-entitled players who voiced outrage and displeasure that the free Porsches being given consisted of SUVs. We’re sure many won’t be complaining too much about this freebie, though it does make us wonder if this rally car will be getting a rally playground or something else where it can really unleash its potential? Just need to wait and see I guess.
  3. Ammazzinngg Race! The people at Slightly Mad Studios have been teasing their fans again about their upcoming DLC releases on their Instagram and the official Project CARS forums. And from what they've shown, it looks like the February DLC pack will concentrate on American vehicles. So far, we've seen pictures of a Corvette C7.R GTE, Chevrolet's Le Mans winning beast, a Cadillac ATS-V.R (am I seeing a theme in the naming department here?), which is Cadillac's GT3-spec racer they used for the 2015 season in the Pirelli World Challenge series, an Indycar, which looks to be the Dallara DW12 and to top it all off, a Ford Fusion Nascar racer. The GT cars will fit in nicely as the GT field in Project CARS is one of the, if not the very biggest available right now (outside modding of course) and the ability to fill up your own Indycar grid with the Dallara or do a Nascar race with a grid full of Fusions is something that will not only excite those fans in the USA, but also perhaps bring a taste of these motorsports to those who may have ignored or even joked about them. There is a problem though, a BIG problem with delivering an accurate representation of the latter two and that is the lack of oval tracks in the game. Back in the early days several ovals were originally planned for Project CARS but they've disappeared silently: According to Ian Bell, oval tracks are "still somewhat up in the air" due to problems with the AI system. Most likely scenario will be that we'll be seeing them in Project CARS 2 instead. In any case, those cars do race on road courses too, so they should provide you with plenty of fun and yet another series or few of vehicles to master. In addition to the DLC package itself, SMS will also give us our monthly free DLC car. In February, the free car looks to be the Aston Martin Vantage GT12: only 100 of these GT3-inspired monsters have been made in real life, so chances are that you didn't get your hands on one. But not to worry, you'll be getting your hands on it in Project CARS once the February DLC releases. [gallery link=file" columns="5" ids="4103,4112,4113,4105,4107,4104,4102,4101,4100,4099,4097,4096] Source: Project CARS Forum
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbuCkh54lJM Apparently this video shows a track made by Polyphony, using the Course Maker tool. Why? Because apparently they will release a few tracks made in the Course Maker before release this tool to players. (Money, money, money) This track also seem to be placed at Zahara De La Sierra, Spain. More info at: GTPlanet.net - News and Discussions thread GTPlanet.net - Sneak Peak: Course Maker thread This track will be able to download around February, apparently. Either way, it looks awesome to me! :D
  5. If you find more screens, please make sure to post them here. :)
  6. Some new pics cam out today, so I thought I'd create a thread just for new shots... when they appear. [ATTACH]18195[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]18196[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]18197[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]18198[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]18199[/ATTACH] This is a few days old, but I'm loving the fact that they've got MTBs in the game. Just hope the riding physics are better than last time. [ATTACH]18200[/ATTACH] Source
  7. This was just posted on the official PlayStation Facebook and their twitter too. Looks like it could possibly be the secret project Sony Santa Monica (SSM) [of God of War fame] could be working on? :hmmm:
  8. UPDATE: It's not FallOut 4. :hmmm: This vine video showed up as of 2 hours ago via the @Bethblog twitter account. Is it hinting towards FallOut 4 and it's announcement? We hope so! :D [media=twitter]324176110571098113[/media]
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