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Found 9 results

  1. I waiting for a mod for Lambo Huracan Liberty walk in long time ago, any can make one?? With Ducktail or Spoiler
  2. TDU Forever! TEST DRIVE is making a return!! The rights to the future of the brand have been bought by Bigben Interactive from the Atari Group. The last game to be released in the long running series was Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU 2) back in 2011. Coming 5 years after the release of the cult classic Test Drive Unlimited (TDU) which is still played to this day by a loyal following on the PC mainly due to the talent and generosity of the modding community. And those fans and many like them will be delighted to hear that Bigben has plans to develop new titles in the Test Drive Unlimited franchise. We are more than confident with respect to the quality of this franchise, which is loved by so many players[...]Our teams are very enthusiastic at the idea of being able to work on this license, which has already proven its worth - the game Test Drive Unlimited 2 sold 1.8 million units. – Alain Falc, CEO of Bigben Interactive TDU 2 by many of the previous title’s fans was seen as a bit of a step back despite it’s second island location of Ibiza, improved graphics, roads quality and dynamic weather, because of the handling. However there are many out there who very much enjoyed their time with, or still play TDU 2, so it’s not a one flavour works for all. And of course, the Forza Horizon series of games have certainly improved on the open-road/open-world formula that the TDU games evolved, but even still to this day, the environment size is seen as a bit of negative, and the same has been said about other games such as Midnight Club Los Angeles. The Crew is a game that has been developed by numerous members of the original and second game and it’s easy to see that yet again the environment size is one area where they really excel. However, the driving feel and world physics are an area that doesn’t exactly let it down, but it does take a bit of the shine off. In conclusion then it appears that the best blend for an open-world game is something with: authentic handling with options to tweak as player requires complete freedom great road quality – no stair like hills and blocks for kerbs support for keyboard, pads and wheels (clutch and shifter would be nice too) dynamic day/night & weather customisation to allow players to make the vehicles their own lovely engine sounds accurate details of car interiors and instruments So simply put: a mix between TDU/2 and The Crew’s environments + Forza Horizon handling + DRIVECLUB weather effects and vehicle detailing + Forza/NFS customisation + RaceRoom Racing Experience engine sounds. See, simple! *a hat tip to The Compensator for letting us know about this [via Videogamer.com]
  3. Today or yesterday, not sure quite when but the next game in the TEST DRIVE series was announced and we were close as it's actually titled Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios and being published by everyone it seems, the game will be out in March [probably] and will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Press Releases are available but not in English as far as I can see so the below is loosely and dodgily translated by Google but you can get the gist of it all the same. Boxart appears to be shown also via Gamestop. Officially Released Media
  4. Get ready for this..... Ready? Are you sure? US, France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Poland and Scandinavia: 8th June 2012 UK: Later! Australia: September Outstanding collaboration I think you'll agree. :fp:
  5. I know we have the thread about the InsideSimRacing video and we'll use that again when they release their main video but this thread is for the collection of videos from other sites and such that are now starting to show the game. First one to be found is a Polish site and there's plenty of footage though if you can understand Polish it probably makes for an even better watch, but hey at least we're seeing stuff about the game finally! :) F40 at Hockenheim National 430 Scuderia at the Nordschelife :nuts: Motors TV Gameplay Short Teaser from MotoGames TV Testujemy Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Video
  6. Hey guys, whether you are waiting for this game or not the fact of the matter is it is coming and in June some time by the look of it. Dates vary from 8th to 29th and Later for the UK and Australia but anyway I digress. So here we have trailer #2 and I think you'll agree this is a better one than that crappy mess of an Announcement Trailer and I have to say the Nordschleife is looking particularly stunning from the views you see of it as is that fictional track that looks to be based in my enck of the woods up in glorious and sunny Scotland. No that is true well for this week anyway! :D So without further ado, here it is.
  7. Today Atari (did something useful and) announced the track list that will be coming with Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legend this March, yes next month in other words. It wouldn't be right if they did things fairly well in advance would it? Anyway check out the list below and I'm sure just like me you will easily see some favourites of yours and then take a look at the pics and marvel at them. Looks quite good wouldn't you say? Now a taste of the sounds would be most welcome along with some videos showing the hopeful variation in handling that the player can choose and thus thoroughly enjoy. :D Official Track List Circuit de Catalunya - Spain GP Circuit de Catalunya - Spain National Circuit de Spa Francorchamps GP (1980) - Belgium Circuit de Spa Francorchamps GP (2004) - Belgium Casino Riviera-Cote d'Azur - France Cote d'Azur Monte Grande - France Cote d'Azur Monument Loop - France Cote d'Azur Port Boucle - France Donington Park GP (2009) - United Kingdom Donington Park National (2009) - United Kingdom Enna Pergusa - Italy Fiorano - Italy Fiorano Alternate - Italy Hockenheimring - Germany GP Hockenheimring GP (1982) - Germany Hockenheimring National - Germany Hockenheimring Short - Germany Imola (1981) - Italy Imola (2005) - Italy Misty Loch - fictitious Circuit Monza GP (1958) - Italy Monza GP - Italy Monza Junior - Italy Motorsport Arena Oschersleben - Italy Motorsport Arena Oschersleben B - Course-Italy Mugello GP - Italy Mugello Short - Italy Nordschleife - Germany Nordschleife Aremberg - Germany Nordschleife, Karussell - Germany Nordschleife Nurburg - Germany Road America Circuit dummy Rouen (1956) - France Rouen Short (1952) - France Silverstone GP (1959) - United Kingdom Silverstone GP (1975) - United Kingdom Silverstone GP (2009) - United Kingdom Silverstone International (2009) - United Kingdom Silverstone National (2009) - United Kingdom New images including the F458 Click images below for larger version
  8. Source: Thibaut Trampont Designer During the preproduction of the game, I was in charge of the entire Level Design of a second island : Dubaï. The project was designed to take the high level player from Hawaii to Dubaï. With that in mind, we made a huge research on every element of the Dubaï environment : Roads and marking Buildings and monuments Vegetation and districts Topography and landscape Street elements Read more at the website of the employee who was tasked with doing this. Makes me wonder, even though Dubai was canned, they probably still have the info and data for future use? :hmmm:
  9. Hey, as im waiting for my alienware to be dispatched am looking to buy TDU for PC, and in saying that; Does anyone know the cheapest place to get it ? Thankyou -BAk99
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