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Found 25 results

  1. Source: Amazon.co.uk: Originals: Amazon Video I'm really excited about this giant tent. Credit to BeSweeet for throwing this link at me.
  2. Top Gear Is Back! The new series of Top Gear starts tonight on BBC2 at 20:00 for us in the UK tonight and if the last series is anything to go by, it should be an alright watch. :) Harris, LeBlanc and Reid made for some enjoyable moments of motoring tv and this series is shaping up to be more of the same. Kind of hoping Harris tones down the 'grumpy old man' shtick, as it gets old fast, and that an improved genuine relationship forms between them. So, all I'm looking for is some good action, great visuals, awesome sounds, some top class driving, and a fair amount of banter. Should be easy, no? :p
  3. [I]I am in awe to see what @Penfold is up to these days and who he is working for but my gosh has he earned it. And it was obvious that his talent was going to take him places. Even if that ticket was bought by himself. :p[/I] This piece by Top Gear is all about how a squadron of super-rare McLaren cars were taken on tour by their private owners. Plenty of shots of the F1 in various guises available to view along with a few of the modern-day P1 too. The images are what make the whole thing, so many excellent shots. [quote]In total, there were 69 ‘standard’ road cars (five of which were prototypes), 28 race cars (some of which have since been made road legal), [B]three F1 GTs (the stunning road-legal ‘Longtail’), and five F1 LMs[/B] (those Papaya Orange road-racers built in honour of the five F1 GTRs that finished the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans). A selection of which recently got together for a private owners’ tour. There was one modern McLaren that joined the party, mind. One that’s already set to be a future classic: the junior offspring of the F1 LM, the mighty P1 LM.[/quote] I just wish there was some video too! [URL="https://www.topgear.com/car-news/these-super-rare-mclarens-have-gone-road-trip"]These super-rare McLarens have gone on a road trip | Top Gear[/URL]
  4. Driving the Heroes of Gran Turismo As Gran Turismo approaches its 20th Anniversary, Top Gear has been able to round up six of the “heroes of Gran Turismo” – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI TME, Honda NSX, Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7 – and drive them around a track that has a few similarities to High Speed Ring. (no tunnel though :() For those who can remember watching and reading all the media in the run up to the original GT launching for the PlayStation, it is not at all hyperbole to say that it was a defining moment for many a racing gamer and would-be car enthusiast. This game introduced many cars to the rest of the world that were either unknown or were little known to the majority. Names from Japan such as FTO, Skyline and RX-7 were beamed into living rooms and became legends from then on. Even to the point where some of those early players made it their goal to attain one of those that they were introduced to through the game itself. (I really wanted an FTO myself!) When you work for a widely-respected automotive outlet then that dream can be taken even further, and this is exactly what Stephen Dobie has done. GT put these cars in the living rooms of anyone with a PlayStation. It was unprecedented access to fast cars for those who couldn’t afford them. And, crucially, those who weren’t yet old enough to drive. Playing GT was a formative experience for me; it launched when I was 10. And today, at Rockingham race circuit, I’m driving its cars for real. The agonising scrolling through the game’s selection screen has been made real. I’m a bit giddy and don’t know quite what to do. Finding that there is quite a bit of difference from the game pad to the real thing, we are treated to a fun and passionate explanation of the characteristics of each car and their good and bad points. Being that it is also a piece about GT, there are mentions of the game here and there but not enough, or in such a way, as to make anyone who didn’t play, feel lost. And those shots of the cars throughout by photographer Mark Riccioni, are no doubt going to be making their ways onto many a device's wallpaper. [caption id=attachment_7209" align="alignnone" width="800] Thank you Gran Turismo![/caption] It sure did bring back some memories and made me laugh at points. [via Top Gear]
  5. Chris Evans Quits Ever since it was even rumoured - from the darkest pits of hell - that Chris Evans may be one of those to front new Top Gear, myself and many others in the UK were scratching our heads at the appointment. (meanwhile many of those in the US wondered why a Hollywood actor wanted the part) If you think that is a bit harsh then you need to realise that Evans is a definite Love or Hate kind of personality, as his stint on Top Gear has shown. His voice is great for radio and when he was fronting The Big Breakfast, an early morning program that was literally all about waking you up from your slumber, hearing that loud siren-esque wail was perfect for getting you out of your bed and ready for the new day. As a typical presenter or narrator though, nope. His volume is just not suited properly for it. And this has nothing to do with the apparent need to hate whoever took over the role that became common with a large number of people (especially internationally). In fact, I've always been about giving the new Top Gear a chance. However it was obvious that with Evans being there, this was going to be tough and despite knowing that the team and the show would need time to gel and figure its own way, Evans was always seen as the worst of it. Whether it was in his failed efforts to replicate Clarkson's introduction style, the annoying attempts to invoke the crowd to cheer at "water splash!", the wooden interaction with an already wooden Matt LeBlanc or his poor way of delivering to the viewer what he was experiencing, you more endured him than watched him. In light of the announcement Evans himself took to twitter: So my advice would be: stick to radio Chris, you've got the voice for it. Main image credit: TopGear.com
  6. Hey, I was playing TDU today and i came across this guy that loved NASCAR, he and I had an argument about NASCAR and i think that it's quite easy and it doesn't involve any skill like D1 drifting or something. This is my opinion and you can agree or not but i truly think that a dog could sit in the seat of a NASCAR and give it a good go.:thumbsup:
  7. POOOWWWAAAH!! Coming to a console near you (assuming you have a Xbox One, Forza 6, and are willing to purchase it) - The Top Gear Car Pack! While the BBC gear up for the highly controversial 23rd season of Top Gear, a seven-car pack chosen by the editors of Top Gear comes to Forza. Also included is a new series of Top Gear Rivals events, your chance to beat your mates and maybe even the Top Gear editors themselves. There will be new Top Gear events each month for the next 3 months so there'll be plenty to do. The first of the new events begins next week and you can purchase the pack right now for 7 of Obama's finest dollars (and I'm guessing about 5 quid for the Brits) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvzKST-O_lw The Cars: 2014 Ferrari FXX K - The K is for KERS. A LaFerrari underneath, but with a race-car style KERS system that boosts the output by 187 horses to deliver over 1,000hp. 2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn - This land-boat weighs over 5,000 pounds and is powered by a W12. That's like having 2 V6s. With twin turbos. And it'll do well over 150mph. Terrifying. 2016 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 - It's... an F-Type. But with more of the F-Type goodness. It's lighter, it has more grip, it makes more noise, and best of all it has some ridiculous stickers! (they add horsepower, don't you know?) 2016 Audi R8 V10 plus - Imagine someone decided that an R8 V10 just isn't fast enough. Well that's how you get this creation. 0-60 in under 3 seconds, it'll top out at over 200mph, and it has over 100hp more than a GT3-spec Audi R8. It's madness with subtle German styling. 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat - 'MURICA! Sometimes in life, you need a car that has 4 doors, over 700hp, and RWD. This is that car. This is the 'bacon double-cheeseburger with extra pickles' of cars, it doesn't get anymore American. 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR - It's like a Jaguar F-Type that can go anywhere. 550hp, AWD, and more luxurious than the Queen's ride. You can tackle the Nurburgring then go drive over some mountains. Why not? 1990 Jaguar XJ-S - In reality, it would probably be too broken to ever drive on a track. If you remember Top Gear's challenge from a few years ago, you'll know that's pretty much what happened. But it's a Jag from the days when Jags were Jaaaaaags. It has 12 cylinders and a lazy American automatic. [gallery link=file" ids="4650,4649,4648,4647,4646,4645,4644,4643,4642]
  8. 2012 Pagani Huayra Replaces: Volkswagen Golf R32 Converter/Creator: TDUZoqqer (www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer) 3D model and textures - Turn10/Forza Motorsport 4, Minime891, TDUZoqqer Features and bugs: !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file!! !!Requires PATCH 1.68b AND PROJECT PARADISE (BIGBNKS)!! [Download Link] (old mod, pledge required) Mod History v1.0 - Released Terms of use: ------------- 1) It is forbidden to re-upload the modification on any website without author's permission. 2) The modification was made exclusively for the following sites: www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer and turboduck - Driving and Racing Games News. 3) It is forbidden to remove or modify the files contained in the mod archive. 4) It is forbidden to use or modify model, parts and details contained in the distributive archive without the author's permission, 5) Contact possibilities:[email protected] or www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer
  9. And on that bombshell Turn 10 have announced that the next Forza Horizon DLC pack will be the April 'Top Gear' Pack with vehicles that have been chosen by the team behind the magazine of the worldwide loved motoring show and Turn 10 Studios. With a pack bearing this name you may expect many weird and wonderful delights such as the 'Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust' or the 'Peel P50', but no unfortunately these are missing and instead we get other craziness like the Ford Transit SuperSportVan and the - brand new to Forza - Bowler EXR S. The Bowler in particular has in it's various forms appeared in a number of recent episodes over the past few years and is much adored by Richard Hamster Hammond, therefore it is a very fitting addition indeed. Also included is the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale Zagato, the iconic and rare to spot on the roads Mercedes-Benz CLR-GTR, the absolutely stunning new Aston Martin Vanquish and to finish it off the BMW M3 GT-R. As with all Horizon DLC this pack will cost 400 MSP or is FREE to Season Pass holders. The free car of the pack is the BMW M3 GT-R. Note there is no Season Pass Bonus car as they have now finished. [gallery size=gallery-thumbnail" itemtag="div" icontag="span" link="file" columns="6" ids="1202,1201,1203,1199,1204,1200]
  10. Hey Everyone, I was looking through what people think they should include in next TDU and i decided on a few things such as: -I would love it if cops were available online and other people could see you being chased by cops -There were more ways cops could chase you like if u go on wrong side of road and they're watching or if you speed when they're watching. -There could be speed cameras and you could get tickets at busy intersections and such. -Cop cars were actual real cars like corvettes or mustangs like in NFS Most Wanted. -Other cars were real cars like Mitsu's and Toyota etc. -BMW IS INCLUDED!! -I know this has already beeen said but other people have had great ideas like tire wear, petrol stations and refuelling, blown engine etc. -When you get put in jail it should set a timer for around 5mins maybe.. Thanks everyone, tell me what you think of these suggestions!!:thumbsup::)
  11. Hey Everyone! I personally have seen this on TGUK and i'm sure many of you may have also. But forgive me if this has already been started. Let us have a look at some of the most stupid and dumb things people have done to their cars in a desperate attempt to make it look 'cool'. (this doesn't necessarily have to be home made but it must look awful and a crap job) I'll get it started with these..:D ^ lol :D Top Gear!
  12. Starting November the 15th. :) Now the official trailer is out. Do not watch it, if you don't wanna ruin the fun. I do not want to grow up!
  13. Hey Everybody! I was wondering what you all think was some of the funniest or best challenges on TG UK. For me personally, it's a really hard choice and i cannot start to decide but i think that maybe a really funny challenge was the one where they make their own police cars and the one where they find the best road in the world. Whether it be: Veyron and plane challenge, 1500 pound Porsche challenge, making their rocket, going to Africa, going to North Pole, going to America or finding the best road in the world; i want to hear about it! (Of course you can tell me your own challenge thats not in my short list!) You choose! :thumbsup:;)
  14. Well i was flickin' through my monthly TG magazine and guess what i find... THE NEW MASERATI GRANCABRIO! I was completely shocked at how good it looks and how different it is to the normal one. It's said to debut in the Frankfurt Auto show and it has the same engine from the Gran Turismo 'S' (431HP 4.7L V8). 0-60mph in 6 seconds and top speed of 180mph (290km/h). This car is unexplainably good looking and has smashed it's competition. But for now..here's some pictures :D
  15. Hey Everyone, I've recently been trying to get a job somewhere and this would be my first job. I am quite excited about earning my own money and i really want to save for something good. I'm thinking about puchasing a 360 and i was wondering what's going to happen with the new Xbox coming out. Because, if i was to get a 360 and a new xbox come out, i would crap myself. Anyway, i wish to know whether a new xbox is coming up soon or it's not gonna be for a while. I've heard news from everywhere about it and everyone has different views and opinions. So, if anyone gets any news PLEASEE tell me... Also: In Australia, which Xbox is the best value for money? The Arcade, Premium or the Elite? Thanks:rolleyes::):thumbsup:
  16. Hey, has anyone ever played Racedriver: Grid? Is it a good game..im deciding on buying it atm.. _____________________________________ And also, my birthday's coming up in a month's time and i really want a G25 so, i wanna get that probably. I'm sure heaps of people have G25s here but whats so good about them?;):thumbsup:
  17. Great news everyone! No, There isn't a Dacia Sandero R, but Topgear's new series starts in 12 days! The same as last time, the Mole (This mole gets around doesn't she? :cheeky:) will be giving us some previews into the new series, i'll put them in spoilers so people can't moan we have wrecked it for them, your choice! :) Spoiler 1: I love these challenges, plus the twist is brilliant too!
  18. Hey everyone, Recently my TDU completely stuffed and i installed the game again and now i started from the start again *sigh*. It was totally unexpected and i got very mad:mad:. If someone wants to cruise online with me to discover more parts of my map that would be appreciated. Thanks Also, it would be nice if some billionaire on TDU out there could lend me a few mil to get me back up to my champion rank. Just if you want...no pressure lol! P.S::excited: I GOT A G25 TODAY!!!:excited:
  19. Oh my lord!!! i have just tryed to play TDU and it has crashed...!!! help!! What i think i have done is... I downloaded Tool's GTR mod yesterday and i dont really know about mods and stuff.. i was an idiot and i was messing about with it in Vehicules folder and now there are one folder of each car called for example: SKYGTR_audio.bnk or SL65_audio...and they all have _audio.bnk!!! but what i also did wrong was i accidentally put the Vehicules folder in the Sounds folder and then i took it out and replaced it where it should be.. I think maybe that is what's causing all the Vehicule folders to say SKYGTR_audio.bnk or SL65_audio.bnk or Murc_audio.bnk....etc.. (Now: i try to play the game and it gets into it and everything and then i strart to drive and it crashes.) PLEASEE HELP! ME AHH!:mad::crying::crying::crying::crying::sulk::sulk::sulk::sulk::sulk::sulk:
  20. VIDEO: Top Gear crew spotted in UAE with quartet of top-shelf supercars by Noah Joseph on May 13th 2009 at 7:29PM The last time Top Gear went to the United Arab Emirates, they took three Veyrons for a spin and sent the Stig into the mountains behind the wheel of a Koenigsegg. And that was the magazine. So you can bet that if the television show were to head there as well, it'd be for an equally exciting romp. And here you have it: Video footage of Richard Hammond and Sheikh al-Stig at UAE's Alain Airport with a quartet of the most desirable top-of-the-line supercars on the market. In plain view on the closed-off air strip are a Mercedes SLR McLaren 722, the new Lamborghini Murcielago SV LP670-4, a Bugatti Veyron for good measure (probably the same all-red example that took part in the triple formation) and an original McLaren F1 to put them all in their place. The comparison promises to be epic, but you can check out the video footage after the jump in the meantime. [source: World Car Fans] Thanks to Hybrid for the tip :thumbsup:;)
  21. Hey What's everyone's hobbies or interests? I wanna know about it because im really interested in cycling, also i love Tdu, i play basketball, TG UK and cars in general.:thumbsup:Anyway ill be back soon but im going away for a couple of nights. Seeya i hope this doesn't sound weird haha..I'm just interested
  22. Hey Everyone, I'm from Melbourne, Australia and i loooove Top Gear UK. The Australian Top Gear is pathetic! :):thumbsup:Looking forward to mucking around in this website and posting to lots of people.
  23. Posted by The Mole at 6:21 pm on Friday October 10, 2008 Amidst all the excitement of sending the presenters off to Vietnam we seem to have forgotten to mention when the new series of Top Gear is actually back on the telly. TV scheduling is of course a murky business, and one that’s largely out of the production team’s hands. The BBC actually has dedicated scheduling people and they use a variety of techniques to decide when shows should be on air, often revolving around sacrificing a chicken and reading the entrails, throwing a variety of different sized fruits at a wall and seeing which ones stick or feeding a pile of DVDs to a cow and seeing which one gets pooed out first. Although in fairness, all those things only happened when we let The Stig go on attachment to the scheduling department. Anyway, the upshot is that Top Gear was going to be back on 26 October but then there turned out to be some sport on or something and as a result the new series will now start on Sunday 2 November. So don’t move a muscle until then. Actually you probably should move at least some muscles. Otherwise you’ll get really hungry and start to smell. Source TG blog
  24. Clarkson comment complaints top 500 1 hour 40 mins ago The BBC said complaints about the Top Gear show in which Jeremy Clarkson joked about murdering prostitutes have risen to more than 500. Clarkson comment complaints top 500 The Top Gear presenter, 48, made the quip about lorry drivers killing sex workers on Sunday's BBC2 show. As he completed a lorry-driving task, he said: "This is a hard job and I'm not just saying that to win favour with lorry drivers, it's a hard job. Change gear, change gear, change gear, check mirror, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder. That's a lot of effort in a day." His comments come after serial killer Steve Wright was convicted in February of murdering five prostitutes in Ipswich. Wright was a former lorry driver, as well as pub landlord and forklift truck driver. Clarkson's joke, made before the watershed, had sparked 188 complaints to the BBC by Monday morning, out of what the Corporation said was seven million viewers. The Iceni Project, a charity which had helped some of the murdered prostitutes in Ipswich, previously criticised the remark. The group's director, Brian Tobin, said: "I just think it was highly distasteful and insensitive." Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom said it had been contacted by viewers angry at the remarks. The complaints were being assessed against the Broadcasting Code before a decision was made whether or not to investigate. But others held different views, including Eddie Stobart chief executive Andrew Tinkler, who said the reference was used to comically exaggerate an unfair urban myth about the world of lorry driving. He said: "They were just having a laugh." A BBC spokesman said: "The vast majority of Top Gear viewers have clear expectations of Jeremy Clarkson's long-established and frequently provocative on-screen persona. This particular reference was used to comically exaggerate and make ridiculous an unfair urban myth about the world of lorry driving, and was not intended to cause offence." From BTYahoo news
  25. Top Gear filming hour-long special in Vietnam Posted Oct 9th 2008 7:58AM by Frank Filipponio Filed under: Etc., UK, Humor It looks like the Top Gear guys are in Vietnam working on an hour-long special. While we don't have any specifics, we do have some pics that popped up on Ausmotive. The Top Gear website isn't much help, cryptically telling us that the lads don't plan on shooting anyone, but they don't rule it out knowing that Jezza is there. Expect a challenge of some sort, probably involving something considerably slower than the American iron they sampled while Stateside, and of course lots of laughs as always. Thanks for all the tips! Gallery: Top Gear in Vietnam From Autoblog The boys are in ‘NamPosted by The Mole at 6:10 pm on Monday October 6, 2008 As the brand new Top Gear website glides elegantly onto the net-o-web we’re saddened to report that the presenters won’t be around to see it. That’s because, after years of dodging the draft, they’ve been sent to Vietnam. Fortunately, the war there ended 33 years ago so their mission is purely to make a jocular hour-long Top Gear special, rather than start shooting anyone in the face. Mind you, Jeremy’s there so you never know what might happen. The precise details of their detail to South East Asia have to remain a secret for now but suffice to say they’re going to buy transport and undertake a road trip. Unfortunately their budget of several million Vietnamese Dong might sound massive but is in fact the square root of the sum of sod all in one of the most pricey car markets in the world. News reaches Top Gear central command in London that they have now realised this and resorted to some rather more frugal - and buttock punishing - transport. The boys will be back next week and presumably expecting some sort of traditional ‘Nam vets ticker tape parade to welcome them home. Except that this is supposed to be a paperless office. So we’ll just have to throw some laptops at them. From topgear blog
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